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deste livro não implicam a manifestação de qualquer opinião por parte da UNESCO a respeito interlocutora e editora não oficial do meu livro depois da morte. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , George Kroumpouzos and others published ATLAS TEXTO DE DERMATOLOGIA OBSTÉTRICA. Publisher: 1st. Publisher: Publisher: Di Livros ditora Ltda. Cite this publication. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Dermatología: atlas, diagnóstico y tratamiento / Roberto Arenas | Incluye bibliografía e índice.

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Rapini RP.

Dermatología. Atlas, diagnóstico y tratamiento, 6e

Rio de Janeiro: Di livros; An Bras Dermatol. Mechanisms of Photoaging and Chronological Skin Aging. Arch Dermatol. Manela-Azulay M.

Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, Mandarim-de-Lacerda CA. Stereological tools in biomedical research. An Acad Bras Cien. Oral isotretinoin in photoaging: clinical and histopathological evidence of efficacy of na off-label indication. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. Intrinsic aging vs. Exp Dermatol.

Cymbalista NC. London: Edward Arnold. Collan Y. Stereology and morphometry in histophatology. Principles of application. Anl Quant Cytol Histol. Stereological analysis of collagen and elastic fibers in the normal human dermis: variability with age, sex, and body region. Anat Rec. Fundamentos da fotografia digital em dermatologia. Acne is not a cosmetic problem, no matter what your doctor tells you.

It is not about clearing the skin. It is about taking responsibility over your body and about restoring it back into a state of balance where no disease can exist, not only acne. Acne No More is not just a special nutrition program.

It merges nutrition with a comprehensive cleansing program and plans to rebuild your organs of elimination, dietary, mental and lifestyle, and offers plans aimed at regulating your hormonal activity and unique skin care protocols. In short, it is the perfect holistic acne solution. Acne No More does not confuse skin care with an acne cure.

Taking care of your acne externally and fixing the root cause of your acne are completely different things. Yes, skin care for acne prone skin is obligatory if you have acne because you have to maintain a balanced ph level more on that later , prevent infection, tighten the pores, remove blackheads and prevent the formation of a certain substance that encourages acne. The Acne No More System handles all these issues using unique daily skincare protocols.

However, in order to permanently cure acne, you must neutralize the acne environment more on that later.

Dermatologia - Sampaio, 2ª Ed.pdf

The Acne No More System ensures this acne environment will cease to exist in your body. Acne No More is not a temporary quick fix. It offers a permanent solution and one that you can maintain as a lifestyle. The whole concept of curing acne by killing the acne bacteria is flawed.

The whole concept of curing acne using various skin treatments is also flawed. When you say that you are going to clear your skin, the implication is that it is temporary and that at some point when your acne is cleared you will continue with your bad nutritional and destructive lifestyle habits. That line of thought gave birth to many gimmicks exploited by hungry marketers such as acne free in x days, x days to free skin or your money back. The truth is that the only way you ll ever get rid of your acne permanently is to adopt new habits and keep them.

It may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but it Page 9 14 0BChapter 1 Introduction 10 will soon become entrenched into your daily routine and become easy, natural and even enjoyable. Acne No More is simple. With the information overload provided by the Internet, it is only natural that you will feel overwhelmed by conflicting theories and mind-boggling misinformation.

My goal in creating this program was to clear up the confusion and make the process as simple as possible. The simpler the strategies are, the easier you will find them to apply, and the better your results will be. The Acne No More System is the only acne program that comes with an exclusive hour quality counseling service. I challenge you to find similar offers on the Internet.

The Acne No More System is the perfect solution for acne, but the real value of the program comes from the personal guidance and support that I offer my customers. I am devoted to your success, and I will do anything in my power and in my knowledge to enable you to eliminate your acne in the least amount of time in a way that suits your individual needs and personal limitations. Most of my customers who chose to exploit this exclusive offer are in constant daily correspondence with me.

It takes time and energy to answer all those s on a daily basis; that is why I chose to provide this service only to people who bought the program. I would love to hear from you. Being a former acne sufferer and experiencing acne in such an intense way gives me the special privilege to tell you personally that I truly and deeply understand the situation you are in today, and I honestly feel your pain.

Much like you, I have also gone through all the hopelessness, frustration, embarrassment, pain and even guilt that every acne sufferer experiences on a daily basis. The type of acne I have suffered from was a severe form of acne vulgaris. When it was at its worst my cheeks were covered with large painful nodules, which are hard bumps that lie under the skin surface. I had cysts on my neck, on the sides of my nose and several more spread unevenly on the top of my back.

People who have not had these nasty huge bumps under their skin can ever understand how physically painful that can be, not to say how emotionally and mentally discouraging. I was consistently prone to unpredictable breakouts, which had a deep psychological effect on my life. For as long as I can remember, because of my acne condition, I never had what you could call a "normal" childhood.

Through most of my youth I was consistently bullied for being different than other children. I spent most of my teenage and post-teenage life staying at home. I avoided social encounters, and I was always ready for the cynical remark or the rude stare I would receive as I stood in line to download groceries at the supermarket. I had only a couple of good friends, who were supportive and understanding, wise and sensitive enough to see who I was beyond the layer of my skin.

Luana Carolina

They were encouraging, but that encouragement didn t help my already destroyed self-image and ever-growing insecurity. I have taken every prescription, drug, ointment or acne lotion known to Western medicine.

I have been on tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline, have taken extra vitamin B-5, been on Accutane, Zenmed, Proactive, applied benzoyl peroxide, used AHA cleansers and used more prescription medications and over-the-counters than I can remember. Page 11 16 0BChapter 1 Introduction 12 Later I ll share my experiences with conventional medicine in more detail, but for now let s just say that it has not been pretty. Not only did it drained my pockets conventional acne treatment can add up to significant sums of money , but I also experienced a great deal of frustration and disappointment from witnessing short-term or little to no results at all.

In some cases my acne was even aggravated significantly. When Western medicine failed to help me, I tried different kinds of diets, various types of nutritional approaches, homeopathic therapies, light therapies and even hypnosis. Some of these methods did have a positive effect on my acne, but again, it was only for a short time. Unfortunately, nothing dramatic happened, and it appeared that my acne was here to stay.

There were many times when I honestly felt I would never get rid of it. I began to believe that my acne was an essential part of my life like the color of my eyes or my height. But deep inside I knew I could never accept it that giving up was not an option and that acne is in fact a disease that should not be accepted as a natural part of living.

I knew there must be a cure -- only I had not found it yet. It was only obvious that something had to be done. The Old Man On The Hill It was when I was on one of my trips overseas visiting my friends in Israel that I first heard of the year-old man, who I now think of as the man who gave me my life back.

The man's name was Elisha Levi, and I first heard him speak on a late night radio talk show. As I recall, he was speaking of the miracles of holistic approaches to healing and of their powerful impact on the human body. Elisha spoke in length, getting into many specifics including his own personal experience as a man suffering from severe skin diseases and digestive disorders.

He also claimed that he had completely cured himself from all these afflictions simply by maintaining and incorporating the right combination of natural methods into his daily routines. It was a late night Page 12 17 0BChapter 1 Introduction 13 broadcast on natural approaches to health and well-being.

Seeing year-old Elisha on that show was a real shocker. He was a tall, handsome man with an upright posture and hardly any wrinkles on his face. He was well-built, wore no eyeglasses, spoke fluently and appeared to have a clear mind and very sharp senses. He was living in a house at the northern part of Israel located at the top of a hill. Acne is a warning sign of a major imbalance in your system.

Once again, Elisha spoke with great enthusiasm about the miracles of holistic methods, emphasizing that the real secret to curing almost any disease, acne in particular, is applying a certain combination of these methods in a specific order.

Elisha claimed he had practiced these methods for decades, and this was the reason why he hadn't experienced any illness symptoms for the last 35 years. He also said he was jogging 5 miles each morning and working in his organic garden for approximately 10 hours a day. As I recall, there were two intriguing sentences he repeated over and over when he spoke about acne. They went something like this: Acne is a warning sign of a major imbalance in your system, and Acne is a message from your body that something is wrong inside.

At the end of the interview, Elisha was asked what his plans were for the future. He smiled and then whispered, "I have lots of plans, but basically I intend to live forever. Success Is Yours I am 33 years old and I have been acne-free for over seven years now. I realized my dreams. I m married to a beautiful woman and have two lovely sons who are my life. My skin is practically perfect, and I lead a full, rich and normal life.

A significant number of individuals who have either read this book or are associated with me and have implemented the methods outlined in the book Page 13 18 0BChapter 1 Introduction 14 are living proof that acne can be banished. They are the living proof that getting rid of acne, even highly severe cases of acne, is not science fiction. It doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars, and it doesn t have to involve swallowing enormous amounts of pills or vitamins or spend unrealistic amounts of dollars on all sorts of lotions and ointments, which only mask the symptoms.

Acne is in fact a disease, a very tormenting and horrible disease but not an untreatable or uncontrollable one. The treatment offered in this book is the result of more than four years of intensive holistic research and is based on my own personal experience as well as that of many readers who kindly volunteered to give their own feedback and comments.

Getting rid of acne and clearing your skin is something that can be naturally achieved. It can be accomplished, but like anything worthwhile, it requires dedication, persistence and patience.

My personal research yielded the Acne No More System, which is at the heart of this book. If there was one important thing that I learned in regards to acne, it is that it cannot be cured using a single-dimension protocol.

A longterm solution for acne has to be a certain combination of steps that together lead to its elimination and ultimate prevention.

The Acne No More System is simple to comprehend and may consist of several methods and approaches you may have heard of before, but the key lies in how to conduct each step and in the right order and combination of steps. The program is simple, yet revolutionary. Often, great things come in simple forms. This program works.

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I know this for a fact as I live by it, and the results speak for themselves. I haven t yet met the person who followed the Acne No More System without experiencing a remarkable change in his or her acne condition.

Moreover, many report a dramatic, positive impact over their mental and emotional well-being. I sincerely encourage you to become one of those people. I invite you to give my method a chance so that I can offer you a better life -- an acne-free life. It is aimed at you, my fellow acne sufferer -- you who are fed up with conventional treatments and their horrible side effects, you who are willing to try a natural, long-term and practical way to get rid of acne.

This book is aimed at people with all types of acne of all levels of severity. It is aimed at individuals with different types of skin, different acne conditions or at people who only wish to improve the appearance of their skin and to look and feel younger and more vibrant. This book will take you on a voyage that leads to acne-free skin through a holistic approach by treating the body as a whole, having it cleansed from the inside, helping it return to normal levels of functionality, thus allowing the skin to heal itself from the inside out.

I truly believe this book will change your life. If you are reading these lines, you are truly blessed beyond belief. By following the Acne No More System to the letter, you will be able to achieve more than just healthy looking skin clear from spots and pustules. You will feel younger, healthier and vibrant. You will be able to overcome many illnesses and dysfunctions you may have had before the treatment such as constipation, obesity, rashes and Candida.

You will achieve all that without the horrible side effects. The Acne No More System eliminates the root factors leading to acne, thus achieving real long-term success. I spent more than 4 years researching, probing and analyzing information concerning acne as well as experimenting every available natural solution.

During this time I eliminated what did not work and put aside what was effective. I later combined all the knowledge I learned with other holistic methods for the purpose of building the complete Acne No More System. As mentioned earlier, treating acne is not a short process. It requires persistence and patience. Results may only appear visible after 4 or even 6 weeks.


Moreover, each person is unique in the way he or she adapts and reacts to the treatments. Results may vary among different people with different skin types, levels of acne severity and sensitivity to certain foods. Page 15 20 0BChapter 1 Introduction 16 Keep in mind that it takes time for the body to heal itself and some level of maintenance to keep things under control.

Persistence and belief are vital if you wish to achieve success in clearing your skin. However, to complete the plan and maintain the results you are required to follow all the steps outlined in the program as they are written. You must understand that following each step alone will yield only short-term results.

The combination of all the steps in the Acne No More System is the only key to lasting acne-free skin. This book is divided into 8 chapters and an appendix. Chapters are the general section of the book aimed to build a foundation of knowledge regarding acne and a holistic approach. This is where I discuss my personal experience with acne treatments, proper mental motivation, the crucial differences between conventional and natural medicine and the acne equation the actual factors involved in the formation of acne.

Chapter 3 reveals the complete step-by-step holistic solution to acne the Acne No More System with each of the chronological steps explained in general. Recently added is the Quick Results Mini-Program page It is designed especially for busy folk that don't have much time on their hands but wish to see results ASAP and for people with very light acne. It is not a quick fix approach, but it is practical and extremely easy to follow.

In Chapters I discuss and reveal the specifics for each practical step of the Acne No More System with all the nitty gritty details of why, when and how to successfully accomplish each individual step. The appendix reveals all you need to know and practice in order to successfully reduce or eliminate acne scars you may have after the spots, blemishes and cysts are gone.

The Acne No More Quick Fix mini program consists of only the principles that need to be followed to achieve clear skin. It is aimed at people with extremely tight schedules who prefer to get rid of their acne at their own pace instead of having to follow a strict step-by-step program.

Page 16 21 0BChapter 1 Introduction 17 The Acne No More System book also contains lots of valuable theoretical as well as practical information as a means of providing the reader with the most clear, sharp and coherent picture of the disease and what needs to be done in order to eliminate its symptoms. By following this, you will become more acne educated, more motivated and more focused on achieving your goal, which is eliminating the factors leading to acne formation and having clear skin with all its positive implications.

Be patient at the beginning. All the information in early chapters will come together in the end. As you begin reading you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Don t be. The chapters were built in that order for a reason. That is why I urge you to read the book in its entirety first before you start acting on the plan.

This way you will gain a complete picture of things as they slowly fall into place and finally fit together in the end. It will ensure you won't get too confused as to why you are required to do this or that and in a certain order or miss essential information required to successfully complete the plan and achieve your goals.

Much has been done to keep this book as straightforward, simple and direct as possible. Whenever I could I kept words to a minimum, and strived to use conversational language and layman s terms to make reading easier, fun and understandable. Also, the book contains many links to other parts inside the book as well as to useful resources, so stay connected to the Internet while reading.

It is important that you commit to take action and set deadlines for your goals if you wish to succeed. Without the will, a deadline and proper motivation and dedication to eliminating your acne, you will achieve only poor or short-term results.

It is advisable to adhere to the Acne No More System as it was especially designed to make your acne a part of your past history.

For that purpose I have included the preparing mental ground section below just to fuel your mental engine before jumping into the waters. Before you start the program, take a photograph of your skin and keep it throughout the process.

I would even suggest starting a personal acne diary so you could record the progress on your skin s appearance as well as your general emotions. At the beginning or end of each week you can take another photograph of your skin.Educate yourself.

Results may only appear visible after 4 or even 6 weeks. Using Antibiotics Such As Tetracycline Or Benzoyl Peroxide Over- The-Counters To Kill The Bacteria Harbored In The Blocked Follicles It is not only that antibiotics such as tetracyclines simply do not work in the long run as a treatment for acne bacteria and not the acne disease itself; antibiotics are extremely destructive to your overall health as well as your acne condition see antibiotics, probiotics and prebiotics.

More peeling of skin can either block pores or let the bacteria thrive and multiply or stimulate the oil glands. Four months old twins both females, first children of a non-consanguineous marriage.

Page 38 You are told exactly what to do, exactly how to do it, exactly when to do it and why.

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