The genius of China: 3, years of science, discovery, and invention. byTemple , Robert K. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. The Genius of China by Robert Temple. It's often suggested in the West that so- called Oriental peoples are copiers rather than innovators. Then someone will. Truly amazing. This is an excellent, illustrated overview of hundreds of the major, technological advances China made many centuries before they were.

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They came with money, guns and organisational technology but their greatest selling point was a narrative which promised a linear escape from the dynastic cycle.

Language was not just a tool of moral judgment. It was an instrument for shaping acceptable behaviour and a weapon for distinguishing enemies and friends. Mao knew Marxist Leninist dogma was absolutely crucial to his enterprise but he personally lacked the patience to wade through it. It became the closest thing in China to a religious text. The Short Course is hard reading but it offers us the same shortcut to understanding Communist ideology as it did for Mao. Lenin had to win a revolution but Stalin had to sustain it.

He had to rationalise kicking the utopian destination over the horizon and subordinating that ever-receding objective to the imperative of inner party warfare. The practical utility of the book is that it prescribes an antidote to the calcification and putrefaction that inevitably corrodes and degrades every dictatorship.

These internal enemies grow more desperate and more dangerous as they grow increasingly imperilled - and as they collaborate with the spies and agents of Western liberalism.

What Stalin offered Mao was not only a manual for purging his peers but also an explanation of why it was necessary.

It is the mechanism for preventing the process of corruption and putrefaction which inevitably sets in after the founding leaders of each dynasty leave the scene.

Crucially, Mao split with Kruschev because Kruschev split with Stalin and everything he stood for. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao.

The Genius of China.pdf

We hear a lot about how Xi and his peers blame Gorbachev for the collapse of the Soviet state but actually their grievances go much further back. They blame Kruschev. They blame Kruschev for breaking with Stalin. And they vow that they will never do to Mao what Kruschev did to Stalin. This is the language that the Deep Red princelings spoke when they got together and occasionally when I interviewed them and crashed their gatherings in the lead up to the 18th Party Congress.

Xi has inserted a couple of interim goals - for those who lack revolutionary patience - but the underlying Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist logic remains the same.

This is the logic of his ever-deepening purge of peers who keep getting in the way. None of this is personal. And inevitable.

The essence of Maoism and Stalinism is perpetual struggle. This is the antidote to the calcification and putrefaction that has destroyed every previous dynasty, dictatorship and empire. This is why Xi and his Red Successor peers believe that Maoism and Stalinism is still highly relevant today. Not just relevant, but existential. Xi has set in motion a purification project - a war against the forces of counter-revolution - that has no end point because the notional utopian destination of perfect communism will always be kicked a little further down the road.

There is no policy objective in the sense that a Wall Street banker or Canberran public servant might understand it - as a little more energy market efficiency here, or compression of the Gini coefficient there.

Rather, this is how you restore dynastic vigour and vitality.

The Genius of China 3,000 Years of Science, Discovery, and Invention

Politics is the ends. This is what Mao and Stalin understood better than any of their peers.

And why the process of extreme politics will not stop at the 19th Party Congress. Which brings us to the title of this seminar.

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Was this word image the creation of Stalin, Mao or someone else? And therefore I raise my glass to you, writers, the engineers of the human soul". To me this is one of the great totalitarian metaphors: a machine designed to forge complete unity between state, society and individual.

The totalitarian machine works to a predetermined path. It repudiates God, submits to no law and seeks nothing less than to remould the human soul.

For Stalin, Lenin and the proto-Leninists of 19th Century Russia, the value of literature and art was purely instrumental. In their ideology, poetry has no intrinsic value beyond its purpose of indoctrinating the masses and advancing the cause of revolution. Or, to use the engineering language of the original Man of Steel - Joseph Stalin - literature and art are nothing more nor less than cogs in the revolutionary machine. Xi was arguing for a return to the Stalinist-Maoist principle that art and literature should only exist to serve politics.

Not politics as we know it - the straightforward exercise of organisational and decision-making power - but the totalitarian project of creating unity of language, knowledge, thought and behaviour in pursuit of a utopian destination. Nothing in Communist Party choreography happens by accident.

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The Genius of China: 3000 Years of Science, Discovery and Invention

Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! G ; Needham, Joseph, Science and civilisation in China. Publication date Publisher London: Collection inlibrary ; printdisabled ; internetarchivebooks ; delawarecountydistrictlibrary ; china ; americana. Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive.

Contributor Internet Archive. Language English. Popularization of Joseph Needham's Science and civilisation in China. Boxid IA Every week, Cui gives an examination to his apprentices. He admits that he regrets letting it get the better of him sometimes.

However, his colleagues admire and recognize his passion. In the assembly department, the age of the staff members averages only Although they are working for important scientific and technological missions of the country, their working experience averages between just one to six years.

It is crucial to help them improve their capabilities and competence in their work, Cui notes. When I get even older, and I'm too weak to walk unaided, I will still knock their heads with my crutch," he says.General Robert L.

Worldcat source edition Xi Jinping has reinvigorated ideology to an extent we have not seen since the Cultural Revolution. In the first century A. The Chinese were also years ahead of us in the development of medicines.

The key to understanding the allure of the Soviet Commintern in Shanghai and Guangzhou in the s is that their admittedly brilliant agents told a compelling story.

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