The CCNA in Security focuses on combating these attacks using technical means . Firewalls, routers with access control lists (ACL), intrusion prevention systems. CCNA Security Quick Reference (Digital Short Cut) Anthony Sequeira, CCIE No. ISBN As a final exam preparation. Welcome to CCNA Security! Scott Empson had an idea to provide a summary of his engineering journal in a portable quick reference guide.

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CCNA Security Quick Reference. About the Author. Anthony Sequeira, CCIE No. , is a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor and author regarding all . Ccna Security Quick Reference Anthony Sequeira - [FREE] CCNA SECURITY QUICK. REFERENCE ANTHONY SEQUEIRA is a platform for. Currently, just get it with the form of word, pdf, ppt, txt, site, rar, and also zip. ccna security quick reference by anthony sequeira. chapter 1 network security.

Borderless security products include the following: Secure-X and context-aware security Threat control and containment Cloud security and data loss prevention Secure connectivity through VPNs Security management Pearson Education, Inc.

The components of SecureX include the following: Context awareness Cisco AnyConnect Client TrustSec: End-to-end security using security group tags on trafc Cisco Security Intelligence Operations: Cloud-based security service Threats in cloud services Abuse of cloud computing Insecure interfaces and APIs Malicious insiders Shared technology issues Data loss or leakage Account or service hijacking Unknown risk prole Network Foundation Protection Understanding the device planes: Control plane, such as routing protocols Data plane, forwarding of data packets Management plane, used by management sessions Pearson Education, Inc.

Why Do You Need One? Aside from protecting organization assets, a security policy serves other purposes, such as the following: Making employees aware of their security-practice obligations Identifying specic security solutions required to meet the goals of the security policy Acting as a baseline for ongoing security monitoring Components of the Security Policy What are the components found in the network security policy?

This section covers these details. Following are typical elements of this section: Identication of the issue addressed by the policy Discussion of the organizations view of the issue Examination of the relevance of the policy to the work environment Explanation of how employees must comply with the policy Enumeration of appropriate activities, actions, and processes Explanation of the consequences of noncompliance Technical Policies Technical policies provide a more detailed treatment of an organizations security policy, rather than the governing policy.

Elements of this section include the following: E-mail Wireless networks Remote access End-User Policies End-user policies address security issues and procedures relevant to end users. Senior management typically oversees the development of a security policy. Senior security or IT personnel are usually directly involved with the creation of the security policy.

Also, analysis must be performed of the probability that a threat will occur and the severity of that threat. This is risk analysis. When performing risk analysis, you can use one of two approaches: Quantitative analysis: Mathematically models the probability and severity of a risk. The ALE produces a monetary value that you can use to help justify the expense of security solutions. Qualitative analysis: Uses a scenario model, where scenarios of risk occurrence are identied. Collaborative: Collaboration occurs among the service and devices throughout the network.

Adaptive: The network can intelligently evolve and adapt the threats. Cisco Security Manager: Powerful but easy-to-use solution that enables you to centrally provision all aspects of device congurations and security policies for the Cisco family of security products MARS Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System : Provides security monitoring for network security devices and host applications made by Cisco and other providers Pearson Education, Inc.

This section details exactly how you must do this. Router Security Principles Following are three areas of router security: Physical security Operating system Router hardening Cisco Integrated Services Router Family Cisco Integrated Services Routers feature comprehensive security services, embedding data, security, voice, and wireless in the platform portfolio for fast, scalable delivery of mission-critical business applications.

Models include the Series, Series, Series, and Series. You must password-protect your router. These commands can be used: Console password line console 0 login password cisco Virtual terminal password line vty 0 4 login password cisco Enable password Secret password enable secret cisco All these passwords are in clear text in the configuration files with the exception of the enable secret command. To encrypt the passwords that are clear text, use the command service password-encryption.

To configure idle timeouts for router lines, use the command exec-timeout minutes [seconds]. You can also configure minimum password lengths with the security passwords min-length length command. To disable the ability to access ROMMON to disable password recovery on your router, use no service password-recovery. There are 16 privilege levels, 0 through Level 0 is reserved for user-level access privileges, levels 1 through 14 are levels you can customize, and level 15 is reserved for privileged mode commands.

To assign privileges to levels 2 through 14, use the privilege command from the global configuration mode. Remember that privilege levels cascade.

If a user has level 13 access, that user also gains access to the commands in levels 1 through Using this approach, different administrators have different views of the CLI.

These views contain the specific commands available for different administrators. Enable AAA. STEP 2. Use the enable view command to enable the feature. STEP 3. Use the congure terminal command to enter global conguration mode.

STEP 4. Use the parser view view-name command to create a new view. STEP 5. Use the secret command to assign a password to the view. STEP 6.

STEP 7. Verify using the enable view command. The secure boot-image command protects the IOS image, and the command secure boot-config protects the running configuration.

cisco-ccna-security_note.pdf - Cisco CCNA Security...

These protected files do not appear in a dir listing of flash. To see these protected files, use the show secure bootset command. This command is mandatory; all other commands here are optional. The devices that match a permit statement in the ACL are exempt from the quiet period. Banner Messages Banner messages are important. With these messages, you can ensure that unauthorized personnel are informed that they will be prosecuted for illegal access. These appear on the top button bar.

When you click either Configure or Monitor, many options appear down the button bar on the left side of the screen. Many of these options lead to a wizard that aids in the configuration. Building Blocks for Ease of Management There are some new additions to the Cisco Configuration Professional that directly address the ease of management for larger environments. These features include Communities, Templates, and User Profiles.

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Communities: Groups of devices that share common components Templates: Allows the simple replication of settings User proles: GUI views that provide role-based access control for different administrators Using AAA with the Local Database Authentication, authorization, and accounting AAA services are a powerful security addition to any organization.

This section details the use of these services with a local database on the router or switch. Authorization dictates what these users can do after they are authenticated.

Accounting tracks what users do. You can use AAA pronounced triple A to control administrative access to the device and access to the network through the device. The two modes are character mode when the user tries to connect to the router for admin , and packet mode 0 when the user tries to connect through the router for access to the network beyond.

You can make additional settings at the command line. For example, to specify the maximum number of unsuccessful authentication attempts before a user is locked out, use the aaa local authentication attempts max-fail command in global configuration mode. To display a list of all locked-out users, use the show aaa local user lockout command in privileged EXEC mode.

Use the clear aaa local user lockout command in privileged EXEC mode to unlock a locked-out user. You can use the show aaa sessions command to show the unique ID of a session. The aaa authentication login default local command denes the default method list for login authentication using the local database.

The username command adds a username and password to the local security database. New in ACS 5. Rule-based policies provide a more flexible approach that can match on a variety of access conditions found in current networks. This would include access, location, access type, time, date, and so forth.

Add router as AAA client. Add a Laptop to the Cisco Packet Tracer workspace. Physical Setup To make a network, we first need a source such as a network hub.

CCNA Security 640-554 Quick Reference.pdf

Different method to configure Cisco router. For Packet Tracer simulation you may skip this section. The IP addressing, network configuration, and service configurations are already complete.

The Hostname B sends a command to the router and alters the routers. Name RED. Tutorial 1 - Basic network configuration. Enter in global configuration mode to execute following commands. Give the router a hostname of R1 or R2. Go ahead and click the Router section and choose the Router. Class C IP Address for static route configuration. You are not required to configure, but rather examine the output of several show commands.

Created by Randika on Feb 21, PM. Here is the detailed Cisco router configuration commands list, which can be implemented with packet tracer. Which of the following commands is necessary to fix this problem? This is for practical use only. Access the console port of the Router using the access method described by the instructor.

Below you will find a download of the completed packet tracer file. Close the IP Configuration window. That's all configuration we need to switch VLANs. This quick reference describes 10 commands you'll need to rely on when handling various configuration and troubleshooting tasks. Any examples, command display output, and figures included in the document are service at home.

Following basic commands can be typed on any router to assign an IP. Type in the IP address of the wireless router Use the show running-config command to view the initial configuration, as shown in the following example. This Cisco router configuration tutorial definitely will help you to explore the amazing world of Cisco.

Previous Article Router on a stick or inter-vlan routing configuration on Packet Tracer. We can then go ahead to the privileged EXEC mode using the enable command to begin our configuration. Basic Settings on a Router 1. See the picture below. Users on the Branch router are unable to reach any of the subnets on the HQ router.

CCNA Security 640-554 Quick Reference.pdf

Now we can test different VLAN communications. PC [ While going through the Packet Tracer labs on the Intense School site, I noticed that there was none that covered the basic router configurations using the CLI Section 4.

Click R1 and select Console. From the Cisco Packet Tracer cable options, click on the Console cable. Watermarked eBook FAQ. Description Sample Content Updates.

Copyright Edition: TOC 1. Network Security Principles 2. Perimeter Security 3.

Cisco IOS Firewalls 4. Site-to-Site VPNs 5. About the Technical Editor: Submit Errata. Unlimited one-month access with your download. See Details.The ALE produces a monetary value that you can use to help justify the expense of security solutions. That approach to router-based firewalling was also cursed with an interface by interface configuration that could become quite nightmarish when dealing with multiple internal, external, and DMZ interfaces. ACS is an access control server which stores usernames, passwords and what the user is allowed to access.

Also, analysis must be performed of the probability that a threat will occur and the severity of that threat. OOB Management Guidelines Help ensure that management traffic is not intercepted on the production network. Develop a written security policy for the company. Control physical access to systems.

Access the console port of the Router using the access method described by the instructor. For example, malware that combines the characteristics of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and others.

Enter in global configuration mode to execute following commands.

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