24 Signs of Summer After Story: Remembering Summer soon. Thank you for . ideya ni mama dahil summer at talagang dapat akong mag beach. Kaya lang. Book two of Jonaxx' 24 Signs of Summer. 5th. Summer: Titingnan ko lang. 6th. Summer: gusto ko lang ng bagong environment. 7th. Summer: Ok, sure! 8th. Download 24 Signs of Summer-jonaxx 24 Signs of Summer-jonaxx. October 12, | Author: JesahMacadiz | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF. Share. 24 SIGNS OF.

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24 SIGNS OF SUMMER (c) jonaxx Thank you for reading! honeymylovesosweet. raudone.info Views. 6 years ago. Jonaxx, · raudone.info Wattpad Stories Soft Copies raudone.info Free Download Here AUTHORS Infinity and Beyond (BlackLily) 24 Signs of Summer (jonaxx). Product: 24 Signs of summer, remembering summer (in 1 book) by Jonaxx # 24sos #wattpad #selfpub #jonaxx #wattpadbooks #freeshipping #jonaxxbooks.

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Some believe this has a particular reference to the nation Israel as an elect nation. Probably the reference is to all those who are chosen, that is, the saints of all ages, whether in heaven or on earth, for all these will converge upon the millennial kingdom scene. While Matthew mentions only the elect of heaven, Mark also mentions those on earth, referred to later in Matthew Taken as a whole, the second coming of Christ is a majestic event, not instantaneous like the rapture, but extending over many hours.

This perhaps explains why everyone can see it, because in the course of a day, the earth will rotate and the entire world will be able to see the approach of Christ accompanied by the hosts of heaven, which will descend to the earth in the area of the Mount of Olives Zee The entire passage from Matthew is the specific answer to the disciples of the sign of His coming and of the end of the age, with the climactic sign being the second coming and the glory that attends it, and will fulfill the prophecy of Acts that Christ will return as He went up into heaven, that is, His return will be physical, gradual, visible, and with clouds.

Matthew brings to a close the first doctrinal section of the Olivet discourse, and what follows is a series of applications and illustrations. Parable of the Fig Tree, In interpreting the illustrations which follow, while there may be secondary applications of the truth to the church awaiting the rapture, the laws of exegesis would dictate that the illustrations should relate to the doctrine of the second coming of Christ.

Accordingly, while this passage may have a general application to saints in the present age, it will have a particular application to those who will await the second coming of Christ to the earth. Accordingly, in interpreting illustrations, the question should be raised, What does the context indicate?

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This is especially appropriate in consideration of the fig tree. Campbell Morgan and Willoughby C. Allen, or apply it to the destruction of Jerusalem, as does R. In Jeremiah , good and bad figs illustrate Israel in the captivity, and there is also mention of figs in The reference to the fig tree in Judges is obviously not Israel. Neither the reference in Matthew nor that in Mark with its interpretation in , gives any indication that it is referring to Israel, any more than the mountain referred to in the passage.


Accordingly, while this interpretation is held by many, there is no clear scriptural warrant. A better interpretation is that Christ was using a natural illustration. Because the fig tree brings forth new leaves late in the spring, the budding of the leaves is evidence that summer is near. In a similar way, when those living in the great tribulation see the signs predicted, they will know that the second coming of Christ is near.

The signs in this passage, accordingly, are not the revival of Israel, but the great tribulation itself. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Some have cited this as an illustration of an error on the part of Christ, for a generation is normally from thirty to one hundred years, and obviously, the prophecy of the second coming was not fulfilled in that period. Commentators offer a variety of opinions. Some take generation to refer to an indefinite period of time.

Arndt and Gingrich, while offering the possibility that generation means nation or race, prefer age or period of time, and, accordingly, take it as instructing the disciples that the age leading up to the second coming will not end until the event of the second coming itself. In other words, the same generation that will experience the great tribulation will also witness the second coming of Christ. In any case, Christ points out that while prophecy is absolutely certain of fulfillment, the day of the second coming is not revealed, although the approximate time will be known by those living in the great tribulation.

To illustrate this approximate time of the second coming, He used the historic flood in the time of Noah. While those observing Noah building the ark could anticipate that a flood was impending, it was obvious that the flood could not come until the ark was completed.

So also with the second coming. Unlike the rapture, which has no preceding signs and therefore could occur any time, the second coming of Christ to the earth to set up His kingdom cannot occur until the preceding signs have been fulfilled. When the ark was completed and Noah and his family and the animals were in it, those observing could anticipate that the predicted flood could occur any day. But even then, they could not predict the day nor the hour.

Like the days of Noah, the time of the second coming will be a period of judgment on the earth. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Here, however, the situation is the reverse.

The one who is left, is left to enter the kingdom; the one who is taken, is taken in judgment.

This is in keeping with the illustration of the time of Noah when the ones taken away are the unbelievers. Accordingly, no one can know the day nor the hour, but they can know that when the second coming occurs, it will be a time of separation of the saved from the unsaved.

Just as one cannot know when a thief may come, so the servants of God who live in the great tribulation should expect Christ to come cf. In addition to watchfulness, however, there should be careful service and preparation. This is illustrated in the parable of the servant, beginning in Matthew The careless servant will be severely judged as an unbeliever, in contrast to the good servant who will be rewarded by his Lord.

An unfaithful slave could be put to death and punished severely.

So will Christ judge a wicked world that does not look for His return. While these illustrations, beginning in verse 32, have as their primary interpretation and exhortation the situation immediately preceding the second coming of Christ, there are parallels to those living today in expectation of the rapture.

For it is certain from the Holy Scriptures that we have no more temporal things to expect. All is done and fulfilled. Matthew, p.

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24 SIGNS OF SUMMER (c) jonaxx Thank you for reading!

Jonaxx, Honeymylovesosweet. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: Page 2 and 3: Yu Page 6 and 7: Yun nga ang nangyari. Nasa bus pa l Page 8 and 9: Sinong Lex? Hindi man lang siya nagbigay ng kah Page 14 and I can't tell him I'm somewhere far. Page 16 and Bakit nag-iba ulit ang ihip ng hang Page 18 and He'll gimme a heart-shape Page 20 and Sinukahan ko siya?

It's Page 22 and Let's just pretend that I didn't re Page 24 and Wa'g m Page 26 and Di parin siya tumitingin sa akin pa Page 36 and Wala akong kilala dito at Page 38 and Huminga ako ng malalim at lumapit s Page 40 and Nabigla ako nang nakita ko si Lex a Page 44 and Tumingin siya sa likuran ko.

Kaya n Page 46 and Hindi ko pa alam eh.

Page 48 and Campbell Morgan, which relates this to the fall of Jerusalem in a. False prophets and false teachings have plagued the church and the world.

In the background is the tendency of liberals to discount prophecy and the practice of some conservatives of not interpreting prophecy literally. Arndt and Gingrich, while offering the possibility that generation means nation or race, prefer age or period of time, and, accordingly, take it as instructing the disciples that the age leading up to the second coming will not end until the event of the second coming itself.

Recent excavations have uncovered some of these stones.

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