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Uploaded by: PAMELA New Horizons: 1: Teacher's Book: New copy - Usually dispatched within 2 working days. Results 1 - 27 of 27 New Horizon College English (4) heard tutorial (Teacher s Book) Published by Beijing Language University Press; 1 (July 1, (). Oxford New Horizons 4 Levels Student's Book + Workbook + Teacher's Student's Book + Workbook + Teacher's Book + Audio CDs + MultiROM 14 Files | MB ​. New Horizons is a four-level upper secondary course that sets achievable Oxford - New Horizons 1 [ MB].

I'm from N. I like dancing Hobbie. Flvourlte My ambition is to be a colour brown newspaper editor one day. Special My special interests are sport Interests the media and the environment and science and technOlogy. Complete the tahle with Information from the text. Steve f. Speaking 7 Match the questions to the answers. Wbal's you r favourite colour? I' m eighteen and a To be a reporter. My hobbies are c It's on the 21st of September.

My ambition 8 Read the instructions and do the task. Zaczynaj je od how old, when, what, who iip. One day I 9 Complete the table in exercise 6 with your own answers. Then write a paragraph SO T. O be a cameraman.

New Horizons in English Form 1

QED Which names do you hear? Listen and tick tI' Ihe names. Then listen again and fill in the missing words. Dear Mum and Dad. Well, here 1 am in Londonl I'm at e. Her name', katit.

Emily haM1't got iII1j brothers 'bht'f, got a boyfriend. Hifl namt. IZob', got a 'ister. Htr name: Comprehension check 2 Choose the correct answer. Yes, she has. Yes, chey! He is Emily's granda d grandfather. She is Emily's gra ndma grandmother. Emily's family tree They are Emily's grandparents. Carol Watson Dave Watson Clare Watson Enuly's uncle. She is Emily's aunt. He is Emily's dad fatherl. She is Emily's stepmum stepmother. They are Emily's parents. She is Emily's stepsister.

How old Is he? Choose two Grammar Guide membel'"S of your family. Student 8: Find out Czasownik have got. Ask about his or her: Wl'ite We haven't got pets sentences about two of your IJartner's re latives. Yes, they have. Have you got a sister? Choose a member 6 Write questions and answers or sentences of Emily's family on page Imagine that wi th the correct form or have got.

A No , I haven'l. A Yes, I have. A No, I'm not. A Yes, 1 am! Who are Ihey? Write the correCI lellef below. Compare your. Now Illillch Ihe descriptions to four of them. Hc's tall and q uite thin. He's very good- looking. He's gOl shan, straight, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She's gOI long. She's gorgeolls! He's got brown eyes. She 's gal long, wavy hair and blue eyes. She's very anractive. Now wrile the remaining two descriptions ror the photos in exercise He's a bit thm.

My favourite star 14 Work in pairs. Student A:. A Describe your favourite sLar. Guess who A's star is. A She's American, She's got long, straight , blonde hair and green eyes, She's slim and she isn't very tall.

She's quite young but she's a very good actress! Write the name of Tick tI' the picture of Aunt Wendy. Give it to Student B. Adjective order Student B: Don 't look at the paper. Try to find out who you are. Put the words in the correct order to write sentences. B Am 1 American? SiJlijOt fon! Remember to include infonnalion on looks, height.

No, you haven't. No, you haven t. Her ndIlle's Sally.

Yes, 1 has. S He's got long, red hair. Yes, we haue. Speaking 1 Look at the information about British families. Choose the correct answer. Ask and answer to compare your answers. Then check your answers on page Natalie's from Match the Ilames to tbe surnames: Hope H , Wright W or Smith 5. Read all three texts a works fo r the London Underground.

Correct the b teaches children al school. S Mike is a mechanic. S Doug is a librarian in Stratford. Natalie Daley Is Her grandparents Sonya Hope and her husband.

Mike, Lucy and Doug Wright are divorced. They've got Do ug's gOt a new wife, Megan Smith. Kevin's 12, and laura's 9, a big ho use. Megan's gOt a daughter.

Her mum. Mike's also called Sophie , and she's II. Mark and got a son called Joe from his first Jessica spend the weekends with Natalie's got a brother and a sister.

The three N. Lucy works from home for an Her brother's name is W inston and insurance company. Doug Is a taXi he's 8 driver and Megan is a librarian. Find these words tn the texts Writing and m a tch the m to their Polish translation. Vocabulary 4 Read the information ilnd answer the I Complete the advertisements with the parts questions. Write any dates in full. Grammar 5 Choose the correct a n s wer.

Yes, 1' am. Down There is one phrase you do not need to use, Who is 2 Down? J 5 permocUl maseg 19 years old. Adam's a rock Singer and II a fantastic electric guitar. Adam's a bit sad now.

Think about 1 I' ve got red, long, wavy hair. Examples; Where areIOU f om? II Work in pairs. Ask YOUT partner the questions you made in exercise 10, and make notes of their answers. Then swap roles. Decide if the leiter 's is a fo rm of the verb be, the verb have. Write B. H, or P.

M y ' s Jason Miller. Lucky 5 When's your hinhday? J ott.. He s[ very jood-lookil1g! Ll brothus. Awl of GOKrse, m. J '" very joad tewtir pltllyer! Rob wants to download. Comprehension check 2 Complete the sentences with the correct name s: Rob, Steve or Emily. I can't stand it!

I prefer rock, really. I just don't know 4 likes hip hop. At least, I think so. Yes, they do I No, they don't Does she like her' Yes.

Take turns to ask and answer questions about music. I Do Chris and Jo like reggae? A Who's your favourite si ngerlband? Write three more ques tions for John. Jane, olnd for Chris a nd Jo. Kale Il1es Her avoun'te sl'nJer" is Work In pairs.

Take turns to ask your Memory game questions rind give short answers. Lorraine john likc. Look at the table for two minutes, Cover the tab le and ask and answer questions. A Do Jack and Tony like reggae? B Yes, they do. Does Lorraine like pop? Workbook pp. Then match them to photos A- P. Write th e correct numbers. Language J!! Czasownika play grat utywamy, gdy rro. Czasownika go z czasownikiem z czClstkct -ing utywamy, gdy m6wimy 0 zaJ'!

Gdy m6winry 0 innych zajqciach, stosujemy zwykJe czasownik do. I hate going cycling 7 Rob's sister, Sandy, is at home with her friend, Jade. Write the correct letters. What do you like doing? YOLI are doing a survey for a magazine. Find QUi which free-time activities on the page 8 likes and complete the questionnaire. Answer A's questions.

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Then change roles. A What do you like doing in your free lime? B I Jove playi ng chess. A Do you li ke playing tennis? B No, I do n'l, I hate it! FunZone Freetime questionnaire Name: Age; likes: She lovt:. She hates flayin!! She doesn 't like going 10 Read the paragraph, Write a similar cyclmg.

She loves going swimming and playing volleyball. True or false? Correcllhe fa lse sentences. Emily likes science fic tion fi lms. J don't lIke Julia Roberts at all. I reatly like it dislikes. I love sCience fiction films r love them like don ', like. C I don'tlike him. Ta lk about your answers. Do Language jfJ you agree? A I like him. A What do you think of Leonardo DiCaprio? B Sodol. B Oh, f don't. B I don't like him.

A Oh, I do. A I don't like him. A I don't like him A What do you think of volleybaU? B Neither do I. B Oh, I do. B I love it. CD Workbook p. Yes, he does. H -- a docs. I like Bmd Pill a lot. Jason Creat! There's the 50 Cent concert on 5 Is it for Sally? TV tonight.

Before you read. Look at the photos.

What do these things have in common? Slowa klucz. SIowa klucze pomogq cl zrozumlee, 0 czym jest leks!. Popatrz na leks! Jest w nim mowa 0 zespolach muzycznych. Stowa klucze to nazwy znanych grup i nazwy inslrument6w muzycznych. Czytajqc leks!

While you read. Complete the table with information from the arlicle. Do you download 'fake' things? The tribute band come from Yarmouth, on the east coast of the UK. Their first gig was in October , and the members are all enthusiastic Coldplay fans: They are good musicians and believe that the quality of their performances is the same as theIr heroes ', COldpiay!

He comes from liverpool, where he sings in a large number of clubs and pubs on Friday and Saturday nights. He isn't a profeSSional musiCian , and he works as a mechanIc in a garage during the day, but he's a rear professional on stage!

Mat ch Ihe musical instruments 4 Comprehension check. Wystuchaj rozmowy dw6ch naslolatkOw, Jacka i Nikkiego, i odpowiedz na pytania. M atch the words in bold in the text to their Polish translations. Who Jack Nikki I gig a muzyk says that tribute bands 2 performa nce b gtos aren't as good as real ones?

This Is a tribute band to the punk legends, Green Day. Tom Edwards, spr6buj przewidziet, a czym bzie leksl i na czym 25, plays the Q. Otis Redmond, 28, plays Writing the bass and the drums. Tom and Will come 6 Read Ihe instruction s and do the task.

She looks Poinformuj, z ilu muzyk6w sktada sil;! England, but she lives in London now. II' II'. Aby uScislic, 0 kt6rej porze dnia cz. It 's 9 o'clock. Jesli chcemy podac czas z dokladnoscict do minut. It's nine minutes past eleven. It's ten minutes past eleven.

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Write what lime you do the activities in exercise 1. Present simple. What time -. What time do you get up?

Ask your partner about a typical Sunday and make notes. We boll. Include some activities fro m exercises Listen again and write the missing times. I and 4. Use the Present simp le and say Rob has a bath at half past seven. NIE Rob has what time yOli do things. S leicester is a real football fanatic! She plays in her local women's team, the Leicester Looters, and this season she's their top goal- scorer.

We interviewed her at her home. Most people think football is a boys' game, but Ana doesn't agree. There are lots of girls' football clubs in the UK now. There's no reason why girls can't play football: Ana usually plays five-a-side games once a week, every Saturday afternoon, and she sometimes plays on Wednesday evenings as well. She says, 'I have quite a busy week because I do a lot of training. I work out at the gym four times a week: I always get up at six o'clock because I go running every day before I go to schooL' Ana loves football but she has quite a hard life.

She hardly ever goes out with her friends in the evenings. And she never eats fast food or chocolate. When she's rree, she watches DVDs in the evening, and she often surfs the Internet. And what about romance? Most boys don't understand why I play football, and they're often jealous. But it's not a problem. I'm too busyl' So Ana makes sacrifices, but she says it's worth it. And when Comprehension check you score a goal, it's magid' 8 1rue or false?

Correct the false sentences. I AJla says football isn't just a boys' spon. That's ridiculous!

New Horizons in Sabbath School Teaching

It's magic! S Boys are often jealous of Ana. Look a t the list of activities I'm usually exhausted She's always hungry and write sentences about your lifestyl e.

W zdaniach z innymi cz8sownikami: I usually start work at nme o'clock. Now write sentences with the adverbs of frequency in the correct position. We go to Indian restaurants.


Jo to II1"illl1 restaurants. I often JO to the! IJOthree times a week. What do you have in 5 Pierre has breakfast 8 1 7 o'clock. What are the differences? B They work on Saturdays. ID Listen. Irzl or Izl down. Match the jobs in the list to the pictures. Write the corfect 12 Maril yn, a TV presenter for the programme Get letter after numbers Fit, is interviewing people about span. Ow Listen and check.

Listen a nd repeat. Match the activities to the expressions of frequency. Check your answers.

Which members of the family do the Example: A How often does Neil go running? B He goes running every day. Check your score: You' re incredibly lazy. Over 15 Great! S They early at weekends. S have dinner 6 She coffee in the morning. S We the shopping on Satu rday. I have a cool mobile. P' out in the eveniitJ?

K 4 I have a brother and a siSler. S We don't have lunch at school. S He has a cal and two dogs. Complete 4 How often do you do the washing-up? Reading 2 Vocabulary. While you read Match the words to their Polish transla tions. Match the pictures to the jobs. I usually babysit for day and start my round at six.

I use my bike on the my mum's friends on Friday, Saturday round and it usually takes me about an hour and a or Sunday. The children are usually half. I deliver about 60 papers. I don't get a lot of already In bed when 1 get there, so money - about 3. I sometimes the job. I love being the first person out in do my homework.

The money's the morning and seeing the sunrise. It's quite good, too. I get about [6 an beautiful! Adam Job: S She is happy with the money she earns. Speaking 5 Read the instructions and do the task.

I like the people who ile zarabiasz, Ifl lhe department They have a good sense of We oftf'n go out together Writing work. Also, I always eat a lot of fruit! Think about: Then do the crossword. Across 2 Karen loves salsa but she doesn't like hip hop.

She can', stand rap. Bob Marley is their favourite singer. I'm a Manchester United fan. Mozart is her favourite. In the building center, the students actually constructed a three layer replica of the earth with three colors of clay to represent the core, the mantle and the crust. They sliced their clay earths in half for a cross-section view. In the math center, each group worked with geometric concepts of concentric circles, radius, diameter, etc. At the reading center, the students read a story called "The Magic School Bus" that depicted a group of school children exploring the inside of the earth.

The students listened to music while studying spelling words such as earth, crust, mantle and core. The art center involved cutting out concentric circles of different sizes and colors, pasting and labeling them to identify the different zones. The working together interpersonal center had a cooperative learning activity where the students had to read a fact sheet on the earth and jointly answer questions. The personal work intrapersonal center involved a fantasy writing activity on the subject: "Things you would take with you on a journey to the center of the earth".

Class Audio CDs. Class Cassettes. Student's Book. Teacher's Book. Horizons 2: Horizons 2 Student's Book. Horizons 3: Horizons 4: Pracovny zosit 4. Horizons Student's Book 4: Cassettes Bk. Teachers' Bk. Workbk 1. Workbook Bk. Student's book-Workbook-Mydigitalbook 2. Per le Scuole superiori. Con CD Audio.Olivier Meslay. My name's Emily Interests fashion and politics Watson. I always get up at six o'clock because I go running every day before I go to schooL' Ana loves football but she has quite a hard life.

NIE Yes. The students move in groups of three or four through all seven centers spending about twenty minutes at each one. As a seller on abebooks we adhere to the terms explained at http:

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