Sherlock Holmes. The Blue Diamond. CHAPTER 1 An old hat. M y name's Dr Watson, and I'm a good friend of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Two days. are also available as Dominoes: three Sherlock Holmes stories,. The Emerald Crown 1 Here are some of the people in The Blue Diamond. What work do they . Sherlock Holmes the Blue Diamond - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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[Oxford Dominoes - Level 1] Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur - Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Blue - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond. 福尔摩斯探案故事:蓝色宝石. Answer key. 答案. 书虫·牛津英汉双语读物(美绘光盘版). 第二级. BEFORE READING. sherlock holmes novels. The return of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes - Adventure Lantern. Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes London. Download our Wedding.

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The criminal in this case though, is arguably, less deserving of the leniency offered by the consulting detective. What's in a hat?

Watson finds Holmes still wearing his dressing gown, and engrossed in the examination of a battered hat. The hat, along with a fresh goose, had been brought to Holmes by a commissionaire called Peterson; Peterson being an acquaintance of both Holmes and Watson. Peterson had observed a street scuffle in the early hours of Christmas Day, when four men had set upon another.

Peterson had gone to the assistance of the individual, and the attackers had fled. The man who Peterson had sought to help had also left the scene; Peterson in uniform would have looked like a Peeler, and with a window broken, the man must have thought he was in trouble.

The man though had left behind a hat and goose, and Peterson being an honest man, had come to Holmes in the hope that both could be returned to their rightful owner. A card addressed to Mrs Henry Baker had been attached to the bird, and the fact that the initials HB were imprinted on the brim of the hat, suggested that the hat belonged to Mr Henry Baker.

Holmes deduces that Henry Baker is an intelligent man, based on the size of the hat, is less well off than he had once been, based on the outdated style of the hat, and is a man of self-respect, based on the attempts to hide the condition of the hat. Watson scoffs at some of these deductions and is hardly convinced at all.

It is at this point that Peterson returns to Baker Street.

During the preparation of the bird for cooking, Mrs Peterson had discovered a blue diamond in the throat of the goose. This blue diamond is the Blue Carbuncle, a precious stone that is being reported as being stolen from the hotel room of the Countess of Morcar. The theft had reportedly occurred at the Hotel Cosmopolitan, and whilst the police had a suspect, John Horner, in custody, there had been no sign of the Blue Carbuncle.

John Horner had been primarily arrested, as though he was working at the hotel as a plumber, he had a previous criminal record, and suspicion had been pointed his way by another hotel employee, James Ryder. The problem of a lost goose had now turned into a serious crime for Holmes to solve.

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Holmes places an advert in the evening papers, asking Henry Baker to come to Baker Street to retrieve his lost belongings. Henry Baker is more upset about the loss of the bird than the contents; although Holmes gives Henry Baker a fresh bird to compensate. If Henry Baker knows nothing about the Blue Carbuncle, how did the stone end up in the goose?

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The man though had left behind a hat and goose, and Peterson being an honest man, had come to Holmes in the hope that both could be returned to their rightful owner. I thought those young men in Tottenham Court Road had my hat and my goose.

Complete the table about your detective. You see.

Sherlock Holmes the Blue Diamond

Based on his observations of the hat and its condition, Holmes makes deductions as to Baker's age, social standing, intellect and domestic status, but cannot determine if Baker knew that he was carrying a priceless gem.

There are hundreds of Henry Bakers in London. Tick the pictures.

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