A lifelong Anglophile, LIZ CARLYLE cut her teeth reading gothic novels under the bedcovers by flashlight. She is the author of over twenty historical romances. A bride by moonlight [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Liz Carlyle. Passion and secrets simmer behind the elegant façade of Victorian London in A Bride by . Beauty Like the Night by Liz Carlyle. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format.

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At Risk: (Liz Carlyle 1) (EPUB ebook) For Liz Carlyle, an MI5 Intelligence officer , this report from MI6 marks the start of an operation which will test her to the. The Moscow Sleepers: A Liz Carlyle Novel (EPUB ebook). By Rimington, Stella Available in, EPUB. Software, Read in Browser or Adobe Ebook Compatible. The Bride Wore Scarlet, EPUB eBook New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Liz Carlyle ushers readers once again inside the mysterious St .

The Moscow Sleepers

See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Feb 23, The Moscow Sleepers: A Liz Carlyle Novel Author: Stella Rimington Pages: A Russian immigrant lies dying in a hospice in upstate Vermont. When a stranger visits, claiming to be a childhood friend, the FBI is alerted and news quickly travels to MI5 in London. Liz Carlyle and her colleague Peggy Kinsolving are already knee-deep in conspiracies, and as they unravel the events that landed the man in the hospital, Liz learns of a network of Russians and their plot to undermine the German government.

Liz and Peggy set out to locate and stop this insidious network, traveling the world from Montreal to Moscow. Links for download book Available formats: Check this ebook now Pages Published Publisher.


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Out of Print. Pre-release title. On Special. Firm Sale. Internationally Sourced. In your basket. Large Print. She continues to lie to him about her feelings, why she ran off to marry another, and continues to not tell him about the child. I could understand her reasons for not telling him she was pregnant the first time, because he had already refused to marry her. I did not like her lies nine years later.

Close Call

Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: When they meet again 9 years later, they both have their secrets that have kept them apart, but will they be able to over come this? It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did I really enjoyed it, I didn't quite like it as much as "One Little Sin," as it seemed to lack humour, and I found I didn't really warm much to 3.

It took me a while to get into this book, but once I did I really enjoyed it, I didn't quite like it as much as "One Little Sin," as it seemed to lack humour, and I found I didn't really warm much to Quin or Vivies character. This also felt a little rushed at the end aswell, the pace of the book became very quick comared to its fairly slow meandering in the rest of the book, and then before you realized it you were reading the epilogue.

About The Moscow Sleepers

However, the writing was excellent, I like how Ms Carlyle had their manner of speaking so correct, how I would imagine people would speak at the time.

So although there were some points I found annoying, I mean why do people never talk to one another, and although more serious in tone then I expected I did enjoy this read. I would definately recommend this series to people, although this wasn't perhaps my favourite historical romance, I found it an entertaining and heart warming read, that has good quality writing and a passionate romance.

May 26, Sherry rated it it was ok Shelves: The Earl of Wynwood was far too reckless to handle a sophisticated woman like Viviana Alessandri.

And the beautiful opera singer was far too famous to make a suitable wife for Wynwood. Twice, she wagered with her heart. Crushed by Wynwood's refusal to marry, Viviana offered her hand to another, a wealthy count.

But fate has a way of playing with lovers' hearts — and passion has a way of setting them on fire. Two little lies tore them apart. But now, at a g But now, at a gala affair celebrating Wynwood's recent betrothal, Viviana will get one last chance to win back his love Quin wasn't my favorite character of the three friends so I avoided this book. Not my favorite book in the trilogy either.

May 01, Dangermousie rated it liked it Shelves: Liz Carlyle is more hit than miss for me but this was not the best book in her collection. It takes the tropes I really like estranged lovers who reunite, class differences etc but doesn't do anything interesting with them. I am in the minority it seems where I really liked the hero but found the heroine incredibly annoying, with her out of control temper and incessant lying.

Three stars for the angst and because I happen to like Carlyle's writing style but you are better off getting one of h Liz Carlyle is more hit than miss for me but this was not the best book in her collection. Three stars for the angst and because I happen to like Carlyle's writing style but you are better off getting one of her other books.

View all 5 comments. Apr 01, Teresa rated it liked it. I hate it when I get a book in the middle of a series. This is a second book of three, now I have to get the first and third ones, maybe. This is a historical romance with a tried and true plot, how many times do we have to read story? The story took some time to develop and get going and didn't garner much empathy with the characters until late in the story.

Not a bad read but not the best one either. The teaser for the third book makes it sound like a better story. Hope so! Oct 31, Andita rated it liked it. If you didnt read the first book the start would have given you some history but if you did it was long and drawn out. I think it was not until about page and somthing that it actually got to the new stuff with the characters and this story.

I read it despite the beginning lag. I hope the third book doesnt do the same thing. The humour was missing and I didn't quite warm up to Quin and Viviana until halfway through the book. That said, it was still an enjoyable read. View all 16 comments. I didn't like the hero much, but the heroine was ok. It's more of a dramatic side, very little to no humor at all. Nov 19, Anne rated it liked it Shelves: I really hate long prologues. This one is 21 pages. That is just too long for a prologue.

Oct 29, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: As you might guess from the title, this book revolves entirely around a Big Misunderstanding.

It's one of those stories where the entire plot could have been avoided if the two main characters would have simply taken two seconds to have an honest conversation with each other. I tend to find these kinds of books to be frustrating because most of the time there's literally nothing preventing the happy ending besides the main characters' stupid pride. In essence, my hero and heroine are also the ant As you might guess from the title, this book revolves entirely around a Big Misunderstanding.

In essence, my hero and heroine are also the antagonists of the story, and that prevents me from really sympathizing with them.

Our story begins with our hero and heroine engaged in a relationship that straddles the line between an affair and a wealthy man-mistress arrangement. Viviana is a rising star in the opera world and Quin is a rich and immature year-old heir to a fortune and title. Quin, accustomed to being able to have whatever he wants, is obsessed with Viviana from the moment he sees her and pursues her for months with the sole purpose of making her his mistress.

When she finally gives in, wooed by his enthusiasm and good looks, his obsession only grows. He's desperate to keep her for himself alone and is pathologically jealous of any man who even looks at her. Since she performs on stage every night, men look at her all the time, and Quin repeatedly accuses her of cheating on him.

Two Little Lies

They fight constantly because of this and he makes several comments about how he alone has "the right" to bed her because he pays for the apartment she lives in that he insisted she get.

Although Viviana has fallen in love with Quin goodness knows why And Quin's immature obsession and possessiveness make it seem like he views her as nothing more than a pretty a toy he owns. So when she turns up pregnant, she is understandably nervous about broaching the subject with him. She doesn't want to stay his mistress because she has her own career and mistresses are cast off when the patron gets bored. With a child to provide for, she'll need a permanent solution.

So she asks Quin to marry her. His response is basically to laugh in her face. He callously describes how his future bride will be some flaxen-haired English woman of good breeding selected by his parents, not a foreign opera singer with dark hair and an olive complexion.

But he helpfully assures her that his marriage days will be at least a decade off anyway, so there's no reason he can't keep sleeping with her in their current arrangement in the mean time. After a cutting response like that, Viviana's heart is crushed and she doesn't want to tell him about the baby because she doesn't want Quin to marry her just because of that.

Just before leaving her, he turns and asks if she loves him. I found it hard to believe that he'd ask her that after just telling her to her face that she wasn't good enough to be his wife. What sort of woman would confess love after an emotional beating like that? But it's Quin who gets his feelings hurt when Viviana lies and says that she does not love him.

He, in turn, agrees that he doesn't love her either.

These are the titular "two little lies" Viviana goes back home to Venice and a marriage to a rich Count arranged by her father. I was pretty interested in the story up to this point. I understood Viviana's motivations for doing what she did, and even understood that it was Quin's youth and immaturity that made him behave as he did.

When the story picked up 9 years later, I was looking forward to seeing how they'd both matured and pined for each other over the years. Unfortunately, neither of them really matured at all.

Quin was still the immature jerk he'd been in his youth and Viviana was still pathologically lying about everything. Quin apparently spent the whole 9 years since they parted working his way through one brothel after another. Keeping multiple mistresses and drinking and carousing wherever he pleased. He'd convinced himself that Viviana had left him because she was a heartless witch who cared about nothing but money, hence why she'd married the much wealthier count.

It has never, in all those years, occurred to him to consider that it might have been his own callous treatment of her that sent her away. That he'd had the opportunity to be her husband and he'd not just thrown it away, but tossed it on the ground, stomped it to pieces and purged the area with fire and salt.

Meanwhile, Viviana has survived an emotionally and physically abusive marriage but apparently has come out the other side without learning any lessons about life. Her poor treatment at her husband's hands didn't make her look back on her time with Quin more favorably.

The extra years haven't given her additional wisdom about how impetuous and foolish people are in their youth. So when she and Quin inevitably bump into each other when she returns to England, she deliberately lies to him on virtually every subject. Even about things that don't matter, like whether or not she'd kept the gift he'd given her the last day they were together. The whole story from that point on was just a series of unnecessary fights.

Every time they're together one or the other of them decides to start spitting venom and they hurl lies and hate-filled accusations at each other. There's just no reason for it. If either one of them had just been honest with the other about what happened 9 years ago the whole book could have been avoided.

And that was the only thing going on in the story.

There was no side-mystery or villain to deal with in between the angst. Once the hero and heroine took their heads out of their butts long enough to admit they liked each other, the book ended. Literally all the conflict in the story was completely self-inflicted so it just didn't feel satisfying to me when they got together in the end. That's like watching a someone run a marathon while dragging a pound rock behind him and expecting me to get excited when he finally drops the unnecessary weight.Overall this book wasnt bad but i dont think its something i would read again I'm not a fan of that much conflict.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. He callously describes how his future bride will be some flaxen-haired English woman of good breeding selected by his parents, not a foreign opera singer with dark hair and an olive complexion.

I swear, I don't know the hell anyone looked at this book and saw a love story. The One That Got Away.

At the very worst, the couple have deep set inner feelings that prevent them from coming together. Hardcover Brand:

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