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Skripsi Bahasa Inggris PTK memang banyak dicari oleh teman - teman semua yang sedang ingin melanjutkan For Indonesia, English is a foreign language. Skripsi Ptk Bahasa Indonesia Sma Contoh Ptk Com Daftar Tesis Lengkap PDF – Contoh Tesis Kumpulan Daftar Tesis Lengkap PDF. Desain penelitian tindakan kelas yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini yaitu penelitian .. /U/ tentang. Pengajaran Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia. 4.

In this study, the focus is only to recount text, since this kind of text becomes problems for the students and it needs to be solved immediately. The strategy applied to improve the students ability in writing recount text is pyramid planning strategy. Pictures Series Students can construct their knowledge during learning recount text easily by using media.

One of the media is picture series which draws a story. This medium fulfills the principles of using media issued by Nyoman S. Degeng Media which can be used to make the students learn more easily and the teacher teaches easily is the main part of the learning process.

The media must be used in integrated way in teaching and learning and not only as ice breaker of teaching and learning. To understand the way of the picture series, the students need to appreciate it in abstract way. In the same way, when they express their ideas to construct the story in a good coherence as well as unity, they have to think it in abstract way too.


Both of them will be easier for them in learning process if the teacher can use picture series. It can not only help the students to get ideas more realistic in understanding the recount text but also in constructing ideas to create it. During the students are writing the text, they can use top-down technique in predicting the content of the text based on understanding of picture series Brown, They can predict the content of the text easily based on their understanding about the picture series.

The pictures give the schemata to the students to construct ideas from their background knowledge and experience. The number of the students in this class is 36 students. The students are taken as the subject of the study since they have poor ability in writing recount text.

The writer also hopes that her students are able to design a text of recount orally after the process of teaching. The steps of research preparations are as follows: 1. Arranging a schedule classroom action research 2. Designing a lesson planning 3. Preparing some pieces of picture series as the media 5. Preparing the jumbled stories based on the picture series 6.

Preparing a form on assessment C. Cycles There are two cycles in this classroom action research. Each cycle consists of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting.

Both cycles focus on the oral cycle of recount learning process. Each oral cycle needs 3 meetings. So, the two cycles of the action research need 5 meetings. Instrument The instrument used to collect the data is test and observation sheets.

Meanwhile, the observation sheets are used: 1. The Implementation of Cycle 1 Before implementing cycle 1, the researcher administered pre-test by asking the students to write recount text. The result of the test indicates that most students can not write the recount text. Based on the observation and interview to the students, the problem is that they are difficult to find idea to write. In cycle 1 the researcher presented the recount text by using picture series.

First of all, the students are given some pictures with incomplete sentence. Based on the pictures the students complete the sentences.

After that, the students are given some pictures without any clue. The students write their own sentences based on their understanding about the pictures. When the students were making their writing, the writer observed the students activities. It is done to know the students motivation and their activeness in doing the task as influence of the use of picture series media.

The result reveals that the mean score of the students is only It means that the study has not been successful yet. The criterion of success is if the mean score of the students is at least 7. They look still confused in finding the idea to write in a piece of paper. Although some students show their improvement in writing motivation and score of writing, the cycle 2 needs to be conducted. This is done because some students get score under the standard which is determined.

Many students get score below 7. The Implementation of Cycle 2 In cycle 1, the researcher used picture series in presenting the recount text to the students. The result shows that some students get improvements in their scores and in their activeness in writing activity, but some others are still under the target or the criteria. In cycle 2, the researcher still used picture series in presenting recount text. But in this cycle, the strategy used is different from the strategy applied in cycle 1.

The strategy applied is the researcher gave more examples of how to write recount text using picture series. After the students understand and have confident, the researcher gave them again picture series, and the students write their own writing based on the pictures.

The result of observation shows that most students are very active and serious doing their tasks. Before the time given is over, all students submitted their writing. By paying attention to the examples the researcher presented and the explanation, the students are easier to make their own writing. Besides that, the students not only can write the text but also mention the components of recount text and explained the function of each the component.

The criterion of success is if the mean score of the students is It fulfills the criteria of success which is determined 7. In terms of students motivation and activeness, during the teaching and learning process using picture series the students are actively involved and more motivated to write.

Suggestions In reference to the conclusion above, it is suggested that the teacher of junior high school used picture series as an alternative media for teaching English, especially, in the teaching of writing recount text.

Dalam mengucapkan bahasa Inggris itu agak sulit NS, Because English is foreign language, most of the students have difficulties how to pronounce the words. It is caused their mother tounge is Javanese, English is still strange for most of them.

Besides, some of them still have difficulties how to pronounce the words because of the function of their tongue. Javanese: pelo , in other words the difficulties come from the students themselves. Besides from the students, it is noticed that the difficulties come from the teacher himself. The teacher doesn't use the right method in teaching English, especially vocabulary. The teacher doesn't master any methods, therefore in teaching learning process the teacher uses one method only.

The students just study in the classroom without doing something in other room or outside. It makes the students feel bored. The material of teaching English is limited. In teaching learning process the teacher uses the material from the LKS and internal curriculum.

The teacher cannot combine other material or create new material. The activities of students just focus in coloring, drawing, imitating and speaking without playing. The teacher does not give opportunity for the children for playing while they are studying.

In this case, the technique of teaching is not appropriate to children's period. He still has minimum English skill. Therefore, it makes the teaching learning process monotonous and makes the students bored.

The teacher seldom uses the media in the classroom. To make the students easier in understanding English, using media is very important, because it will be more interesting for the children.

Without using good media the teaching learning process become boring.

The English teacher says that: "Saya kurang pede karena kadang belum menguasai betul masih ragu-ragu " SS, 7. Besides, the time is limited. In X Kindergarten, the students learn English only 30 minutes every week. It is taught by the teacher with other material such as Aqidah, Akhlaq, Javanese, Arabic, etc.

Sometimes the teacher has difficulties in managing the time, because he must teach other material beside English. X Kindergarten is full day school, therefore the students have to study many fields everyday. The English teacher says that: Sekitar 30 menit, tapi terintegrasi dengan materi lain misalnya tema bentuk, warna, Aqidah, akhlaq dsb.

SS, 1. To overcome the problems teacher has to find out the appropriate method of teaching English for children. It is hoped the student gets the good result in mastering vocabulary in English. Because of the reason, the researcher would like to provide a suitable method which is expected to help the teachers as educator in improving students' vocabulary.

Using beyond centers and circle time method BCCT may certainly be an effective way of teaching English for children. BCCT method is a curriculum theme series that is designed to provide a blend between a development and a didactic approach to working with young children. This theme series will provide teachers with lesson ideas that will allow opportunities to offer direct information while allowing children to experiment and explore materials in order to create their own knowledge.

There are a lot of activities in BCCT method and the students can play in some places suitable to their skill and interest while they are learning. They can study English indoor or outdoor. The students have a lot of opportunities to play with their friends while they are on the process of learning. The teaching learning process becomes more interesting for children. They can play in the corners at least one hour, so they can enjoy learning English. Using BCCT method the teacher has opportunity to create new play or media that is supporting the teaching learning process.

Therefore, the teaching learning process become more interesting for the students. The teacher is able to practice English while giving instruction to the students using simple instruction, so they do not feel strange with English, because they use it everyday. It can be done when the students in the circle time or play in the corners. In BCCT method there are many places for playing, they are called corner or playing place.

The corner consist of preparation corner, art corner, building corner, nature corner, drama corner and pray corner. The corners are used for supporting the teaching and learning process.

Every student is able to use the corner suitable to his interest. The teacher has to prepare them early, before learning English begins.

In BCCT method, there are three kinds of play, those are: 1 role play micro and macro ; 2 building play; 3 sensory motor play. BCCT is one of method that is suitable to children education, because in BCCT method the students have a lot of time to learn especially English, because there are many places using for teaching learning process and each place can be used for learning English.

The students are not bored. The students are able to study by playing. It is suitable to children period, the children like playing. The activities in the corner help learners to forget they are studying, they lose themselves in playing in many places. Learning together in the corner involves the student actively in learning process.

The learners don't feel bored, because they can choose a place for playing suitables to their interest and need. It will be easier for the teacher to conduct the students in teaching learning process.

Hopefully, they can enjoy learning English by playing in many places. In other words, learning by doing in BCCT method can be used for improving student's competence of vocabulary.

First, they can study English indoor or outdoor, they can learn English together in the corners, they can learn by playing.


Second, the students will be more active in doing activities, such as: answering teacher's question, learning and working together with their friends, making simple experiment, etc. Third, the students don't feel bored. Finally, they can enjoy learning English. From the explanation above it can be concluded that BCCT is a method that is designed to provide a blend between a development and a didactic approach to working with young children, focused in children-centered in the corners.

It is used to support teaching and learning process where students are able to move from a corner to different corner to improve their skill and knowledge. Problem Statements Based on the background above, the writer in her study formulates the problem being studied as follows : 1. Can the use of beyond centers and circle time method improve students' vocabulary at X Kindergarten?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation of BCCT method in improving the students' English vocabulary at X Kindergarten? Objectives of the Study General objective: the objective of the study is to overcome the students' problem in mastering vocabulary using learning by doing in beyond centers and circle time method at X Kindergarten.

Specific objective: the objective of the study is to gain information about: 1. Describing the improvement of students English vocabulary in the Kindergarten of X after being instructed by using Beyond Center and Circle Time method; 2. To know how active is the students in the classroom when the teacher applies Beyond Centers and Circle Time method at X Kindergarten?

To identify the strengths and the weaknesses of the implementation of Beyond Centers and Circle Time method. The Benefit of the Study The result of the action research is expected to be able to give some advantages for the students, the teacher, the school, and other researchers.

For the students First, it can motivate students to study English. Through BCCT method, they will get an enjoyable situation, they won't feel bored. The students will get a better learning system, they will be able to improve their ability to memorize vocabulary by using beyond centers and circle time method.

At last, they can learn English particularly vocabulary easily. For the Teacher Second, by understanding the result of this study, the teacher can be careful in selecting teaching technique in their class. It is hoped that the result of this study helps teachers to teach vocabulary properly by using BCCT method for kindergarten students.

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The teachers can improve their ability to make innovation, effective strategies, and scenario of teaching vocabulary. It also enriches teacher's technique to teach vocabulary so that their problems that faced in classroom can be solved.In such an environment, students discover meaningful relationships between abstract ideas and practical applications in the context of the real world; concepts are internalized through the process of discovering, reinforcing, and relating The Characteristics of CTL a.

The texts advocated are: recount, narrative, descriptive, procedure and report.

Writing ability is a productive skill beside speaking, to write simple sentence, message, and announcement and to write text in the forms of narrative, recount, and descriptive, and to write simple messages and personal letters for SMP students in the first and the second years.

And learning appears to "take" far more quickly when students are able to manipulate equipment and materials and to do other forms of active research. The result shows that some students get improvements in their scores and in their activeness in writing activity, but some others are still under the target or the criteria. The result of observation shows that most students are very active and serious doing their tasks.

Another problem is the students have low motivation and are not interested in doing the task since the writing activities are not interesting. Sunardi kartiwisastro, Dipl.

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