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Sandra Marton. p. 1 / 2. Embed or link this publication. Description. Merrimac River close St. Louis. Flagstone pavers Belle Glade these excellent stones offer a . The Merciless Travis Wilde PDF Download. By: Sandra Marton. Relase Date: Genre: Contemporary, Romance. Download. 5 days ago The Sicilian Surrender by Sandra Marton is Contemporary When it comes to women, Stefano. Lucchesi thinks he's known them all. But Fallon.

Perhaps the solution is a whirlwind wedding Get A Copy. Published January by Harlequin first published August More Details Original Title. From Here to Paternity 1. Ryan Kincaid , Devon Franklin. Other Editions Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Proper Wife , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Nov 02, boogenhagen rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

A Proper Wife

Men who find their way to fatherhood by fair means, by foul, or even by default! One new thing for HP covers in the New Year of is that they are all sporting a little green side banner that says things like "Tantalizing! This one sports the "Exhilarating! Unfortunately for SM, comedic writing is not a gift the HPlandia gods decided to bless her with, so her humor has all the appeal of being hit on the head in a dark alley with a lead brick.

Indeed, this one actually starts with the H getting punched in the face by the h, which is always an interesting way to begin a romance. There is a regularly scheduled fashion show in progress and one of the models becomes the focus of the H's licentious comments about how he would like to unwrap her from her cloak and do lascivious things to her.

She stalks over to the H and after some verbal battery exchanges between the two, she punches the H in the face. Then the H gets her fired.

The h is the model of course, her Tarty Harlot of the US Gold Digger Mother has dragged her to Manhattan to mooch upon the extremely wealthy family of her most recent dead husband.

The h's Harlot Mother was married to man-number-whatever-he-was and then he caught her in bed with another guy and cut the mother out of his will.

The h's mother also dumped the h in a an exclusive boarding school while she was married to her last husband, she just couldn't be bothered with having her around. Tho in typical sewer slurper relative fashion she makes sure the h feels tons of guilt cause her poor, slaving mother had to pimp herself out for her daughter.

The boarding school was horrible because the h did not fit in at all, but it did give the h the manners and mental thoughts of a lady raised in the Victorian era.

Now that her mother has lost her meal ticket husband, she is demanding the h find a way to support her in the style that she has become accustomed to. The h is upset about being fired and upset that her mother is expecting the h to pimp herself out to continue the mother's gravy train life.

As this is HPlandia tho, the h's anger with her mother only means that there will be a lot of mopey moments as the mother and the H's grandfather tell the H and h that they have to get married. Turns out the H is the younger brother of the h's mother's dead husband and the H's grandfather gets involved because his oldest grandson felt bad that he did not leave any money for the h as her stepfather.

After numerous H temper tantrums, that look better on a two year old as opposed to a 32 yr old supposed CEO of a big conglomeration, the h and H marry in a six month contract and then spend five months fighting interspersed with Lurve Force Mojo induced roofie kissing moments.

The grandfather and the h's mother do their best to stir the pot with their antics too. Both contribute very tacky non-solicited advice about sex, marriage and the treatment of spouses.

The grandfather gets himself a little romance too, as he decides to marry his long time housekeeper. Both the grandfather and the mother keep pushing to make the marriage last longer. The grandfather because he likes the h and the mother because the H is supporting her San Francisco lavish lifestyle.

Eventually the H and h manage to have a big lurve club event and both of them are feeling the love for the other - but as this is SM and there is a mandatory break up period full of drawn out mopey moments, SM has to engineer an h dumping moment before we can have an HEA.

This time the H's former girlfriend runs into the h and H while they are out and about in Manhattan. She insinuates to the h in front of the H that she and the H are still having a big fling and the H doesn't deny it or cut the OW off from her game playing. Instead, because the H is in love and can't admit it, he allows his ex who was only a booty call for convenience, but he slept with her right up to the wedding, to belittle the h repeatedly by calling her the wrong name and also allows the OW to hang all over him as well.

The h is embarrassed by the H's temper tantrum and upset that the H tacitly confirms that he was banging the OW during their marriage. He wasn't really, but he says nothing when the h flat out asks him, he feels it would be too unmanly of him to admit to fidelity while chasing the h for the lurve club event.

This ends the h's idear of a happy marriage and she takes her now broken heart off to Chicago. She gets a job in another department store and has her required HP mopey moment while living in a shared grotty flat and eating beans on crumbs. Even tho the H and the H's grandfather set up huge trust funds for her to live on. Eventually the grandfather harangues the H into going to Chicago to reunite with the h. In a full circle event from the start of the book, the H walks into the department store where the h is working, makes a lascivious comment or two and the h throws herself into his arms.

We get the lukewarm big love declarations and an epilogue where the grandfather is still going strong at 95 and the H and h are married with kids for a mediocre HEA and HPlandia outing. This one wasn't really worth the effort to read it. He is really a construction tycoon. Running from headhunters. She thinks he stole the jewel from her. Most women found Slade McClintoch irresistibly attractive, with his dark charisma and hardmuscled physique.

But Brionny Stuart vowed she wasn't one of them. If anything, she had always been turned off by Slade's arrogant sort! So why couldn't she forget how skillfully Slade had tried to seduce her? She must concentrate on taking the Eye, an ancient, legendary, Inca emerald, back from Peru to New He is really a construction tycoon.

She must concentrate on taking the Eye, an ancient, legendary, Inca emerald, back from Peru to New York! However, her expedition went tragically wrong, and suddenly Brionny, the cool, city girl, was at the mercy of the steaming jungle Would he help her back to civilization, or tempt her into making fierce, primitive love Feb 06, Yu Li rated it it was ok.

Just started and hate the beginning. I really hate stories about a character that is told as a smart one but has no common sense at all. When Slade runs in to Brionny, both are struck by ghosts from their pasts that had never been put to rest.

Finding herself alone in the jungle with Slade, Brionny fights both him and the way she feels for him. A very nice story.

Wong Po rated it it was amazing Feb 14, KayJay rated it liked it Aug 13, Fiona Hocking rated it it was ok Oct 17, Julie rated it it was ok Jul 15, Glynda Roy rated it really liked it Mar 11, Sandra rated it liked it Apr 05, Crystal rated it did not like it Jan 21, Melis rated it liked it Feb 16, Beeg Panda rated it liked it Jul 20, Tia rated it liked it Oct 13, Laura Hannaway rated it it was ok Apr 30, Carolyn rated it really liked it May 07, Delphine Gillard rated it liked it Jan 02, Lanne rated it liked it Apr 17, BookishBelle rated it it was ok Dec 17, KayJay rated it it was ok Mar 22, Annapoorna rated it really liked it Nov 30, Lisla Cam rated it really liked it Nov 22, Community Reviews.

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Apr 17, Tia rated it did not like it. Once again I was annoyed, first by the first novel of The Baron series and second by the second book. I almost want to give up and throw in the towel on this series. I've read a few books out of the series which I haven't reviewed yet and found them lacking.

The hero annoyed me to no end, he seemed to think that because he was a Baron and heroine was a woman, that she would want him and fall into his bed easily. It really made me detest him and men in the real world who are like him!

Now the her Once again I was annoyed, first by the first novel of The Baron series and second by the second book.

Now the heroine actually believed that this behavior was politically correct and shows interest in him. Jan 01, Christy rated it liked it. This book has one of my least favorite kinds of heroes. The guy who takes one look at the beautiful heroine and is certain that she desires him, as much as he desires her. Apparently, they split up because she was frigid in bed.

He, of course, informed his new wife of this and she promptly spread the news around the social circles that Alexandra inhabits. I can download this as a legitimate plot devise to send the heroine to bachelor auction looking for a stud. This seems like a raging contradiction to me.

I've read this way back but decided to try again last night. Oct 06, Kimaya Mathew rated it it was amazing. Travis and Alex are one magnetic pair, though somewhere i could not understand why she was continuously denying the attraction between the both Completed in one day!

Sandra-Marton-The-Ice-Prince.pdf - The Orsini Dynasty...

Betty rated it liked it Mar 29, Chhavi rated it really liked it Dec 29, Mackenzie rated it it was ok Jun 06, Inday rated it liked it May 08, Gege86 rated it really liked it Jun 26, Lisa McConnell rated it it was amazing May 27, Janice rated it liked it Jan 19, Not at all like grass or clearing, do have had had they required more support work. You can introduce the beautiful stones straightforwardly onto the dirt in your greenhouse.

He loses, the h has a temper tantrum and then goes off with the H when he claims he just wants to take her to dinner and dancing and her stepbrother walks off. In elementary school, my teachers almost always let me write poems or stories instead of requiring me to do art projects. There is a regularly scheduled fashion show in progress and one of the models becomes the focus of the H's licentious comments about how he would like to unwrap her from her cloak and do lascivious things to her. Dec 29, LLC rated it really liked it.

Sort order. The h is embarrassed by the H's temper tantrum and upset that the H tacitly confirms that he was banging the OW during their marriage. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Moran rated it really liked it Jul 11,

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