ADULT: initially mg daily for weeks, then adjusted according to response, usually within range mg daily for further weeks (max: 75 mg daily). Malaysia Drug. Code (MDC). Category of. Prescriber No. Generic Name. Malaysia Drug. Code (MDC) Methylene Blue 1%. Injection. V03ABP This application was developed with the intention to help the Medical students and the Medical Professions in this country in achieving a better health care and .

Blue Book Malaysia

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The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (Persatuan Farmasi Malaysia) is the Essential Drugs List (NEDL), the MOH Formulary (Blue Book), the Malaysian Drug. The National Pharmaceutical Formulary (or the MOH Drug Formulary aka “ The Bluebook”) is freely available as a PDF download from the. Download Blue Book Drug Formulary and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and list of medications available in the government hospitals or clinics in Malaysia.

The guideline aims to improve appropriate prescribing of antimicrobials for the right indication, right dosage and right duration.

Insufficient budget reason for unavailability of treatment

All PRPs are encouraged to read, and get themselves familiarised with the guideline information, at least for commonly seen illnesses. However, it is important to remember that local microbial sensitivity pattern may differ, and should be taken into consideration before making any recommendation to other colleagues. British National Formulary BNF The BNF is a very handy reference, and it has been the favourite book for many pharmacists due to it being small in size and its concise information.

The BNF also features comprehensive coverage on drug's suitability for pregnancy or breastfeeding. Paediatric Protocol for Malaysian Hospitals The paediatric protocol was first published with the altruistic aspiration to provide a reference protocol for all doctors, especially House Officers, to handle common paediatric emergencies.

The protocol proved to be very popular and the third edition is now available. Although it was primarily produced for our medical colleagues, pharmacists will find this very useful in their practice as well.

The chapters on drugs dosages and related information on paediatric population are especially valuable. Read more at the MMA website. Besides this, they should have contributed to a recognised Medical Journal and presented papers at clinical meetings.

The Academy has the following colleges: To this end, its roles include contributing directly to public health by establishing and implementing the national drug registration system besides regulating the pharmaceutical industry through the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau NPCB , that assures the quality of medicines in the country. The role of the Division is also to protect consumers from hazardous drugs, misleading medicine advertisements and unscrupulous practices through the enforcement of related drug and pharmacy legislation that control the importation, sale and advertisement of drugs and the practices of pharmacy in the country.

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It provides comprehensive pharmaceutical care by ensuring efficient selection, procurement, distribution of pharmaceuticals; ensuring rational, cost-effective and optimal use of medicines through effective up-to-date clinical and professional pharmaceutical services in tandem with the current global development. It consolidates the pharmaceutical sector activities through the implementation of the National Medicines Policy.

The Divison's activities include: Check out the NPCB's website for informaton on: Atorvastatin scored the highest total utility score TUS of Atorvastatin and simvastatin scored consistently high, even before drug costs were included. The low scores on the side effects for atorvastatin were compensated for by the higher scores on the clinical endpoints resulting in a higher TUS for atorvastatin.

Fluvastatin recorded the lowest TUS. Conclusion The multiattribute scoring tool was successfully applied to organize decision variables in reviewing statins for the formulary.

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Based on the TUS, atorvastatin is recommended to remain in the formulary and be considered as first-line in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia. Keywords: multicriteria decision analysis, utility score, drug attributes, drug selection Introduction The need for new drugs continues to rise, often without a corresponding increase in the drug budgets allocated to hospitals.

The budget provided needs to be wisely distributed to accommodate the needs and to maximize the benefits that can be obtained.

A drug formulary system is fundamental to managing the utilization of medicines and expenditure in any health institution.

Many new cancer drugs not listed on MOH Malaysia’s Formulary

A carefully developed and maintained drug formulary promotes the rational use of medicines by allowing patients access to only cost-effective and safe medicines. However, without stringent control, drugs in the formulary tend to accumulate over time.

This happens when superior drugs that enter the formulary are not followed by a removal of the inferior ones. The NDLR panel members include consultants and specialists from various disciplines, pharmacists, and health administrators.

These reports are later sent to the NDLR panel members. Besides these reports, the NDLR panel also receives inputs from a technical working committee, which includes specialists and experts concerned with the related disease, to guide their discussions in making decisions for listing during the NDLR panel meetings.

They are generally trained in critical appraisals, pharmacoeconomics, and evidence-based medicines personal communications.

Evaluating drugs effectively can be an arduous task. Besides, they need to produce the expected functions within the limits of minimum access to the literature and time available. On the other hand, it may not be easy for the NDLR panel members to make decisions to select drugs for the formulary due to the sheer volume of information available for each drug being considered.

Drug review reports prepared by the drug evaluators often become copious documents that can take time to read. This is further aggravated by the complexity of the process of drug selection.

Different drugs have different sets of values for the different criteria being considered. Unconsciously, certain drug names felt more superior due to their greater presence on advertising materials like note pads, pens, calendars etc. As a result, drug selection for the formulary is often associated with lack of transparency, poor rationalization, and bias.Hinchliffe A, Wales N.

V. Manickavasagam

Fifth Malaysia Plan — Public health programmes A relatively small investment in public preventive health services such as immunizations has successfully brought down the incidences of infectious disease since the early 19th century. Micromedex was ranked as one of the best performing drug databases in terms of scope, completeness, and easy usability in an analysis of online drug information databases. Sometimes we come across an unfamiliar drug, and we want to look at it again, but fail to remember the name.

Research findings and results are used by managers and administrators, in the various ministries and other government agencies, in forming, implementing and evaluating programmes and activities for the diagnosis, prevention and control of diseases in the country.

Resource constraints complicate access to expensive and sophisticated treatment in many developing countries including Malaysia. Languages English.

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