Four Corners is a course in American English that integrates a framework on measurable learning outcomes with a tried-and-true communicative approach. Product description. Four Corners is an integrated four-skills English course for adults and young adults. Four Corners Student's Book with Self-study CD-ROM. Product description. Four Corners is an integrated four-skills English course for adults and young adults. Four Corners Level 1 Student's Book A with Self-study.

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76 Results £ Mixed media product. Add to cart. Four Corners 1A Student's Book A with Self-study CD-ROM. ISBN: English Type. Download or play the full class audio for Four Corners. Product description. Four Corners is an integrated four-skills English course for adults and young adults. Four Corners Student's Book A with Self-study CD-ROM .

See also: Four corners of the world Map of the four corners of the world as Naram-Sin , the creator of the title of King of the Four Corners of the World, would probably have imagined them. In his time, these locations were thought to be near the edges of the world.

Four Corners

As such, the term should be understood as referring to the entire world. The term "four corners of the world" appears in several ancient mythologies and cosmologies , wherein it roughly corresponds the four points of the compass. In most of these representations, four principal rivers run to these four corners, their water irrigating the four quadrants or quarters of the world. In the view of the Mesopotamian Akkadians , the term referred to four regions on the edge of the then known world; Subartu probably corresponding to the region of Assyria in the north, Martu roughly corresponding to modern Syria in the west, Elam in the east and Sumer in the south.

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At the point in time when the title was first used, the s BC, the Mesopotamians would have equated all of Mesopotamia to the entire world; the region was highly productive, densely populated and was bordered on all sides by seemingly empty and uninhabited lands. During the Early Dynastic Period in Mesopotamia c.

This early empire-building was encouraged as the most powerful monarchs were often rewarded with the most prestigious titles, such as the title of lugal literally "big man" but often interpreted as "king", probably with military connotations [n 1]. The authors and publisher would like to particularly thank the following reviewers: The authors would also like to thank the Four Corners editorial, production, and new media teams, as well as the Cambridge University Press staff and advisors around the world for their contributions and tireless commitment to quality, Scope and sequence LEVEL 1 Learning outcomes Grammar Vocabulary Welcome Unit Classroom language New friends A What's your name?

B How do you spell it?

9780521126151 - Four Corners, Level 1: Student's (Book & CD) by Jack C.; Bohlke, David Richards

C Are you a student? D Names and jobs Pages 2- Pages Students can. B What's your emaif address?

C Family D Family and friends Students can , askfor and say people's nationalities ask for and give phone numbers and email addresses identify family members and give their ages give information aboutfamily and friends Plural subject pronouns Questions with be Who and How aid with be Nationalities Family members Numbers Pages What's that? A Is this your notebook?

B What's this called in English? C Clothing D Favorite things Students can.

C What do you do for fun? B Can!

C Can you sing? D Work and study Students can. Asking far spelling Listening: Spelling names Pronunciation: Contractions Reading: Asking for someone's phone number Asking for someone's email address Listening: Directory Assistance calls Information forms People 1 know Pronunciation: Word stress Reading: Asking what something is Listening: Things around the classroom Favorite things Pronunciation: Plurals Reading: Asking the lime Listening: Times of different events Angela's routine Pronunciation: Reduction of to Reading: Declining help Accepting help Listening: Shopping Favorite websites Pronunciation: Stress in numbers Reading: Asking for someone on the phone Having someone wait Listening: Telephone calls Ads for overseas programs Pronunciation: Candnd can't Reading: C Meals D Favorite hod Students can ,.

C Fun in the city D 4 groat place to visit Students can. Afffl looking for you. I'm not going to leave this video up for long, so check it out now before I take it down! Show More. Cesar Israel Guerrero Escobedo.

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