What Color Is Your Parachute?, has helped many people find their true passion at work. Click here to download a PDF of the Sample Winning Resume. What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual For Job-Hunters And Career- Changers Author: Richard N. Bolles Publisher: Ten Speed Press Date of. Documents Similar To what color is your raudone.info What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles - Excerpt. What Color is Your Parachute a Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers.

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KWH. Audiobook What Color Is Your Parachute? Unlimited. Detail ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○. Author: Richard N. Bolles Pages: pages. PDF A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and (Epub Download) What Color is Your Parachute A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters. The #1 best-selling career book of all time, revised and updated to keep pace with today's ever-changing job market.

What Color is Your Parachute?

Key Idea 1: These days, it can take much longer to find a job, especially a long-term, full-time job. Today, we face an ongoing economic recession that has changed the way employers look for candidates. During times of economic prosperity, it can be a challenge for employers to find the perfect employees; as a result, the employer has to adapt to the needs and preferences of the person seeking employment.

But is not such a time. As a result, it generally takes much longer to land a new job. Between and , it would have only taken around five weeks for half of all unemployed people in the United States to find a job. Post, it would take more than a year for just 22 to 33 percent of unemployed Americans to find a job.

Plus, with the struggling economy, employers are on the lookout for ways to cut costs.

So jobs are generally short-term since businesses prefer to offer part-time and freelance positions. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 69 percent of people aged 18 to 24 had been working at a job for less than a year, and 93 percent for less than five years. Thirty-two percent had been working at their job for less than a year, and 69 percent for less than five years.

There were all kinds of methods for tweaking a job history and picking and choosing what gets mentioned in order to make the best impression. And for the most part, the potential employer had few ways of challenging this information, unless they went out of their way to hire a private investigator.

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So take a moment to do what any potential employer will do and use Google to search your name. You might see a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook profile, perhaps a blog and some pictures.

For instance, do your graduation dates match up? Now look for any red flags, like a photo of you at a party looking wildly intoxicated or an unsavory Twitter comment that could be construed as racist or sexist. Remove these as soon as possible. So take control and delete the unpleasant stuff — untag yourself from photos and manage your appearance so that it looks consistent and professional across all your social-media accounts.

Key Idea 3: Use keywords to optimize your online presence and make it more visible. Much of the internet is based on keywords.

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Now, you can use the power of keywords to control and improve the search results that appear when someone Googles your name or searches for someone with your specific skills. So think about which keywords you want associated with your name and what kind of recruiters you want to attract. So make a list of the best words that come to mind, such as proactive, hard-working, friendly, honest, enthusiastic and efficient. These words can then be added to your LinkedIn account and incorporated into your bio to describe both your professional and nonprofessional activities.

To make sure your accounts are noticed, you can also take steps to increase your visibility. If you want to be seen as a specialist or expert in your field, start a blog about your particular subject to show off your knowledge and interest. You could then add commentary and examples that provide insight into your own background.

Increasing your presence in LinkedIn groups is also a way to get noticed in your field. Search for different graphic-designer groups on LinkedIn that you can join and make sure to occasionally check in, provide comments and share posts.

You can also use Twitter to share posts and comment on developments in your field, just be sure to use the relevant hashtags so that potential employers can find your activity. The process is still about bringing together two parties who want to form a mutually beneficial relationship. Change your strategy if it isn't working. Get help from a friend.

Change your strategy and go face to face with potential employers. Don't let the HR department screen you out. Go to smaller organizations of 20 employees or less and talk to the boss directly. Employers absolutely hate going through hundreds of resumes. One smart job-hunter simply went over to the place that put out an ad, and she immediately got the job.

She didn't answer the ad, but by going directly over to the address and observing where employees went to the basement offices she was able to see the person-with-the-power-to-hire, and offer her services. She was saving them the trouble of going through all these resumes. The less work the employer will have to do to find you, the bigger the chance he'll hire you.

Study what employers do, go where employers go, and adapt your behavior to theirs. Some employers will hate your resume, others may love it…the problem here is you are just praying that your resume style will appeal to the employer you are sending it to.

Resumes are for screening out rather than hiring. Most employers eliminate job-hunters based on the way they behave during the job hunt, thinking this is how they will most likely behave on the job.

A lack of initiative, or a lack of attention to detail i. Employers like it when you: Find their job ad on the Internet or on their web site. E-mail your resume immediately. Mail a professionally laid-out paper copy to the employer's mailing address on the same day. Make a follow-up phone call within the week to see if both copies were received, and to inquire about an appointment for an interview. Bolles An extra tip: If you do get interviewed, send a thank-you note immediately after the interview.

Employers remember you better when you send a thank-you note. If you are not persistent, you may be seen as lazy and will be eliminated in the screening process. Employers may evaluate you based on: What you know!

Your skills! Who you know! Years of experience! Initiative But these factors depend on the nature of your job. For example, as a fashion publicist, your contacts in the industry are the key to success, but if you are a software engineer it is your knowledge and experience, or what you know rather than who you know, that will spell the difference. If you want to find a job that answers what you want, focuses on what you need out of life, and what you can offer the world…then we highly recommend you try the Life- Changing job hunt.

No one owes you a job. You have to go out and look for it. Your success is directly proportionate to your effort. Be willing to change your strategy.

Ask successful job-hunters what they did. Think of yourself as already having a full-time job, your job from Monday to Friday is that of job-hunting working for yourself.

You must spend at least 35 hours a week searching for a job. Start your day at 9 a. This will give you a proper routine to follow. The shortest job hunt still lasts between two and eighteen weeks, depending on a variety of factors, even if you work full time at it. Persistence is the name of the game. You will not find the same exact job you had before, so redefine yourself. Once you are clear on what you want, you need to tell everyone to keep a lookout for that type of job opening.

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Bolles because I'm out looking for an accounting job in an auto sales company. If you happen to have any contacts for me please leave your name and number after the beep. Join a job-hunter's support group in your area. If you can't find any, create your own or see your local church leader, career counselor they can be found in an adult education center, community center or college or enlist a friend, partner, boyfriend or sister to be your disciplinarian or taskmaster.

This edition of What Color is Your Parachute?


Go after several organizations at once. Go after any place that interests you regardless of whether there are vacancies or not. Concentrate on organizations that employ 20 people or less. They are more likely to hire you than larger organizations with HR departments that are there to screen you out. Go see 4 potential employers a day. If you are using the telephone, call up 40 a day.

Use the phone and the Yellow Pages to call up places of interest and ask if they are hiring. Write an outline or script so you communicate your key points. Stand up when you make your phone calls and make sure to call before 8 a. Go to places where you would like to work and knock on their doors.

Dick Bolles

Look for full-time, part-time, contract jobs or temporary jobs and other types of jobs: Forget about your handicap, whether real or imagined… Don't become depressed if you encounter several rejections. It is normal. Treat everyone you meet with courtesy, even if they don't hire you they might know someone who will.

Write a thank-you note to those who gave you their time that day. Home-based workers earn less than their full time office equals.

Home-based workers find it difficult to balance family and business needs. Home-based workers are on a perpetual job hunt. Read up on the home-business you want to put up! Dream on. Dig up your childhood dream. What is your passion? What does your community need that you can offer?

Consider mail order businesses! If you've invented something new, make a business out of it.

Find similar home business concepts that are outside of your community or city and interview the owner to see how they got started, and what their current situation is like. Take a day job while putting up your home business, it could be part-time or temp work, or a stop-gap job a job you can easily get and will pay the bills for now 7.

Draw a picture of your ideal life. Exercise no. Pick your ideal job from some list. Whose job would you love to have? List down what you like about that person's job. Figure out how you could talk to this person, and then go talk to him! Take tests that tell you what type of career you could get into. Desperately Seeking Serenity? You might have to work on being more positive, likeable, or amiable.

You will know you have found your dream job when you are excited and happy to get up in the morning…when you stay up late doing your work, and you never care to check your watch. That is when you realize you've found work you enjoy…and then you will be one of the lucky people in this world, the ones who are not bored to death with their jobs!

What are my transferable skills? Remember we are talking about actual Skills, and not your personality Traits! What are my fields of fascination? Draw a picture or in this case, The Flower diagram we use in Parachute, to have a picture of your new career. Give it a name.

Inspired by the best-selling career book of all time.

Go find a person who is already doing it. Interview that person for information, to find out what the job is really like day in and day out. Research organizations in your area, find out what they do! Network and seek out the persons who have the power to hire you in these organizations. Use your contacts to get to this person and show him how you stand out among other employees. Bolles dream job…then do it.

If you don't have the time or money to go back to school, search for the exceptional person who made it in your dream career without the educational background or extra degree. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. If one path isn't working, try a Plan B or alternative strategy and alternative vision.

The Geography of the Heart! What are your favorite fields of interest? What subjects are you drawn to most? What are your favorite words or jargon? What skills do you enjoy? Would you like to work full or part-time? As a consultant? As a volunteer or intern at first? Would you be happy working for a non-profit organization?

Be specific. Research before you approach the places that interest you! Everybody has a web site now or has some annual report or brochure. Ask your friends if they've heard of the place. Getting into Impossible Places! First, you must realize it's easier to get into smaller organizations places that employ 50 people or less because they don't have an HR department to screen you out, it's easy to identify who the boss is, it is growing and most likely creates a new position every few months, or you can get in through your contacts.

If the place is so impenetrable and it is so difficult to speak to the person who can hire you, then why would you want to work in such an unfriendly place? The 10 Commandments for Job Interviews! Go after small organizations, those with employees. Ask everyone you know to keep a look out for your specific job opening. Do your homework on the organization before going there. Identify who is the person with the power to hire you and use your contacts to see this person.

Ask for only 20 minutes of their time and keep to your word. Go to the interview to see if this organization suits your values, your agenda and fits your life. When answering questions keep your answers down to 20 seconds or two minutes, max. Approach them as a resource person who can offer a service rather than a job beggar.See all books by Richard N. What you know! Figure out how you could talk to this person, and then go talk to him! Ask everyone you know to keep a look out for your specific job opening.

Download pdf. Over happiness…and you have every right to seek this happiness. Next chapter. Read up on the home-business you want to put up!

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