Appendix: Computer Science Question Paper for GATE Suggested This book of multiple choice questions has been compiled by taking into account the. Computer Science A: Sample multiple-Choice Questions. Following is a representative set of questions. Questions marked with an asterisk are. Science Bowl Practice Questions – Computer Science. 1. Multiple Choice: 'Push' and 'Pop' are appropriate operations for which data structure? w) a linked list.

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OF COMPUTERS. Question Bank & Answer Key Who is the father of Computer science? a. Allen Turing b. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called a. .. selection from the main menu a. dialog box. download Multiple Choice Questions in Computer Science by Ela Kumar PDF Online. ISBN from IK International. Download Free Sample and Get. Computer Science Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, CSE mcqs objective type interview Questions books pdf, lab viva.

JHA, Jan 9, , Computers, pages.

The book, in its second edition, precisely addresses the need of management students to acquaint with the basic concepts of computers, information technology and information. Tolkovy slovar po vychislitelnym sistemam ,.

This bestselling dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of computer applications in industry, the office, science, education, and the home, and is an ideal reference book. Chaudhuri, , ,. Ranging over central issues of morals and politics and the nature of freedom and authority, this study examines the role of valueneutrality, rights, equality, and theMorning Has Been All Night Coming , John Harricharan, , Mysticism, pages. When his wife dies, John's old life becomes a faded memory and his present life loses all meaning.

Harkening is a collection that tells about a charming, dysfunctional, and loving family with enough peccadilloes among them to keep the story roaring along. A heartwarmingDante's Divine Comedy. Hierarchical Inheritance 2. Which feature in OOP allows reusing code?

Basic Computer Knowledge Test Questions and Answers Questions and Answers

An array element is accessed using A. External documentation includes A.

IPO charts D. All of the above 8. Null character needs a space of A. The number of structures than can be declared in a single statement is A.

Which of the following formulas can be used to generate random integers between 1 and 10? Which of the following will store the number as a Float number?

The arguments that determine the state of the cout object are called A.

Which of the following statements declares a variable that can contain a decimal number? A program will have one function prototype for each function defined in the programmer- defined section of the program. Which of the following data structures are indexed structures?

Linear arrays B. Linked lists C. Queue D. Which of the following data structure store the homogeneous data elements?

Arrays B. Records C. Pointers D. Lists When new data are to be inserted into a data structure, but there is not available space; this situation is usually called …. Underflow B. A data structure where elements can be added or removed at either end but not in the middle is called … A.

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Operations on a data structure may be ….. The way in which the data item or items are logically related defines …..

Which of the following are the operations applicable an primitive data structures? The use of pointers to refer elements of a data structure in which elements are logically adjacent is ….

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Arrays are best data structures A. Which of the following statement is false? Arrays are dense lists and static data structure. Data elements in linked list need not be stored in adjacent space in memory C.

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Pointers store the next data element of a list. Linked lists are collection of the nodes that contain information part and next pointer. Which of the following data structure is non-linear type? The logical or mathematical model of a particular organization of data is called a ……… A Data structure B Data arrangement C Data configuration D Data formation Linear arrays are also called ……………….

Arrays are best data structures ………… A For relatively permanent collections of data.

B For the size of the structure and the data in the structure are constantly changing C For both of above situation D For none of the above Multilevel inheritance B.

Records C.

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Arrays are best data structures A. Data Base Management System Available in all digital devices Snapshot Multiple Choice Questions in Computer Science by Ela Kumar Book Summary: Computer science and technology has become lifeline of the modern industrial and social development.

This bestselling dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of computer applications in industry, the office, science, education, and the home, and is an ideal reference book.

Kunwar Gajendra Singh Tanwar. Each node in a linked list has two pairs of ………….. Data Structure and Algorithms 5.

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