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- Angels of Darkness - Nalini Singh, Ilona KB 05 - Archangel's Hi Julie, can you repost legion, heart, shadows please . Enter New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh's darkly beautiful world of archangels and immortal power, as a pact is sealed between two souls. Archangels Storm Guild Hunter 5 Nalini Singh - [Free] Archangels Storm Guild Repair ManualDesign Of Machine Elements 6th EditionAisc Design Manual Si.

Lock the doors to the main part of the floor on both sides. Not in this particular building. This would be the icing on the cake. Reaching the floor directly below the roof, she took off her small backpack and removed the charges.

Ten seconds, that was all she needed to place and arm a device. The resulting explosion might not collapse the roof, but it should do enough damage to throw the invading force off its game. Time for plan B. She slid off the backpack and retrieved the rappelling rope curled inside. Once it was anchored to the stairwell rail, she could use it to slide past and below any pursuers before they knew she was gone. Else, her palms would be shredded by the end. Locking the heavy-duty carabiner directly to the railing after testing the metal would hold—at least long enough for her to get below her pursuers—she threw the rope down into the well at the center of the building.

It uncoiled in swift silence, the metallic rasp of the carabiner moving against the railing hidden by the noise of the hostile fighters heading her way. Leaving the empty backpack, she went to swing over. She turned, going in low, but she was too slow.

The carabiner clanged against the rail in a hard beat of sound this time, the lump of it digging into her lower back as her attacker shoved his arm to her throat. Fangs flashed in her face. Her trapped position made a deep cut impossible, but she got his attention, his blood on her blade.

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He howled in anger, punched her in the stomach—and took a step back. It was all she needed. Breathing past the agony from his blow, she sliced out again. Connected hard and true enough to puncture a lung. A sound of frothing rage, his eyes appearing to glow in the dark. Ashwini was skilled at close-contact combat, but she was in a tight space in the dark against a vampire who was clearly no neophyte in the art himself. And he had what felt like a broadsword. She brought up her knives to ward off the blow, but it was too heavy, too true a strike, the jarring impact brutal.

Her blades clattered to the floor as he split her left palm and the underside of her right forearm open with the tip of the blade, and then that blade was cold fire across her chest. Iron scent, wet and dark, filled her nostrils, her breath coming in shallow pants.

The vampire laughed. Becoming a prisoner of war was not an option; never again would she let anyone lock her up.

Of course, that was unlikely to be an issue given that Lijuan liked to eat people, the husk that remained after the Archangel of China fed turning to dust in the hand. The blunt, hard sound of her gun spitting fire filled the stairwell, the bullets passing through her vampire assailant to ricochet off the walls.

Grunting from the impact, the vamp staggered back. Only to recover to scream obscenities at her; in the flashes from the gun, she saw him lift his broadsword for a fatal strike. That sword clattered to the floor before it ever reached her, blood spraying her face in a hot gush. She stopped firing. No point in protesting. Instead, she reached her bloody left hand around his side for the gun she knew he wore in a holster at his waist.

It took a second to get a grip, his breath warm on her neck, and his muscles bunching and flexing against her as he pounded up the steps. Trying not to think about the fact that her chest was all but sliced in half, she sat up and pointed both guns, his and hers, over his shoulders.

Even then, it depended on the age and strength of the vampire in question.

She touched his shoulder, felt the warm slickness of fresh blood. Her stomach roiled. Three bullets in the brain, her aim true thanks to the eerily staccato glimpse she caught in the split second of a muzzle flash, and he stayed down, giving his fellows pause.

Her gun clicked on empty on the final shot. However, when she tried to use the breathing room to slot in a fresh clip, she almost dropped the gun to the floor. It bought them a few more seconds.

He was so sinfully pretty, was Janvier, with his green eyes and dark brown hair that got all coppery under the summer sun. Come on, sugar. A slamming halt as he swung them to a stop on a lower floor, below their pursuers but not home free.

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Her irises gleamed metallic silver around the rims, immortality having taken a stronger hold on her in the preceding months. And I wont be satisfied until the bitch is boiling in her own blood. Raphael raised an eyebrow. I would say youve been spending too much time with Dmitri were he here. No, thats all me, she said with a smile that was a blade to his heart, it cut so deep.

She tried to hurt you, and shell keep on trying to hurt you because.

I dont intend to sit back and let her, archangel or not. A warrior, he thought, his wings unfurling, that was who he had taken for his consort. If you will permit, he said, I would assist you in your task. Lijuan cannot be allowed to blanket the world with her perversions. His consorts face dissolved into laughter before she reset it into a suitably haughty expression. I do permit. Walking across to join him where he stood with his back to the plate-glass window that looked out over.

Your wingsthe gold filaments arent like before. Its as if each has been coated with finely crushed glass, until it glitters like living flame.

That she found him beautiful was an unspoken kiss. It is a time of evolution. Now we must wait and see if another Lijuan is born amongst the Cadre. He rubbed his finger over the arch of Elenas own wing, felt her responsive shiver. Enough talk of Her Grand Evilness and her nefarious plots.

Wrapping both arms around his neck, his hunter dressed in black leather and armed to the teeth but for her bare forearms, said, Kiss me, Archangel. I am but your slave.

Archangel's Storm

He caught her laughter in his mouth, felt it in his veins, the passion between them a smoldering flame. Pulse a drumbeat when they separated, she parted moist lips to say, Youre lethal. He smiled and knew it held the arrogance of deadly powerit was who he was, what he needed to be to rule. But his consort was not a woman to be scared by such a thing, and she demanded another kiss before stepping back, cheeks flushed and breath shallow.

No melting my bones.

I have to go haul three baby vamps off their asses and back to their angel. I sense a note of disgust.

Im one of the most experienced hunters in the city, and Sara puts me on babysitting detailId think it was a conspiracy, but turns out a whole group of baby vampires got it into their heads that they need to rebel against the hierarchy.

A snort. Ransoms got two. Its astonishing, Raphael said, moving to the sprawling breadth of his desk, how people do not find such a cause until after they have been Made.

The lure of almost-immortality was a drug, but the reality was a hundred years of subservience to the angels, and that reality could have a bitter taste. downloaders remorse doesnt negate the Contract. She rubbed absently at her forearms. I should be back in three hours tops, since none of my targets appear to be geniuses. Do you have time. With Dmitri, Venom, and Jason all gone, Im losing practice time.

I need to meet with Nazarach, he said, speaking of one of the powerful angels in his territory, but Janvier has settled in and should have some time, so speak with him when you return.

According to Dmitri, the younger vampire was the dirtiest street-fighter the leader of Raphaels Seven had ever met. Hed be able to assist Elena increase her arsenal of tricks, give her further tools to survive the immortal world.

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Come here, Consort. Giving him an arch look, she sauntered over. You summoned? He opened the small box sitting on his desk and brought out two buttersoft knife sheaths meant for her forearms. Gathering up the gifts, she made feminine sounds of pleasure he usually only ever heard as she lay sweat-slicked and naked in their bed. This is Deacons work.

Oooh, they feel Doing up the buckles, she slid in the knives and shivered. Careful, Elena. I may decide you enjoy those sheaths far too much.

Grinning, she twisted and pulled out the blades in a quick draw, testing positioning and tightness.

God, Deacon is talented. She slid the knives back in a second later, and spun into his arms with the lithe grace of a fighter, her smile fading into an intensity of emotion so raw, it was a stormcloud over her irises.

You know me. Her fingers brushing his cheek. You see me. Thank you. He brought her closer to his body, her weapons hard edges against him.A warrior, he thought, his wings unfurling, that was who he had taken for his consort. Enabled Audible book: Rima Mikhael.

With Dmitri, Venom, and Jason all gone, Im losing practice time. Related Links Author Website. Angels' Blood Guild Hunter Book 1. Then you can start reading site books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no site device required.

So here is the professional angle for you: omg, Nalini put so much work into this.

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