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TITLES BY MICHAEL W. FORD. THE BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY. LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT. SATANIC MAGICK: A Paradigm of Therion. GATES OF. Seker Arimanius (Michael Ford), but hopefully enhance those writings, and This is a small ritual designed to imbibe the sorcerer with a focused current of. The. Vampyre. Magickian. MICHAEL W. FORD are actual and empowering, yet may find issue with will provide you with a powerful method of practice and.

Ritner[8] explains that the lexical ancestor of the aforementioned Coptic word is derived from the pharaonic. Hk which is both the God and later Goddess of Magick and holding power in all generated. Heka is first known to be mentioned on a Fifth Dynasty funerary temple of Pharaoh Sahure. HEKA as Magickal power could utilized in every limb on the body. HEKA could also be drained and taken from another. In the Coffin Texts. Canopic jars.

Hekau is the god of magick. Hekau is shown often in a human form yet also holding a serpent wand representing Magickal power. Respect me in accordance with what you know. O bulls of heaven. I am he who caused the Ennead to live…I have seated myself. I am the protection of that which the Unique Lord has ordained.

I am indeed the son of Him who gave birth to the universe. I am he whom the Unique Lord made before two things Darkness and Light. Coffin Texts. Heka came into being alone and with his powers knit the firmament together.

Heka put fear into the gods who came into being after him. I have come that I might take my seat and that I might receive my dignity.

Luciferian Goetia - Michael W. Ford

I am Heka. Words in Egyptian sorcery are interchangeable with symbolic images which in a type of interplay of word and visual expression demonstrate the majesty of ritual. In Egyptian Magick. To gain full potential. Heka opens his two eyes that he may see. This beautiful imagery is extensive and deeply symbolic of the act of creation and balance.

When a Black Adept performs a ritual or spell. Sethanists and Luciferians are accountable for his or her success or failure. Word and Action have direct and serious consequences. By uttering the word Heka the God existed before all other gods. Heka is responsible for the birth of the universe via evolution. The Sethanic Adept works in the same way of Khephi. HEKA that his world will shape according to his desire. When performing invocations and spells. How you proceed and the interplay of thoughts.

This is why the ancient traditions as we know of them. Every word chanted should be done with passion. Luciferianism takes the. Have courage and believe in your idealized self. Understand that even now. The power of Heka is a unity of both the utterance and power of the word. In Heka. The god Thoth.

How you interpret and the flow you utter words inspires the energy which brings value to the subject at hand. When your rituals are endowed with Heka. The difference is that unlike Heka. This presents little requirement for exploration at this current stage.

Heka is within balance. Heka may be used to create the reality in the material world. The word Akhu is the second major word for Magick. Power and Desires to become manifest. Egyptian Magic in ancient times was the act of compelling influence on the supernatural based on the Will of the magician.

Utterance and Recitation Inspire Power Verbal utterance and symbolic image in Magick are two of the most common methods utilized in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and other Egyptian spells. Sethanic or Luciferian Magick is the art of compelling change in accordance with the Will. In invocation. In Sethanic Magick. When invoking. The ancient Egyptians perceived. Living and deceased individuals have essentially one Ba.

Ba — The manifestation of the qualities or power of an individual or a god. Ib — Heart and conscious personality intellect. Shadow — Astral body assuming form of darkness containing conscious mind. The Shadow was called the Servant of Anubis. The basic elements of the bodymind-spirit are summarized here: The vital essence or life within an individual or Gods. In an abstract view. Agathodaemon — In the Greco-Egyptian.

Initiation and the perception of the mind along with experience in life shapes. Belief and Will of which the Utterance of the Naming commanding manifests your desires into being. The Daemon is the assimilation of the Ba. Ka and Sekhem during the course of life. The Daemon may contain many Bas or personifications of specific qualities idealized in the Black Adept.

Heka — Magickal power within both nature and the energy of the Black Adept. At the physical death of the Black Adept. The result of the physical existence of the Black Adept and power or qualities amassed in life is perceived as the Daemon. The final deification comes into being as the Akh. What will you do with the time you have? Fall in line with religious superstition and allow the Slave Mentality to crush you?

Act in the way you think. Notice that the Ib. Ren and Akh are all manifestations of the Mind. Shape the energy of thoughts in the brain to possibly feed. The name. The cartouche was a sacred. Ka and personified Agathodaemon. The Ren should exhibit the powers and qualities personified in your True Will or inherent desire along with your conscious self in the present.

Black Adepts may create a name in the Egyptian tongue. The heart was kept within the body and was not removed during mummification.

The Ib creates a sense of balance based on the individual will and social conditioning based on consistent experience. Survival of the heart was a strong focus in the Book of the Dead. Preservation of the heart was the focus of several chapters in the ancient funerary ritual papyrus. The experience with the senses with the physical world of flesh advances and shapes the Ib and as follows the mind as how socially humans interact.

As the Ib was the seat of. Anubis in the Judgment of the Dead weighs the heart against the feather to represent Maat or balance. The Ib is thus a symbol of our intellect and emotions. Ptah creates the world via the heart and Tongue. Agathodaemon and after death the Akh. In the cult of Memphis. The swt or shadow is imbued with power and is able to move at a very fast speed. The Shadow may. This body of shadow may be visualized in workings centered on astral projection and workings with the Duat.

Ba and Ka. The god Aten was known as a swt-Ra or SunShade which was symbolized with a fan and shadow under it. The Ba is even a greater power among the gods and is the manifestation of his power. The more powerful the god. The Ba may be perceived as the foundation animating spirit or essence based on mental genetic and other attributes which manifest in the. The Ba The Ba is often associated as a part of the epithet.

The Ba is symbolic of the Black Flame or fiery essence of spirit and conscious being. The solar symbol of eternal life known as the Shen.

The Sethanist in the initiation of the Hermetic Magickal teachings herein will encircle the Neter and the Bas of each. The Ba visits the deceased body after death and is a principle element to the life.

Gods is significant in that it is the method in which the god communicates himself to other Neter or beings. This symbol is held by Hawks and Vulture Gods as well. The Shen. The Ba would not have. The Ba is a synonym for the manifestation of a God. At specific instances a god may manifest in another Neter. Able to return to the place of the physical body. What would the individual Ba resemble in life?

The Ba is recognized as the continuity in being. The Bas of the gods went down from their celestial abodes to descend upon their own images and statues. Amun is known from an epithet. Harsomtus the child. The two eyes accompany him protecting his majesty and guarding his body against his enemies…he enters the sacred dwelling under the protection of his Wadjet eye.

Later on. In a funerary text from the 12th Dynasty an interesting spell is recorded: In the tenth hour of the Duat. Seth is the Neter which is. For the god. The Ba comes into being at physical death. The Ba may return to the corpse. Do not confuse the Ba with the Greek. After death. The bau plural of Ba with specific reference to messenger or emanation of a. The bau are very similar to Demons as those single-minded messengers who have a focused task and method of how they manifest.

Neteru is a term for a type of manifestation of a particular Neteru as a form of punishment or destruction against an enemy or offender. Not only of Horus but the mighty Neter. Seth is the power accumulated by the living temple of flesh which is the Sethanist. Think of your life and the quality of self-determined achievements to be the foundation for your extent of rule. Like the Egyptian Pharaoh. Your subjects are those results and achievements made including all your loved ones.

Who else is responsible for your choices and goals? The myth and symbolism of the Ka leaving the body at the moment of death. It is a Pharaoh as Neter manifest on an individual level. Do you choose to believe this. The end result is the Black Adept ascends into the heavens sky possessing his or her divine attributes as reflected in the True Will. Let the myths serve you. I strongly suggest skepticism in all things. The text which is adapted as a ritual to establish initiation. When physical death occurred.

Be thou established as the masters of thy powers. The funerary spells make the utterance that. Birch[13] in and defined it meaning genie. Ancient Egyptians offered food to the Ka such as meat. The Egyptologist who first examined the essence of the word was Dr. This draws an association to accumulated energy which may be built into the idol or symbol of the specific God. The Ka dwelt in the statue of man just as the Ka of a God could inhabit the statue of a God. This is very much in harmony with the concepts of Astral Magick and nourishment of the essence of the psyche after death.

Adept who holds identification with the God based on the attributes and roles of the Idol. As offerings to the Ka would decrease.

The symbol of the Ka is the hieroglyph of two arms pointed upward. The essence of the Ka is the soul which required nourishment after physical death. The Ka for the Sethanist is the vital energy which is. Re has fourteen Kas. For the gods. The Ka itself was a force without distinct personality. This is considered the survival of the psyche. The Akh becomes immortal and ascends into the Northern Regions of the night sky. At physical death. In addition to the word heka.

This is only attainable after physical death and would hold little of the consciousness or personality one possesses in the physical body. Ascending as the Akh requires the discipline of will and the selfdetermined power of Heka Magickal power.

The Akh is depicted as a mummy as many of the gods in wrappings or in rare instances. While heka was associated with the living and neteru. Isis used akhu power to work her Magick as did Thoth.

Inherent Desire the InnerDaemon. Agathodaemon with the crescent moon and 7-pointed star. The Hellenic Magickal traditions which developed after the time of Alexander the Great through the Roman Period inspired a beautiful unity of ancient Magickal traditions with Greek.

Syrian and Judeo-Christian sorcery. These traditions allowed the continuity of progression. The Agathodaemon at Alexandria was an ancient chthonian deity of the earth which assumed the form of a snake. While the depths of Hellenic traditions within Luciferianism will be published in a separate grimoire.

The legend of Alexander after founding Alexandria eventually had a temple built and dedicated to the Agathodaemon. Later on we find Sarapis. Tyche and Isis assuming the form of the Agathodaemon as powerful.

Elamite gods[14]. During the Hellenic period. Examples are Ptolemy Neos Dionysos. Conjoined with the name of a Deific Mask. This is why rituals of specific gods will allow the manifestation of the Deific Mask with inherent qualities of the individual. The visibility of a symbolic divine power known as the Greek. Zeus Ammon. Alexander III of Macedon established his foundation for his rule and legacy after his liberation of Egypt from the Persians.

This is partly why Alexander is depicted with horns. The Deity is made manifest in the mortal flesh. In Hermeticism. The Greeks considered the daimons to be either helpful Agathodaemon. Greek and Hebrew the Daemon Daimonion is a conscious spirit between the gods and humanity. This is a Deific Mask. Luciferians recognize that the individual psyche must be inspired and as a result motivated to act in a compelled.

The understanding which is based on preChristian pantheons and their templeevidence reveals that the gods are simply images of specific archetypes which exist as powers beyond their sensible representations on earth. Initiation in essence is based on a life-long series of stages of perception and conceptualization of motivating energies and powers to inspire that aspect of the mind-body-spirit thus our Agathodaemon to shape and direct through the Black Adept. This process of initiation is built upon and shaped over a lifetime.

One cannot rush this. Luciferians decree their own fate. True Will. In Greek religion. To know future events is the intuition of your Daemon. This aspect of self has a stake in your future. One example is the staff with a pair of eyes carved in the top. The passions and instinctual drives are. Top of the Sekhem-staff The Sekhem is the vital power or fiery essence of the self.

This is not the denial of indulgence. Sokar-Osiris on funerary bed. The ancient Egyptian mind was concerned deeply with the transformation of being after physical death. I view the cycle of myth and ancient pantheons as a symbolic manifestation via art. As a modern Sethanist Luciferian. When the Black Adept performs a ritual or sorcerous act with a goal in focus. Osiris enters his initiation of power by this at first glance destructive act by his brother Seth who is responsible for using disorder and chaos to test.

Change is often subtle. War every conflict in life such as daily problems. This is the essence of Seth. Lord of Darkness primordial instinct and the disordered energy in which the world is created. This change may be internal mind and subjective also. This rite was. Shadow and Agathodaemon as a type of seasonal regeneration ritual which may be meditative.

During the ritual. The face was touched with an athame with the shape of a fish tail known as a Pesehkef and a hook-like fetish object. This ritual. It need not be ascribed to the physical death as this is contrary to living initiation of the Sethanic Magickian. This ritual text presents a mythological transformation and magickial rite uttering spells for the deceased king to ascend into the heavens and dwell with the Neteru as Osiris.

The spells unite both myth and the material aspects of life. In this sense. The manifestations of the psyche and the unique aspects of the self in a spiritual and physical sense are assimilated represented in the act of ascending into the heavens as a god favored by the neteru to strengthen each aspect of consciousness.

The Black Adept utilizes the utterances of the ancient Pyramid and various Pharaonic Egyptian rites to strengthen the psyche in denying death. The difference is that now the Black Adept uses the ancient Pharaonic and Priesthood social elite ceremonies in an individual sense. When the day of our physical death comes. The energy our mind shapes and makes powerful will allow our psyche and Ba to unite with our Agathodaemon to become what some in the Traditional Satanic Sinister Path or Seven-Fold Sinister.

We understand the way we apply our thinking. This collection of spells includes utterances to transform the Ba into the Horus Falcon-of-Gold. Way a Dark Immortal. The rituals are. Modern Sethanists may utilize the spells in text form as long as the altar or imagery is properly represented via statue or art.

Modern Sethanists use such in life here and now. The ancient mystery cult of Khem allowed a specially prepared papyrus with hand copied reproductions of the Book of the Dead. The following are the primary amulets and funerary symbolism associated with them. Modern practitioners may attempt to. The Scarab. Khepri represents in this aspect self-generative and renewal i. This symbol represents the head lifting up and rising again in death.

This IB is. This is the core aspect of the conscious individual. The Vulture. The Book of the Dead provides several spells for preservation of the heart.

This allowed freedom from all fetters which could restrain the neck in the Duat. The Papyrus scepter was placed across the chest of the body. The Udjat. The Ahat. The Frog amulet. The Nefer amulet inspired happiness. The Ba amulet. For example. The Ankh is a symbol of the ancient imperishable vital force. The modern Black Adept may understand it as a representation of the responsibility of the gift of the gods.

Many gods and. The Ankh is depicted with flowing patterns symbolizing life-giving water. As a symbol of Air. This is truly a Luciferian symbol which may be considered in the context presented here from Charles Pace.

In Hermetic Ritual Ceremony. The Satanic Mind is life affirming and defying the blind faith of the Judeo-Christian death-cult. Luciferians and Satanists in this context desire to possess this life here and now. Self-Love is a strong concept when we maintain balance. The Ankh represents for the Sethanist life and healthy existence. The Neophyte should obtain an Ankh which will be held in the left hand during ceremonial rituals.

From a spiritual perspective the Ankh is held in your left hand that you by the path of selfdetermination. The Djed Column was one of the early symbols of the cult of Osiris. It is known that the Djed pillar was originally a Predynastic period fetish. The Djed represents the backbone of Osiris. The scepter has the Seth head on the staff.

Seth used his was-Scepter to support the sky. An ancient fetish. The was-scepter was described as extremely heavy. The scepters. The Was Scepter was known by the epithet. The Sethanist. Apophis and the associated Deific Masks of the Ennead based on your personal desire.

The Was Scepter may then be utilized as a powerful ritual tool used to focus the energy you create and send forth to shape your reality. Blood may be used during the painting process and it must only be yours!

SCEPTER Obtaining a strong stick suitable for walking between 4 and 5 feet tall in height will be the starting point for this ritualistic process. I strongly suggest during the process. Apep or any of the pantheon which you have a strong attraction and affiliation towards.

Using a sealer. Once dried. The next process requires using a wood-burner found at hobby shops with the pen-style point. Take red paint after this and fill in the burnt inscriptions so it appears to glow with crimson fire. Use the mirror in your invocations towards inspiring meditative energy towards personal insight or selfevolution. Symbols of Divine Power: The Bas of the Deific Mask may manifest in the focus point which would be the statue representing the Neter. The use of magickial scarabs.

Scarab amulets are used in sorcery for purposes of power. Syria and Phoenicia. The above scarab example may be copied and the blank side would be inscribed in Hieroglyphs the name of the Black Adept and the spell of intent on the bottom.

The Obelisk essentially was a sacred stone which was revered in the ancient city of Heliopolis and was considered a primal manifestation of the solar god Amun. The Egyptian Obelisk is a four sided. Incense was offered in front of the Obelisk which was aligned with the rays of the sun at temple structures.

These stones were considered the dwelling place of Amun and later one it was common for two Obelisks to be erected at a time. A burin may be used for inscribing the names needed upon the hilt of the athame if possible and the sickleshaped knife should be retained for the cutting of roots if needed.

The symbolism of the athame dagger is that the blade is the extension of the Luciferian and the path of selfdetermination which affirms and shapes the world of reality from the desire and imagination. The word Athame derives from. The crescent or curved blade is held in the symbolism of. The tradition is that one is black handled and the other white. The Des Egyptian flint knife was used in ceremonies and the Guardians of the Gates were armed with these ritual blades.

The Black Handled Athame is used ritualistically for invoking or making the ritual circle sarcosanct. In the Witchcraft tradition of Charles Pace. The teachings of the. They may be worn around the waist unless being used to make out the circle. Priest of Anubis. The cords have layers of symbolic value.

The Priestesses of Isis used cords to symbolize the binding of neophytes to the cult. The Cords in Triple Unity are symbolic of the cords which bind the child to the mother. The Ten Knots are known as the Ladder of Isis. Mother Goddess Isis and her Temple. Use the cords with the Hymns or Invocations based on the Deific Mask and self-determined goal.

Thought to relive pain. Utilized in magickial ceremony. In mortuary rituals. Magickial oil was associated with the Udjat Eye of Horus. Modern Magickians may use oil to anoint and consecrate altar statues. Myrrh is among others ancient oil utilized in ceremony. There were seven oils used in the embalming rites of Anubis.

Incense is traditionally was utilized for rituals and ceremonies in which the smoke and aroma was a spiritual offering to the Neteru and utilized for purification as well. The robe and such ritual symbolism is not necessary if the Black Adept has a strong imagination and will. A Hooded Black Robe is suitable for all grades of practice. In the Sethanic Cult. The Ordeal of the Abyss. This realm of dream holds the keys to the deep places of our unconscious. The repressed components of the psyche.

The panic and realization of raw. If we take only one fire the Black Adept may fail in the test of Seth and Apophis. The Magus. This is. This can only be achieved by passing through the veil of Death. The Final Degree. As it is simply comprehensible to recognize that the. Hermetic Occultists. Covens are centered on generalized practice of spiritual belief and magick which is aimed at celebration or the focused energy-channeled goals of a group ritual.

The Luciferian Tradition. Charles Pace defined the guidelines of which the Neophyte should learn and practice. Etymology and. The following guidelines if utilized with sincere determination shall prepare the Neophyte for initiation into the Sethanic and Luciferian Paths.

Fire and Water. The Four Elements being Earth. Study the hidden knowledge of the elements. The Neophyte should establish practice to control the thoughts and entirety of the mind. The Neophyte must train the mind to observe all that is around him daily.

Take the time to recognize the cycle of nature. The Neophyte should be taught by the Coven leader a basic history. How does this connect to you? The act of closing the circle is symbolically important to the balance of the transformation into Daemonic consciousness. The element of water represents deep. The Neophyte should study the magick circle. The Neophyte must be aware of why the Deific Masks within the Luciferian Covens have been chosen and their associations.

The Neophyte should be knowledgeable of the cardinal points — i. Hapi Lord of the North. The Ancient Egyptian ones are ideal to start. Imset Lord of the South. The Neophyte should be guided to read and understand topics on many occult topics. It is this! Once this is accomplished the Neophyte is ready to move to the rank of Zelator.

Charles Pace writes. The Neophyte must seek to understand opposites. A ritual of dedication to a Deific Mask based on interest. The choice should be made on the traits. A period of at.

Luciferian Witchcraft

The goal is to build the discipline and will of the initiate. To cast the circle in every step with discipline and focus. The Zelator must be able to explain why this is done and how it relates to the Great Work. The Zelator must keep a detailed journal and have a strict discipline of practice. Records should be maintained. Seth and Horus must be presented as balanced forces containing destructive and creative elements. The Zelator must be able to explain why duality is not reflected in nature.

The Zelator should study. If the Zelator gains knowledge and further inspiration for the god. Using specific rituals within the Luciferian tradition this grimoire. Dragon of the Two Flames. In due course. Bible of the Adversary. Adversarial Light. Maskim Hul. Mesopotamian and Greek pantheons and relate how all are perceived based on their nature and traits. The Practicus must be able to Cast the Triple Hermetic Circle and to as a matter of record have achieved a goal of short or long term focus by means of both higher spiritual aim and of lower short.

This is deemed significant in that the Practicus will have a clear understanding of the True Will and the long term goals in this life. The Practicus performs the Ritual of Anubis as an understanding of the transformation of physical death into the realm of Spirit. The Practicus will be able to explain the symbolism of the Deific Masks of the Ennead and of the Duat accordingly. This symbolism is explained in terms of representation of the Neter in both nature and within the self.

The Ritual of Osiris will allow the journey of the Genius of the Living Ba and the Agathodaemon to seek a direct and single unity with the Psyche of the Practicus. The Practicus may in this grade enter into a Priesthood of a Neter. If it is Anubis. A Priest of Seth would be the direction of the Adversarial Current being the motivating force of change in the physical world. The Sethanic Magickian recognizes the importance of inspiring and through magickial application. Such may inspire the devoted and serious Black Adept in seeking initiation with a Neter that resonates.

Ren with the Daemonic Personal God. A Neter represents the specific type of force. In the Sethanic Cult of Masks. These are modern Sethanic Luciferian perspectives adapted from the ancient records. When the Neter finds a harmony and motivational manifestation in the Black Adept. These are a few examples of hieroglyphics spelling the various priesthood titles as well as magickial offices dedicated to specific Neteru as listed below. The office of Priest of Seth requires a dedication to the Adversary and the ability to guide others in utilizing the Adversarial Current as a motivating force of creative change from disorder.

Horus is utilized to bring temporary order to this disorder which can create a balanced form of Luciferian insight and power. Heka and increasing sekhem in the individual Ren.

Shadow and Agathodaemon. The Priest of Heka Magick is an experienced Black Adept with the Egyptian perception and spiritual application of Heka in the use of words. In addition the Priest of Heka understands the practice and equally important significance of action and steps reflecting symbolic purpose of the Hermetic Circle. In addition.

Ankh and all the instruments of the Magickial Art. A Priest of Heka understands the symbolic meaning of the spiritual and material ritual utilizing knots. Heka within the ceremonial acts of Licking. Two Years at the most to then initiate experience in other areas of Magick. When the office is left by the Black Adept and if the Will permits. Zelator and Practicus in their perception of Heka and using this power to manifest via the spiritual and physical planes of existence. Ka and Agathodaemon in the unification process of the psyche and daemon into a living god.

Ruler of Heka Magick The Ruler of Heka is a former Priest of Heka who has wisdom and experience in the theory and practice of the perception of thought in Heka. The unique perception of Heka and the small. The word for color. Understand that this is basic foundation for the use of color and that there are variations and additional interchangeable hues and colors which crossed into other symbolism. Color itself bestowed individuality to symbol and image. One may use this in understanding certain aspects of Egyptian.

We can easily see how important the use and symbolism of color is. The symbolism and use of color in ancient Egypt provided a template for later connotations concerning nature and design.

Red also could represent regeneration and life vitality. Ancient scribes would. Deific Masks and thus how they are identifiable to the use with the Black Adept in Hermetic Workings. Seth-an was depicted at times with red hair and blazing eyes. The connection between the word of red. The color of Seth. Other tones including a purple-red could represent the evening sun.

Seth was still highly regarded by the New Kingdom and was a master of war. Tones of color could represent different aspects of the color. After the Hyksos who venerated Baal-Seth. Black is the color which was associated with Osiris as the Lord of the Dead and Underworld. Black is both of the primal chaos and the Underworld. The color black was associated with night and death. The use of a black hole would represent the destruction of enemies.

The use of black and green was deeply associated with the role of Osiris during the cycle of death and resurrection. Black is the color of mystery and the hidden knowledge which is the path of the unknown.

Darkness is that from which all emerges from. The color which represents focused purity. The primordial flood and the heavens are represented by this color. Ritual objects for temples and for the ritual of mummification included many objects crafted from White alabaster. The color of growth. The green stone known as malachite is associated with this cycle of life and rebirth. In some instances. The wings of the. The goddess Hathor is associated with green.

Yellow and gold was the color of the bones and much of the flesh of the gods. Like gold. Egyptian reality is basically understood with consisting of being ntt and non-being iwtt [18]. The realms of chaos existed before all and Apophis emerged separate from the cosmos.

Atum Ra shaped the cosmos with his knowledge of these powers. Nephthys and Horus the Elder. With an origin in the two cities of Heliopolis and Hermopolis. Inertness Nun. From Darkness Kuk. The union of this primordial pair awakened Osiris.

From these three powers. Atum brought forth the first pair: Shu Air and Tefnut Water or moisture. Heka Magickal power of Will and Sia divine wisdom. Formlessness Huh and. Below the watery chaos is the Underworld. The Egyptians understood that. Hiddenness Amun was a great cosmic egg formed. The earth rests upon the primordial chaoswaters known as Nun. The Sky. God of Air is between the Sky and Earth Geb. The places of the Duat and celestial abode of the gods. The transformation of death is much like.

The ultimate transformation of energy into the Spiritual Realm. Consider that every time you have a thought. The shades of the dead still touch the realm of the living at times. Scientists can literally record a brainwave or energy created from it. Demons and the Duat is one of irrationality and must not be considered literal. Your thoughts must be controlled and focused towards that. As Sethanists. The Luciferian invoking the powers of Deific Masks may indeed shape the course of life itself.

If you use thoughts towards goals and find the state of complete ecstasy to strengthen your energy towards these goals. We may compel these Neter much like the rebel Seth-an. As the gods could not interact with the physical without our vessel of mind-body-spirit. Charles Pace utilized an Ennead of 12 Opposing Factions. He assumed the anthropomorphic form later when creating the world.

From the primordial. God of the Air and Tefnut. Like Re. The two went forth and explored the earth. Atum then removed his eye and sent it forth to search for them. Atum was overjoyed when they returned and his tears formed the first. Goddess of Water and Moisture.

Atum is very much akin to Apep the chaos serpent as Atum at first is a mighty serpent which slithered upon the mists. Atum soon spat forth Shu.

Atum is interchangeable as this power created the earth. Shu and Tefnut copulated and created two celestial children. You know of Satanism and the different paths within it. This Book is meant to unite Magick and Ideology, to solidify results and to conquer all in your life. Reject anything calling on blind faith!

Experience and validate , use the talents you have to become. Affectivity is the result of desire in action. With focus, you can become anything you desire. Through affecting the world around me, I gain power. Through power I can become stronger in mind and body.

Through this power I can ascend as Lucifer I am the only god which is. This Light burns as the dual star, illuminating in motion. I am the Angel of Immortal Light, beautiful and free to all I can awaken those who seek me within God is emptiness, yet I am the fire and fullness of spirit I care nothing for the weak or those needing a light above them I love those who love themselves as within myself I can only be sought within The spirit of the Air is the power of the earth Seek me in the air and aethyr I come forth as a raging lion, clothed in the sun My essence is the Mighty Dragon, my hidden self I am the brightness which outshine all others 13 Fallen from the Aethyr, my wisdom was cloaked in shadow In utter darkness awakened, I rose with all forms of Beast and Reptile Clothed in the Sun I rose as beautiful man Who knew both of the Heights of the Empyrean And the Depths of Hades I am the Prince of the Powers of the Air My names are many!

Be cautious in this spirit, who it will feed more from you than You may take from it. Be indulgent in both the spirit and body Let the flesh become not a trap Not the mind or spirit by this accord 19 She guides by instinct and that which is known in silence She is the crown of the serpent who strikes for food She is the jaws of the beast of prey as it bites down for survival She is the friction of lovers as desperation is satisfied The Mother of Darkness resides in all flesh Yet is found by the spirit, for she is my bride Only with her can I be found The Mother has opened her wound before us Resound in a glimpse of a tomb V.

Ask not how to serve Me, Already you attend lust and ambition within. Effortless, eternal, does this scourge tear, agitate and loose, Prepare! It is I you witness last before drawing last breath! Dragon, My serpent, You he prostrate for pleasure sake! Your calves bend - not to be punished, Joy and hunger, lust and end.

Suffering, exquisite, there might also be found A parade of joy in a most desperate release. I copulate into clay and begat impure vessels! Sacrifices of blood save none from their fate; Indeed!

Blood and its architect-father, My elixirs, Drink deep - your vomiting, a timeless symphony unto Me. Dare laughter and lament in anguish as the cattle-brand burns, And clay becomes moist before simmering to dust, Impure echo, it is. Through mountain crevices, to ruin the stream, To rot the rivers and disease the deltas Before searing your wounds with scaling infection, yet Fear no loss of blood!

Only capitulate desires in My name, Upon the clay, within blood-stricture. Where there was Void I give you blind aggression. Aspiration, I replace with ambition. Where faith and hope once thrived Only lust and anger lie spilt over like a drunken whore, Gasping at a chance of merriment In the stinking, bloated breath of my kiss, Which hearken generation upon generation, fathers beget sons, Each more venom-bloated than the one before, and Each new daughter jaundice-blooms new revulsions, A legend!

Consorts of Mine burning with blood-tears of Jealousy, Reign finding respite in such undreamt ways! Lilith, throat-reaper, typhoon-within-waters! Igrat, changing monies in temples of flesh! Naamah, My voice!

Crafter of My words! Mahalat, enchanting and bending both knee and will! Devour the clean, excrete in awe. Yet even among fearsome beauty as such, Daughters of earth cause them gravest of shame!

And you, sons of darkness, Mad acquiescence, My exploding sun-sons, You edify and enrich Me! Yet I see, within, a part of you. A place I find alien and strange. Unfathomable calm in the midst of hell-storms, 23 Unweave as I might, I can pour out no more, Flowing into this place I may, But no ebb returns.

Neither corrupt nor ignite this thing, I find Steadfast as earth and yet a viscous abyss, makes Intellect without form, a hot breath without mold. Bonfires of shadow amongst drought- desert tinder. No place might I puncture, finger or foot, as I scale in blindness. I am Great Samael! Yet as I gaze, A mask of falls way into a swirling beyond! Liquid-obsidian, what is your name?

I find no definition to which I might cling. Detailing memory, burning souls into shell, Myself known-best by Dominion and Death. Its knowing rings clearer than this, slippery void. Averting my gaze is the only recourse, Unknown this deeper thing within.

I asphyxiate light, Mahalat sings it forth, Lips of Naamah oxidizes minds. Igrat spreads hunger, she-trader of souls, As Lilith conjoins as whore-sister-mother, All fragments in ruin from My three minor-wives, Lilith swoops all the fragments, malformed, Shoves them in me, melted and swallowed, Savoring the taste of purity and poison.

Ingested, subverted- dominion ever-quickened- Cyclical force, My children aborted, Aborted and eaten. I am this Thing, their Darkness within. Yet, again, I say to you, impenetrable one! The unspeakable mysteries which plateau In midst of the sickest Lilitu fornications. I am Spark-Hunter, Gestate of man! Thousands of millions of Wombs, am I! Walls of wombs cast of mirrors, echoes of light, Focus as I may to bend the rays such, From titanium prisms to titanium prisons, an Amniotic breath which brings suffocation.

Sustained is the womb by umbilical feeding, Vessel unaware of the systems plugged in. You are My darkness within! What am I, then, but a mask of My prowess? An apparatus for utility unknown? Secret dominion, I spit upon Lore of Pistis-Sophia, false goddess-elect! Mirrors within reflect and distort, Awareness dawns like a refused old-truth: I was not borne by great light. Nor maledict faith or ill-conceived hope.

Mathematical systems not beheld nor contested Formulas glow yet lie veiled beyond sight. Invisible starlight of water-beyond-fire. Alone, active mind, dark-beyondTight. Phosphoric darknesss, Isolate Mind. Hail to you, Dread-Wave!

Climactic Dead- Calm! This refusal of blood, of nature transgressed- Here no bonds may hold sway. As below, so within. Exhumed and upswept. Firing the clay with My lights. You offer no progress to My design. Black Archon, I am, Spoken.

Magick is both science and art. In the act of Magick one will use desire and intent to change something to a positive end. The tools utilized by the individual may be anything which offers inspiration to the Magickian.

The Luciferian does not worship Lucifer, it is viewed as a powerful archetype or deific mask, representing the possibility of self-development. The Left Hand Path Essentially, the Left Hand Path is by universal perception as being the mutation or transformation of consciousness into a divinity or divine conscious, this is done by the process of the practice of Magick and Sorcery to achieve the motion of the body and mind towards a higher perception.

Black Magickian Black is a word interpreted by the media as being something representing evil or some moral definition. The actual meaning in the context of the Luciferian Faith is different.

The Order of Phosphorus is symbolic of fire illuminated from clay, of light emerging from darkness. Yatukih Sorcery The primal art of encircling belief to the context of self. In the Yatukih sorcery path, the Luciferian utilizes primal totems, spirit rites, ancient symbols of the Adversary such as the serpent, toad, wolf or fly, to create a stimuli of excitement and focus in ritual to compel his or her Will in the universe, thus controlling the magickal current itself.

This is a key process of becoming by using lower sorcery and high magick to a great benefit in your life. The Vampyre works with the Luciferian Aspects of the Will in form of the Theronick and Angelic aspects from the archetype of the Vampire.

Not all Luciferians practice vampyrism to this level, it is not for everyone. Think of Luciferian Magick or Witchcraft as being an axe cutting down a tree, think of Vampyrism as being a chainsaw cutting down a tree, it is the tool and power applied to achieve an end. The Luciferian does not worship Satan or necessarily believe in it — a Luciferian does not believe in the Christian black and white symbolism of sin and redemption. The Adversary is a trans-cultural archetype which has existed long before Christianity began.

The Luciferian relates these definitions as the empowering rebel, the spirit which stands against a slave creating religion no matter which it is. The Luciferian views the Adversary from many different cultures, from Samael the Angel of Lawlessness, Ahriman, a sorcerous God of Darkness who creates and destroys and so on. The Luciferian knows that this God is only recognizable within, that Lucifer is a collective name for a path of religious and spiritual freedom based on the instinct of the practitioner.

The Adversary is also feminine. Lilith is the fiery bride of Samael, together they are the Adversary and Beast, they bow to no other beings, spiritual or otherwise, create their own children demons, Lilim, etc and make their own worlds Qlippoth, hell, etc to dwell in.

It is known in a trans- cultural perspective that Samael or Satan by title is the Prince of the Powers of the Air, which he holds in this world. To understand the feminine aspects of the Adversary, the female Satan if you will, you must understand instinct. Instinct is the most important aspect of the Luciferian! This is survival and Self-Preservation. Instinct is also driven by base emotions, thus at times it must be kept in check.

Instinctual hunger is based on the need for survival and the continuation of consciousness in time! They claim if you love and develop this instinct within, you automatically hate mankind and lust for death. Rather, the Luciferian loves life as she and he want to become more powerful and strong. This does not mean the tools of ritual found in Buddhism are disliked; meditation is indeed a left hand path technique which is centered on controlling the self.

This is a core focus by the Luciferian, the theory if you explore and understand the darkness within, your hungers, you may grow stronger and wise because of it. A Luciferian looks to the wisdom in different cultures and religions and integrates what he or she finds useful.

A Luciferian may use Buddhism techniques to achieve a controlled, meditative state or to calm his nerves in a moment of stress. A Luciferian may use inverse Christian texts to invoke the very terror of Satan from which they were raised with; they may find it stimulating for liberating to embrace it.

Some Luciferians may view Christian concepts old and lacking purpose! Luciferians may use Paganism to strengthen their focus! That is the usefulness of the Luciferian Witchcraft Path, the Adversarial Light is found in the unity of instinct and higher consciousness, you are led by your own higher and lower desires.

Often, the Luciferian path is found to be the most rewarding spiritual experience as some find a great illumination within, others find a balanced material or carnal gratification guided by their spiritual illumination found in the path.

The Luciferian frees himself from all guilt! The Grimoire moves on to the Magickal theory and tools used in Luciferian practice with a specified focus on Witchcraft from a balanced Luciferian perspective.

A Luciferian may have an ideology like this but is not necessarily required to practice rituals from the book. Rituals are means of achieving what we call gnosis or spiritual connection. This Luciferian religion as I am defining it is serving the needs of the individual!

What the Luciferian does not have to deal with - that there is a cosmic boogey man, that there is spiritual punishment when you die unless you create it and that you cannot be guilt ridden unless you wish it. The Luciferian may be either Theistic — believing in the Adversary as an external force, although it does not understand worship and that it must be discovered within first OR the Atheistic in the terms of believing only in the self and experience, either way the Adversary is not an alien concept — it is discovered within.

Lucifer in this role is often not viewed in this traditional definition. Let us define the ideological assumption of Luciferian thought from the foundation. Lucifer is self-liberation and directed Will to explore the depths of the mind and soul, to understand and bring forth the shadow side of man and woman.

Once you are able to bring this forth, rather than banishing it or deny it, you will control it. The Gods and Goddesses of the path may be considered spiritual forces which may resonate with specific individuals and personalities, or vice versa. This of course is subjective and has no collective truth in itself. The Luciferian must decide through what they experience and invest in belief what their outlook should be.

The Gods and Goddesses of the Luciferian Path are collected from a multicultural perspective! These spirits represent different aspects of our character, including the subconscious, latent powers and concepts. As my own magickal work has crossed over through time and culture, the Deific Masks or Gods are also varied and have different meanings, appearances and associations. The Luciferian Tarot and First Book of Luciferian Tarot provide a meaningful starting point and introduction to the Goddesses and Gods of the path, including how you might relate to them.

Proceed with caution, however, for they are not of a simplistic association. They can appear beautiful yet devour you if one does not control these powers within. A Luciferian answers to no one but his or herself. Where we must be careful in defining our practice is to approach it in the beginning or the foundation.

If you think or in the subconscious believe "You answer to Satan" then there are fundamental approach issues, which will cause continual failure.

Demonic powers are "Daemonic" powers! There is no one absolute force, as it would completely devour itself by the extreme of its nature.

Reason, remember? Only a Christian would approach Satan or Lucifer as a Christian bow-to deity. Luciferians would not allow this as it would be a self-degradation to bow before something else. If Luciferians exalt Lucifer or Ahriman or Lilith, it is done from a perspective of self-love and self- deification.

The Luciferian will invest belief in something which brings knowledge, wisdom and strength to his or her individual life. The Luciferian knows balance is essential and to lose balance is to miss the point and sadly discredit the Luciferian spirit of wisdom and self- deification.

The polytheistic interpretation of Divinity allows the individual to commit to different gods at different times in his or her life, depending on what the person needs at that time in his or her life.

Carroll wrote in the introduction of my "Book of the Witch Moon", "be careful of how you create your Gods, they will reshape you in your image". Hecate the pale Goddess represents the moon in its three forms, maiden, mother and crone and the daimonic feminine which beholds transformation. She is the goddess of the dark moon, the hidden and mysterious aspects of the mind.

In working with Hecate, for instance, the Luciferian would seek the hidden within. It is no doubt why Hecate is the Goddess of Witchcraft.

Polytheism seems more flexible and in many ways less dogmatic since it allows for multiple levels of reality and truth. I consider these different Masks of Power, called Deific energy. Do you not have different elements to your mental make-up? Polytheism must be considered when approaching the Luciferian path as merely a means to an end, the only god that should truly be believed in is the Self and the possibilities of transformation. No god or goddess should be recognized outside of the self, it all must start within or you would simply be giving power away.

A Luciferian recognizes self- divinity and strives to become more. You approach a wide variety of deific masks based on your inner instinctual approach and affinity. You don't believe in "Lucifer" per say, that relates to power and energy as adaptable and experience oriented specific to the initiate. Aapep is an early manifestation of the Adversary — Set become so later as well.

Nothing completely evil in any cultural term could be considered immortal — it would undue itself and destroy its consciousness eventually. Lucifer or Satan is a title, nothing more, to commonly place a title of appropriation towards self-liberation and freedom. Satan in the aspects of Christianity has always been the one to liberate people from the God of Slaves.

Within the context of Luciferian ideology, a Satanist is not a Christian unless you want to say a Christian is a Zoroastrian or Muslim. The distinct differences are in cause and approach. In LIBER HVHI, my single purpose was to expound and define those traits from a non- Christian point of view - which leads to the later adaptation of Christian belief and doctrine based on the multitude of cultural perspectives.

Common associative traits of the Adversary now are foundations of the Satanic or Luciferian Mind from an initiatory perspective. It all starts within. Luciferians do not worship Satan, we recognize this deific model from a Christian or non-Christian standpoint. Remember, the Adversary has existed as long as man, it is not limited to Christian thought.

Satan is the darkness and strength inside me but is also the Light, possibility and power to accomplish what you wish without guilt or regret. A Luciferian relates deity to many aspects of the self? The practice of assuming the God-Forms and invoking deity into the self? This is how many Luciferians relate to the gods. Lucifer is the first rebel, prideful, daring and strong, the first one to question the status quo and therefore a very important deity in my pantheon.

It starts with identification, recognizing those elements within the self which are attributed to it. It may be the classical Satan, the one so identified from the Christian culture. Then upon identification of the deific mask symbolized energy the individual may seek spiritual ascension by utilizing a ritual practice, ensorcelling belief!

This will later manifest itself in a spiritual experience which can align the Luciferian to a spiritual association, a communion in which the Adversary is found manifesting in some form within the spirit and body. This would be a Theistic association, but is not limited to merely this aspect. No matter HOW it is approached, it is equally as powerful once the investment of belief is found. There were no humans, would Gods appear with the same attributes to anything else? What I am pointing to is that such deific masks of energy hold specific aethyric and chthonic attributes which play out in nature — storms, earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes can be considered a result of the chaotic and equally needful energy of Typhon-Set, Ahriman or such.

I can tell you personally I have had some significant experiences with this power, but I had to 37 recognize and cultivate it within — once done, momentum followed. Satan is indeed a deific mask — a symbol of subconscious energy and the desire for self- deification- connected with something far older than 2, years. The Adversary called Satan by those today is much older than Christianity and its common appearance is a predatory creature — a serpent in the depths, a wolf, or some other animal.

The Adversary awakens the sorcerous aspects of man and woman, its compliment being the Lilith — Az — Jahi daemonic feminine, equally as significant.

Know the elements and the symbolism before you practice any type of formal solitary or ceremonial rituals. Some Luciferians practice rites completely alone, not need ceremony — after all magick is internal first.

Air is the power of Spirit and the Mind Fire is the power of Will and Desire Water is the power of the subconscious and the darkest instincts Earth is matter and this is the world which all must incarnate The hidden Will is the essence of the Black Flame, or the strength of the spirit.

The Luciferian must continually focus on bringing power to the self by strengthening the mind. As Darkness is what is expanded upon, it is truly what must be worshipped within. When the Flame is brought from darkness, the Light of Self, the God within is revealed.

It ignores the impractical as it manifests chosen probability. It ascribes access to the acausal by merit of successful self-initiation. It is isolate, yet it synchronizes and orchestrates the causal under the directorship of will.

It is freedom as it removes need for inner- justification. It is not an act of creation but the source of mystery, fueling the creative impulse. It is ever-renewing from a wellspring of masked and ever-present forces. It is the point where mind and intuition compliment rather than negotiate.

It grants cognizance to the naturalist, intuition to the intellectual. It is a source of vital existence as it a bane towards self-deception. It activates light for perception and identification. It employs darkness to earmark resources to accomplish its feats. It is that which creates its own light, by the right of self-determination. All power comes from within. Bow to no other in spirit or flesh. The Luciferian must view his or her mind as the center of Will, which every decision made, is essential to initiation and how the world will be affected by them.

The cunning mind must calculate every situation; often mere strength is not enough to master a challenge. Thinking is a direct result of the Luciferian Mind, it must be in accordance to Will with a focus of Power. The Will as a result of the Luciferian is a balanced perceived aspect of both instinct and higher thought, with a goal oriented outcome.

For every outcome in each situation, the Luciferian must calculate how their thoughts, words and actions will lead them to that outcome. For instance, what you say will affect others in what they hear. It may also affect what they do and say as well as the speed of what they do.

Think about how others perceive you and act accordingly. The primary symbol of the Luciferian has always been the serpent; this has long been understood by the wise as representing Wisdom. As the serpent can represent darkness it is this which surrounds our planet — literally the Ourabouris serpent circling the world. Ancient Darkness is what the world was made and from which we emerge, yet as a culture we fear it. It is the fire of Lucifer and Lilith which brings us up from the cloak of darkness, yet we are empowered by it.

You may shape the world from darkness as well, this is the night and the desires which you need light to manifest. Always understand that intentions should not be made known at all times.

The cunning of the Luciferian must be sharp, as the tongue of a serpent. Think about your surroundings, what you want to achieve and what you should let known. If you seek a promotion in an office where many seek to move up, this puts you at a disadvantage as people are celebrated by what is believed about them first; i. Second they are celebrated by results of their actions.

Social circles are climbed successfully by those who may court the attention of those around them; they play into what the person wants to see. Do this, with cunning! People do not act just and good wholeheartedly. To believe such is to be naive. Look to any area or power or authority, observe deeply and you will find corruption. Those who are noble in action and thought may be your friends yet be careful in dealings — all betray if they feel too much pressure. As self- preservation is important to all, when this is tested friends become bitter enemies.

You may focus on your friends openly and love those who are worthy. Understanding Light and the nature of creation is essential upon the Luciferian path. Know that beauty is based on the subjective view of another! This is the path to Self-Godhood. The Luciferian should nurture his or her ego, yet be able to learn and develop continually. A Luciferian can be wrong and should be willing to always seek wisdom from experience.

Magick and Sorcery are tools of expanding influence, knowledge and power. Rejoice in the hidden art, become and ascend through it. If you achieve something with Magick, give yourself thanks, for all power comes from within. Be cautious in forgiving enemies, they will often stab you deeper if you let them too close without a sharp memory.

Being kind to others should not be from the desire to have another good deed done. If you are going to be kind, do it without regard for a return.

If you make an enemy, follow the medieval and pre- medieval enemy law — be ruthless, be like a serpent in knowing their moves and be like a lion in their presence. You will be the victor if you can calculate power with strategy and when to apply force.

The Gift of the Thinking Mind Humanity in the past 1, years has made amazing progress, look at the wonders around us! This God is hateful in the disguise of love, cold and unforgiving to those who insult him. Some have said Luciferians can only be so if they believe in Satan and God! This is simply not so! Lucifer is the title for the Roman god of Light, who brings illumination and wisdom. The Devil of the Christians is only a carryover from other religions!

The Zoroastrians beheld Ahriman as the God of Darkness, who brought plagues and evil to mankind. An initiated or insightful mind could see that challenge and adversity is actually beneficial for our development.

We grow stronger from challenges! Luciferians recognize the symbolism of the Adversary in all of its forms as a beneficial, balanced motivational force within the self. Ahriman or Satan represents the fire of spirit and free mind. Do not be chained to beliefs which do nothing to serve the spiritual and carnal needs of yourself or your loved ones.

Strategy is the mother of victory! Everything done in your daily life leads to something else. If you want to achieve more, think about what you are doing to achieve the ends you wish. The Church gained control over governments early on to exercise control of the individual, that is why the more significant of Gnostic texts were banned by the Church Fathers, they hated women and individual power. The Luciferian understands that woman and the daemonic feminine is the motivator in ourselves and the world around us.

The Gnostic texts, if utilized from a Luciferian 43 perspective, can bring a semblance of divinity within. They also lead to ecstatic states of gnosis with the Luciferian current.

Think clearly by questioning everything! The Luciferian is a natural rebel, not evil, but Willful to watch out what is best for the self. Our world was created from darkness — it is the source of life.

To deny darkness is to accept a death sentence. The Fire or Black Flame is a symbol of consciousness, the very passion of our spirit and motivator of our being. The darkness must be balanced on a conscious and subconscious level to master the progressive aspects of our being.

Self-development is useful in exercise, meditation, yoga and learning only when you know what you want to become. In short, the Luciferian must have a plan for what he or she want to become, know what prey is and what is predator and become accordingly. Transform yourself in the object of what is strong and powerful. Lilith, the Bride of the Devil, often has several forms as well.

Understanding that the Adversary has many forms will no doubt make your path to transformation and communion with the inner fire more meaningful. From a Sumerian relief, Lilith is shown with a slender, beautiful visage which relates to her grace and overwhelming power of seduction!

Lilith is winged, indicated her power in the astral plane. The astral plane often relates to dreams, the spirit and our instinctual mind. Lilith holds two solar signs often depicted by Royalty!

The Demonic Lilith in this same Sumerian relief is shown with beast like feet, talons indicting her lustful and desirous nature as the Queen of Demons. Her power of flight often depicts her power of the astral plane, dreaming and nightmares.

After her exile to the Red Sea, Lilith copulated and begets demons at the rate of or more per day. SAMAEL The Angelic Lucifer, or Samael appears in Western mythology as an angel with a beautiful countenance, angelic beyond physical description, robed in white and whose eyes burn with unnatural light. Lucifer burns with the essence of power of character, his will is electrifying.

Often, demonic is mistaken for something alien or evil. This is by all accounts humorous as the only evil is from within. The demonic aspects of the self should not be ignored or banished! Rather, to identify and to understand the 46 demonic as a natural part of your being is to begin the process of uniting the angelic with the demonic. Samael or Lucifer as the Prince of Demons takes on any form desirous to him.

The serpent represents subconscious energies, the stealth of strategy and listening to ones instincts. The lion represents solar energy, the fierce countenance of Lucifer. As the Devil, Satan, the Adversary represents our instinctual desires, the potential for self- destruction or ascension. The Devil or Diabolus represents the subconscious energies latent in the human mind — that by utilizing this force you can control and channel these energies into viable aspects which lead to power in this world.

Ahriman is a primal, perhaps more powerful of an atavistic form. The anthropomorphic concept of Ahriman as the Prince of Darkness establishes his being as the essence of Satan. Ahriman takes many forms as well — a serpent, wolf, toad, young man, old man, angel and dragon. Ahriman is able to bring darkness into all and counteract the stasis of Ahura Mazda, the slave god. The symbolism of the demonic especially from the medieval depicts desire worn in the image of the bestial.

Often, the pact making Devil is the very hunger and desire for more in this life. They also represent the sexual desire in a repressed time.

The Subconscious mind contains the totality of association and experience in its total form. This association of experience is contained in locked and deep recesses of the 47 mind. This can find itself emerging in the present, via the conscious mind. Often, the subconscious displays itself in various layers of pre-existing animal or beast like images or strata ; reptile, fish, wolf, insect, or any other possibility.

As these memories or associative features emerge, they are clothed in various aspects of their forms ; a sexual lust or longing may be clothed as a demonic woman, cackling at your presence, transforming from a maiden to a hag when you are about to touch her — symbolizing the past and what you consciously believe you cannot have.

Imagine if you could stand at the edge, enter and arise from that sea with any desired recalled ancient memory or aspect of your mental make up? If you could open that ancient grimoire and from that epitome, the desires you so wish to achieve may rise up and through obsession, empower you, anything is possible!

Desires which arise in the mind often attract to themselves a distinctive form from which it will manifest. This is why imagery of demons show them in often vile form. This is not vile upon the discovery of the meaning, merely a great gift wrapped in a test of sorts!

The Luciferian understands that he or she must equally study the beautiful and powerful aspects of the self - develop them, master them and utilize them to serve your consciousness. As the religion of the Luciferian grows, so will the potential of each individual. Our foundations as the human race have been defined by our wisdom applied through the ages.

In our current times, Magick is to be seen as a science of self- evolution and the ascension of power. Achieving personal Godhood and your own personal relationship with your higher sense of being, called by some, The Holy Guardian Angel or the Luciferian Angel, is your higher self.

Liberate yourself through willed action, validate results and gain power accordingly. The techniques of the control of the mind and body as within Ahrimanic Yoga 2 will lead to mental and spiritual control. Control equals a type of power depending on how you approach and view it. A Luciferian believes that he or she is responsible for their life and what they do will affect to either in a positive or negative sense.

Some basic steps to development no matter what stage you are in your life are the following: Establish a pattern which involves discipline i. This leads to physical prowess, strength and endurance.

Exercise also establishes a sense of control over the mind as well. Practice a path of Ahrimanic Yoga — establish breathing control, relaxation, meditative achievement. Mental control is everything in magick - the power of Will, the ability to reason and determine you path, etc. Develop psychic abilities i. Ritual practice will lead to insight which may be utilized as power depending on how you use it. Rites are intended to place you in union with something, depending on what it is.

Everything you do must be in a process of ascending. Lucifer is the ascended impulse of the evolutionary instinct; that is!

Lucifer is our present and future possibility. That aspect of instinct leads to continual self-development. This is indeed the desire of the Luciferian.

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The difference between a Luciferian and a non- Luciferian is the self- affirmed desire to shape your reality to what you wish. The Luciferian understands that ALL people, no matter what religion or belief system, want to control and shape their world to make their life more meaningful to them.

It does not matter if you are Buddhist, Christian, Jewish or Satanist— you want to control your life. The Luciferian acknowledges that everyone is different in terms of spiritual association — some are more or less spiritual than others. The Luciferian understands that power is a constant in this life.

The Dragon represents the unrestricted, primal power of the subconscious. Lucifer has long been a spirit able to take form in that of whatever he wished. Controlling the dragon, serpent or instinctual aspect of the mind is greatly significant; it leads to additional aspects of possibility. Society respects those who are able to control themselves. Some simplistic guidance points to live by: Build your reputation by how you are viewed, heard and how you react to situations. Internal power is directly a result of the Mind and its state of being.

The dragon can be viewed as the spiral energy of the serpent power, relating to the Mind. Continually coil this energy like a serpent within. Striking out will diminish your power, so keep it wound tightly until you can feel the right moment to strike. This relates to what you say, how you say it, when you act, how you act, etc. Displaying power continually can begin to destroy it; it also makes your weaknesses clear to your enemies. This is a perfect way of controlling and coiling the dragon.

The ancient Nag Hamannadi texts which hold 52 significance to Manichaean writings display a foundation for the atavistic aspects of Ahriman. The Kephalion presents a clear magickial study of Ahriman or Angra Mainyu from an atavistic aspect. The King of Darkness bears five different forms. His head is the face of a raging Lion, representing power and domination. His hands and feet have faces of demons on them, representing desires and lust. His shoulders bear the face or head of Eagles, representing flight and predatory instinct, his stomach has the face of a dragon, representing atavistic resurgence and the hunger for power and life.

His tail is that of fish and has the face of a fish - representing Leviathan or the power of the Abyss or Ocean. Sacrifices to Ahriman were made of wild boars and wolves during the time of the Magi, Ahriman was considered equally powerful to Ahura Mazda, the God of the Zoroastrians. This is the pentagram of the infernal, the star fallen to display the power of the above and below.

The world of darkness, the very essence of our subconscious, is the exclusive home of Leviathan, the dragon- serpent which encircles our very being. Without guidance, however, this God would never reach forth into this world.

Scales of the Black Serpent - Basic Qlippothic Magick

The daemonic aspect of Samael and Lilith, grant the power to make use of the daimonic aspects of Leviathan. Ahriman is considered in ancient Avestan texts as the God of Matter. Matter must be understood as anything which is moveable, this may also represent sonic waves or the astral body. We must, as Luciferians, learn to listen with our senses as well as our subconscious, to do so announce power over the astral plane.

The Shape of the Astral Body is often reflective of our conscious mind and body! Represents the electricfying power of Samael fallen to earth, into the clay of humanity.

Kingdom of Darkness Smoke — When smoke mingled with fire, Ahriman had empowered the essence of light with his own being. This relates to anger and the power of the motivated spirit. Fire - Illumination, Ahriman brought down and shared the fire with living beings. This is Consuming Fire — that which is illuminated by it or empowered, along with Pillars of Fire.

This is the Column of Smoke. The Scorching Wind, essence of the desert and Pestilent Breath. Darkness- The power of desire and the atavistic aspect of the mind. This is also Gloom, Mist and the elements of spirits.

The Evil Mind. The nature of our actual world is of reason and logic applied. Understanding the difference between the disparity between the concept and the result of its application.

Akoman or Aka Manah is attributed to the Ajna Chakra. AKOMAN may be visualized in many forms- serpent like man shadowed and robed in black, holding a drum and skull-staff, a rosary of skulls.

The Voice and Leader of Devs. Savar is the aspect of voice and command. The power of his persuasion must be recognized: The Lie is simply a point of transformation — you announce your desire which is being created and woven, your words compel or inspire other 55 minds, thus The Lie becomes truth and your goals achieved.

The Heart Chakra relates to AIR and is thus Luciferian in spiritual aims — it is the power of thoat, reason and higher intellect. In addition is can be pure serpent-like or instinctual thought when need be. Andar is a powerful combination with Akoman, they work in unison. Andar may be visualized holding a noose and skull. Indra or Andar also takes the form of an Indian god riding upon a Behemoth- like Elephant.

Naonhaithya or Naikiyas brings discontent or the desire for more to all creatures. This power Dev relates to the possibility and ambition where it may arise, thus it can be a powerful aspect of transformation and 56 ascension of power.

Naikiyas is attributed to the Solar Plexis and can be visualized holding a thunderbolt. Aeshma or Eshm is attributed to the Sacral Chakra, often holding a war club, a pentagram disc or a wounding spear. Aeshma is given seven powers to compel the world to the essence and spirit of Ahriman. Hiyya said'- "The sons of God were the sons of Cain.

For when Samael mounted Eve, he injected filth into her, and she conceived and bare Cain. And his aspect was unlike that of the other humans and all those who came from his side were called sons of God. Zohar L37a 57 Here we see the linage of those of the Luciferian Faith is born. This language is symbolic, anyone who adopts the Luciferian spirit as a part of themselves, they become a Son or Daughter of Cain.

In the circles of Luciferian Witchcraft, this is the sigil of Baphomet - the Head of Wisdom who has united the Solar and the Lunar, or the Fire and Water within the self to bring forth Cain, the Devil in Flesh upon earth. He is the symbol and cipher of Magick, the Great Work accomplished and onward moving. This by itself presents the antinomian nature of his essence, while instead of sacrificing his most bountiful items to the Lord, he kept them for himself.

This may draw conclusion that he viewed himself as 3 Catholic Encyclopedia 58 a form of God, by later sacrificing his brother Abel 4 he began the Left Hand Path, which brought him into being as a Son of Satan. Cain is viewed in later paths of Witchcraft as a Lord of Magick, but rather the darker aspects. Here Cain takes a similar path with Anubis by name and process. He is the second twin, the waning sun, Lord over mysticism, magic, power and death, the baleful destroyer.

Ruler of the Winds, the Windyat. Cain imprisioned in the Moon, ever desiring Earth. He is visualized as a tall dark man, shadowy, cold and deadly. The entry rites and workings are equally as powerful as ones presented here.

MAGICK - Where it begins Magick is the process of attainment by which the practitioner comes into direct contact and initiation with his or her god. The essence of magick is to ascend in spirit, to advance in wisdom through experience and to gain the power of the mind and spirit to achieve what you wish.

To begin upon your path of magick, understand what Luciferian ideology is and is not. A Luciferian becomes a living embodiment of the Spirit, thus the body is a temple. Do not defile it in any way which inhibits your personal metamorphosis. Black Magick is self-awakening and isolate workings with the Adversarial current, both positive and a negative approach.

To liberate yourself from restrictive beliefs you were brought up with. To examine deep set behaviors which may be causing problems, modify those behaviors and shape them into productive areas of your life. To open up spiritual communication and experience with the Luciferian current, i. No matter if you believe in them as separate spiritual forces, all begins within the self.

To build, strengthen and refine consciousness, which will in turn build personal Ego, confidence and charisma as within your own psychological make-up. To define what is possible in your life when your mind is focused. Luciferians exalt life and celebrate both the spiritual and the carnal.

One may at different times slightly outweigh the other during a lifetime but the Luciferian Spirit reminds us to maintain a balance of both. They are inherently connected and fed by the other.

Experience it and affirm it yourself. Once gnosis is achieved, inspiration will flow like a fountain. Think of what you can do once inspiration is achieved: Lucifer is thus Ahriman as his forms are many. The path of Ahriman is found within, it is the essence of how the path develops through you specifically. Consequently, he cuts them off from their redemption from hell. And whosoever priest loves such a false splendor of Ganamino, is blindly ignorant of the final condition farjamih.

Faith has often been the damnation of many. The Luciferian must seek faith only by subjective validation of results. This refers to the point that you must have measurable results. The Luciferian decides his own destiny accordingly, by his or her own choices in life. And in garments, his clothing resembles that of one who is a slave to the Demon. And among the evil doers his business is to injure the good, and help on the wicked.

Ancient Zoroastrians considered Ahriman to work directly through the body of humanity - the same as Ahura Mazda. Such a person himself is the druja of perverse sense [lit. In him there is a liking for the most confounding demons, and the fitting predominance of the wicked Aeshma. The liberal donor unto him is one of the evil northern planets, which the astronomers call Mars, and which religion designates 'the evil and immoral.

It brings to him viz. And such a one will in this world be born among such rulers as are selfish and perverse fighters. And in the class of- impious priests who are adversaries of the Mazdayasna , he is the head of the wicked ones, an unworthy ruler and an infidel judge who is possessed of mischievous wisdom. And his own selfish person is a garment suitable for him.

The ability to concentrate, block out your surroundings is paramount in your initiation upon the magickal path. This is accomplished with some of the following steps ; achieving motionless, controlling the speed of breathing, concentration on sound or mental image.

While these steps seem very un-Satanic, they are the first steps in becoming a God or Goddess and consecrating your own body as a Temple of Lucifer. You may want to be alone when you first start practicing this, especially if you are easily distracted. Sit in an upright position, legs crossed and arms resting on the knees. Do not move or move a limb. This is essential — ignore all! Start with five minutes each day and increase up to a half an hour or forty five minutes. Once you have mastered the basics of stilling the body, you will want to pay particular attention to your breathing patterns.

Start by taking slow, deep breaths and filling your lungs with the full capacity of air. Think of how your body and breathing patterns effect your ability to perform Magick — how they can connect with the effectiveness of your astral body.

Try to slow the thinking patterns of yourself by not - thinking. You will find this very difficult and often reveal to yourself the aspects of the mind are but a chaos - storm of endless sentences, ideas and continuous activity. The Luciferian views the Adversary as the controlling and directing the thinking patterns as the source of power. Thus Lucifer is the power of achieving self-deification. Try the practice of not-thinking to begin focusing on the goal at hand.

You will find interesting aspects of yourself and determine 63 things which are the result of your reasoning skills in your own life. The Luciferian Gnosis is attained by achieving the steps listed before this to enter an in-between state of Will. Gnosis is a state of altered consciousness, like communicating with the subconscious mind at Will. The two opposite but equally significant states of consciousness are direct Physiological associations to the following: Contemplative, emotional understanding, Yoga and thought related, reasoning and advanced thinking!

The Mind which controls. Empyrean or Highest Aspect of the Aethyr or Ethyric. Passive or contemplative, Ahrimanic Yoga, Scrying, etc. Physical and carnal, relating to instinct! Ahrimanic also represents a dark spirituality based on belief in spirits and other aspects of sorcery, this is subjective and depends on the individual.

Samael is the Fallen Seraphim or Angel which is both intelligence, wisdom and the Lightning of Inspiration or becoming. Represents Power and Will to Flesh. Samael is the counteraction and applied strength to achieve, the result of Desire.

The active part of the Black Flame, the Primal instinct which unites to cause action. Lilith is the desire in Sexual Arousal, Lilith is the desire in Lust and the fire to motivate Samael and the result of desire.

She is the continual hunger to become. As we can see by both models one alone is not able to manifest in both worlds — to unite the Adversary no matter 65 which model is to create a God or Goddess of the Left Hand Path, a true manifestation of Chioa or the Beast.

This is the power of self-creation and ascension against the path of union with God. To the Luciferian, the path of God is sought within and they we do not understand the desire to give up our consciousness to another.

No matter in what religion, indulgence is seen only as an enjoyment for a God. Mortals are not allowed to indulge and should be banned from the eternal reward. Satan did not want it, thought it was boring and much change was needed. Yaltabaoth did what he wanted, moved on and created more.

Samael and Lilith thought the best playground was the flesh and spirit, enjoy now in the body, be immortal in the spirit. Ahriman did not need heaven and thought the earth should be his. Ahriman kicked Ahura Mazda half off the earth and does what he wishes in any form he desires. The Watchers or Fallen Angels took their wisdom and knowledge to earth and made it work here. Ford, a Paradigm of Therion. That is!

It is up to the Luciferian to ascend and recognize time on earth should be enjoyed. The Luciferian may utilize mythology in any way they wish, regardless as to if they understand that all begins within first. The Adversary, or Ahriman, Lucifer, Samael or whatever you will call it directly controls such spirits if he so wishes. The Adversary for the Luciferian is a symbol of the Self, if you were attuned to Christian symbolism this would be the Antichrist, the antithesis of what Christ would represent.Utterance and Recitation Inspire Power Verbal utterance and symbolic image in Magick are two of the most common methods utilized in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and other Egyptian spells.

The Hellenic Ruler Cult is introduced in the foundation of Luciferianism within an individual. As the gods could not interact with the physical without our vessel of mind-body-spirit. The repressed components of the psyche. She takes the desire and nothing more, and from that desire she conceives and brings forth other kinds or demons into the world.

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