The Emirates Cabin Crew Interview Made Easy book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Emirates receives over applicatio. Emirates Interview & Assessment Guide - site edition by Ingo Mohns. Download it once The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Work Book. Sasha Robinson. The following parts of the book introduce the Emirates Cabin Crew, What Emirates look for, Theapplication process, The interview process, Questions and .

Emirates Interview Book

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You will find detailed information about the assessment, interview, simulator the advanced compass test and also about the UAE and Emirates. Emirates Pilot Interview and Assessment Preparation-Latest Pilot Jobs-Latest Pilot Jobs. Explore our home city through the Emirates World Interviews. Join our host Steve Harvey as he brings you closer to the projects, events, and best places around.

Try to pair a nice white shirt with a pencil skirt and a suit jacket.

Suit jacket is the most important and necessary component of the whole attire. A suit jacket is mandatory while attending an Emirates interview, not just for Emirates. Also, the length of the skirt should not be too short.

No miniskirts are allowed. Try to shorten the length of the skirt just above the kneecap and no less than that length.

Try to wear neutral colour heels or pumps. The colours can vary from black, brown or navy blue.

Try not to pair your attire with a pair of sandals or flats as it does not look good with the overall look. If you wear a skirt, you have to wear any kind of nude coloured or black hosiery. This is mandatory.

Bare legs are not allowed when going for an interview to any major airline recruitment, especially for Emirates. It is not necessary to tie your hair in a bun, but it is necessary to properly tie your hair such that it does not get in the way of your face.

Also, the hair colour should be of natural shade or should be professionally dyed. Try not to have streaks of coloured hair such as blue or red streaks. Better, try to colour it back to the natural hair colour. Nails: Try not to bite nails and make sure that you have healthy nails and cuticles.

If you have a habit of biting nails, then that would be easily caught during the interview.

Try to wear shades that do not attract too much attention or the shades that are prescribed by the airlines. For example: In Emirates the acceptable shades of nail polish are red, dark red and nude.

Trading My Cathay Pacific Interview Book for Emirates

Jewellery: Try to wear minimal jewellery. Do not wear any long and dangly earrings or jewellery.

Do not wear any bracelets or necklaces. Only wear a small silver or gold stud paired with a small watch. Miscellaneous grooming: If you are an individual having facial hair which is highly noticeable, start taking care of it.

Try to take out that mustache and try to pluck and shape your eyebrows.

Interviewing at Emirates

Also, try to keep a healthy weight. You will then participate in another group activity, this time in groups of around This time, you will be given a more complex scenario and after this group activity you will be informed who will be continuing.

You will then be given an English comprehension test followed by an Aptitude test. Only those who have passed these two tests will be invited to continue. You will then be given a one-to-one or two-to-one interview with a member of the recruiting team, known as a final interview. How long will it be before I hear I have been successful? There will then be a tense time whilst you wait to hear if you have been successful!

It could take up to 6 weeks to receive your golden call A gate? Remember, this is a general summary of the whole process.

Emirates Pilot Interview and Assessment Preparation

You should try and look at each stage in the process as a gate you have to pass through. What do you mean- Emirates Airlines has nothing invested in me? It absolutely is. They will show up thinking they can improvise, planning just to wing it and the job with Emirates Airlines will be theirs. However, Emirates are also holding assessment days: As you can see, this one says invitation only on it, as only those who have been sent an invitation email from Emirates can attend.

So, what seems to be happening is that IF you live in a country where Emirates are holding open days or CV drops you will get an email telling you about them IF you applied online. Emirates only appear to be choosing candidates from these open days to then invite to an assessment day.

See a Problem?

So, it looks like they are simply ignoring all those other applications in their system from that country if you DO NOT attend an open day! And, of course, all of this could change tomorrow when they solve the technical issues with their video interviews!

You and your teammate had to discuss and come up with some ideas to use the object in an unconventional way. While discussing we were walked to have reaching cm test one by one, after reaching test, we face the recruiter one on one and she asked a couple questions.

My question is: Tell me about yourself.

After everybody finished the reaching test and short questions, we stood up one by one in the circle and introduce everyone about the object ideas. There's no right or wrong, they just want to see how you deliver a public speaking.

And then she asked us to have a group discuss: List five things LA can improve for the tourists. We had to come up with ideas and compile them into five clear points while the recruiter observing. So this is the first round. After both two group finished, she had us inside again. Everybody walked out the room with a piece of paper saying "Congratulation" or "Unfortunately".

Some people left. I still remained. The second round is English test for those who didn't have the U.

Emirates Interview & Assessment Guide

The test was not difficult. Multiple choices from reading articles and grammars.

A couple people got eliminated from this round. The third round. Now we only had 12 people left and divided into 2 groups.

We sat in a circle again, and this time we were giving a scenario: You work in a hotel, because computer errors, there're not enough rooms available while some customers already confirmed their reservation. There are only two rooms and there're 8 customers, we have to choose two customers from 8 to give the rooms.Jewellery: Try to wear minimal jewellery.

Remember to spend time doing research on Emirates and Dubai.

For example: In Emirates the acceptable shades of nail polish are red, dark red and nude. So whether you are a seasoned applicant who is finding yourself frustrated at another unsuccessful attempt or are a new candidate looking forward to your first interview, the insider secrets and step by step guidance will give you a huge lead over the competition.

Anyway, I digress! She is an author and personal development coach who is best known for her best selling book 'The Cabin Crew Interview Made Easy" under the pen name Caitlyn Rogers, and the 'DreamCurves body transformation series'. Be forthcoming about your purpose and plans.

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