Alice Walker's recent novel Possessing the Secret of Joy is about an. African woman, whose African self is Tashi and American self is Evelyn. She flees to the . An American woman struggles with the genital mutilation she endured as a child in Africa in a New York Times bestseller "as compelling as The Color Purple". SUMMATION Alice Walker is an internationally acclaimed African American woman novelist and a poet, a pre-eminent writer of fiction whose works have.

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Possessing the Secret of Joy. Home · Possessing the Secret of Joy Possessing Joy: A Secret to Strength and Longevity. Read more. Read "Possessing the Secret of Joy" by Alice Walker available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. PDF | This paper is a study of Alice Walker's Possessing the Secret of Joy in light of Julia Kristeva's speaking subject. This novel deals with the.

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Walker, A. Possessing the Secret of Joy. The book questions the patriarchal societies that encourage FGM and other such restrictive practices.

FGM is compared to foot-binding in China, another patriarchal practice that was used to control women. The chiefs enforce this.

On the other hand, circumcision is a taboo that is never discussed. How then do the chiefs know how to keep it going?

How is it talked about? It shows how everyone: spouses, friends, children, can be affected by FGM, not just the woman who undergoes the surgery. Adam Johnson- He is Tashi's lovingly supportive husband. Adam watches Tashi's downward spiral into darkness with the miserable frustration of being incapable of helping her.

His intensely powerful insecurity and fear causes him to indulge in a merely comforting affair with his longtime friend, the French feminist, Lissete. As a result of their extramarital union, their son, Pierre is born.

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Adam is heartbroken as his affair pushes Tashi further away, and must face the consequences of his actions. Benny Johnson- Tashi and Adam's adult son- Benny is born retarded due to his brain being damaged during his complicated birth.

Benny's limited abilities make Tashi increasingly depressed because she blames her circumcised vulva as the reason for Benny's agonizing journey from her womb. Benny is very curious about the world and is willing to study about it in order to keep up conversations with his parents. Lisette- Adam's lover and mother of Pierre, Adam's second son.Occupying Olinka as a native African colony White settlers create a new system of hegemony over Olinka to exploit its mines, rivers, jungles, and whatever natural resources that could be financially beneficial for them.

Alice Walker.

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She instead gains knowledge first within herself, then from outside authorities, to find a personal answer about her life. Undergoing genital mutilation, Tashi is satisfied with her womanhood and enjoys a normal life with Adam, but after mutilation she notices that the feeling of emptiness grows in her soul due to the removal of a part of her identity.

Anusha Manoharan SUMMATION Alice Walker is an internationally acclaimed African American woman novelist and a poet, a pre-eminent writer of fiction whose works have transformed, improved and inspired people around the world irrespective of race, sex and class. To have a control over women, men generate an ideal picture of women in which everyone should comply with it in order to be accepted in society.

May McGoldrick. As a result, we can argue that by fore-grounding the mechanism of androcentric systems, Possessing the Secret of Joy comes to be a resonant outcry for both women and nature liberty since both have been exploited by male- defined social institutions for capitalistic and personal interests.

Great Britain: Vintage.

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