Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera series) by Jim Butcher. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. In the acclaimed Codex Alera novels, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher has created a fascinating world in which the people of Alera use their unique bond with the elemental forces of nature for protection. Tavi of Calderon, now recognized as Princeps Gaius Octavian. Read "Princeps' Fury" by Jim Butcher available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. In the acclaimed Codex Alera novels.

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In the acclaimed Codex Alera novels, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher has created a fascinating world in which the people of Alera use. Under Tavi of Calderon, heir to the crown, war-torn Alera rebuilds while politicians and nobles vie for power. But from the south comes news: the dreaded Vord. Compre Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera Book 5) (English Edition) de Jim Butcher na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e.

I lost myself in these stories and found myself rooting for these characters.

Nov 30, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: We are far less significant than we imagine ourselves to be. All that we are, all that we have wrought, is but a shadow, no matter how durable it may seem. One day, when the last man has breathed his last breath, the sun will shine, the mountains will stand, the rain will fall, the streams will whisper—and they will not miss him.

People will remember a great man. He can achieve immortality "All things pass in time. He can achieve immortality through his actions and his legacy. Words are not enough to thank Jim Butcher for creating such men. His characters ARE real,they bleed,they plot,they make mistakes,they die,they sacrifice themselves while battling with their inner demons. I fell in love with this series from the very first moment and now,that I'm one step from the great finale,I'm terrified,because I know I will not find such good friends as Tavi,Kitai,Max,Bernard,Amara and the rest of the Alerans.

This is the 5th book in the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. They have between 4 and 5 stars for me. I have enjoyed this. It is creative and it has characters that I love.

This book wasn't my favorite in the series, but still 4 star worthy for me. There is usually so much action in his books, but this one felt a little slow to start. Once it got started though, I was completely sucked in.

I have the next one in this series, and I am hoping to get to it this week. Apr 03, Tom rated it it was amazing. BTW I plagiarized my review below from a message I sent a friend as a rec And it does! The first book I could see being a 4 star but I loved it and was in the mood for a world building adventure and wasn't really on the fence with my rating of 5 at the time. I question it now when compared to the rest of the books though.

The next was a no doubt about it and every book got better till 5.

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The good thing about this series is its not something you have to back to back. The books end with enough finality at least the first 3 that they are near standalones even though they all build on each other. There is a lot of action and the books really don't slow down. Awesome cast of characters and it has that whole who is "good" and who is "evil" theme.

It is not a romance driven books although there are several that grow in the story. May 19, M.

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Soriano rated it liked it. An epic fantasy series that's getting too epic for it's own good. A lot of the fun in the first novels came from big personalities colliding, and from the sense of skill and resourcefulness shown by the protagonists during those collisions.

The best parts in this book follow similar parameters, but the series' need to continue raising the stakes has forced most of the rest of the plot into bloated battles featuring hundreds of thousands of combatants. There isn't much room, anymore, for the clev An epic fantasy series that's getting too epic for it's own good. There isn't much room, anymore, for the clever details and the personal drama that made the first books exciting--now it's just blurry masses of bodies moving.

I also feel like the author, who's shown remarkable creativity up to this point, is finally reaching the limits of his imagination.

This book, like the others, did have a few moments where I found myself thinking "What a great idea! I'm not sure if the ideas just aren't as good as they were, or if, at this point, there have been so many great ideas that the magic has finally started to feel mundane.

Jul 22, Tosh rated it liked it Shelves: A very hesitant 3 stars. I slogged through the last pages or so. I just wanted it over. Maybe I need a break, or maybe it just wasn't that good. Feb 12, Richard rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Regardless of which of the books this review is attached to, if you want to read this epic saga, start with the first book: Furies of Calderon.

First and foremost, this is a well-crafted and engrossing tale — definitely worth reading. The tale follows the life of young Tavi of the backwater province of Calderon over the course of several years, as his world is riven by existential threats and as he grows up and plays a larger and larger role. What makes Codex Alera an excellent addition to the fantasy shelf is in the story and its telling. The characters are engaging and adequately complex, the plot starts well and grows satisfyingly convoluted, and there is plenty of action to drive things forward.

Because the story begins when Tavi is still only fifteen, the first volume is weaker than the sequels. Starting with the second book, the scope of story broadens dramatically, with a wider range of characters getting in-depth treatment. Eventually, Butcher brings a small measure of romance into the mix, with even a little non-puritanical treatment of sex. Fans of the Dresden Files will still find some aspects of the tone and style very familiar. Since the new series is set in a completely fictional world as opposed to contemporary Chicago , the ironic sarcasm is toned down dramatically, but there is still plenty around.

All the clever characters still banter and tease, especially in times of mortal peril. Codex Alera is a more mature effort, though. The earlier series is locked into a first-person narrative, for example, which means the voice of a single character is loud, flaws and all.

Here, instead, there are several point-of-view characters, although unfortunately Butcher only lets us hear the thoughts of his protagonists. As limiting as that still is, there is more psychological depth.

A major theme that grows more pressing through the series is the inevitable compromises a leader must make between opposing values, and how horrifying it is to be required to make decisions whose outcomes are all nauseating. Unfortunately, there is also still a bit too much untimely introspection and moralising. Butcher has a long way to go before he can honestly portray real nuance in personality types. His heroes are socially progressive multiculturalists, without much tolerance for faiths or creeds that require uncritical obedience.

Religions are frequently portrayed benevolently, but religious leaders seem to be corrupt even more often than other powerful characters. Butcher portrays political and military institutions in a somewhat more favorable light. While both have plenty of power-hungry and venal characters, he depicts kings and generals as responsible people struggling to do the right thing. For example, late in the series there is a conflict between the secular leaders of a military group and its religious leadership.

The flaws of the latter group are quite plausible, but make things morally simplistic. Instead of having two groups both of which are honestly striving to do the right thing, one of the two has already made choices that signify their corruption.

The much more experienced George R. Martin has humanized a few of his villains in his Song of Ice and Fire series , but he generally still makes it hard to like them. Oh, by the way: There was, frustratingly, no map in the editions I read until the final volume. Visit this link to see all of the discussions, group member reviews, etc. The series is building toward a final awesome final book.

Fantastic read with excellent characters and plot. The storyline moves the characters along perfectly and grows with them. If you have enjoyed a Jim Butcher book then you have been missing out of some fantastic writing. My Highest recommendation.

Some months have passed since the war in the western reaches of the Realm, and the difficulties they had to face; an illogical campaign that put to the test their very beliefs, causing a conflict that left in its wale only more suffering and misery, and now, with the coastal cities to have suffered the greatest disasters, the refugees of Alera have begun again to try and search in their lives what they lost - but for Tavi, with his heritage having been revealed across the world, making him for some a hope and for others a threat, these months were nothing but full of swift preparations.

But, as the arrival of a sudden message demands of them their immediate attendance in the Capital, when the First Lord presents himself before the villagers, the Citizens, the Senators and the High Lords, shaking their lives with a revelation as never before, Amara and Bernard will have to take on a dangerous mission that will lead them at the heart of a deadly enemy; a mission that, if they do not leave back their enmities of the past behind, and find again the courage to do the impossible, it could very easily prove and their last.

However, with the Realm of Alera coming for the first time after a thousand years against its greatest threat, when the Vord queen sends its forces against the defending Legions of the Capital, and far away in the Canim homeland the uncontrollable chitinous monsters surge toward the last standing survivors, Tavi and his comrades, Amara and Bernard, Isana and Aria, and Ehren and the First Lord, will have to leave their differences aside and fight this new threat before all is lost, because if they fail to overcome these difficulties, their very survival will hang in the balance.

But bringing us at the same time and closer than ever before into the Vord hives, and their powerful queens who rule through the croach - the gelatinous green substance that can devour anything living - giving them the ability to produce nightmarish creatures at rapid paces, creating warriors of vastly superior strength and ability - three races that, in contrast to the seemingly ideals of the people of Alera, shows along with the Marat barbarians their immense differences but also the grandeur of this world.

First let me say I'm a Jim Butcher fan. There are a few things here that keep me from going 5 stars on this book, but then in some ways this series suffers in that it will inevitably be compared to JB's other series about Harry Dresden. While these books are good, they just don't meet that mark.

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I feel I need to be somewhat apologetic in saying that as I know the series means a lot to Mr. Butcher and he really wanted to write it. Don't get me wrong, Codex Alera is a great read. This book picks up First let me say I'm a Jim Butcher fan. This book picks up where the last novel left off following the development of Octavian Tavi. SO below this line there may be details about the last 4 books See being the crown prince and given that his father was murdered or assassinated as we say about leaders, kings, dictators, emperors, princes and so on it seem prudent to his overbearing, bossy, annoying, demanding, mother to hide him.

Now since she is an extremely powerful water crafter I'm assuming you have some knowledge of the series' magic system here she decided that it would be just a peachy keen idea to retard his growth. You make him small for his age.

Yes nothing keeps a guy safe like making him much, much smaller than everyone else his age. Sadly in retarding Tavi's growth she also unintentionally retarded his ability to do use the elemental furies that are the basis of the world's magic system. Thus Tavi was considered a freak and a weakling. Well, while all that may have a down side or more than one at least no one ever thought he could be the crown prince.

As a result of not having all the magic advantages Tavi learns to use his brain and to become well versed with swords and so on We have followed Tavi through his life and discoveries up to the great war in the last book.

By the end of said book Tavi's late arriving talents were at last Now another threat has arisen, one that has been dreaded by those who knew about its existence. He's on a ship heading across the sea and seasick most of the way to attempt an alliance with the Canim, the people who he was fighting last time out. Sadly when they reach their destination things are pretty bad.

This book is divided among up to 4 view points. Tavi only gets between a third and a quarter of this one as point of view main focus. We get a sweeping saga of war on a grand scale and what might be called the culmination of events that have been forming matters since before the series started. The story is well told, action packed and moves along well. There are interesting battle scenes, intrigue and emotional struggles. Traitors, warriors and patriots are all coming together to write the final scene in our story.

We meet a mysterious new player,lose a couple we've gotten to know and while we find out a couple of things new questions are laid atop the rest. The book only has a few annoying moments, such as view spoiler [ when Tavi is about to deliver the killing blow to a vord queen who can adopt the shape of other creatures and when he rips it's hood back sees There are a few incidents like this, oh well.

Mostly though we get well handled story telling with no BIG predictable moments. There is some but not a lot of humor in the story and dialog. Mostly you get action and drama. Good books, good reads, almost 5 stars but not quite.

I can't believe there is only one book left after this one. What am I going to do? I will need to re-listen to all the audios. That's for sure. I don't understand why this series is not in the movie theaters. It has great characters, amazing fight scenes, plenty of humor and romance. What's not to like? Let me discuss the plot just a bit When they finally arrive, Tavi and Varg would have to ask for safe passage back to his land but the Vord has taken over and the Canim are almost completely taken.

Tavi must devise a plan to keep the residual Canim and the Aleran alive. There doesn't seem to be a way to stop the Vord and the legions keep on retreating towards Alera. Time is running out and sacrifices will have to be made. Murdered our people. I have so many new favorites. All the scenes involving Kitai are always perfect. Jul 06, Rob rated it really liked it Shelves: Executive Summary: Audio book: Kate Reading once again does gives an enjoyable reading.

Full Review My recollection was this book was a step down after Captain's Fury. However I find myself changing my mind on this reread. Unlike tha Executive Summary: Unlike that book all of the subplots in this book greatly interested me. I think this series shines best when dealing with internal politics of the Alerans followed closely by the interactions with the Canim.

This series has large amounts of both. We learn a lot more about the Alerans, and see that people can be just as petty towards their fellow man under even the most dire of circumstances. My least favorite parts have to do with the Vord, but in this book they are still mostly relegated to the setting.

In other words they are a looming threat hanging over everything and impacting the interactions between the characters, while not really being on screen all that much. Tavi still has to rely on his ingenuity more than his personal strength to overcome most obstacles which I think is what makes him such a likable character to me.

The interplay between him and Max and Kitai are always my favorite scenes. Overall a pretty fun book, although compared to Captain's Fury , this ends on a pretty bad cliffhanger such that I jumped right into First Lord's Fury immediately. Jan 07, Susanne rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Butcher delivers once again.

I bit many a nail waiting for this book, and then many more while reading it. Extensive action and battle sequences in this one, executed fantastically. What I love most about the Codex Alera, however, are the characters. Starting this book was like a family reunion, and sure enough, everyone's there. Amara, Bernard and everyone else is soon locked in deadly battle with Butcher delivers once again.

Amara, Bernard and everyone else is soon locked in deadly battle with the Vord, who have some new tricks and some surprising allies! Isana and Lady Pacida shine in their attempt of brokering a peace with the ice giants that seems impossible.

Once again, the plot is very well executed and never, ever boring - and the pacing is neck-breaking. I had the feeling the author was keen to get this done quickly and to not make it too long.

Unfortunately for the enamoured reader, this means that some scenes seem to be rushed, not fully explored, and the whole book ends much, much too soon. For example, after that hard-won ceasefire at the Shieldwall, Antillus Raucous' armies don't seem to feature enough in the war with the Vord. Or did I miss something? I was so looking forward to Raucous kicking some Vord butt! Tavi is awesome again, of course.

He has become such a master strategist, and yet he's never blase or obnoxious about it. In all the five books in the series so far, my eyes have not once performed the Gary-Sue-Roll, and that's saying something, considering Tavi is a Hero with an insanely capital H. Butcher does a truly wonderful job with this characters. Look out for Lord Aquitaine! Huge surprise, and a welcome one. I was a little disappointed with Ehren's role in this one. Not enough ass-kicking.

I didn't think he was made to be standing still. I was genuinely sad to put this book down, and the idea of having to wait another 12 months for the next one is a painful one. Read this! You can't not enjoy it. May 29, Algernon Darth Anyan rated it liked it Shelves: By this fifth volume all I'm interested in is to finish this series and get it over with.

It's not that it's a badly written story, or that the characters are unlikable, it's just that the plot is so ridiculously apocalyptic, the dialogue bombastically heroic and the good guys always face ridiculous odds and almost always come up to fight another day.

The one exception is easy to guess if you check the title of the next book. This fifth volume maintains the tone and the pace set in the previous bo By this fifth volume all I'm interested in is to finish this series and get it over with.

This fifth volume maintains the tone and the pace set in the previous books, only raising the stacks higher and higher. Few new characters are introduced we get to see the Icewall and a part of a new continent , so the story is very easy to follow and Butcher style makes little demands from the reader.

Another reader made a spot on observation in a forum that some of the new fantasy authors make the mistake of going into a new series with all guns blazing and equip their heroes with superpowers.

And later on in the epic they are stuck, having to come up with bigger and bigger threats, stronger than strong magic and impossible odds to overcome. I think this is what happened with Codex Alera. Fortunately, there is only one more book to put my compulsion to finish series I've started to rest. Man this series is really fun.

Another great entry, with great twists and turns. The vord are such a confusing foe tho, lets hope in the final book things get resolved more clearly. Apr 17, Javir11 rated it really liked it. La prosa fluye bastante bien y en general no es complicado de leer, sobre todo si ya conoces los terminos especificos de esta historia. Que sea tan "perfect 3. Que sea tan "perfecto", hace que al final la cosa pierda un poco de gracia, aunque tampoco es algo muy grave.

Nov 09, Steven Naylor rated it really liked it. Rating 4. Everyone is now aware that Tavi is Octavian and he is the Princeps of Alera. He is escorting the Canin back to their home. The Vord play a large role in this story, not only in Alera but back where the Canin come from. It is not enough for Jim Butcher to just make something difficult. He has to make the odds Rating 4. He has to make the odds impossible, and then make them even harder.

I don't think Octavian progressed much in this story. To be fair though, this story takes place a few months after the last book. It was about two years in Aleran time between each of the first 4 books. I still love the characters and am hooked on the series. I plan on starting the next book right away. Issue with book description and publication date 2 17 Feb 04, Princep's Fury Codex Alera 5 96 14 Apr 08, Readers also enjoyed.

About Jim Butcher. Octavian's force then moves to the valley to pin the Vord force between his own legions and the valley's defenders. While marching to the valley, the Queen herself makes an appearance and attacks Octavian's camp. She kills many and wounds Octavian. Meanwhile the Vord have begun to assault the valley. Invidia goes to Amara in an attempt to betray the Vord Queen, and gives Amara enemy troop compositions and the time of the next attack as proof of her intentions.

Later, the remaining High Lords and Ladies gather to assault the Queen with their combined strength, using Invidia's information. However, the Queen expected Invidia's betrayal and prepared for it, and begins slaughtering the attackers. Invidia again turns to the Vord as the Queen forgives Invidia, but Amara manages to assassinate Invidia before she can turn on her fellow Alerans again.

The Queen retreats, leading to Isana and Araris' freedom. Octavian's forces have arrived at this point, and the Queen takes to the air off towards the mountains in an attempt to take control of the colossal great furies there. Octavian and Kitai pursue the Queen and duel her while she is simultaneously claiming the extraordinarily powerful furies there.

Meanwhile, the defenders of the valley are fighting against the endless Vord, and slowly losing. After a protracted battle and managing to interrupt the Queen's attempt to claim the furies, Octavian and Kitai manage to kill the Queen, causing the Vord to become feral without her guidance.

The Vord break, and the survivors of the battle rejoice. After the Vord's defeat, Octavian becomes the First Lord of the realm and marries Kitai, while both of them as well as Octavian's advisers begin rebuilding. The series ends with an opening for sequels, as on the continent of Canea there are several lesser Vord queens to be dealt with, as well as the consequences of some of the climate-changing furycrafting Octavian had to perform in order to defeat the primary Queen and save Alera.

An extremely powerful furycrafter and talented fighter, but his greatest skill is his cunning. Kitai A Marat and Octavian's love interest, and a powerful furycrafter. The Vord Queen Leader of the Vord hordes, which are otherwise no more intelligent than beasts. Varg Warmaster and leader of the remaining Canim people.

Bernard Count of the Caulderon Valley and Octavian's uncle. Amara Countess of the Caulderon Valley.What other items do customers download after viewing this item?

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Again, no bloody map in the book! Few new characters are introduced we get to see the Icewall and a part of a new continent , so the story is very easy to follow and Butcher style makes little demands from the reader. I feel I need to be somewhat apologetic in saying that as I know the series means a lot to Mr. Geschreven bij Princep's Fury de codex alera is verslavend en ook Princeps fury stelt niet teleur.

The development of characters while not drastic or big still continues in this installment. He can achieve immortality through his actions and his legacy.

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