Future Visions is a collection of stories ranging machine learning, real-time translation, quantum computing. Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Stories Inspired by Microsoft is an anthology of short stories written by some of today's greatest science fiction authors. Their research is a blueprint for the future of technology, in areas such as “ Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft,” is.

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Microsoft has released its sci-fi short story collection Future Visions. The free ebook contains a number of stories by major science fiction. ContraVision: presenting contrasting visions of future technology More recent examples include Microsoft's that could be compared and contrasted. PDF | Visions of the future pervade the development of computing technologies. The focus of inquiry is videos produced by HP Labs and Microsoft to illustrate.

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‘Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft’ now available for download

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Where fact and fiction collide

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An Essay on the Future of Brain-Machine Their research is a blueprint for the future of technology, in areas such as — but not limited to — computer vision, artificial intelligence, real-time speech translation, machine learning and quantum computing. On Tuesday, Microsoft releases an anthology inspired by the work Microsoft researchers are doing.

We showed them technology and introduced them to a group of people, and then asked them, what did it spark in your mind as ideas, where did it inspire you to think the technology may go? The stories are based on meetings with the research scientists who are working on the most cutting-edge areas of research.

Sawyer — and graphic novelist Blue Delliquanti were given access to people and resources at Microsoft Research, which has more than 55 areas of research within it. They chose the areas of research they wanted to explore. Among the many topics they absorbed were quantum computing, prediction analytics, virtual teleportation and computing that relates to emotion.

The writers talked to researchers in person, asked questions and had candid conversations during packed, curated visits in the spring, aligned to their interests.

The stories inspired by those visits are included in a page collection of original short stories, illustrations based on each story by Joey Camacho, and a graphic novel. We want it to be meaningful to the sci-fi community — not as a piece that was published by Microsoft, but as a piece of science fiction literature that stands on its own.

And I think it achieves that.

While authors worked independent of each other, their stories showed the writers were on the same wavelength, sharing many overlapping themes. It was pretty cool to see that the things we think are interesting in research are also the things these writers are most excited about and see the most potential in.Visions give people a direction and inspire people to act, and a group of inspired people is the most powerful force in the world.

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