KARTA ORTODONTYCZNA PDF - Materiał stanowiła dokumentacja: karta ortodontyczna pacjentki, modele gipsowe oraz zdjęcia radiologiczne i fotograficzne. AKUTT ABDOMEN PDF - Skal man avstå fra å gi opioider til pasienter med akutt DE APENDICITIS EN PEDIATRIA PDF · KARTA ORTODONTYCZNA PDF. Please, help me to find this 2eme principe de la thermodynamique cours pdf DEL DERECHO IGNACIO BURGOA PDF · KARTA ORTODONTYCZNA PDF.

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Prześledzenie zastosowanych metod leczenia ortodontycznego i postępowania przeanalizowano kart pacjentów ( dziewcząt i chłopców) w. indywidualnych praktyk ortodontycznych i dwóch chirurgicznych w latach zgłosiło się 78 pacjentów z transmigracją kła żuchwy. Analizowano karty. Materiał stanowiła dokumentacja: karta ortodontyczna pacjentki, modele gipsowe oraz zdjęcia radiologiczne i fotograficzne. Wyniki. Leczenie ortodontyczne.

Definition MSH Sensation of discomfort, distress, or agony in the abdominal region; generally associated with functional disorders, tissue injuries, or diseases. Akutt abdomen — SlideShare.

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Surgery Consultation Indications Management: Flatulence Fecal incontinence Encopresis Blood: A year-old woman was admitted to hospital with acute appendicitis. Akutt abdomen at Universitet i Oslo — StudyBlue.

Sammanfattning A year-old woman was admitted to hospital with acute appendicitis. Back Links pages that link to this page.

The pain may start somewhere else, such as your chest. Patients should address specific medical concerns with their physicians. Akutt abdomen — Rwute Findings suggestive of non-surgical Abdomen Anorexia not present. Flush box included ref. Able to resist Surface installation option ref.

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ST1 x Loft Memokey dimensions: In small installations with 1 panel and up to 24 telephones, it is not necessary if the power supply is connected directly to the outdoor panel. Pommersbach J. Kaplan HB. Psychological distress in sociological context: Toward a general theory of psychological stress.

In: Kaplan HB, ed.

Psychological stress: Trends in theory and research. Academic Press, New York 6. Schwarzer R, Lappin A. Social support and health.

A theoretical and empirical overview. J Pers Soc Relationships, ; 8: 7. Oblicza kryzysu psychologicznego i pracy interwencyjnej. Antonovsky A. Unraveling the mystery of health: how people manage stress and stay well. Jossey-Bass, San Francisco 9. Antonowsky A. Hobfoll S. Conservation of resources: A new attempt at conceptualizing stress.

Principe de l’action et de la réaction

Am Psychologist, ; The Influence of culture, community and the nested-self in the stress process: advancing conservation of resources theory. Applied Psychology: An International Review, ; Social and psychological resources and adaptation. Rev Gen Psychol, ; 6: On the self-regulation of behavior. Cambridge University Press, New York Schwarzer R, Taubert S. Radzenie sobie ze stresem: wymiary i procesy. Today, everolimus and axitinib remain the only drugs reimbursed by the Polish National Health Fund in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma RCC after a lack of success on tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

The aim of the study was to compare the antitumor efficacy of everolimus and axitinib in terms of overall survival OS , progression-free survival PFS , objective response rate ORR and disease control rate DCR. A retrospective analysis was conducted in consecutive patients with metastatic RCC who started second-line therapy with everolimus or axitinib at the Department of Oncology, Military Institute of Medicine between January and July A total of 46 patients received everolimus and 32 received axitinib in the study.

Everolimus and axitinib had similar antitumor efficacy in the assessed population. Key words: axitinib, everolimus, metastatic renal cell carcinoma, overall survival, progression-free survival, objective response rate Streszczenie.

Cel pracy. In non-metastatic RCC, the only therapeutic option that may lead to recovery is surgical removal of the primary lesion.


Presently, in patients with metastatic RCC, the treatment of choice is systemic treatment using molecularly targeted therapies, whose goal is to extend survival and offer the best quality of life. Sunitinib and pazopanib are used in the first-line treatment. They are tyrosine kinase inhibitors TKI , and their angiogenic effect is associated with blocking of the vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF receptors. The first-line therapy also involves non-specific immunotherapy with the use of interferon alpha combined with bevacizumab, an anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody [].

The effectiveness of these therapies, expressed by the median progression-free survival PFS and median overall survival OS , is approximately 10 and 23 months, respectively [7].

Everolimus was not associated with a significant OS improvement compared to the placebo median: Axitinib was approved by the FDA in , based on a study by Rinni et al. Recently, FDA approved cabozantinib, nivolumab and a combination of lenvatinib and everolimus for the second-line treatment in patients with metastatic RCC in whom a prior TKI therapy failed.

American and European oncological societies recognised them as reference therapies for this indication [11, 12].

In Poland they are not easily accessible, as they are not financed by the National Health Fund. The reimbursed treatment options include everolimus and axitinib, although the therapies have never been compared in a prospective clinical trial.

Therefore, potential differences between everolimus and axitinib in antineoplastic effectiveness should be explored as they are of particular importance to Polish oncologists, who usually have access to limited therapeutic options, compared to global standards.

Aim of the study The aim of the study was to compare the antineoplastic effectiveness of second-line everolimus and axitinib in patients with metastatic RCC hospitalised in the Department of Oncology, Military Institute of Medicine, between January and July The study endpoints included: 1 OS defined as the time from introduction of everolimus or axitinib to death from all causes, 2 PFS defined as the time from introduction of everolimus or axitinib to progressive disease PD , determined according to RECIST version 1.

The descriptive statistics included median values and range for quantitative variables, and frequency and the second-line treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma ORIGINAL WORKS percentage values for qualitative variables.

The Mann-Whitney U-test was used for quantitative variables and Pearson's chi-square test or Fisher's exact test, if the expected value was no more than 5 in a given field of the contingency table were used for qualitative variables to assess the differences between the group of patients receiving everolimus and those treated with axitinib.

If differences were found in patients' characteristics, an adjusted Kaplan-Meier estimator and log-rank test with inverse probability weighting were used. Results of analyses two-tailed with P values of less than 0. Information about patients was collected from individual medical histories. Patient's consent was not required, due to the retrospective character of the study. Results 78 patients were included in the study.

Detailed patient characteristics are presented in Table 1.

At the moment of introduction of the second-line treatment, there were no significant differences between the study groups regarding the assessed variables, with the exception of ECOG performance status, which was higher in the everolimus group. There were no differences in the frequency of individual first-line therapies, or in their antineoplastic effectiveness measured by ORR and DCR. However, patients treated with axitinib had a significantly longer first-line PFS than those treated with everolimus median: Nevertheless, the comparison of everolimus and axitinib in terms of effectiveness is still required, especially in Poland and other countries where the newest therapies are not easily available due to a lack of reimbursement.

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Only two years later studies by Pennica et al. Second-line systemic therapy in metastatic renal-cell carcinoma: A review. The role of diagnostic laparoscopy for acute abdominal conditions: Laget av Ramsalt med Ramsalt Media.

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