NETMVC 4. NET MVC mastery with Beginning ASP. PDF, EPUB; ebooks can be used on all reading devices; Immediate eBook download after download. With the introduction of MVC in , Microsoft offered developers a new approach to building web applications based on the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. A bio is not available for this author.

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Pro Core MVC 2. Adam Freeman. London, UK. ISBN (pbk): About the Tutorial. MVC is an open-source software from Microsoft. Its web. By now you'll have heard of MVC. This exciting new approach to developing web applications has taken the development world by storm. NET MVC 4 Developing Real-World Web Applications with ASP. Beginning ASP. Exam Ref Programming in C# (MCSD) ebook by Wouter de Kort.

After you selected the data center, tell the wizard to create a new SQL database in the Database drop-down list box , and then define a connection string name in the bottom field.

The connection string name allows your application to access the connection string programmatically at runtime. Click the right-arrow button to proceed. Give your database a name and choose whether it will be in a new server or an existing one. Then you need to define in which data center you want the database to be located.

To reduce network latency and ensure better performance, choose the same data center as the web site in our case, North Central US. The last option, the Configure Advanced Database Settings check box, is use to specify whether you want to configure more settings on the database. Check this box and click the right-arrow button.

Free ASP.NET MVC eBook Tutorial

In this step you define the edition of SQL Server to use for your database. The options available at the time of this writing are Web Edition and Business Edition.

The price of the database is based on the actual size. Advanced database settings when creating a database For our application, we are going to use Web Edition and limit the database size to 1GB. In the Collation field, define the collation for the database. Collations define rules for sorting and comparing data. The collation cannot be changed after database creation, so we need to make sure it fits the application needs. The task that takes the longest time is the provisioning of the database, but that only takes about one or two minutes.

Creating the haveyouseenme web site and database After the creation process is complete, you will see the status updated to Running, as shown in Figure , and the location and URL columns filled with the web site information. The file is in XML file format.

When you download the publish profile file, it is saved with the extension. PublishSettings and can be manually opened and examined using any text editor. Click the Web Sites category in the navigation pane on the left side of the Windows Azure Portal page refer to Figure Click the web site name to go to the web site welcome page shown in Figure Web site welcome page 3.


Click the Dashboard link at the top of the page. The Dashboard page will give you the current configuration information of the web site along with usage statistics and monitoring information.

Downloading the publish profile from the web site Dashboard page The content of the publish profile file is shown in Listing Note that the content is in XML format. It has all the information needed to connect to Windows Azure, including the web site information and the database information.

You can also see that the file actually includes two different profiles. Both profiles serve the same purpose, which is to deploy the application to Azure. Having two profiles is an advantage because sometimes developers are only allowed to use FTP. This restriction is established by some organizations to allow copying files only with FTP, which is a protocol designed for files transfer.

Having the two options facilitates the deployment process. Listing Open Visual Studio if it is not open already and open the web application.

As you did earlier in the chapter, right-click the project name in the Solution Explorer window and select the Publish option to open the Publish Web wizard. Publish Web wizard Profile page with the Import button to import the publish profile 4. By default, the Connection page of the wizard shows the connection details of the first profile from the file i. If everything is okay, a green and white check mark icon appears next to the button. The next wizard page, Settings, shows the specific settings for the deployment.

As shown in Figure , Visual Studio has already populated the information for the databases, including the information for the DefaultConnection connection string as well as the EntitiesConnection connection string for our EF data model and the UsersContext DbContext object.

Web Deploy settings 7. Since this is the first time the web application will be published to Windows Azure, the preview window lists all the files, as shown in Figure Previewing the web application files that will be published 8. If everything goes fine, you should see the published application in the browser, as shown in Figures and Publication to Windows Azure completed successfully www.

With the Windows Azure SDK, developers could, for example, manage and configure settings on their Windows Azure web sites, including settings such as the target. Click the link for the version of Visual Studio you are using SP1 or When prompted to download the WebPI installer file, save the file to your local disk.

Double-click the file to start the WebPI installation process. The following steps will guide you through the process of linking your Windows Azure account to Visual Studio: 1. Open Visual Studio and open the web application.


Right-click the web application name in the Solution Explorer window and choose the Publish option. This opens the Publish Web wizard, as shown earlier in Figure As you saw earlier, prior to installing the SDK, clicking this button opens a browse window where you select the publish profile for the web site. The first option allows you to link Visual Studio to your Windows Azure account, so leave that selected.

New Import Publish Profile dialog 4. This opens the Import Windows Azure Subscriptions dialog shown in Figure , where you can browse for the subscription file if you already downloaded it or download the subscription file. The subscription file contains information about the current subscription to Windows Azure in your account.

It provides Visual Studio with the information it needs to connect to your Windows Azure account and gain access to the services you have previously set up.

Import Windows Azure Subscriptions dialog www. This opens a browser window where you can connect to your Windows Azure account and download the subscription file. Once you log in, you will be taken to a page to download the subscription file, as shown in Figure Download subscription file page in Windows Azure Management Portal 6.

This closes the dialog and returns you to the Import Publish Profile dialog, where the web site information will be available in the drop-down menu, as shown in Figure Windows Azure web site publish profile loaded from the subscription file www.

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You can use the steps outlined in the previous section to publish your web site. Use Visual Studio to Manage Windows Azure Services Now that Visual Studio is linked to your Windows Azure account, it has access to the web sites and all other services you may have, such as virtual machines, storage accounts, compute services, and more. The Server Explorer window now has access to all those services see Figure Right-click any web site to see the available options to manage that web site, as shown in Figure You could, for example, view the web site settings.

Administration options for Windows Azure web sites inside Visual Studio www. Figure shows the Configuration page, where you can change all aspects of the web site, such as the. NET Framework version, logging options, connection strings, and application settings. You can also stop and start the web site. Additionally, links are available that will take you to the web site page in the Windows Azure Management Portal. Web site Configuration page in Visual Studio www.

The scenarios for deployment vary depending on the environment where the application will run. Many of those scenarios were not described because they involve handing the application and database to the operations team, which will then deploy them according to the policies and security standards in place.

As you saw, other, simpler, scenarios can be handled by developers. Last year Microsoft had already affirmed that.

NET framework would be discontinued in favor of. Conference keynote. The first announcement of. NET Core as an open-source development stack was in , but the first major release of. NET Core was an initiative towards laying the foundation for a cross-platform. NET and building a stronger ecosystem. The first major version of. NET Core was focused on high-performance web and microservices. One year later, with the announcement of version 2.

NET Core. InfoQ discussed the release of. NET Core 2. The key takeaways included recognizing the. NET Core as an already stable platform suitable for new application development, providing significant performance benefits over the.

NET Framework.

.NET Core: Past, Present, and Future

One of the developers, Jeff Amons, said that one of the. NET Core strengths was its server-centric design model: Originally. NET was optimized for one user on one Windows computer. Core gave Microsoft a chance to reset the base to a server centric model. The highlight of the.

NET Core 3. At the moment of the announcement, the. Support for developing and porting Windows desktop applications to.

NET 5 as ". NET Core vNext" , the next release after. In this announcement, Microsoft shows. It also shows explicit integration with all Visual Studio editions and with the command line interface CLI. The goal of the new.HTML5 Cookbook. You could, for example, view the web site settings. I even have a catchy phrase, a Bannister always pays his dates. Maximiliano Firtman. Visual Basic examples and articles are freely available to download and review.

Generate and print barcode in VB. Apress and friends of ED books may be downloadd in bulk for academic, corporate, or promotional use.

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