download The Sleep Sense Program -- Proven Strategies For Teaching Your Child To Sleep site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Parenting & Relationships .. but mostly due to teeth coming in and he is able to put himself back to sleep with his lovie!. the sleep sense program. Proven Strategies for. Teaching Your Child to .. not be able to deal with the pressures of the day as well as his peers, and he will. Sleep Sense Program - Solution for Child Sleep Problems Sleep Sense eBook .. And because The Sleep Sense™ Program is able to give your child these.

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Looking for a PDF of The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman? Great choice ! The Sleep Sense Program has already helped over 57, parents get their. To ask other readers questions about The Sleep Sense Program, please It's only available as a PDF through the Sleep Sense website (it's not a book), . She had, at one point been able yo sleep through the night in her crib, but no longer. I've been doing the sleep sense program also and my bub is now sleeping for my children's education and how I'm able to support local charities.

I am just glad that I am able to stay up and eat with my hubby, as before I was going to bed when I put Sean down. It is just soo nice not having to rock him or feed him to sleep which is what I was doing before.

My back is thanking me smile I find that the best thing is to have a bedtime routine as well. Around 6 - 6: Now after reading the book I put him down awake rather than asleep and leave the room.

But Here’s the Good News

He doesn't make a peep now, he just goes right to sleep. Good Luck with it all, it is hard the first couple of nights but stick with it cause it really does work! This program really works. I have always had a bedtime routine for Josh so couldn't understand why he was unsettled during the night. It was alot easier than I thought, we have been luckly that Josh has caught on pretty quick.

I have learn't it's ok to let them cry, so they can learn to self settle. I started the program 3days ago and he has sleep thru twice.

And he still has his dummy!

The Sleep Sense Program: Proven Strategies For Teaching Your Child To Sleep Through The Night

He is still quite cranky when we put him down for his night sleeps, so am working on that, but one thing at a time. Every mum needs to have this program, it is so simple yet effective. It has made me a even more determined person to reach my goals!

Posted Tuesday 29 January SouthlandMum New Zealand Total posts: I have just done my first night of the Sleep Sense program. I kept DS's bedtime routine the same but moved it all earlier as suggested so he was in bed by 7: He cried on and off for 30 minutes before putting himself to sleep. He woke twice in the night and cried for 30 minutes before putting himslef to sleep each time. I still fed him once at 3am as he's only 3 months old and he went straight back to sleep without crying after his feed.

I also took his dummy away cold turkey!!

He has just gone down for his first day sleep today and settled in 5 minutes without his dummy!! It was really hard to hear him cry but I'm determined to persevere.

Would love to hear how some other people have gone with this programme as its still early days for us!! Posted Wednesday 30 January I would love to know if this program works as well My dd is nearly 5 months and is having 5 feeds during the day. She is getting up once at night around am but would love for her to sleep through.

She self settles but with the aid of a dummy and music. Please if anyone has used this program please let me know as i would also love for her to self settle when we are out at the moment she wont self settle herself unless its in her cot Thanks.

LOL, sorry to say it but Im glad that there are others out there with anti-sleep babies! My 7 month old DD fights to the end when it comes to get her to sleep- we can have her all ready for bed by 7pm but she'll kick and fight till 11pm more often than not. Day sleeps Sleeping all night in her own bed? You have to be joking Mum!! She'll go into her own room, sleep a couple of hours if Im lucky and then wake to play.

I know Ive helped create the monster because I get her out of her cot and lay her in bed with us. She is almost asleep the second her bum hits the matress I know full well she needs more sleep than she is getting but try as we might, we cant get her to go down for longer or stay asleep at night. I love having cuddles with her but Im so over having her in bed I find I dont sleep properly because Im concious of where she is ect.

Besides, Im sick of little fingers in the eyes and hair! Like the rest of you, Id love more time with Hubby- rather than hours of us battling with Abbey, then dropping into bed next to each other once she has finally given in- to grab a few hours sleep before she starts up again and poor hubby gets kicked out of bed to make way for her royal highness!

I thought she's kind of grow out of it but Im at witts end now!

Time to do something about this hyper little creature and get some decent sleep. Im 8 weeks preg with number two and want this behavior stamped out NOW while Im so fatigued and long before bub 2 arrives. After following the program for 10 days, he now sleeps 11 hours straight!!

Before this he woke up 2 to 3 times a night! I am a new woman!

When my daughter was 18 months old and still getting up five times a night, I reached the point that I simply had to try something. Within a week, she was getting up once at most and now is consistently sleeping hours straight.


It's not rocket science, but it is a clear, step by step plan. And if you're like me and completely sleep deprived, you need someone to just give you a plan.

The Sleep Sense Program: Proven Strategies For Teaching Your Child To Sleep Through The Night

May 07, Korina rated it liked it This is the technique I chose to use for my daughter. I love that it gives two options stay in the room or leave and check in and everything is done step by step.

You know each night what you should be doing and how the baby should be reacting. Although Dana's strategies can be strict, there is some flexibility for you to adapt to your own child. May 10, Christine rated it it was amazing I didn't follow this program exactly but learned many tools that did help my baby learn to self soothe.

Baby figured it out around 5 months, and everyone was sleeping much better!My son is nearly 5mths now and still wakes for one feed a night before this he would wake three of four times but he is now sleeping from 7pm to 1am has a feed then sleeps until 7 -8am.

Discover how in a minute… Your child needs to be rocked, bounced, or taken for a car ride in order to nap. Child Development. While I didn't implement the author's sleep program exactly as she suggested, I took away many tips that were useful in helping my 4mo sleep better. I only feel guilty that it took me the first 14 months of her life before I did anything!

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