Patanjali Philosophy Notes PDF में आज लेकर आए है. Patanjali Philosophy Notes in Hindi (IAS PCS UPPCS) आदि परीक्षा की तैयारी करने के लिए . Philosophy Optional Mains Past Papers ( to ) Philosophy Optional - Patanjali - Indian Philosophy Printed Notes Philosophy Optional - Patanjali. Patanjali is one of the best coaching institute in India for Philosophy. Its study material is concise and to the point. Language is such that any one can understand.

Patanjali Philosophy Notes Pdf

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Patanjali IAS classes – handwritten class notes is the notes taken during the lecture of Dharmendra Sir for Philosophy raudone.infondra Sir has been a. All PDF which are provided here are for Education purposes only. Please utilize them Philosophy Optional Complete Materials Click here to Download sir philosophy optional books and notes available in hindi medium full course. Reply . Patanjali Philosophy Notes PDF में आज लेकर आए है. Patanjali Philosophy Notes in Hindi (IAS PCS UPPCS) आदि परीक्षा की तैयारी करने वाले.

I would suggest that aspirants should write very generalist answers and refrain from using jargons. Focus on giving lots of daily life examples.


I attempted almost all the questions. My advice would be that one should practise completing the paper on time during mocks. From my experience I have realised that one should keep answers very general. Too much data, expert analysis is not needed as the paper is corrected from a generalists point of view.

This time the space was way more than required. I knew the space that I would need for each answer and I stuck to it even if I had more points.

Philosophy Optional : Topics to Study

This way I could complete the paper on time. Did you write answers in bullet points or in paragraphs? I wrote answers according to the keywords.

Discuss means a debate, when asked to comment then there is no need to explain the background etc. My answers were a combination of bullet and paragrapgh format. There is no need to follow a set formula. One should read their own answer from the examiners point of view and then try to make it as easy to comprehend as possible.

I wrote introduction-body for almost all answers. Conclusion would depend on the demand of the question. Did you draw any diagram in any paper?

But one should not overdo it, it can backfire Q7. If yes, Did you draw diagrams with pencil or pen? Used pen.

Hardly anytime for using pencil. Did you use ruler to draw the lines in diagram?

Download Patanjali IAS Philosophy Optional Complete Notes in PDF

Or did you just make it by hand? Directly by hand Q9. You wrote the answer in blue pen or black pen? I really liked the subject matter which gave me an opportunity to read about great thinkers from India and the West.

The subject requires only critical thinking and even a beginner can pick it up very quickly. If a new player wants to pick this subject, would you advice for it or against it? Provided one has an interest in the subject.

That should be the only criteria. OR can one simply rely on the books and be done with this subject? For contemporary philosophy one needs to google a few terms. For this, one can alternatively watch videos on the topic to gain understanding Q. How many months did it take to finish the core optional syllabus? Takes months to do it from coaching notes.

But constant revision and reading reference books is required to get good marks. This year scaling has affected the subject adversely.

I was constantly writing answers after prelims till mains. Do you maintain self-notes for revision of optional? Notesduniya MRP: In Stock Delivery to pincode: Add Spiral Bound for Rs. Select Quantity. Add to Cart download Now.

Reduced price! Most Searched: Caste Discrimination: Gandhi and Ambedkar Philosophy of Religion: Notions of God: Attributes; Relation to Man and the World.

Indian and Western. Problem of Evil.

Reason, Revelation and Faith. Immortality; Rebirth and Liberation. Religion without God.

Religious Experience: Nature and Object Indian and Western. Religious Pluralism and the Problem of Absolute Truth. Religion and Morality.

Nature of Religious Language: Analogical and Symbolic; Cognitive and Non- cognitive. For more help … 1.

PHILOSOPHY Patanjali Printed Notes

Submit your review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review.If a new player wants to pick this subject, would you advice for it or against it? Many old publishing houses have their base in Daryaganj. Focus on giving lots of daily life examples.

It is from these five elements that spring the roots of our merits and demerits, or, in other words, that Karma, whose fructification in each succeeding life on earth is either pleasure or pain. In fact IAS aspirants contribute to the economy of that area in so many ways and IAS book stores and coaching classes are the most visible sight in the area.

Sources of doubt include the lack of cross-references between the texts, and no mutual awareness of each other, unlike other cases of multiple works by later Sanskrit authors. The past cannot be changed, the present cannot be shunned, but for the future we can prepare, by avoiding all acts likely to cause pain to ourselves or others, at the same time that we refrain from any fear or dread of what the morrow may bring forth.

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