at MY. LIFE AND HARD TIMES. 1 of Life they have the feeling that they have never taken off their overcoats. My Life and Hard Times. Cover Image. Book Details Not all sites or site apps open files. PDF (tablet), HTML Zip, h. C' • IiC ' 7 • •' B tn' AM CtAS:':; MY I_AI~~E AND HARI) - -_.__._- - TIMES' - - =-,IANIl~S ~ THURBER i llustrated by the an th01' WlTH AN I Nl.

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Sitemap, Feed, Random Pages, Top Pages, Popular Pages. Recent search: james thurber my life and hard times, james thurber my life and hard times pdf. Read My Life and Hard Times PDF - by James Thurber Harper Perennial Modern Classics | Widely hailed as one of the finest humorist of the. Here's the PDF for My Life and Hard Times by James Thurber.

Another man, a portly gentleman of affairs, broke into a trot. Inside of ten minutes, everybody on High Street, from the Union Depot to the Courthouse, was running.

A loud mumble gradually crystallized into the dread word "dam. Two thousand people were abruptly in full flight.

People ran out leaving fires burning and food cooking and doors wide open. I remember, however, that my mother turned out all the fires and that she took with her a dozen eggs and two loaves of bread. It was her plan to make Memorial Hall, just two blocks away, and take refuge somewhere in the top of it, in one of the dusty rooms where war veterans met and where old battle flags and stage scenery were stored.

But the seething throngs, shouting "Go east! When grandfather regained full consciousness, at Parsons Avenue, he turned upon the retreating mob like a vengeful prophet and exhorted the men to form ranks and stand off the Rebel dogs, but at length he, too, got the idea that the dam had broken and, roaring "Go east! A scattering of firemen, policemen, and army officers in dress uniforms -- there had been a review at Fort Hayes, in the northern part of town -- added color to the surging billows of people.

Used to quick decisions, trained to immediate obedience, the officer bounded off the porch and, running at full tilt, soon passed the child, bawling "Go east!

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What is it? The officer dropped behind and asked the little child what it was.

Nobody has ever been able to compute with any exactness how many people took part in the great rout of , for the panic, which extended from the Winslow Bottling Works in the south end to Clintonville, six miles north, ended as abruptly as it began and the bobtail and ragtag and velvet-gowned groups of refugees melted away and slunk home, leaving the streets peaceful and deserted.

The shouting, weeping, tangled evacuation of the city lasted not more than two hours in all. Some few people got as far east as Reynoldsburg, twelve miles away; fifty or more reached the Country Club, eight miles away; most of the others gave up, exhausted, or climbed trees in Franklin Park, four miles out.

Order was restored and fear dispelled finally by means of militiamen riding about in motor lorries bawling through megaphones: "The dam has not broken!

PDF Famous Long Ago: My Life and Hard Times With Liberation News Service at Total Loss Farm

All the time, the sun shone quietly and there was nowhere any sign of oncoming waters. A visitor in an airplane, looking down on the straggling, agitated masses of people below, would have been hard put to it to divine a reason for the phenomenon. It must have inspired, in such an observer, a peculiar kind of terror, like the sight of the Marie Celeste, abandoned at sea, its galley fires peacefully burning, its tranquil decks bright in the sunlight.

An aunt of mine, Aunt Edith Taylor, was in a movie theatre on High Street when, over and above the sound of the piano in the pit a W. Hart picture was being shown , there rose the steadily increasing tromp of running feet.

Persistent shouts rose above the tromping. An elderly man, sitting near my aunt, mumbled something, got out of his seat, and went up the aisle at a dogtrot.

This started everybody. In an instant the audience was jamming the aisles. And east they went, pushing and shoving and clawing, knocking women and children down, emerging finally into the street, torn and sprawling.

Inside the theatre, Bill Hart was calmly calling some desperado's bluff and the brave girl at the piano played "Row!

I was still uncertain as to what was the matter, in spite of all the shouting. I drew up alongside the woman with some effort, for although she was in her late fifties, she had a beautiful easy running form and seemed to be in excellent condition.

She gave me a quick glance and then looked ahead again, stepping up her pace a trifle.

Mallory—you remember Dr. Mallory, the man with the white beard who looks like Robert Browning? Mallory, whom I had drawn away from at the corner of Fifth and Town, passed me.

My Life and Hard Times Summary & Study Guide

Mallory's statements always carried. I didn't know at the time what he meant, but I found out later. There was a boy behind him on roller-skates, and Dr. Thurber was best known for his cartoons and short stories, published mainly in The New Yorker magazine and collected in his numerous books.

One of the most popular humorists of his time, Thurber celebrated the comic frustrations and eccentricities of ordinary people. Many of his short stories are humorous fictional memoirs from his life, but he also wrote darker material, such as "The Whip-Poor-Will", a story of madness and murder.

The Middle-Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze has several short stories with a tense undercurrent of marital discord. The book was published the year of his divorce and remarriage. His story "You Could Look It Up", about a three-foot adult being brought in to take a walk in a baseball game, is said to have inspired Bill Veeck's stunt with Eddie Gaedel with the St.

Louis Browns in Veeck claimed an older provenance for the stunt, but was certainly aware of the Thurber story.

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Later he acknowledges that this was a failure on his behalf, because Louisa and Tom both become unhappy and fail to succeed in life. This is an attempt to approach the gap between poor and rich people, and also an effort to understand them.

Finally, each appears to suffer a moral fall, which is followed by a literal, physical fall. This can also symbolize a self-destructive element in Louisa, which Gradgrind has fostered in her from childhood with his philosophy of facts. Dickens provides a unique description of Coketown as a physical environment. Kearns, Katherine.

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