An e-book is a book that made available in digital format, consisting of text and images. There are many websites that offer free eBooks to. Science books for free online reading: astronomy, earth sciences, engineering, mathematics, medicine, physics. eBooks - Category: Science - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community.

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Do you still download scientific books? free scientific books. field which combines theoretical physics and chemistry with computer science and math. I love the science fiction genra but want to find the newest books first. How do I do so? Thank you. Hi, it doesn't look like it is able to sort the books on the site by. Free ebook download sites: – They say that books are one's best friend, PDF downloads for the stuff on Elsevier's Science Direct website.

Chemical tests, microscopy, chromatography, spectroscopy, DNA analysis and stable isotope analysis provide diagnostic information about food and where it originated. Relying on scientific data as well as case studies, the authors show you the sometimes lengthy supply chains involved in modern food production, and point out specifically where food fraud occurs. Not only will this gripping and fast-paced book scare the hell out of you, but it will open your eyes and make you a more discerning consumer -- and it may make you into a devoted locavore.

Considering that there are thousands of venomous creatures in the world, it may surprise you to learn that generally, very little is known about what their toxins are comprised of, how they work at the molecular level and how they evolved. Wilcox points out that some of these venoms are very useful; having been adopted as medicinal drugs that, say, control blood pressure or clotting.

This book shows how a detailed understanding of venoms provides a deeper understanding of evolution, adaptation and immunity.

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Although nonspecialists may find some of the chemistry slow going, I think the story itself is compelling enough to keep readers engaged. Patterns in Nature: This captivating book is a collection of stunning photographs that capture frequently repeating mathematical patterns in nature. These images depict patterns in living things, from pollen to animals, and in non-living things, from lightning to landscapes. Images are accompanied by brief, but clear, explanations for how these patterns can be generated by Fibonacci ratios, suggesting they result from simple self-organization.

Excellent coffee table companion to the author's earlier Nature's Patterns: A Tapestry in Three Parts series, which describe in detail how physics and chemistry influence and interweave with evolution biology to create patterns and symmetry in nature.

This book is a visual feast that can serve as a source of wonder and inspiration for artists and naturalists as well as scientists. Science differs from religion and other belief systems because science relies on observing natural phenomenon and then testing one's understanding of those observations by creating testable predictions. And so it was, even for Einstein: In , a team of scientists made history when they announced they had detected a gravitational wave -- confirming a prediction made years earlier by Einstein.

Gravitational waves are infinitesimal ripples in the fabric of spacetime that are generated by immeasurably powerful events. This meticulously researched book tells the very human story of these scientists, and the story of the most sensitive scientific instrument ever created: Mapping the Heavens: In this luminous account, we learn about some of the secrets that we've discovered about the universe -- from Copernicus's model of the solar system to the latest models of the Big Bang -- and the brilliant people who helped us see the light.

The author, Priyamvada Natarajan, a professor at Yale, clearly describes the evidence and logic leading to each discovery. In addition to describing the actual science in a readable way, Natarajan also recognizes the incredible engineering feats that provide the experimental framework that make physicists' revelations possible -- great discoveries are often dependent upon inventions of essential tools.

Throughout, the various false alarms, blind alleys, and incomplete ideas are discussed, making the reader acutely aware that science is not a linear progression of ideas but instead, it is an often meandering human endeavor.

This book is an accessible overview of physics that will be appreciated by specialists as well as nonspecialists. The Pope of Physics: This book interweaves the personal story of Enrico Fermi, the last physicist to master both theoretical and experimental physics, with the story of the Manhattan Project and a basic overview of nuclear physics.

The book explains Fermi's considerable contributions to a variety of diverse fields, such as as comic rays, nuclear technology, and even early computers. Despite his genius, Fermi was reputed to be a warm, caring and socially responsible man who mentored some of the best scientific minds of the age: I was surprised to learn that even though he had fled to America from Nazi Italy, Fermi had a deep desire to live an apolitical life, where he could pursue science for its own sake and without regard for how others might end up using it to further their social or political ends.

Although physicists may be disappointed with the general lack of depth into Fermi's landmark work, this book will likely appeal to physics students and to all those who enjoy reading about science and history, especially nuclear physics and World War II.

Welcome to the Universe: Strauss, and J. This entertaining and enlightening book is an overview of the latest discoveries in astrophysics. It introduces the reader to a wide variety of interesting topics such as solar systems, black holes, wormholes, multiverses, unique types of stars, space colonization, superstring theory, warp drives, and time travel, just to name a few.

It also includes illuminating analogies and examples, fascinating ideas and mathematical formulae these formulae may scare some people, but if you read the accompanying text, you will discover these equations are well-explained. The writing is witty yet informative, and the book is beautifully illustrated.

This book will appeal to all those who wish to learn more about the universe from three internationally prominent astrophysicists. Hidden Figures: Space exploration is often portrayed as the sole bastion of white men, so this book is a welcome surprise because it focuses on a group of female African-American mathematicians who played crucial roles in NASA's space program.

This is my favorite science book of Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg is a top destination for free ebooks on the web. Hart in Over 44, publications were digitized by PG volunteers and are available for download. The site offers also a very convenient way to get complete works of selected authors in one file.

25 sources of free public domain books

Internet Archive The website is a huge repository of text, audio and video files, including public domain titles. You can browse and read online over 5 million books and items from over 1, collections.

The collections include the Library of Congress, American libraries, Canadian libraries, books from Project Gutenberg, and from the Million Books Project, as well as books for children.

On Internet Archive you will find book files in over languages. There are over 1,, free ebook titles available. If the book is available in digital form, a Read button is shown next to its catalog listing. Feedbooks This French ebook site is designed with mobile reading in mind. Unlike in Internet Archive, most of the free books have covers to look good on your e-reader or e-reading application.

Manybooks This is a popular catalog of public domain ebooks, sourced from Project Gutenberg and Internet Archive. The books are available in a vast number of different file formats, so if you are looking for less popular ones, like Plucker or FictionBook2, Manybooks is a good destination to explore.

The 30 Best Websites for Downloading Free eBooks

Currently, there are almost 30, titles in Manybooks. You can read an ebook in daily installments, delivered by mail or RSS feed. The site lists books in 14 categories, including short stories, horror, and coming of age.

Books Should Be Free The site offers thousands of free public domain books, like audiobooks or text files.It gives you real world mail, DNS, proxy, web, messaging etc server installations and configurations.

Being an Android device owner can have its own perks as you can have access to its Google Play marketplace or the Google eBookstore to be precise from your mobile or tablet.

It is a simple website with a well-arranged layout and tons of categories to choose from. While you can search books, browse through the collection and even upload new creations, you can also share them on the social networking platforms. Boling ed. Science differs from religion and other belief systems because science relies on observing natural phenomenon and then testing one's understanding of those observations by creating testable predictions.

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Add to Favorites. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis a Qualitative analysis of mixtures containing not more than six radicals including: Poritz, , pp, 1.

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