Gamma World (3rd Edition) - This revised version of TSR's popular forward to getting it as long as it matches the PDF as far as content. The third edition of Gamma World was published in GAMMA WORLD, PRODUCTS OF YOUR IMAGINATION, and the TSR logo are Distributed to the book trade in the United States by Random House, Inc., and.

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Gamma World 3rd Edition Unofficial Campaign Guide - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This document is like the Dead. Referee's Screen and Mini-Module (Gamma World RPG 1st edition) by Paul Gamma World Rules Book (4th edition, #) by Bruce Nesmith, TSR TSR - - Gamma World (First Edition).pdf, Nov , M TSR - a - Gamma World (Third Edition) - Adventure, Nov

Then he finds out that it was discharged and is worthless! More peels of laughter from Referee.. Character shrugs and chunks it over his shoulder I got tired of lugging it around anyway Don't poke any metal rocks! They are still available at the counters page. Updated the Introduction.

Since miniatures are practically impossible to find anymore, and TSR never produced counters, I made some! Thanks to Lord Irish!!

I alsoadded some excell spreadsheets for 4th Edition. These weredesigned by BaddKarma8 aol.

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And updated the "Skills" page. Ward Dragon Magazine, Vol. IX, No. You may use any of these maps, but please give me creditfor the work! This will be the first time I'm a player in GW for 20 years! I would like to makethis a combined project! Send me your additions and ideas!

This will probably be under constant construction Coming not as soon! Character Sheets, etc.. They were designed by BaddKarma8 aol. Characters explore Ancient ruins and strange post-apocalyptic societies to gain knowledge of the Ancients and social status for themselves. Common adventure themes involve protecting fragile post-apocalypse societies, retrieving Ancient "artifacts" science fiction gadgetry such as power armor, laser pistols, and anti-grav sleds , or mere survival against the multifarious dangers of the future such as gun-toting mutant rabbits, rampaging ancient death machines, or other Gamma Worlders bent on mayhem.

A recurrent source of conflict on Gamma World is the rivalry among the "Cryptic Alliances", semi-secret societies whose ideological agendas—usually verging on monomania —often bring them into conflict with the rest of the Gamma World.

For example, the Pure Strain Human "Knights of Genetic Purity" seek to exterminate all mutants, while the all-mutant "Iron Society" wants to eliminate unmutated humans.

Other rivalries involve attitudes towards Ancient technology, with some Alliances such as "The Restorationists" seeking to rebuild Ancient society, while others such as "The Seekers" want to destroy remaining artifacts. Attribute generation is much the same for instance with a range of 3 to 18, randomly generated by rolling three six-sided dice. The attributes themselves are the same, but with occasional name changes such as Physical Strength instead of Strength and Mental Strength instead of Wisdom.

Character generation is mostly random, and features one of the game's most distinctive mechanics, the mutation tables.

Gamma World 3rd Edition Unofficial Campaign Guide

Players who choose to play mutants roll dice to randomly determine their characters' mutations. All versions of Gamma World eschew a realistic portrayal of genetic mutation to one degree or another, instead giving characters fantastic abilities like psychic powers, laser beams, force fields, life draining and others.

Other mutations are extensions or extremes of naturally existing features transposed from different species, such as electrical generation, infravision, quills, extra limbs, dual brains, carapaces, gills, etc.

These were offset with defects that also ranged from the fantastical - such as skin that dissolves in water, or a scent that attracts monsters - to the mundane, such as seizures, madness and phobias. Characters in most versions of Gamma World earn experience points during their adventures, which cause the character's Rank in some editions, Level to increase.

In fact, in the first three editions of the game, character rank is primarily a measure of the character's social prestige. The game mechanics used for resolving character actions, on the other hand, greatly varied between Gamma World editions. For some actions, such as attacks, the number located on the matrix represents a number the acting player must roll.

For other actions such as determining the result of radiation exposure , the matrix result indicates a non-negotiable result. The third edition rules replace specialized matrices with the Action Control Table ACT , a single, color-coded chart that allowed players to determine whether a character action succeeded, and the degree of success, with a single roll.

The ACT requires the referee to cross-reference the difficulty of a character action with the ability score used to complete that action, determining which column of the ACT is used for that action. The character's player then rolls percentile dice ; the result is compared to appropriate column, determining a degree of success or failure and eliminating the need for second result roll e.

The fifth and sixth editions though would relegate Gamma World to that of a Campaign Setting and require the core books to play. Character generation choice though was nearly fully removed. Instead of choosing a character class, a player had to roll a twenty-sided die two times and consult an accompanying character origin table. For example, a player might obtain the result "Radioactive Yeti" and gain the powers associated with the "Radioactive" and "Yeti" origins.

Attributes, mutations, and skills were also randomly assigned.

Two decks of cards comprising the core of a Collectible Card Game are included with the game. One deck represented random Alpha Mutations, which could be drawn to gain temporary powers, and the other contained various Omega Tech, powerful technological devices that could possibly backfire on those that used them.

Some 4th edition rules enhancements for the setting include new damage types such as "Radiation", Gamma World-specific skills, and increased lethality. The original Gamma World boxed set containing a page rulebook, a map of a devastated North America, and dice was released in TSR went on to publish three accessories for the 1st edition of the game:. Grenadier Miniatures also supported the game, with a line of licensed miniatures. Work on the adaptation was halted when a 2nd edition of Gamma World was announced.

Two modules and two accessories were released for this version:. TSR also produced four packs of Gamma World miniatures.

This module was not published. The 3rd edition of Gamma World was another boxed set, credited to James M.

Series: Gamma World

It introduced the Action Control Table, a color-coded table used to resolve nearly all actions in the game.

Color-coded tables were something of a trend at TSR in mids. Unfortunately for TSR, this version of the rules became notorious for the number of editorial mistakes, including cross-references to rules that didn't appear in the boxed set. The Rules Supplement was sent to gamers who requested it by mail, and included in reprintings of the boxed set.

Bazaar of the Bizarre

The five modules TSR published for Gamma World's 3rd edition introduced the setting's first multi-module metaplot , which involved rebuilding an ancient 'sky chariot':.

TSR dropped the 3rd edition of Gamma World from its product line before the multi-module storyline could be completed. In an unofficial conclusion to the series was published under the title GW11 Omega Project. Ward , published in May by TSR.

TSR published five accessories for the 4th edition:. TSR's Gamma World development team announced at Gen Con that no further products would be released for the 4th edition.

They also announced that TSR had restarted development of Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega , but that the manuscript would be completed using the Amazing Engine rules. The 5th version of Gamma World was a supplement for the science-fiction game Alternity.

In a nod to Gamma World' s reputation for being repeatedly revised, the book's back cover states "That's right, it's the return of the Gamma World ".Yes, there is and I will be stealing all of it. Radiation, robots, wild mutations, strange lifeforms, it all started here on the starship Warden.

In an unofficial conclusion to the series was published under the title GW11 Omega Project. Characters may enter the building only by cutting through these shutters or blasting through the building's concrete shell. Product Information. One deck represented random Alpha Mutations, which could be drawn to gain temporary powers, and the other contained various Omega Tech, powerful technological devices that could possibly backfire on those that used them.

The main threat to the peace of the area is the Red Death.

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