𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) signal the beginning of the end for traditional engine vehicles. The major motivators for shifting to. PDF | This book on hybrid electric vehicles brings out six chapters on some of the research activities through the wide range of current issues. A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has two types of energy storage units, electricity and fuel. Motors are the "work horses" of Hybrid Electric Vehicle drive systems.

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies and. Programmes. Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. The Electric Drive Delivers. April raudone.info Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies and Programmes . by , including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and fuel cell vehicles. Hybrid Electric Vehicles. HEVs are powered by an internal combustion engine ( ICE) and by an electric motor that uses energy stored in a battery. The extra.

Circuit Diagram for Charge Controller B. Kinetic energy Recovery system C. Solid state Regenerative Braking Regenerative braking offers various advantages such as overall efficiency of vehicle and life span of friction braking system increases.

It can be implemented in locomotives such as metro and electric vehicles.

lug-in hybrid electric vehicle charge pattern optimization for energy cost and attery longevity

Regenerative braking module is a 3-phase rectifier circuit acting as a converter employed to get DC voltage from trapezoidal back emf of BLDC Hub motor. The DC voltage in the range V is obtained and is used as a power source for headlights in the electric vehicle.

VaReb Technology has been employed to implement the regenerative braking in electric vehicle which involves varying the intensity of braking and Fig. Circuit diagram of solar charge controller extraction of energy from the back EMF to get optimal energy E.

Hub Motor even when momentum of vehicle is varying. In the electric vehicle the brushless dc motor is installed owing to its various advantages such as light weight, less noisy operation, increased reliability and no sparking. Rotor of this motor has permanent magnet and stator is fitted with coils. B y applying dc power to coil, the coils are energized and become an electromagnet. The operation of a BLDC is based on force interaction between electromagnet and permanent magnet.

The rotor rotates as the current shifts from one coil to another in a 3-phase motor as shown in the diagram: Fig. Circuit of RB Module The circuit employs four capacitors which can be connected to rectifier circuit according to requirement and get included in the circuit in increasing order of their capacitive reactance.

Thus, a lot of energy is wasted every time we apply brake.

Energy Management Strategies

Regenerative braking is a process wherein this kinetic energy is stored in a short term storage system such as battery and utilized later for accelerating the vehicle. In regenerative braking system, electric motor that normally runs the vehicle start rotating in reverse direction during braking and act as a generator thus, producing electricity. Hence, the same motor, instead of consuming power from batteries, start charging the batteries.

Block Diagram W V. Moreover, regenerative braking system utilized lost electric power during frictional braking to illuminate the electric vehicle for short period of time.

One solar panel 12V, 60W connected to battery Fig. About this book The latest developments in the field of hybrid electric vehicles Hybrid Electric Vehicles provides an introduction to hybrid vehicles, which include purely electric, hybrid electric, hybrid hydraulic, fuel cell vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric, and off-road hybrid vehicular systems. Completely updated with new chapters Covers recent developments, breakthroughs, and technologies, including new drive topologies Explains HEV fundamentals and applications Offers a holistic perspective on vehicle electrification Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Free Access.

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A comprehensive review on hybrid electric vehicles: architectures and components

New Password. Returning user. We know the fundamental law of all magnets: Opposites attract and likes repel. So if you have two bar magnets with their ends marked "north" and "south," then the north end of one magnet will attract the south end of the other.

On the other hand, the north end of one magnet will repel the north end of the other and similarly, south will repel south. Inside an electric motor, these attracting and repelling forces create rotational motion. DC series motor used in hybrid electric vehicle is a versatile and flexible machine.

It can satisfy the demands of load recurring high starting, accelerating and retarding torques. A DC machine is also easily adaptable for drives with a wide range of speed control and fast reversals.

In the diagram shown below we can see two magnets in the motor: The armature or rotor is an electromagnet, while the field magnet is a permanent magnet. Using the concept of Hybridization of cars results in better efficiency and also saves a lot of fuel in today's fuel deficit world. A hybrid gives a solution to all the problems to some extent. If proper research and development is done in this field, hybrid vehicle promises a practical, efficient, low pollution vehicle for the coming era.

The hybrid car has a gasoline engine much like the one you will find on most cars.

However, the engine on a hybrid will be smaller and lighter, and is more efficient than the engine in a conventional vehicle, because the engine runs at a relatively constant speed, and does not need to provide direct power for acceleration, which is the biggest reason for large engines. Use advanced technologies to reduce emissions.

The fuel tank in a hybrid is the energy storage device for the gasoline engine. Gasoline has a much higher energy density than batteries do.

For example, it takes about 1, pounds of batteries to store as much energy as 1 gallon 7 pounds of gasoline. The electric motor on a hybrid car is very sophisticated.

Advanced electronics allow it to act as a motor as well as a generator. For example, when it needs to, it can draw energy from the batteries to accelerate the car.

But acting as a generator, it can slow the car down and return energy to the batteries. The generator is similar to an electric motor, but it acts only to produce electrical power. It is used mostly on series hybrids. The power split device is a clever gearbox that hooks the internal combustion engine and D. The engine starts only after the vehicle attains a certain speed.

Once the engine starts it operates on a narrow speed band. The power split device allows the engine to stay in its most efficient load and speed range most of the time.

The batteries in a hybrid car are the energy storage device for the electric motor. Unlike the gasoline in the fuel tank, which can only power the gasoline engine, the electric motor on a hybrid car can put energy into the batteries as well as draw energy from them.Both the engine and the electric motor can turn the transmission at the same time, and the transmission then turns the wheels.

Hybrid electric vehicles are all around us. Currently, there is a solution for all this problems; it's the hybrid electric vehicle. So the hybrid car can sometimes turn off the gasoline engine, for example when the vehicle is stopped at a red light. Regenerative braking module is a 3-phase rectifier circuit acting as a converter employed to get DC voltage from trapezoidal back emf of BLDC Hub motor.

Forgot password? Bike running days in 1yr[say] 4. Enter your email address below and we will send you your username. The internal combustion engine in hybrid-electric is much smaller and lighter and more efficient than the engine in a conventional vehicle. A hybrid gives a solution to all the problems to some extent.

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