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Siswi lainnya bernama Sue Snell merasa menyesal atas tindakannya terhadap Carrie dan bertekad untuk menjadi teman Carrie. Sementara itu, Carrie mulai mengetahui bahwa ia memiliki kemampuan telekinesis dan belajar bagaimana cara mengendalikannya. Menjelang pesta dansa, Sue berhasil membujuk pacarnya, Tommy Ross, agar pergi ke pesta dansa bersama Carrie untuk menebus kesalahannya.

Carrie bersedia pergi ke pesta dansa, tetapi Margaret melarangnya, dan Carrie menggunakan kekuatan telekinesisnya untuk membela diri. Sakit hati karena dilarang menghadiri pesta dansa, Chris dan pacarnya, Billy Nolan, berencana untuk mempermalukan Carrie di depan seluruh siswa. Chris dan Billy membantai dua ekor babi di sebuah peternakan dan menampung darahnya di dua ember.

Billy kemudian menggantung ember tersebut pada kasau tersembunyi di atas panggung pesta dansa. Pada malam pesta dansa, Carrie dipaksa oleh Margaret agar tetap di rumah dan berdoa bersamanya, namun Carrie tetap pergi ke pesta bersama Tommy. Di pesta dansa, Carrie awalnya merasa gugup, tetapi perlahan orang-orang mulai memperlakukannya dengan sama.

Carrie dengan cepat menikmati pesta dansa dan Tommy mulai menyukainya. Sementara itu, Sue yang berada di rumah terus khawatir atas apa yang terjadi di pesta dansa. Pada saat yang sama, ia bertanya-tanya apakah ia telah dihamili oleh Tommy. Bencana[ sunting sunting sumber ] Bagian II — Pesta Dansa 27 Mei Carrie dan Tommy secara tak terduga terpilih sebagai raja dan ratu pesta dansa setelah teman Chris, Tina Blake, menyusupkan surat suara palsu ke dalam kotak suara sebagai bagian dari rencana Chris.

Saat berada di panggung, Carrie dan Tommy basah kuyup setelah diguyuri darah babi oleh Chris. Salah satu ember jatuh tepat mengenai kepala Tommy dan melukainya dengan fatal. Carrie menjadi bahan ejekan teman-teman sekelasnya. Merasa marah dan terluka, Carrie memutuskan menggunakan kekuatannya untuk membalas dendam pada seluruh siswa. Ia mengunci pintu gedung olahraga dan menyulut api di dalamnya, yang menyebabkan semua orang di sana tewas terpanggang.

Carrie kemudian berjalan pulang sembari meninggalkan kehancuran yang dipicunya. Sue bergegas ke sekolah dan menyaksikan gedung olahraga meledak, yang menghancurkan hampir sebagian kota. Carrie pulang ke rumahnya dan dihadang oleh ibunya yang marah. Margaret mengaku bahwa ia mengandung Carrie karena perkosaan dalam pernikahan.

Margaret kemudian menusuk Carrie, dan Carrie membunuh ibunya secara telekinesis dengan menghentikan kerja jantungnya. Dalam kondisi terluka parah, Carrie berjalan kaki menuju rumah minum lokal tempat ibunya diperkosa dan kemudian mengandungnya. Chris dan Billy, yang kebetulan sedang memadu kasih di sana, mendapat kabar dari teman Billy tentang apa yang terjadi di Chamberlain; Billy berencana untuk meninggalkan kota bersama Chris. Mereka berdua keluar dari rumah minum bersamaan dengan kedatangan Carrie.

Billy dan Chris berupaya melarikan diri dengan mobil, tetapi Carrie secara telekinesis mengarahkan agar mobil tersebut menabrak rumah minum, yang menewaskan Chris dan Billy.

Carrie kemudian ambruk di tempat parkir akibat kehabisan darah. Someone bumped him, he was Victor Criss.

His hair combed back in an Elvis pompadour. Ben, his heart still breathing rapidly, saw that Belch Huggins was standing across the street. Berverly was a sweet dream; the candy was a sweet reality. Ben loved library. He liked the smell of the book. Everyone agreed that there had been at least five since last winter.

Betty Ripsom had been found the day after Christmas in the area of turnpike construction on Outer Jackson Street. The girl, who was thirteen, had been found mutilated and frozen into muddy earth. She sometimes cough so long and hard.

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She was a hard woman, he loved her very much. Some crazy men preyed on little children out there. His mother did not know he had no friends. A figure was standing in those tangle weeds and low bushes. It held a clutch of balloons. It was a clown. Ben loved poetry, and he sent a poem to Bev. Bill Bill knew who they were. They had beaten up on Richie. Henry, Belch, and Victor were just about the worst kids in Derry school. The Barrens was no mystery to Bill.

He had played there a lot with Richie, more frequently with Eddie, sometimes by himself. And as always, once he was on Silver he became someone else.

Stephen King - Carrie

He stood on the pedals, his bicycle, Silver, was all the time with him on the street. He missed the little kid, that was the truth. He opened the album now. It filled with pictures George had gotten his mother, father, aunts, and uncles to give him.

The book struck the wall and fell. The pages turned. The book opened itself to that awful picture again, and the picture which school friend beneath it.

Anda yakin?

The blood flowed across the page and began to drip onto the floor. Missing boy in Edward L. Corcoran was reported missing. The missing boy was ten. In a bizarre new twist to disappearance of Eddie Corcoran. Dorsey Corcoran, who also lived with his mother and stepfather, died of what were reported to be accidental causes in May 0f The boy has died suffering from multiple fracture including a fractured skull. Dorsey had been playing on a stepladder in the garage and apparently fallen from the top.

Henrietta Dumont, who teaches fifth grade at Derry Elementary School on Jackson Street, said that Eddie Corcoran, who was now been missing for nearly week, often came to school covered bruises. The stepfather, sentenced as the murder of Dorsey, continued to claim he had no idea where Edward Concoran was. In , the composed body of a boy about the age of Edward Corcoran, who disappeared from his home in June of , was definitely not that missing youth.

The body was found in Massachusetts, buried in a gravel pit. Richard Macklin, who was convicted of the murder of his stepson nine years ago, was found dead in his small apartment late yesterday afternoon.

Edward walked closer to the Canal, which rippled between its concrete sides like oiled silk. The water flowed smoothly and silently out of a concrete arch, past the place where Eddie sat, and the down covered wooden footbridge between Bassey Park and Derry High School.

The park was peaceful place, and he thought the best part of it was right here where he was sitting. The Canal had a terrible, irresistible power in the week or two after the ice went out. His was dropped open. He saw Dorsey. His dead brother called his name. It was not Dorsey after him now; it was the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Green fluid dripped from black ashes like vertical mouths in its cheeks. Its eyes were white and jellylike.

It webbed fingers were tipped with claws like razors. Mike Unable to sleep, plagued by bad dreams, a boy named Michael rose soon after the first light on the first full day of summer vacation.

Mike, dressed in corduroys, a tee-shirt, and black high-topped Keds.

He rode up to Bassey Park, still wandering, simply riding, enjoying the stillness of the early day. He dismounted his bike, pushed down the kickstand, and walked toward the Canal. Something caught his eyes. The grass was springing back up, they went in the direction of the Canal.

There were blood. Starting in July, there was picking as well as hoeing — peas, radishes first, the lettuce, and the tomatoes, the corn and beans in August, more corn and beans in September, the pumpkins and the squash.

At last day would come when Normie Sadler drove his potatoes-digger back home; by then the air would have most likely turned gray and cold and there would be frost and the drift orange pumpkins piled against the side of the barn.

It was not all school and chores, Will Hanlon told his wife more than one that the boy needed time to go fishing. Mike looked around the sunwashed empty field. The wind blew a low conch-note in his ears and another shadow cruised silently across the field, like shadow of a giant bat or bird. The bird squalled again, and suddenly the light at the end of the smokestack was blotted out.

They sat much higher on the bank — the place where Bill, Ben, and Eddie had eaten lunch was now underwater. His hand gripped his aspirator, but, oddly his asthma had not closed down as it had on the day he fled from the hobo with rotted nose. The hobo called his name. The leper was crawling out. It was wearing a clown suit. Bill showed them the album. They saw it was the clown pretending to be George. The monsters were scary but not really dangerous.

He wore steel-rimmed a pleasant-looking man with rather thin face. He looked at Richie and guessed the boy just watched the horror movie. Richie The day was sunny, breezy, and cool. Richie jived along toward the theater Alladin. Going to the movies always made him feeling good.

He saw a girl in a beige pleated skirt and white sleeves blouse sitting on a bench outside of a drugstore. It was Beverly Marsh. He liked Bev a lot. He admired her looks. Richie saw his friend Ben Hanscom in theater, then he introduced him to her.

He called him Haystack, he liked Ben. Beverly sat between the boys. Five days later, as June drew toward its end, Bill told Richie that he wanted go down to Neibolt Street and investigate under the porch where Eddie had seen the leper. As here was Neibolt Street. Derry Trainyards, a blue sign under the street-sign read. Richie heard a Voice of the Irish Cop, Mr. The Werewolf was crossing the lawn toward them.

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There was Silver, still leaning against the tree. The boys screamed miserably and ran away. Beverly The bathroom was at the back of their four-room apartment. The tubs was rustmarked, and the toilet seat cracked. The was-basin was also water-stained. She gasp a voice. It was from the drain, a voice of young child who had perhaps just learned to talk. The voice was asking help. There were no really little kids in the building. The bathroom door was firmly closed. The voice from the drain claimed his name was Matthew Clements.

He said the clown took him down there in the pipes and soon they would come and take Beverly, Ben, Bill and Eddie. Then another voices came up and declared they were Betty and Veronica. A gout of blood suddenly belched from the drain, splattering the sink and the mirror and the wallpaper with its frogs and-lily-pads pattern.

The big man did not see the blood. He was still wearing his gray fatigue pants and his gray shirts. Al was a janitor in Derry Hospital. He did not drink and he did not smoke. She saw her father was washing his hands in the basin, she could see the blood in his hands. His hand suddenly swung and spatted painfully against her buttocks.

Elfrida Marsh was a small woman with graying hair and a grim look. She had changed into her waitress uniform. She cried out in a shrill and furious voice her mother was not a whore, she was a waitress. Eddie even did not understand what a whore was. The boys in the Bevv's bathroom They pooled their money and discovered they had forty cents enough for two ice-creams from the drugstores. Because old Mr Keene was a grouch and would not let kids under twelve eat their stuff at soda fountain.

He looked small, slim, and preternaturally neat — much too net for a kid who was just barely eleven. Bevv showed the boys the blood in her bathroom. All of them could see the blood but her parents never saw it.

Stanley asked them all to clean the blood, and he had fifty cents to get some rags. They cleaned as good as they could. Stan worked for on the wallpaper with studious care, Ben finished by removing the light-bulb over the sink. The four of them went over to the line of plastic cantour chair. The two more disappearances in the past week - both children. One of them a sixteen-year-old boy named Dennis Torrio, the other just five who was out sledding.

The Fire at the Black Spot There were people who lived in Derry for twenty years, and there was a special barracks for noncoms at the old Derry Army Air Corp Corps Base, a barracks that was a good half a mile from the rest of the base. He told him the story. William Hanlon was coming back with four of his buddies from Boston. A sergeant south named Sergeant Wilson ran the barracks, the white man disked Hanlon.

There was sixty people killed in that fire, it was set by Derry branch Maine Legion of White Decency. Some kids Mike went to school with, their fathers struck that lit the Black spot on fire. They marched the same white sheets and they burned the same cross, they wrote the same hate-notes to black folks. They did it because of that soil. It seemed that bad things, hurtful things, did right well in the soil of Derry. There were good folks in Derry too. When the funerals were held afterward, thousands of people turned out, and they turned out for the blacks as well as the whites.

He left the army in with a disability pension. Because the disability money he was able to marry his mother. They did not come to Derry, they moved to Houston. He kept an eye on the ads announcing land for sale in the Derry News. Butch Bowers was the Marines. He was never right after he came back from Pacific.

This time was in hospital bed in critical situation. The Derry Army Base was a big patch of land in those days. The major gave the black soldier their own club. It was dark, and smelly, full of old tools and boxes.

The floor was dirt and it had no electricity. Trev Dawson was pretty good jackleg carpenter. Alan Pop Snopes was the oldest of them, ran an electric line. Will Hanlon put a sign that said the Black Spot. It looked nice enough, the white boys started grumble about it.

They found a pretty decent band — cornet, drum, piano, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, harmonica, juiceharp, or even just a comb with waxed paper over it. The band got better and better.

The white people showed up, they brought their own booze. They did not just come from Derry, either. They came from Bangor, Newport, and Haven. There was not room for dance, so they had just sort of stand.

Everybody was whooping it up and having a good time. Nobody inside knew anything was wrong unti Gerry McCrew, who was playing assistant cook that night, opened the door and to the kitchen and damn near blowtorched. Flames shot out and burned most of his hair. The flames was so bright, the heat was bakin hot. Will Hanlon was saved by Trev. Some people had gotten out, and then they started to jam up. The door was shut and they heard people screaming on the other side, they were burning.

It was Trev Dawson that made it so it was only eighty or so died instead of a hundred or maybe two hundred. They saw the real ghosts, but nothing like men and women in the fire. It was a hawk. Mike had forgotten about seeing the giant bird when he was eleven.

When they had been kids all of this had been a great long field full of long grasses and gigantic nodding sunflowers which marked on north-eastern end of the Barrens. Mike Hanlon was in the lobby, sitting in a wicker chair with a huge flaring back. Before him was a man who stood about five-seven.

He was skinny. The hostess of the restaurant guided them to the small private room. In brief moment it seemed to him that none of them had grown up.

Richie Tozier was rocked back in his chair so that he was leaning against the wall, caught in the act of saying something to Berverly Marsh. Richie was not wearing glasses. Beverly had become a stunningly beautiful woman. His hair was short, worn in an out-of-date style that had been known as Ivy League in the late fifties. The watch on one wrist was A Patek Philippe.

Ben was the one who had really changed, and looking at him again, Bill felt unreality was easily over him. His face was the same, and his hair, although graying and longer. Ben had gotten thin. Beverly in a short skirt which showed most of her long, coltish legs. There was a moment of silence among the six of them that was beyond description. Stan was not there. Beverly Marsh was now Beverly Rogan. She said she married to a wonderful man in Chicago who turned her to be a successful dress business.

Eddie owned a limousine company in New York — Ben as an architect, Bill as a writer. Richie was a di jockey in California. Mike Hanlon produced a small notebook from his pocket. Disappearances of children, of whole families, are recorded in old diary extracts. Nine children were dead this year. Ben Hanscom He remembered that the day after he had seen the mummy on the iced- up Canal, his life gone usual.

Nothing much had changed on the Children Library. She did look up, a young girl pretty, and for one absurd moment it seem to Ben that the fantasy was really going to come true.

He had looked up, hoping, as he had hoped as a kid. That feeling of deja-vu swept him again. The voice screamed and it was coming from above. He looked up and saw Pennywise the Clown standing at the top lefthand staircase, looking down at him. The clown shrieked laughter again. The name plate on the circulation desk identified pretty young librarian as Carole Danner.

Ben was faintly aware his face now running with sweat, and that his shirt was plastered to his body. Carole looked at Ben and her face sharpened with concern. She asked him that if he needed to lie down, there was a cot in Mr.

He looked up at the landing, the clown was gone. She had gotten a postcard from him. Ten years ago. He had loved her, and in some was she supposed that had everything to do why she had fallen so desperately in love with Bill Denbrough that long summer of She simply lived with his face in her heart all the time.

She would die for him, but she also liked the fat Ben. Her apartment was occupied by old lady and she told Beverly that her father has been dead last five years. Her old apartment seemed much smaller but safe enough. Her room was becoming a sewing room.

She tried to run and looked again.

She was on feet running. Brakes squealed and a horse voice.

Dark Tower: The GUNSLINGER

The clown was gone. Richie Tozier That was a show Richie really wanted to see, but he knew there was not a chance. And now here he was again, a Richie who had finally all the rock and roll he had ever wanted. His eyes went to the marque in front of City Center and saw the letter which mocked him. Richie looked back at Paul Bunyan, patron saint of Derry.

The Statue Paul turned to be a giant. He had even began to think about the possibility of hallucinations when the pain struck his eyes again. He heard a seam tear loose in the underarm of his sport coat. The clown looked at him.

Its eyes were widening, widening and in those black pupils, each as big as a softball. A pretty young girl who had been walking ahead of him, asked his condition.

He lost his contact lenses. In the back of his head Richie seemed to hear the clown laughing. Biil and Silver He had walked up Witcham Street and pause for some time where George met to the end on that rainy in A little kid was about to stand up when a shadow feel over him. He was watching him carefully, he was holding a fluorescent skate board.

Bill borrowed the skate board, and gave the boy some money. He walked to his old house, but did not stop. There were people on the lawn — a mother in a chair, a sleeping baby in her arms, watching two kids. Then he stopped at the antique shop. He stood staring at it with wide unbelieving eyes.Both stories end with the protagonists finding eventual happiness, contentment, and prosperity.

The boy would have survived with only broken legs had the degenerates who threw him over gone down and turned him over. Beverly in a short skirt which showed most of her long, coltish legs. The seven children all have one thing in common: The boys in the Bevv's bathroom They pooled their money and discovered they had forty cents enough for two ice-creams from the drugstores.

Feeling that they had no choice, the sailors began to raise a white rag next to the French flag that rippled above them in the rain and wind. It was a hawk.

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