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download, read and distribute the material as a pdf ebook. You are not permitted The Gita Govinda—a cycle of Sanskrit songs, commentaries and invocations. jayadeva gita govinda translation book cover The Gita Govinda — a cycle of Sanskrit songs, commentaries and invocations A free e-book in pdf format. Poet Jayadeva wishing to portray the divine love of Rādha and Krishna in his immortal song giita govindam starts this with a benedictory verse that indicates the.

And Sacrifice, in its turn is not different from God himself. This can be understood as illustrating that stability or order, as contrasted with instability or chaos, can be achieved only through sacrifice, which is again based on the absolute.

In the next fourth , the Man-lion incarnation, the emphasis is on devotion. This guarded the child devotee Prahlaada.

He was put to endless tortures by his father, Haranyakasipu, a demon, for repeating God's name instead of his own. But Prahlaada withstood all the tortures with steadfast devotion. Finally God appeared as Man-lion, of terrible form and killed the demon. This Man-lion incarnation indicates that God is incomprehensible, i. He is not limited by our knowledge. It also illustrates that the real devotee alone is truly fearless and even the terrible form has no terror for him.

The dwarf incarnation fifth of Vaamana shows us that valor finds fulfillment only in complete surrender to Lord. King Bali, the mighty, vanquished all gods, including Indra, the lord of heaven. But he found his true fulfillment when he surrendered himself completely to Lord. When the might of the ego is thus crushed under the holy foot of God, it is not annihilated but transformed to everlasting blissful existence in the awareness if His presence and protection and ultimate union with Him.

The return of King Bali every year to see his kingdom and its subjects, is celebrated as Onam festival in Kerala every year.

Geeta Govinda Book by Jaydev in Odia

Note the gradual change of form. The Divine appears first as aquatic fish, then as the amphibian tortoise, the land animal boar, and the half-animal-half-human Man-lion.

Finally emerges the pygmy, Vaamana. This transition for a wonder, anticipates the modern theory of evolution of species. Next sixth is Parashuraama. When the power conferred for protection, grown mighty by its proper exercise, had however degenerated into an oppressive tyranny, it had to be crushed ruthlessly. The terrible Parashuraama was the appropriate form for this need. Then, as the seventh incarnation came Sri Raama, perfect in his general dharma as human and in his particular dharma as king.

In this text, the eighth incarnation is Balaraama, the elder brother of Sri Krishna. Therefore Krishna is addressed here as Hari and Keshava in each stanza.

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He is the Entity who appeared in these ten forms. Buddha the ninth incarnation is the embodiment of compassion. When a section of people were steeped in ignorance and the scripture had become inaccessible to them, when most of those who had access to such knowledge were concerned more with the form such as sacrifice, rather than the actual spirit of their teaching, there was then, an all-round spiritual poverty. The consequent misery of the people stirred God's compassion and He appeared as Buddha to show people the way out of misery.

He also condemned animal sacrifice during performance of a Yagna. The last tenth incarnation is yet to be witnessed by us as Kalki to be born in this Kali-yuga, as the mighty warrior, to be born in a pious family, to rid the world of the oppression of its unrighteous rulers. Thus, while the general purpose of protecting the good, destroying evil and establishing the law is common to all the incarnations, it is possible to see an emphasis on a particular aspect in each incarnation.

Can we say, then, that each incarnation was a manifestation suitable for a particular time and the conditions that prevailed then? This would be only partially true, since conditions that evoked the different manifestations have never ceased totally. You are safe from your sister and I will give you all the sons, if any are born in the future. In course of time Devaki gives birth to eight male infants and one girl.

Vasudeva, keeping his promise, brings the first born son to Kamsa. Knowing that the first born is not going to be his killer, he asks Vasudeva to take the child back. But Narada Muni informs Kamsa that there is an imminent birth of gods in the family of Vasudeva and Nanda and that he should not trust any one.

Kamsa assuming that the gods must have already been born in the Yadava families, puts his sister and Vasudeva in jail. Devaki gives birth to sons, one every year; Kamsa kills them all including the first son whom he let go earlier. He is afraid that any one of them could be an incarnation of Vishnu.

Narada gives Kamsa a history of his past life. Kamsa comes to know that in his previous birth he was demon Kalanemi, killed by Vishnu. He, thus becomes the enemy of Yadu family and worries about Krishna killing him in this life. Kamsa usurps the kingdoms of Yadu, Bhjoja and Andhaka dynasties and makes pact of friendship with other demonic kings.

When Devaki is pregnant with her seventh child, it is Vyuha, emanation or expansion of Krishna, Ananta or Sesa in her womb. Devaki and Vasudeva worry about the fate of the 7th child in the deathly hands of Kamsa.

Krishna says that he is personally going to appear in the womb of Devaki. Yogamaya Yoga maaya the power of God in the creation of the world personified as deity. Vishnu's sleep personified as goddess and said to be a form of Durga.

Krishna also commands Yogamaya to enter the womb of Nanda and Yasoda in Vrindavana as their daughter, who will be worshipped as Durga, Bhadrakali, Vaishnavi, Narayani Thus Krishna and Yogamaya appear as brother and sister in different wombs. The power of the Lord is always female and the wielder of power is male. The transfer of the embryo is by extraction Sankarshana from Devaki and implantation in Rohini.

This is the first and most likely the last case of embryo transfer from one womb to another. Krishna enters the womb of Devaki with his full power without the necessity of vital fluid for impregnation.

Consider the immaculate conception of Mary. Kamsa sees the radiant beauty of his pregnant sister staying in jail cell. He worries about his fate and ponders on the question of killing his sister before she gives birth to his killer. He does not kill his pregnant sister because it would bring shame on him. His mind is fully occupied by the image of the killer baby, the incarnation of Vishnu. Devaki goes into labor and delivers a dark blue baby with auspicious features.

Vasudeva and Devaki see the newborn baby having four hands with conch shell, discus, club and a lotus flower; wearing the necklace of Kaustubha stone, a diadem with Vaidurya stone, earrings and bracelets; and bearing the mark of Srivatsa on his chest. He looks like a dark cloud with a profusion of hair on his head. The parents wonder how a child could be born with weapons, other accouterments, and four hands.

When they realize they are in presence of Vishnu himself, they offer their obeisance and prayers. The Guruvayur Temple in Kerala depicts Krishna [Krishnavathara] as he appeared to Vasudeva and Devaki at the time of His birth on this earth with four arms carrying the conch, the discus, the mace, and the lotus, Tulsi garland and pearl necklace.

This is the effulgent and majestic form of MahaVishnu. Krishna the infant speaks to the parents and tells them they were previously his parents twice. The age of Swayambhuva Manu. Parents Sutapa and Prisni; son Prisnigarbha. The next millennium. Parents Kasyapa and Aditi; son Upendra, a dwarf also known as Vamana.

The present birth. Parents Vasudeva and Devaki; son Krishna. Baby Krishna verbal unlike other infants continues to talk: I am born with unusual presentation so that you will believe me as the God who chose you as my parents.

You are afraid of Kamsa. I ask you to take me out of here, leave me with Yasoda and bring her newborn female infant back to the prison cell, so that Kamsa will think that you gave birth to a girl. After he gives directions, the Lord turns into an ordinary two handed infant without the weapons but with some other accouterments. Yasoda's baby girl is a manifestation of Yogamaya of the Lord. The power of Yogamaya puts all the prison guards to sleep, opens all the chained doors, and lights up a path in the darkness.

The night is dark, the clouds are black, the thunder and lightening are frightening, the rain is coming down in buckets; Ananta Sesa spreads his hood and covers Vasudeva and the newborn Krishna.

Krishna's Escape credit: exoticindia. According to legend, River Yamuna drains itself to the waist level of Vasudeva for his easy passage across the river. For this act, River Yamuna earns merit. Consider this: When Moses and Hebrew slaves in flight, pursued by Egyptian soldiers, came across the impassable Sea of Reeds, God made the waters part and laid out in front of them a dry seabed passable; Moses and Hebrews escaped followed by the Egyptian soldiers treading the path in the seabed.

When the last Hebrew put his feet on dry land, the sea closed on the soldiers and drowned them. The difference between God of Moses and Krishna is that Krishna's Yogamaya put all the soldiers to sleep.

They didn't even know what was going on. He enters into the kingdom of Nanda; all are asleep; under the power of Yogamaya, he switches the infants and comes back to the prison. All things are back to their usual mode upon his return and he puts the girl on the laps of Devaki. He puts the clamps back on his wrist and feet and no one ever knew what happened. One version says, that Yasodha in the dark of night could not see the infant, when she gave birth; she could not tell whether it was a boy or girl; she only knew that she gave birth to a baby.

Kamsa receives information on the birth of the baby to Devaki. Bristling with fear, anger and horripilation, he proceeds to the prison cell. His sister Devaki prayerfully begs him to spare the life of the girl who means no harm to him. He grabs the girl and swings her with an intent to smash her on a stone. The girl slips from his hands, ascends to the sky sporting eight arms as the younger sister of Vishnu.

She looks beautiful and splendidly dressed, though she carries fierce weapons in her hands: a sheaf of arrows, bow, bell, club, conch, lance and shield. The girl is actually Durga; the deities pay their homage. The girl addresses Kamsa, "You, Great Fool, tried to kill me. How could you even think of it? Your killer is already born somewhere else.

Don't harm your sister. The erstwhile inmates return to their palace. Kamsa goes to his counselors and tells them all that happened. They advise him to taunt , torture and harass the sages and Brahmanas to get even with Vishnu, who is the designated killer of Kamsa. Taunting and torturing of Vishnu's devotees are equivalent to like treatment of Vishnu.

Krishna grows up in the household of Nanda and Yasoda. Kamsa tries to kill Krishna many times.

Krishna kills all his enemies, demons and Kamsa as a child. Dha means ensuring long life. Bhagavan's relationship with us is of many types: Pati-Patni husband-wife Thus, Radha is a feminine deity with qualities as described above. Radha in relation to Krishna is devotee extraordinaire. Radha's origin is very sketchy.

What we know is that she is Krishnapriya Radha dearer than Krishna himself to Krishna; Krishna loves her more than he loves himself. Her love and devotion for Krishna are such that the qualities are deified in the form of Radha.

RadhaKrishna cult believes Radha ever in embrace of Krishna is the origin of the entire universe including Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. The divine couple live in Vrindavana in the company of a bevy of Gopis.

Krishna has two hands unlike the four handed Vishnu. Krishna's form is not made of matter, though it appears so in the eyes of the mortals. There is no man equal to Krishna and no woman equal to Radha. Krishna is Purusa and Radha is Prakriti. Krishna and Radha never leaves Vrinda vana Radha's forest. The forms that appear as Krishna elsewhere are surrogate His Divine Clones.

He remains fifteen years of age at all times. When other people see him as of different age, it is the fault of perception. He could be seen only with divine eyes as Arjuna saw him in his Universal Form. GoLoka is the abode of Krishna and Radha and is higher than Vaikuntha. Goloka is spherical and a crore Yojana in diameter. That is the heavenly abode of RadhaKrishna, where there is an eternal banyan tree.

There are several wading pools. A wish tree provides shade for the palace of jewels Ratna Mandir. In the center is the jeweled throne with an eight petal lotus as the seat.

The palace grounds abound in wish-giving cows Surabhi and flowers which suffuse the place with fragrance. Krishna sits on the petalled jewel throne. Arjuna became Arjuni on dipping into the pool, before he saw Krishna in his palace. Before he left Goloka, he took another dip in western pool, which restored all his previous faculties and body parts. Narada, the son of Brahma, had an inordinate desire to see Goloka.

He had to undergo the same treatment in Goloka and received a hug from Krishna. The doctrine behind these acts is that the individual soul is Para Prakriti of Krishna; the elements, mind, ego, and intellect are apara prakrti. Krishna alone is Purusa, while all individual souls of either gender are Streya women. Dipping into the pool is transformational and purifying before a soul can come into contact with Krishna for receiving bliss.

The souls shed their maleness of the males ego, memory and I ness in the pool. He is the positive force while all others are negatively charged. All souls have to be rendered into anions before they can move towards the Cation. Siva underwent the same process of becoming a Gopi before he could participate in the Rasa dance in Vrindavana.

If Arjuna, Narada and Siva themselves had to dip in the gender bender pool before they could see Krishna, we better get in line for the dip in the pool.

Note on Goloka, Paramapadam, Vaikuntam. There are skeptics galore among the intellectuals that such abodes like Goloka, Paramapadam, Vaikuntam, do not exist on the physical plane as they know it.

A few hundred years ago no one knew about the existence of Dark Matter. It is an accepted reality though no one has put a finger on it and characterized it. I am not here to prove or disprove either the existence of Dark Matter or Paramapadam; it is beyond by ability. Goloka, Paramapadam, and Vaikuntam exists for those who believe in them. He wanted to see a living breathing Kali in whom he had devotional belief. She appeared before him in the temple in living flesh and blood and to be doubly sure, RKP put his finger under her nostrils and felt the steaming breath.

How come others did not see a breathing Kali in living color? Because they are no RKP. These places exist for the believers; for others they don't. Devotion is the faculty with which one can experience or enter a realm. You stare at a thing all day long; you don't see.

The expert walks in and says he saw it a mile away. Stars and people we know about. But the best guess for dark matter is that it is some kind of subatomic particle that will be discovered someday. When Vishnu says, "I pervade the whole universe through and through," no one can question Him?

Is He the Dark matter, the Dark Energy and everything else in the universe. Simply put, He is Isvara, Cit and Acit; that pretty much covers everything in the universe.

Cit is consciousness; Acit is unconsciousness. We are Cit; stone is Acit. Consciousness sleeps in stone, feels in flora, senses in fauna and thinks in man. Sentience runs parallel with consciousness. These abodes could exist in a subtle plane like happiness and other feelings, which are not quantifiable but are real to the enjoyer or sufferer.

All these outer worlds are the abodes of the incorporeal pure soul. As the scientists explore the physical world, the Yogis explore the subtle worlds. We believe in science that there is a black hole siphoning off all that comes near its rim and yet we haven't seen it.

When realized yogis tells the existence of such outer celestial worlds, we believe in them. Krishna according Devi Bhagavata was male on the right side and female on the left side like Adhanarisvara Siva. The halves indulged in Rasa dance and after prolonged embrace and gestation, the goddess gave birth to a golden child.

The child was cast in the cosmic waters.

Geet Govindam

Sarasvati emerged from the tip of the tongue of the goddess, as Sarasvati is the goddess of words. Radha emerged from the right side of the goddess and kamala from the left. Krishna became two parts, his right side Krishna of two arms and his left side Vishnu of four arms.

Krishna took Radha as his consort, while Lakshmi and Saraswati became consorts of Vishnu.

Durga and Brahma came into being later, the latter sprouting from Vishnu's navel. Krishna split into two for the second time, the right side Krishna and the left side Siva. Sarasvati emerged from the tip of the tongue of goddess. Does it make sense? Take today's science. Dolly a female sheep was cloned from the breast tissue. Why breast? It is the femaleness. Why tongue?

Because it participates in speech. Dolly July 5 , — February 14 , , a female sheep or ewe , was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell.Krishna alone is Purusa, while all individual souls of either gender are Streya women. The opulence of flora suggests spring and Vasant Raga spring musical mode. The night is dark, the clouds are black, the thunder and lightening are frightening, the rain is coming down in buckets; Ananta Sesa spreads his hood and covers Vasudeva and the newborn Krishna.

This is according to mythology. Here Krishna came to be seen by all. He promises them that he would be the husband for each one of them. Some refute that Radha is the legal consort of Krishna; Puranas say that Brahma was the witness and priest consecrated the marriage.

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