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Our Adobe PDF eBooks are designed for Adobe Acrobat Reader. They can be viewed and printed with all operating systems, including Macintosh, Windows. Poems. Verse. PublisherGrove Press,Inc. Collectionuniversallibrary. Contributor Osmania University. LanguageEnglish. Call number Copyrightdate Poem in Your Pocket Day was initiated in April by the Office of the. Mayor, in dicate Poem-a-Day, a digital series available for free from.

The waves looked red as if inflamed.

Tonight, my dress is still perfumed. Breathe in the fragrant memory.

You can listen to the poem here: 5. Jules Laforgue - Triste, Triste Our final poem is another one that expresses sorrow. Je contemple mon feu.

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Le vent pleure. Un piano voisin joue une ritournelle. Comme la vie est triste et coule lentement. Et notre sort! L'Univers nous reprend, rien de nous ne subsiste, Cependant qu'ici-bas tout continue encor. Comme nous sommes seuls!

Comme la vie est triste! Sad, Sad I contemplate my fire. I stifle a yawn. The wind weeps. The rain streams against my window.

Next door a piano plays a ritornello. How sad is life and how slowly it flows.

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I sing to our earth, atom of a moment, In the infinite screen of eternal stars, To the few that have deciphered our feeble eyes, To all that is inexorably closed to us. You can see it in the sky only in the morning and at sunset in the northern hemisphere, its close to the horizon.

The Greeks initially thought it was two planets and named the morning one Apollo and the sunset one Hermes. But they eventually determined it was in fact one planet, and the Romans renamed it Mercury.

Kalevala : the Epic Poem of Finland — Complete by Lönnrot and Crawford

The planet has temperatures that range from a high of F to a low of F. It was once thought to be "tidally locked," with one side always facing the sun and one side always in darkness. This theory was debunked in the s, when Mercury was proved to have an eccentric orbit. In the Mariner spaceship did a flyby and mapped almost half of Mercury's surface. Nuclear bombs were tested above ground from , after which testing continued underground until The explosions in the tunnels formed craters on the desert surface.

After , some "subcritical" testing continued in order to "protect the safety of the U.

It's unclear what the site is used for now. Hermes was the Greek god of boundaries, travelers, shepherds, thieves, poets, commerce, etc. He was pretty much the intermediary for any kind of exchange, transition, or crossing over—thus his role as psychopomp, leading Eurydice back to the underworld after Orpheus gave in to his fears and stole a glance.

The Romans adapted him as Mercury and kept him in the same outfit: winged hat, winged sandals, winged staff. Julius Caesar remarked that Mercury was a popular god with conquered populations; they often melded his attributes with gods of their own.

The Flash was created for DC Comics in and he had numerous incarnations.

The first—the Golden Age Flash—was Jay Garrick, a college student who after inhaling heavy water vapors, gained incredible speed. In public his body would vibrate so fast that his face was always blurred and no one could ever identify him. One day in the lab a bolt of lightening hit and he was bathed in chemicals which gave him great speed.

In an homage to the first Flash, he donned a similar outfit and purpose. Eventually, he discovered that he could move so fast that he could jump time; his power became temporal. While time-traveling in the past he met the Golden Age Flash and they became fast friends. They used their time-jumping abilities to cross over into their parallel worlds.

Neither Flash should be confused with the somewhat more poignant Pietro Django Maximoff, a.

Quicksilver, depressed and addicted to the crystal shards of terrigen mist that jut from his chest. The chemical symbol for mercury is Hg, which stands for "hydrargyrum"—the Latinized Greek for "liquid silver. It runs amok.How sad is life!

Then print the background with no poem first, then re-print that same sheet with the poem you like on the blank background. All blew off to the sea, borne by the wind, Carried to the water, never to return. Let's enjoy some beautiful imagery in the samples below.

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