Download AEG CAFAMOSA KAVEGEP KEZELESI service manual & repair info for electronics experts. AEG CF Manual Utilizare Eng - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. AEG Cafamosa CF service manual. Uploaded. AEG Cafamosa CF service manual Also applicable for the Jura E & F series as well as for the AEG fully-automatic coffee Download

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AEG CAFAMOSA CF 2. MANUALMeet a simpler way to get in touch with your customers. Why wait for them to leave email addresses to get. Aeg cafamosa cf service manual CYCLECOMPUTING X2 Price: Download KB PHILIPS SBCRU Price: Download KB IDEAS. DOWNLOAD AEG ELECTROLUX ECG SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL AEG ELECTROLUX CAFAMOSA OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL | AEG.

Aeg cafamosa 9750 bedienungsanleitung

You will then obtain one cup of extra strong coffee. Depending on your taste, select a small espresso turn selector dial anticlockwise or a large frothy coffee turn selector dial clockwise. Note: You can also change the amount of water during the brewing process.

To adjust the required quantity during the brewing process: turn the selector dial slowly anticlockwise from the maximum setting, until coffee ceases to run out at the required quantity. When two cups of coffee are drawn, the amount of water is more or less doubled.

Place a cup under each of the spouts. Place one or two cups under the spouts. Note: Add a maximum of 2 portions of ground coffee. The filler opening for ground coffee is not a storage container. Do not add anything other than ground coffee! You will then obtain one cup of strong coffee.

Note: If the Ground Coffee button is pressed inadvertently, you can cancel this setting by pressing the 1 Cup button again. The appliance then performs a normal flush. In particular after frothing milk, it is recommended to briefly activate the outlet of steam to blow out the swivelling nozzle. Then clean the any milk residues from the swivelling nozzle using a damp cloth.

Move the moving metal tube up and down during this process. After steam has been drawn off, all 4 green indicators flash to indicate that the system must be refilled with water. Wait until the flow of water stops automatically. All 4 green indicators then flash.

91850313 AEG Cafamosa CF400 Service Manual

The appliance is now ready for use again. Frothing Milk for Cappuccino Figure 15, 16 Hot steam can be used both for frothing milk for cappuccino and for heating liquids. Due the nature of the system, a little water runs out of the swivelling nozzle first, this can be run off first, however it will not affect the quality of the result, e.

Important: Only immerse the swivelling nozzle around half way into the liquid so that air can be drawn in unhindered.

The swivelling nozzle should not touch the base of the container to avoid the hindrance of the outlet of steam. Preparing Hot Water Figure 16 You can use the hot water function for prewarming cups, for preparing instant beverages or tea. Exterior Cleaning Figure 17, 18, 19, 20 Water tank: Clean at least once a week in normal washing up water, not in a dishwasher. Drip grille, drip catcher, and spent coffee drawer: Clean after use in normal washing up water, not in a dishwasher Figure 17, Swivelling nozzle: Wipe with a damp cloth after use.

On reassembly, ensure that the nozzle is correctly seated. Outlet and spouts: Clean with a damp cloth as required. Filler opening for ground coffee: Clean with a damp cloth as required. Then wipe dry. Housing: Clean with a damp cloth as required, also the inner parts of the housing that only become accessible when the drip catcher is removed Figure Bean container: Clean with a dry cloth from time to time.

Remove the water tank Figure 4 and pour away the remaining water. Use fresh water each day. Leave the appliance switched on when performing these tasks. Lift the drip catcher slightly and remove it carefully from the appliance to the front Figure Pour away the water left in the drip catcher. Then clean the drip catcher, drip grille, as well as the spent coffee drawer and spent coffee container.

Your appliance has a cleaning program for the regular cleaning of the components inside the appliance duration approx.

Cleaning can also be carried out as described below before the indicator illuminates. You can continue to use your appliance and run the cleaning program later.

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However, in this way you will endanger your rights to make a claim under the guarantee, as the unit and thus also customer service will detect overdue cleaning! Fill the water tank to the maximum mark, empty the spent coffee container and drip catcher, and refit them.

Note: The cleaning program can also be started by pressing the 1 Cup or 2 Cups button! Water is now pumped through the system at short intervals to release, with the aid of the cleaning tablet, residues of coffee inside the machine.

The cleaning program is then continued. This action may need to be repeated up to four times. Descaling the Appliance Figure 22, 23 Your appliance has a descaling program for the regular descaling of the appliance duration approx.

You can also continue to use your appliance and run the descaling program later. However, you will endanger your rights to make a claim under the guarantee, as the appliance and thus also customer service will detect overdue cleaning!

Important: Only use liquid not powdered! Only use descaler exactly as per the manufacturer's instructions. Do not use any acid-based descaler. Do not switch the appliance on! Descaler is now pumped through the system at short intervals. The descaling program is continued. Empty the drip catcher and then replace it. Fill the water tank! Check the correct seating of the drip catcher! Always use cool, fresh low fat milk! Use a suitable container e.

Also cool the container if necessary! Dismantle the swivelling nozzle and clean!

Prewarm cups with steam or hot water! Caution: Sugar and milk lower the temperature of the coffee! Fill the bean container as the brewing unit has detected that too few beans have been ground, as a result the cycle has been interrupted.

See Section 4. After drawing off steam! See Section 2. Only when using the appliance for the first time.

Switch off the appliance. Switch on the appliance, see Section 2. It is possible that the filter is clogged with ground coffee. Show only see all Show only. Decalcifying the Appliance 1 0. After a successful download of an item one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Preparing Aeg cafamosa bedienungsanleitung W ater Y aeg cafamosa bedienungsanleitung can use the hot wate r function for pre- w arming cups and for pr [ Page 14 0 Fill the water tank with approx.

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All manuals on ManualsCat. By using the ' Select a language' button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Owner' s manual, instructions book, user' s guide,. Table aeg cafamosa bedienungsanleitung Contents Add to my manuals Add.

For the Sake of the Envir onment Do aeg cafamosa bedienungsanleitung simply thr ow packaging mate- rial away. We admit that it is hard to do and it is an ordeal, but it is possible. Now the next two metal rings fall out these run inside the guidance and are important 16 If this is done, telescope the cylinder and the cylinder drive and the lower brewing piston will come out. Take it out.

The lower arrow indicates the water inlet! You will see — the brewing unit will look as if it was brandnew! Also place the drainage valve into the dishwasher after having removed the pertinacious coffee deposits and incrustations using a brush. Thoroughly dry all parts after the washing.

Pull the two O-rings over the piston and already slightly grease them. For this purpose, have a detailed look at the figure below. Otherwise the piston could be inserted with the wrong orientation by mistake, which would cause that the coffee and the water end up in the coffee grounds container! On the picture you can see the brewing unit half way inserted into the brew group.

Please consider that both side parts of the frame are to be slightly pulled apart!

Bedienungsanleitung cafamosa

Both retaining rings must snap into the notch provided for this purpose when mounting them! Repeat the same procedure at the other side! Now put on the guide rings on the two outer pins. The black arrow indicates the position in which the frame that takes up the lower piston is to be inserted into the brew group.

The position of the notch is extremely important for a smooth run of the cylinder inside the brew group. Now mount the two new seals on the riser tube slightly grease them as well , insert the spring with the plastic pushrod at the bottom end and then reinsert the entire riser tube into the upper piston.

When reinserting it turn the two lugs in the lateral guidances until it is fixed Then reinsert the upper piston into the brew group and make sure that the riser tube is located at the right hand side, as shown on the picture! Once again one of the two outer guide rings is marked on the picture.

Mount the control arms on both sides as shown on the picture On the left and on the right side! Now put on the upper head part true sided and let it snap in. Then reinsert the drainage valve into the guidances.

Please consider the notches at the drainage valve as they fix the drainage valve inside the brew group. Prevent tilting and carefully move the drainage valve until the covers are snapped in properly! Then remount the wiper and insert the brew group into the machine. Plug in the pressure tube into the drainage valve do not forget the seal and engineer the tube through the housing wall. Then mount the brew group. Screw in the four Torx screws at the right point — especially the screw at the bottom side of the drainage valve should not be omitted!

Do not tighten the screws too much! Remount the water tank inlet and the hopper for the coffee powder and fix them.In some models it is additionally fixed by a screw or cable tie. Put on the combination pliers at the oval head screw and turn it until the screws can be removed manually after a few turns. All 4 green indicators flash. The part could be incorrectly mounted turned by by mistake.

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