Standard 6 to12th all NCERT e-Books are available for download. Just click here to Download NCERT Books EPUB edition for the year Can I get the NCERT books in EPUB format for free? Views How do I download free eBooks in PDF, EPUB, site, and Mobi format?. Select Class.. Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, Class V, Class VI, Class VII, Class VIII, Class IX, Class X, Class XI, Class SubjectSelect Book Title.

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To Access all textbooks in EPUB format on your mobile phone, download the app is available on all three(Andriod, iOS, Windows) platforms: Andriod. Home >> E-Books. E-Books. Textbooks of Classes I-XII (PDF) · e-Textbooks of States/UTs (ePub). RECENT. Hon'ble Minister for Human Resource Development. Read NCERT Books from Class 1 to 12 for free. Accountancy Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computer and Communication Economics English.

Hence from rich to poor, all can have access to it. Hence this is an ideal book when it comes to equality in education.

Questions from NCERT books have a record in appearing in the maximum entrance examinations and school tests. Hence if you practice exercises from that book you can have a few sets of questions common in the exams. The books are supplied with vivid images and explained diagrams.

This helps the student to understand the topic better. Each topic is explained with suitable examples. There is no end to knowledge. Hence reading just one book is never enough. There is no end to learning.

A person should try to read as many books as possible in his lifetime. NCERT books come with model test papers and answer sheets and can serve as a mock test.

NCERT books have proper definitions of examples and instances that make explanations way easier and make it better to understand. NCERT books are books that are not in the competitive market. They are widely known.

Students have been reading these books for ages since. So there is no question of any type of competition. It is way advanced than any other book in the market. NCERT books are widely recommended by teachers as well.

Some teachers follow these books strictly. In some schools, they have been introduced in the school curriculum. Hence they fall out of the competition.

An ideal book is that book which appeals to its readers, which grows interested in the readers, that book is the book that readers value most. The texts are explained in a simple pattern with adequate examples and facts. The pictures and diagrams grow interested in reading Books are cheap and widely available. The books have a question that frequently appears in examinations. Books are available in all languages on different subjects. Whatever book it may be.

A reader always wants to lay his hands on the one that gives him maximum knowledge at a reasonable price. Credibility — The CBSE books are credible as they are prepared to keep in mind the standard of all the students studying from these books. It is not prepared in accordance with one rank of students. It is prepared for everybody. Many professors and well-read teachers are involved in this process and only after all their inputs are well discussed, NCERT textbooks are prepared.

Strong basics and fundamentals — NCERT helps the students to develop an all-around approach and works on their foundations.

NCERT Books Download

Instead of asking them to mug up everything, it focuses on the personalized application of concepts. It helps them to build their own foundation and concepts by opening them to a world of imagination and thinking.

Simple to read and understand— NCERT textbooks are designed in a lucid and an easy to understand approach. The appropriate detailing makes it easy for students to use. Worth its price— NCERT books are minimally priced but they offer a complete insight into the text required for the examinations.

Why NCERT Exemplar Book Class 8 Science?

NCERT is a not for profit organization, thus, it does not concentrate on profit margins. The textbooks are definitely worth their price. Universal — These books were introduced in India with the aim of achieving universal compatibility. With the students complaining about the standards of question papers and the difference in study materials, all the complaints have been silenced by saying that every student under Board is provided with the same set of books.

There is no scope for prejudice and discrimination among students. The paper is very thin and sometimes a gentle snitch turns into a developed cut on the pages. You might want to check that out.

Thank You So much bro for putting these at one place online. I was looking for these from so much time.

NCERT Books Download

Also, i have joined all the chapters as one books and converted them to mobi format for my site. I can share the books if any body requires them. Thanks once again buddy!! Anas Arif Hey! Can you please share a cloud link to your converted mobi format files?

Would be very helpful. Bro Please give the Epub file as single file so that can be used in site. I have tried to convert where the arrangement is not correct like Chapters. Thanks Gokul For ebooks. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. Why epub format?

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Shob Mnn. Gokul Deepak S. Shobhana Menon. Whenever I mail an epub file to my site device, I get a failure message which reads: Thank you for sharing details. Adhitya Prakash Singh. Thank You So much for putting them at one place. God bless you Dear! Anas Arif.These questions help in the preparation for various examinations. Questions from NCERT books have a record in appearing in the maximum entrance examinations and school tests.

Would be very helpful. Shobhana Menon. Universal — These books were introduced in India with the aim of achieving universal compatibility. The books have a question that frequently appears in examinations.

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