Lost Islamic History. Firas Alkhateeb. Paperback. Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past. Revised and Expanded Edition. Over the last. raudone.info: Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past ( ): Firas Alkhateeb: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Presenting 1, years of Islamic civilisation in a comprehensive, easy to follow manner is no small feat the book is valuable not.

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Select Books is an established bookstore, distributor and publisher. We specialize Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation From The Past. by Firas. Lost Islamic History by Firas Alkhateeb, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A lively and eye-opening popular history of Islamic civilisation, this book seeks to redress the omission from the history books of many of the contributions of.

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New Releases. Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past. Description Islam has been one of the most powerful religious, social and political forces in history.

Over the last years, from origins in Arabia, a succession of Muslim polities and later empires expanded to control territories and peoples that ultimately stretched from southern France to East Africa and South East Asia. While every attempt has been made to ensure stock availability, occasionally we do run out of stock at our stores. Prices and stock availability may vary between Webstore and our Retail Stores. Fulfilment Centre Email: Check Retail Stores' phone number.

Wish List Welcome! Sign in New customer? Start here. This book also cleared up a lot of facts that I was previously confused about. Jan 14, Noufa rated it it was amazing. Before reading this book, I only knew some of the history during pre-Islamic, the time of the Prophet p. I assure you this book is very concise.

It may not comprehensive but it covers all important details starting from the pre-Islamic era as to the situation before the coming of Islam. During the life Before reading this book, I only knew some of the history during pre-Islamic, the time of the Prophet p. During the life time of the Prophet which include the early life of the Prophet, the first revelations, the persecution where the all-out boycott was implemented which led to hijra, political order on Medina, the battles and victory to the end of prophethood.

I was amazed on 'Umar leadership and I just learnt how the event of Ali's murder take place - the controversial event that initiated the Shi'ism and the actual situation between 'Ali and Mu'awiyah. From there, the Muslim state was established - the Abbasid caliphate. The best part that I enjoyed most was on the chapter of Intellectual Golden Ages. This is the arising of Islamic civilization. The establishment of House of Wisdom and its contribution the development of education.

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The development of area of studies such as Mathematics, astronomy, geography, medicine, physics, fiqh and hadith, theology and shi'ism. During the time of upheaval, apart from Isma'ilism, the Fatimids and the crusades, I'm shocked and sad to know the Mongols and its brutality which caused major destruction towards Islamic civilisation. It is estimated that almost 1 million of Muslim were killed.

The House of Wisdom was destroyed.

The Islamic civilisation that was built in years was destroyed just within few weeks. This book event touched on the part of Africa, how Islam arrived there. It is a pleasing fact to know the fact that the African Muslim who were made slave in America were well educated compared to non-Muslim African slave.

In every part of the world that involve the coming of Islam are written in this book. The rebirth of the Islamic civilisation during the Ottoman Empires, the success and victory of the Ottoman Empires to the liberal reform of Ottoman Empire. The formation of states that we known today. All this were discussed in the book.

Learning the history, I see how the world today has become. The major mistake that we never learnt from the history has make us today.

Thanks to the writer, I wished to learn it further. It is a disappointment that we don't learn this in our school or even in university. Jul 22, Afnan Neyaz rated it really liked it. But I fell in love with the life of the prophet, the rightly guided caliphs, intellectual golden ages and Al-Andalus chapters.

Though I admit that I read the imperialism decline chapter and some parts quickly and carelessly. Overall it's a really good book summarizing the ups and downs of the islamic history. Selalu menarik membaca buku sejarah Islam yang ditulis oleh akademisi. Ada prespektif yang baru dan terkesan sangat objektif. Membuat sejarah Islam tidak sejenis dogma. Jul 07, Riaz Rahaman rated it it was amazing. Masha Allah, an amazing booking.

I am extremely enlightened by the Islamic history. This is an excellent overview of the history of Islam, from its beginnings to half of the XX century. It is clearly explained and entertaining. For people like me who are pretty ignorant on the subject this book can help to understand an important religion and culture that is not well taught in western schools.

Book Review: Lost Islamic History

I was greatly surprised the author took time not only to describe Islam in Arabia and the middle East, but also to talk about east and west African countries as well as the Islamic expans This is an excellent overview of the history of Islam, from its beginnings to half of the XX century. I was greatly surprised the author took time not only to describe Islam in Arabia and the middle East, but also to talk about east and west African countries as well as the Islamic expansion in India and southeast Asia.

Sometime the middle of the paragraph repeats what was said at the beginning of it, which is kind of weird, but maybe it is the author's way to reinforce an idea. Also, it would be nice if it had more maps showing the expansion of the different empires and kingdoms, since some of us are not that familiar with the regions mentioned in the book.

Also as with any other history book, all the excessive praise and criticism of certain individuals or nations should be taken with a grain of salt, but in my opinion the author was not very biased in its interpretation.

Regardless of that, this was a very entertaining and informative book, and I can't recommend it enough. Jan 09, Ali Jafari rated it really liked it. The book starts in pre Islamic Arabia giving the reader an understanding into the conditions set for when the revelation of The Prophet SAW came into existence. It then takes the reader into the trials and tribulations after prophethood and into the caliphate system. I found myself benefiting immensely when the author discussed the difference between the simplicity of the early caliphate in comparison to the caliphates of the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties.

I also enjoyed reading about the Isla The book starts in pre Islamic Arabia giving the reader an understanding into the conditions set for when the revelation of The Prophet SAW came into existence. I also enjoyed reading about the Islamic golden age and was interested in finding that it was this age in which religion and science were seen as a working force in the search for truth. During that period in The house of Wisdom in Baghdad we saw significant intellectual figures who paved the way for modern physicians and scientists.

The book comes into more contemporary times and looks at the British empire, the rise and fall of the ottoman empire and gives a reasoning into why the decline of the muslim empires happened.

The author gives small random fact every so often which I found have stuck with me. A must read for those that want a comprehensive understanding of islamic history, it is also a good introduction into each period Islam has faced throughout history which can be used to develop further reading. I would give it a 4. Nov 19, Fahed S. Al Kerdi rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Non-Muslims and English speaking Muslims. This book is representing the Islamic point of view on history.

The encyclopedic books are really seducing! I skipped the very first chapters; the prophecy era, the first four caliphs, Umayyad and Abbasid, and the golden age of the Islamic Civilization, because I am families with all of these details, I started my intensive reading from the Mongols and crusades era, and the subsequent chapters. The book can be criticized and praised in too many points, it was really confusing to review the book. I will start my review with the positive side: Geographically, all territories of Muslims population has been mentioned properly.

The author was very fortunate in his research and reference reading to reach all of the needed information to mention all of these details. The book language was easy to understand even by an average English speaker or those who speak English as a second language.

Even though the book is very informative, the concept of each chapter was emotionally mentioned and expressed.

Touching the Muslims catastrophic contemporaneity days, and their luxurious and glorified past, was clearly shown by the progress of the book, the author is trying to raise the question of "what happened to the Muslims nations? The Caliphate did not fall because the Muslims has betrayed it, or because the Jews, or even the western conspiracy, it fall because it was outdated and not proportionate with the current circumstances, as the Islamist will always fail to raise their concept because they are also outdated and not proportionate Moving on to the negative side of the book: So how we could consider them as a rebirth of the Islamic Civilization!

Buku penting tentang sejarah islam yang ditulis dengan brilian. Berbagai sumber menjadi acuan penting bagi para sejarawan yang sedang belajar tentang Islam. Dari buku ini kita bisa melihat bagaimana Islam bisa menjadi kekuatan geopolitik yang besar di tahun pertama pasca wafatnya sang Nabi.

Semua dijabarkan dengan rinci memuat tokoh-tokoh yang memegang peranan penting dalam pertumbuhan Islam pada masa jayanya hingga sekarang sinar itu meredup. Satu pertanyaan terakhir timbul setelah semua ke Buku penting tentang sejarah islam yang ditulis dengan brilian.

Satu pertanyaan terakhir timbul setelah semua kejayaan dan kemajuan umat muslim terdahulu, akankah umat islam modern saat ini mampu mengangkat kembali kejayaan masa laku seraya tetap menjadi umat islam yang sejati dalam memegang ajaran agamanya? View 2 comments. Jun 13, Natiq Khan rated it liked it. The first half of this book was quite interesting and enjoyable to read, but as the book neared its ended, it started to feel like the author was cramming in his knowledge.

Almost every other line mentioned a new name, a new place, another date, without any sort of solid connection and it soon felt like a chore to read it.

QS Ali Imran 3: Membaca bab-bab terakhir buku ini hingga kemudian menutup buku ini dengan menarik napas panjang, ayat tersebut di atas yang terngiang di kepala. Setelah menyusuri bab demi bab, mulai dari Arab pra-Islam, kedatangan Islam, penyebaran Islam yang massif sejak masa Khulafaur Rasyidin, hingga masa dinasti dan kerajaan… Islam telah membangun peradaban yang berkilau dan gemilang.

Bait al Hikmah di Baghdad, Andalusia, hingga Timbuktu. Namun perlahan kekuatan tersebut melemah, bahkan tragis bila kita ambil contoh hancurnya Baghdad oleh Mongol dan represi dahsyat rakyat Andalusia oleh Monarki Katholik. Saya kurang setuju bila dikatakan terpuruknya peradaban Islam karena politik. Memang banyak terjadi pertikaian antar penguasa dan perebutan kekuasaan, tapi inti masalahnya adalah ketika para pemimpin mulai egois, bermewah-mewah, sedikit demi sedikit meninggalkan Islam, menjauhi ulama, dan bertindak zalim.

Internal yang lemah pun mudah digoyang oleh eksternal. Dipecah belah dan diadu domba. Satu persatu negeri takluk, bahkan hancur. Sunnatullah pun berlaku. Masa kejayaan dan kehancuran Allah pergilirkan di antara manusia, agar kita mendapat hikmah dan pelajaran. Sebagian isi buku ini memang tidak baru. Tiga dari sedikit buku sejarah Islam yang pernah saya baca.

Namun ada banyak hal juga yang baru saya ketahui dan saya harus angkat topi pada penulis yang juga seorang peneliti dan sejarawan.

Penulis telah merangkum banyak hal dari puluhan sumber, yang bisa jadi tak bisa saya baca semua. Saya mengikuti sharing penulis dari mulai status-status pendek di akun twitter LostIslamicHist, hingga kemudian ke facebook dan website. Oh ya, kelebihan buku ini adalah mudah dibaca dan dipahami. Penulis mengemas dengan bahasa yang simpel dan jernih. Sebab sering kali buku sejarah dituturkan berbelit. Jul 04, Batyrbek Alimzhan rated it it was amazing.

It is the book I was looking for earlier — the history of Islam and Muslim states starting from their birth till Modern times. How many Islamic empires rose and fell and I discovered for myself many unknown kingdoms, rulers and scientists. The book is called lost because it includes many historical events It is the book I was looking for earlier — the history of Islam and Muslim states starting from their birth till Modern times.

The book is called lost because it includes many historical events, personalities that are unfairly unnoticed by Modern say Western Society.

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It's not only a historical or religious book; it's also about politics, economics, and science and philosophy? In my opinion, the author wrote it in a kind of Wikipedia style, in terms of neutrality.

The book will be informative both for Muslims and non-Muslims. The first ones can get more information about their ancestors, their culture and pious lifestyle and at the end they might come to thinking what will be the future of Islam and how they can contribute to it.

The latter ones on the other hand can get the general idea of the history of Islam and how it affected to the World's History; they might look at Islam from different perspective and also get to understand some behaviors of Modern Muslims. I will definitely refer to this book each time when I want to make sure about the special historical event.

Speaking of ancestors — there were some mentions about Central Asian Turks in general, but nothing particularly related to Kazakhs or Kazakhstan.

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But that was enough for me. I liked the author's vocabulary, maybe that's why it went easily to finish it quickly. Dec 30, Chetan Tyagi rated it really liked it. Standalone the books probably worth a 4 star. The writing style is lucid and events and history is extremely easy to follow. Firas has managed to give a primer on the most important events as you run through some years.

Pretty good start for someone who doesn't know the religion at all. Needless to say detail orientation is not possible in such a abridged narration of an incredibly complex situation. What holds the book back is a very clear bias towards Islam.

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All the conquerors that e Standalone the books probably worth a 4 star. All the conquerors that expanded Muslim influence through wars are hailed as great kings and apparently wherever they went they were warmly embraced by the conquered people.

There is no mention anywhere of any forceful conversion ever in the Islamic history.

A little hard to swallow that. Since I am from india I have some idea about the ground realities here through history teachings and personal views. Muslims were the ruling classes through centuries but were far from universally accepted. They prospered owing to military might.Priority Shipping dispatches available items first. Not Available Jurong store Shelf Location: English ASIN: Stories of the Prophets. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

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