Novel in terdiri dari empat seri yaitu: Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, Endersor, .. Hirata's Novel Laskar Pelangi, things are less complete because the. The Rainbow Troops, or Laskar Pelangi in Bahasa Indonesian, is set on the small The novel is a memoir that was written by trying to balance and associate . Article (PDF Available) · March with Reads Download full-text PDF the English version of the novel 'Laskar Pelangi' (The Rainbow Troops).

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𝗣𝗗𝗙 | This paper aims to evaluate the translation of cultural terms in English version of of the Hirata's Laskar Pelangi novel by Andrea Hirata is an example of Indonesian novel that has Of course, the novel would full of. The Rainbow - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. "The Rainbow Troops" Novel Laskar Pelangi Versi. Inggris. Analyzing the English translation of the novel 'Laskar Pelangi' (The Rainbow Troops) Full Text: PDF. References. Aziz, Z. A. (). Theoretical and practical .

They lost their genius friend.

Ikal and his friend cry to dismiss him. Even he just a truck driver, he still thanks to God, at least he not be the fisherman like his father. A Abdul Hamid desires, her farther is one of the pioneers of Muhammadiyah School. Her full name is N. A Muslimah Hafsari. A clever teacher that has serve from this school for five years, and his uncle Mr. Harfan had serve for this school for 32 years.

She is a kind and friendly person and she teaches all of the lesson her self.

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She also charismatic teacher and has a wide view of live. She always reminds her student to pray, as quoted bellow: Bukankan in kata-kata yang diilhami surat An-Nisa yang telah diucapkan ratusan kali oleh Khatib?

Tetapi jika yang mengucapkannya Bu Mus kata-kata itu demikian berbeda, begitu sakti, berdengung-dengung didalam kalbu. For Ikal and his friend Miss Mus is a hero, she is a guide and an inspiration, she can solves the problem wisely, that can be seen when Kucai boring with his job as the chairman of the class. She asks all of the student to vote their choice. If her students do the good things she always gives Rizky Amalia: She also proud to have 10 good student, especially Lintang, she is very proud of him, she never meet a smart student like Lintang before.

Some times she gets confuse to answer some question from Lintang, but she enjoys it. He always gives the spirit to her students. She is a wise teacher. She loves her students and understands her student. He never gives up to keep the Muhammadiyah school exist. He also a handsome boy. He also the proud in his school just like Lintang.

If Lintang smarts in mathematics, he smart in art. He has a nice voice and he can plays the music equipment nicely. He sings with his heart. He is a film director, a singer, a choreographer, talented scenario writer, a talented story teller, an estimated poem reader and a painter. If there is no teacher in the class, Mahar usually reads a poem, or sings a song in front of the class.

His friend assembly and listen to him, if he sings a song or reads a poem. He is so imaginative. He is a fan of illogically and all the things that related to the paranormal. He has an imaginative think. He knows all of the fairy tale, he also believe that aliens are real.

He always gets the high mark in art, the highest mark that only he can get that mark. He never lack of idea, his creativity is un expectable, unique, unusual and fresh. His head is full of crazy ideas. He directs and creates the little theatre in Muhammadiyah School, and with his advices he and his friend make a little group band. Sahara plays electro, Mahar plays guitar, Samson plays standing bass, Ikal and A-kiong play tambourine, Trapani plays drum and flute, at first, Harun wants to plays drum, but he does not knows the rhythm, so with the persuasions of Mahar, he be the carrier of the drum.

He is a talented arranger, he expert to choose songs and adapt it into their simple instrument. Mahar named his band Repubik Dangdut, the name that Rizky Amalia: A-kiong is his followers. He admires Mahar as if Mahar is his teacher. Some times his friends think that she is a loudmouth. He also be the director, and he asks A-Kiong as his assistant in independence day.

He looks for inspiration for several days. He realized that his school expect on him. His brilliant ideas make our school win the carnival.

His friend and Ms. Mus is very proud of him. His friend admired him, because he makes our confidence increase. Mahar is very close with Flo. One day he joins and be the chairman of an organization named societ the Limpai, a group of people that love with the mystic.

But because he always busies with the activity of societ the Limpai, his mark in school getting lower, so Ms. Mus advices him, but finally he can passes the examination. Until one day he disperses the Societe the Limpai. He also not finishing his study because of the cost, life is unfair. He just has a Senior High School certificate. So, he just writes the Malay culture articles His articles interesting for some people, and he trusted to make documentation of the traditional children games, and grown up to another field, like art, language and that open his change to do a cultural research and make a chance for him to writes some books, by that books, he be the cultural informant.

Now, he busy with teaches and organizes several cultural activities. The last student who make the Muhammadiyah School still exist. Because of him, Muhammadiyah get 10 students.

When he accepted in Muhammadiyah School he is 15 years old. He always happy. He is a well mannered, silent and smiles readily man. He is also a funny and pleasant friend. His hair style is just like Chairil Anwar, and his clothes always neat. He looks like an officer than a student. His hobby is eats tamarind candy. If the rest time, Harun and Sahara sit under the fillicium tree. He also tells the story that he has three little kitten and has three stripes.

When Miss Mus asks our desire, he answers that he desire to be Trapani one of his class mate.

Laskar Pelangi (FULL Version)

He likes the crowded place. The only girl student in Muhammadiyah School, her full name is N. A Sahara Aulia Fadillah binti K. A Muslim Ramdhani Fadillah.

She is a stubborn girl. She is tall, slim, and wears a veil. She is also a care person.


If some one disturbs her, sometimes she scratches that person. She is temperamental, but she is very clever. She is always honest to every people; she is very appreciating the honest. She never lies.

Ia pantang berbohong. Walaupun diancam akan di campakkan ke dalam lautan api yang berkobar-kobar, tak satupun dusta akan keluar dari mulutnya. They fight and then forgive each other. She is very soft with Harun.

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She always listens with patience if Harun tells a story to her. She has a magnificence desire that is he desires to be a struggler of woman right. She is smarts in geography. She is also a brave girl. In 12 years later she married with A-Kiong that has change his name and religion to Moeslim His name now is Nur Zaman.

They have five children, she and her husband Nur Zaman build a shop that named Sinar Perkasa. Sometimes if they have a free time, they visit their friend Harun Rizky Amalia: Conclusion and Suggestion. After analyzed the Laskar Pelangi novel, I takes some conclusions as follow: Character is a fiction or non fiction person who takes important role in literary embodiment.

It may be a man or a woman that bring a story from the beginning up to the end. The character is essential in literary works. Without it the story is not interesting. As important ingredient, character divides in to main characters and minor characters. They are all have a pleasant personality, and they are all is a very kind person. All the characters in Laskar Pelangi are very educated and can be followed by other people.

I suggest the reader to read this novel, because there are many messages that we can get from the story.

And this novel is very interesting for those who are interested in literature, by reading this novel, hopefully that the reader can get and learn the moral messages from Laskar Pelangi novel.

I realize that the writing of this paper is far from being perfect, but hopefully this paper will help the reader to know the characters in a story.

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J - SIMBOL (Bahasa, Sastra, dan Pembelajarannya)

Cambridge University Press. Print ISSN: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. User Username Password Remember me. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Finding References. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Supported by. Abstract Initial studies show that there are some translations of literary works from Indonesian to English where the quality of the translation is questionable due to the loss of information, the addition of information, and the skewing of information.

Full Text: References Aziz, Z. Baker, M.

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Pengembangan model penilaian kualitas terjemahan.A character is the people appear in a narrative drama, and the readers interpret it as the person who has a moral quality and certain tendency such as being expressed in what they did. Andrea Hirata is an Indonesian author best known for the novel Laskar. Even he just a truck driver, he still thanks to God, at least he not be the fisherman like his father. Translation studies 4th ed. When Miss Mus asks our desire, he answers that he desire to be Trapani one of his class mate.

He just has a Senior High School certificate. Hakemi, B. But each character has different rolled. Pak Harfan stared at her with an empty look in his eyes.

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