Dari-English Dictionary Online Translation, Persian Language of Afghanistan. English Dari dictionary, Peace Corps () [PDF]. • Concise English-Afghan. Presented here is a pocket English-Dari dictionary, published in Kabul in The dictionary includes a guide to pronunciation, brief notes on grammar, and a list of greetings and useful expressions. Dari is the variety of Persian spoken in Afghanistan. Legal Terms. DICTIONARY. Enghlish D ari. By. Dr. M. Ka(~em FcJzelly Page 4. ".. ".. '.". 'i(sz",. '~ 'f~~~". ~,3'~lt'-3'.1". I·. -. ". \. \. \O~, '?. I \,,'-J.. Ir!)~I;;ll~~.

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The need of a modern English-Persian Dictionary can scarcely be questioned, the massive volumes edited many years ago by Richardson and Wilkins. This is English Dari Dictionary and Dari English Dictionary. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not need the internet connection. English Dari Dictionary. English Dari Dictionary (in downloadable PDF format) English Dari Dictionary Bilingual Materials by Peace Corps, Washington. Dictionary Afghan Online Afghan.

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Massoud Khaja. Likewise, the dialect of Persian in Eastern Iran, for instance in Mashhad , is quite similar to the Herati dialect of Afghanistan.

The Kabuli dialect has become the standard model of Dari in Afghanistan, as has the Tehrani dialect in relation to the Persian in Iran. Since the s, Radio Afghanistan has broadcast its Dari programs in Kabuli Dari, which ensured the homogenization between the Kabuli version of the language and other dialects of Dari spoken throughout Afghanistan.

Since , the media, especially the private radio and television broadcasters , have carried out their Dari programs using the Kabuli variety.

Political views on the language[ edit ] This section appears to contradict the article Pashto.

Please see discussion on the linked talk page. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Successive governments of Afghanistan have promoted New Persian as an official language of government since the time of the Delhi Sultanate — , even as those governments were dominated by Pashtun people.Continue to app. Khaled Barakeh on Facebook or the Translators team FB group Testpatterns and fonts[ edit ] Here you can find information on testpatterns and fonts you want to use when typesetting languages you do not know: Typographic-Testpatterns.

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