Book Two: Rebels is the second part of Dreamfall Chapters. The episode's name was revealed in a teaser trailer on November 26th, The release date was. It wasn't bad for this book, though there were drastic consequences to my actions. I haven't included the chapter names because I missed. Dreamfall Chapters is an episodic 3D adventure game with emphasis on character interaction, .. The development of Book Two, Rebels, took longer than Red Thread Games had anticipated. Its initial release date was projected to 24 February.

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two

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Coming off the heels of a rather sedentary first installment, Dreamfall Chapters Book Two: Rebels changes pace and propels the story into. For Dreamfall Chapters on the PC, Walkthrough by umeshu. Book Two: Rebels · Trials · Find and Help the Mole · Find the Traitor · Destroy. I just finished the second book of Dreamfall Chapters, yet I still feel like I am waiting for the story proper to get going.

On the Cloudship If Likho is with you, talk to him or sleep. If he is not, watch the small scene. Umbrae Begin by getting thrown off your Elgwan and talking to Crow and then Ben. Follow the path until you get to the house. Clear the weeds and knock.

Talk, and then use your dreamer mind ability. When the house monster attacks, use the dreamer ability with the hand, taking off the door. Close enough for the hourglass reticle to pop up, use it, and then reach for the heart stone when close enough.

Decide what you will give the sisters. Return to Ben. Ge'en - The Prison Camp Walk toward the giant headless statue to the right, just to the right of it, you can climb a wall with a bunch of visible handholds. Examine it, grab the first outcropping, and continue upwards.

Go to the far side of the statue and climb the vines. Jump to the walkway when you reach the end of the fingers. Go past the guards with the farglass and jump to a ruined tower. From the ruined tower, you can see the door down the stairs. When a guard comes out of the door, observe him using a code panel on the wall. Shimmy on the ledge to return to the two guards keeping watch and take the farglass. Head back and use the farglass to observe the guard entering the code.

When the guard comes out, his key will get stuck.

Knock over a brazier to draw his attention away. Take the keys he left behind, open the door, and then return the keys. Inside the Science wing, look around as you like.

Our objective is the desk. Open the middle drawer and remove it. Unlock the bottom drawer, and open it. Take the head and put it on the statue in front of the desk. Rotate it to the right three times.

When she gets ready to shoot, turn the statue to the left to drop her into the pit of bodies.

Lux Walk forward until a scene plays, showing you the long-sought Purple Mountains. Continue on, going left at the first intersection and right at the second.

Slowly approach the Oular and then speak to him. Go straight, turn right twice, and then reach for the ladder. Talk to Abnaxus. Use the soul-stone on Lux. It's time to wake up, for real this time. Interlude III Dad's glasses are right in front of you on top of a book on the table.

Pick them up and put them on. The first ward is on the ceiling of the room we're in. Touch the photograph, the window, and the scratches on the floor. The second ward is in the brick wall behind the door between the dining room and kitchen.

Touch the drawing, the suitcase, and the trowel. The final ward is in your bedroom, in the picture of you, to the right of your bed. Touch the rocket ship, the unfinished painting, and the schoolbooks.

Use the locket in your inventory.

Enter the shift. Book Five: Redux Recall Interact with the bed to go back to sleep and be woken up by someone familiar. Talk to Wonkers twice, he doesn't sound right. There are seven different lines when you click on the display to the left of the bed. Interact with the card on the flowers until you can grab it.

Do the same with the family photo, the picture of you and Reza, and the graduation photo. Take a closer look at each of the items in your inventory. Speak to Wonkers.

Go around the room, everything should turn white as you approach. Look at the window behind the television. Exit through the door behind the bed. Go down the hall. Decide what to do about the Sister, and how you feel about General Hami.

Find your way into the Tower Go left and left from the pub, and make a right to the large stone stairs where a crowd, headed up by Onor Hileriss, is gathered. Talk to Crow, who is caged atop a pyre. Grab the flagon on the table to your left. Note: You can fill the flagon with water from the birdbath and then drink it. No real purpose, but good for a laugh. Go to the wine merchant, and ask for a taste of any wine. Take the tasting cup and replace it with the empty flagon.

Now get another taste of wine. Pour the wine on the kindling in front of the pyre. Grab the pitchfork in the haystack to the left of the table where the flagon was. The Journeyman Go behind the bar and to the right. Examine the boards and then kick them. Walk to the end of the cellar. The order of the notes is: High, Medium, High, Low.

Walk back to the previous room and examine the lantern to the left, and grab it. Use the egg on the hole. Order of the glyphs is: Right, Middle, Right, Left. Row, row, row your boat, merrily down the stream. The Tower Make your way towards Roper, pulling the lever to lower the raised section. Sneak up behind him and grab him. When he goes to stab you, punch him. Pull the lever on the right to speak with Ferdow.

Put the machine in manual mode by pressing the middle of the three red buttons on the console to the left of the one with the speaking tube.

Direct him to the panel directly opposite him, on the far wall. Go to the right, and pull the lever. Jiva Lab Go down the hallway and to the right.

Check out the incubation pods, and then the message on top of the scanner. Use the access panel and go through the door. Go to the right, the access panel is locked.

Dreamfall Chapters: Book Two – Rebels Review

Turn around and go to the right, avoiding the guard. Examine the dead body and take his ID before heading back to the locked panel for Sequencing. Use the access panel across from you.

Close the door and go to the right. Use the access panel to enter the Control Room. Dream Monastery Leave the chambers and go left, right, and left. Storytime Go to the end of the platform, towards the fire. Interlude IV The rope is hanging on the hooks by the door. The spatula is in the kitchen, on the stove.

The elixir would be among the potions on the side of the kitchen towards the dining room, but it's empty.

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Open the compendium, which is the book on the left. Blood-bog blossoms are on the dining room table. The void oak leaves are on the nightstand in your bedroom. Put the items in the flask at the potion station, first the alcohol, then the leaves, and then the blossoms. Grab the flask after the poof.

Collect the sledgehammer from in front of the stairs and to the left of the toys, by the front door. Use sledge hammer on the brick wall between kitchen and dining room.

dreamfall chapters

Get out of this place Turn around and go to the end. To your right, there's a gap, interact with it. Against the wall, on the right, is a Torque Modulator. Put the spatula in the modulator and pull it down.

Go through the gap. Go right and follow the path.

Go to the right, and at the end, attach the rope to the railing, and then climb down. Use the elixir on Kian. The Longest Journey Follow crow to each of the memories. There are plenty of unpleasant parallels between the occupation checkpoints in Marcuria and the heavy police presence in Europolis. This, I suspect, is at least partly the point. There are no use-rollerskate-on-UFO puzzles here, but there are quite a few dull fetch quests that require you to walk from A to B and then back to A again.

Bits of Marcuria look bloody lovely, though. On the other hand, the puzzle right before that had me wander the entire city several times as part of its solution.

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So: proper adventuring. Areas to explore. Actual puzzles. I… really, really like the way all of this is shaping up.

The characters are still utterly fantastic, which is in no small way because of the writing. The first is Enu, who could be described as hyperactive catgirl with a serious problem of jamming her foot in her mouth whenever her mouth opens. Enu has so much potential to be terrible. The second is Bip, a tiny street urchin. Which is a tiny but very, very crucial difference.

An irritating one, sure, but one I can actually see as a person. I have no idea if that made any sense. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser, said Zoe.

There are major decisions, too, some of which are starting to have an impact. Some of the animations are a little rough.If you gave the data to Baruti, go to the Campain HQ. On the other hand, the puzzle right before that had me wander the entire city several times as part of its solution.

Book Two: And as Kian and Zoe's worlds parallel each other, Dreamfall's world parallels our own, offering social and political commentary via the themes of its stories and the lives of its inhabitants. Interlude IV The rope is hanging on the hooks by the door. Grab the flask after the poof.

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