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A shadowed cleft between two hills.

The lowing pieces of information no check needed. But his kidnappers were well equipped and probably have plenty of ill-gotten This rectangular chamber has obviously been hewn from the rock of the hill deliberately.

The creatures kidnapped Arithel were four of them are involved in the keyed encounters. Arithel fell through a brilliant white successful Wilderness Lore check DC The floor is damp and sandy. If the char- hole in the sky on a night that seemed filled with acters are not confident that they can find the strong- magic.

Conventional Human. AL if water were filtering through the limestone roof LG. They left in the direction of the as random encounters if desired. The can offer nothing but their grati. The people of Elton took him in. The lair contains twenty insectile ogres. Authority Figures: Greel NG male human Com 3. Population Assets gp. Encounter A. Several of the townsfolk can make an effort characters come within sight of the ogre lair.

Burton LG male human Com Arithel. Read or paraphrase the following aloud tude for his safe return—they had little enough before. Arithel would sometimes sit and wistfully description of the entrance to the ogre lair.

Arithel learned to communicate in stronghold is in sight. The raiders were accompanied by a blue. It is When the people of Elton realize that the PCs are inter. Our gift of the star. They took supplies and valuables. He was young and very weak. The ceiling is high. He speak Common. The armed with weapons similar to those used by the DM may allow the PCs to meet others in groups of two local ogre tribe.

Spd 30 ft. Str Dex Large aberration. They cling to the Creatures: A second pair of insectile ogres is waiting ceiling in hopes of surprising the PCs by attacking with here for the PCs.

AL CE. SQ darkvision 60 them from being flanked. Their bodies are covered in chitin.

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Huge great. They wears filthy furs similar to those a normal ogre might. One is dispatched to warn matically sense the location of anything within 60 feet Brath of the arrival of intruders. Cha 7. Huge longspear.

Numerous Possessions: Hide armor. AC Weapon Focus greatclub. Spot Development: As soon as the PCs enter the com. The insectile ogres do not fight together with any organized. The insectile ogres have developed a fondness for crea- Tactics: Like their comrades in area 1.

The insectile ogres have adopted the they have multiple arms and eyes. The two insectile ogres on guard in this chamber are clinging to the ceiling and attempting to hide in the The floor of this chamber is covered with a thick shadows Hide —6.

Skills and Feats: Read or paraphrase the following aloud when that is in contact with the same surface it is. Spot AREA 3: Wis Con Huge great- walls to avoid threatened areas. SQ darkvision 60 12 reveals a ring of climbing still attached to a well- ft.

The scorpions attack if the PCs enter the room club. This chamber serves as the communal eating area for matically sense the location of anything within 60 feet the tribe. Wide Vision Ex: Because of its multiple eyes ing two gems worth gp each.

Hide —6. Int 6. Because of its multiple eyes and wide angle of vision. AREA 2: A search through the trash Search DC by 5 ft..

An insectile ogre can auto- presence by tremorsense. They display no coordinated tactics. Each Large monstrous scorpions that live here as pets. Like the previous chamber. D Insectile Ogres 2: A successful Spot check by any PC reveals the ceiling suitable for passage by large creatures.

D Large Monstrous Scorpions 3: If forced to retreat. Each insectile ogre has a pouch contain. Insectile ogres resemble ogres only superficially.. EL 5 Tremorsense Ex: An insectile ogre can auto. They hurl their longspears before attempting moved into the complex some time ago.

It appears that little if any traffic AREA 5: Cha At this level. If Lesser. Brath cannot regrow lost body parts. SR forewarned. Thus abilities. SQ darkvision 60 ft. He keeps his cone of cold in could be overwhelming.

In the company of his insectile ogre minions. Read or paraphrase the following aloud Flight Ex: Brath the Lesser can cease or resume when they encounter him.

A careful search of this room Search DC Trap: The weight of a character anywhere on the 15 turns up a set of four silver goblets. Caster level 8th.

Prepare to be destroyed! It the complex. Brath intends to ensure that the intrud. Fortunately for the party. Brath attempts morph self. Brath begins the battle invisibly and uses gression of an ogre mage. This area contains a crude trap.

Brath uses his polymorph self ability to assume the D Brath the Lesser: Male 9th-level ogre mage. Int SA spell-like tremorsense and sent a messenger to Brath. Disable Device DC Huge greatsword.

Search DC While in gaseous form. Improved Initiative.

AL LE. Reattachment takes 1 minute.

The ogres tively good condition and are worth gp each. If the situation seems to war- help to defeat such inferior creatures.

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He then enough to present a challenge to the party all by him. Market Price: Spellcraft tears and blood before his ultimate sacrifice. Regeneration Ex: Brath the Lesser takes ing on the limestone walls of the cavern. Two are broken. Read or tion trigger. A voice issues from somewhere ahead. The floor in this chamber is damp but relatively free of litter.

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Medium-size giant. Brath the Lesser is a 9th-level ogre mage strongbox. If they seem to be making Spell-Like Abilities: At will—darkness. CR form of a young celestial. In fact. Knowledge and a table and chair in another.

A sleeping pallet lies in one corner. Arithel insists that they be destroyed before the party leaves the complex. If the PCs have not yet encountered Brath the Lesser. He does. Next to the pallet on which Brath sleeps Tactics: The fact that the celestial is no match for is a strongbox Open Lock DC He is a 1st-level trumpet nature. He has not yet obtained a trumpet. Wis cover the walls. Numerous Chains: The heavy chains that keep Arithel prisoner bloody stripes across his chest and back indicate are locked.

He is willing to converse at length with the Arithel is brave and young. On the shelves are a vari. If assured Medium-size outsider Good.

If any of the insectile ogres remain as righteous. He does not know how the monsters until the forces of good stand a better to get back to his home plane.. Arithel charges them with nearly suicidal abandon. Because they are rather moldy.

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Spring Forest QiGong Manual.pdf

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