PENETRATION (Definitions OF). E. T. R aaa & + a + 4 + 5 ao a + a b + a + + +. R. F. * I++++++++es et a a a + de Pato +3e = * * * * * * + H + 2 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 4 +. 6 Praying To Get Results Gethsemane He prayed, "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my. Penetration - Ingo Swann. Uploaded by Veronica Andreassen. ingo swann. Copyright: Attribution Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for.

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Quite expensive too. About $ and I even read it sold for $1, on site. With no further ado, here it is in PDF. Penetration, by Ingo Swann. PDF File Penetration: The Question Full Page {PDF EBOOK EPUB site} - Ingo Swann . Ingo Swann's- Penetration PDF on-line. Just heard about this on Kerry Cassidy's Whistle Blower Radio Show. She said it was hard to find.

Dominant orange color: Confirmed Crystal bands reflect radio probes: Confirmed Magnetic and electromagnetic auroras "rainbows" : Confirmed A planetary RING inside the atmosphere: Confirmed , not only as to its existence, but as being inside the crystallized atmospheric layers. Liquid composition: Confirmed , , as hydrogen in liquid form. Mountains and solid core: Still questionable, but suspected as of This was the beginning of a marvelous journey.

To the Moon. I haven't finished reading it but there is a thread on the black box of one of Apollo's transcribed missions.

I felt there was indeed a need to put forth what I have read and compare the two regarding activity on the moon, mining, people, etc. Lots of speculation as to what was said, and what Ingo has seen.

Let you be the judge. This book is no longer in print and extremely hard to find.

Quite expensive too. With no further ado, here it is in PDF. Penetration, by Ingo Swann.

Here, objects were backlit onto the rear of an open black box and the illumination adjusted to provide a soft, medium or sharp focus. Swann was instructed to view the images during an out-of-body state. Early testing produced only chance scoring; however, deeper analysis revealed a displacement effect: Swann was correctly guessing the next target that would be presented to him instead of the current one.

When Swann focused his field of view to the immediate vicinity of the targets, scoring rates increased and a markedly reduced displacement effect appeared.

Sharp angular objects produced greater hit rates than smooth circular ones, and warm red coloured objects were more likely to be viewed than cold blue coloured ones. No relationship was found between sharpness of focus and scoring rates.

Tart had developed a testing protocol aimed at reducing the commonly noted decline effect, in which initially high-level scoring falls to chance as the experiment progresses.

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence: Third Edition

Tart reasoned that if most of the guesses were the result of random noise, and genuine psi only operated occasionally at the time of target selection, then perhaps it was distributed in time across preceding and proceeding trials. A random number generator controlled the light illuminations and the sender tried to telepathically inform the receiver what light on the display was illuminated.

The receiver then made a choice on the circular light display. Tart noted that Swann demonstrated a deep interest in the technical and scientific aspects of the experiment — an enduring trait that persisted throughout his research career. He was instructed to travel to a distant room during an out-of-body state and identify a particular sound that was playing there. Target sounds included such things as sirens, birdsong, alarms, and babies crying.

Simultaneously, he was exposed to decoy sounds in his vicinity. Swann was unsuccessful at first, but after several sessions began to make correct guesses, with odds against chance of 64 to 1 for the formal experiment of 2 trials both correct. A second psychic and novice subjects who were also tested but performed at chance levels.

In an experiment of ten trials with ten possible targets, Swann was correct seven times — a highly significant result. Swann was just as successful when the coordinates were encrypted or when he was viewing secret Chinese or Russian locations that could only be later confirmed by satellite surveillance — confirming genuine psychic ability as opposed to an unusually powerful geographical memory. Swann went on to participate in the creation of six-stage training methodology, which was rigorously scientifically tested and became part of the wider military remote viewing effort results, testimonies and other documentary material have recently been declassified and published.

Penetration - Ingo Swann

In one session, he accurately described many of the features of the French-administered island of Kerguelen, including a joint French-Russian meteorological research station. In another session he remote viewed the rings of Jupiter 6 years before they were confirmed by the Voyager probe.

In an initial study, certain neural correlates were found with successful remote viewing performance, notably an unusual 7-Hz spike and slow wave activity over the occipital lobes. A general neuropsychological assessment combined with Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI indicated that Swann possessed a different structural and functional organization within the parieto-occipital region of his right hemisphere. The DOS-exposed cards allowed for accurate remote viewing, while with Windows-exposed cards accuracy was much reduced.

Review of Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy by Ingo Swann

Persinger hypothesized that, unlike the simple DOS-generated field, the more complex Windows-generated magnetic field swamped the target. Fourteen homosexual-themed paintings and hundreds of similarly-themed collages now hang in the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York. Swann also sold paintings to private collectors, most notably real-estate developer Trammel Crow 18 , and his work has also been used in many publications. Swann was a self-taught artist, beginning with still-life works in the late s.

He produced mostly oil paintings. His art was inextricably linked with his psychic experiences and was inspired at least in part by the visual images he perceived while remote viewing, seeing auras and experiencing an out-of-body state.

Hawthorn, — review of metaphysical artists, Starform, — psychic predictions of future world events.Axelrod discloses that the silent, growing, oscillating triangle is simultaneously scanning the area and eliminating any animals in the area [51] and that the silent "beams" emanating from the object were "blasting deer or porcupines from the woods or something. Is that possible if you had a cloud of crystals that were assaulted by different radio waves?

Yes, it seems that Mr. Swann helped develop the process of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute in experiments sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency. Joe McMoneagle, the second most famous remote viewer, said that looking back though past experiments, Ingo Swann was by far the most accurate. Funding for such a project would quickly run dry if instant results were not achieved. This latter discussion has great merit and it proves to me that Swann is, if not an advanced thinker, a person who thinks outside the box and in creative ways that few others can.

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