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Classic Poetry Series. Sahir Ludhianvi. - poems -. Publication Date: Sahir Ludhianvi was born into the wealthy family of a Muslim Syed as Abdul. SAHIR POEMS SAHIR LUDHIANVI ALL POEMS FREE DOWNLOAD BOOK kuliyat-e- Sahir By Sahir MediaFire is a. So read the top collection of Sahir Ludhianvi poetry and Shayari from the books online. Free download of PDF format of Sahir Ludhianvi books is also available.

I was staying with him for a couple of days as a member of an unofficial delegation to Lahore. Despite these meetings , I would not have had an insight into his personality and through that into his poetry if I had not met him in Delhi in My encounter with Sahir was unexpected, but yet not surprising.

In the two days that I had spent with Sahir in Lahore, I could make out that he could not have remained happy there.

That was because there he was surrounded on all sides with people of same belief and religion. There was freedom of neither the pen nor of speech and he was intensely missing those whose names were evidently Hindu or Sikh and with whom Sahir had spent his entire life and I had also noticed that his venerated mother too was elated to find us Hindus in her house.

So, when I unexpectedly ran into Sahir in Delhi, I was not unduly surprised and when in his usual naughty style, he informed me that the Pakistani government had issued warrants against his name, I did not even feel the need to ask him the reason. Later, when I went to Lahore to bring his mother back to India I came to know that his pen had dripped a few drops of poison and venom on the new State in the fortnightly Savera.

He wanted to reach Bombay at the earliest where, he imagined, the film world lay in wait of him. But perhaps thinking that even the wayside that Delhi was had a right on him, he gifted one full year to it. Though I have met Sahir often after that, I got the chance to understand him and his poetry only during that year.

I also had the opportunity to stay in his house for four years in Bombay when I was a guest in the house for months together during the course of my treatment for throat cancer. Sahir has just got up from sleep generally he does not get up before a.

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During this meditation, he cannot tolerate any kind of disturbance. Even his mother, whom he holds in high esteem and whose only support he is after her separation from his zamindar father, cannot dare to enter his room. And after this, for the entire day and if he gets the chance even during the night, he continuously keeps on speaking.

He cannot sit in one place for more than half an hour and even as the gathering of friends is not less than worshipping a goddess. He presents cigarette after cigarette to them. As a precaution for his throat, he splits a cigarette into two but often smokes them together!

He offers them endless cups of tea and even helps himself to a cup or two. He regales them his own nazms and gazals and with hundreds of couplets from other poets also, which he has memorized just like his own poems.

Sahir Ludhianvi Di Shairee

He recites them with interesting anecdotes and backgrounders. He remembers every small and significant details in his life. He remembers the letters of his friends and articles from magazines word by word.

So much so, he remembers entire dialogues from the movies Indrasabha The Court of Lord Indra and Shaabharram which he saw as a child. And he makes this point in such a way that the listener is not even aware of the slow brain- washing he or she is being subjected to.

At that time, the day- long jocular and easygoing Sahir is transformed. The conversations of the day of which he has memorized each word , he recounts and makes fun of the mannerisms of his friends whom he had admired during the day.

But the next day, he invites those very friends to partake whiskey and food at his own expense. He begins to praise their qualities of head and heart and becomes an enigma in himself.

His enigmatic personality manifests itself in strange ways. It is in his nature to quickly get fed up, feel ashamed and scared on a trivial issue.

Another characteristic is his indecisiveness.

Sahir Ludhianvi- by Parkash Pandit

Subah-e-Navroz Dawn of a New Day , mocks the way people celebrate while the poor exist in squalor. May be someone narrating better than me. May be someone listening better than you. Why should anyone remember me? Why should the busy age waste it's time for me?

A collection of Ludhiavni's poetry with English translation. A collection of film lyrics. A collection of film lyrics. Nayyar , composer.

Book on Sahir Ludhianvi

Burman , composer. Chin-o-arab hamara, hindustan hamara, rehne ko ghar nahi hai, saara jahan hamara, sung by Mukesh in Phir Subah Hogi Khayyam , composer.

Saathi haath badhana-naya daur sung by Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. It was successfully directed by Pramila Le Hunt in its Delhi premier.

It used song to narrate Sahir's life.I also had the opportunity to stay in his house for four years in Bombay when I was a guest in the house for months together during the course of my treatment for throat cancer. While the flag has its own significance, the rampart too has an import of its own.

Why does it happens thus? But when he found no answers to his persistent questions, frightened of this constant dialectic he began to develop a habit for deep thinking.

Fortunately, on the whole, Sahir gives us what he has received in life in the form of his verse. So much so, he remembers entire dialogues from the movies Indrasabha The Court of Lord Indra and Shaabharram which he saw as a child.

He cannot decide what to recite in a poetical symposia or gathering. Why did this happen?

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