Ed Crowley MVP "There are seldom good technological solutions to behavioral problems." Monday, August 20, PM In my situation, brand new W PC, IE 9 could not download files, the download dialog would not display, also .. This occurs with any type of file, executable, PDF, whatever. Fixes an issue in which you receive an error message when you download a file or a program in Internet Explorer We're having a bit of a problem with users trying to download a document using IE When they click the Open button they get another.

Internet Explorer 10 Pdf Couldnt Be Ed

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If you have tried the above method of resetting the default programs and still could not fix Internet Explorer 9 or IE10, you can use the batch file. Try to delete a PDF from File Explorer in Windows 8 and you'll likely get an error message. a pdf, the original document remains and I couldn't delete the files. I am so not computer savy, was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed says: . I have this problem all the time on Windows 10 with Adobe PDFs. In this case IE=edge uses the current version of IE that is installed on the machine. So if you have IE 11 installed that's used, if IE 10 is installed.

Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by: Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 https: Topics covered are: If you are a consumer looking for answers or to raise a question, it's highly recommended you head on over to http: Sign in to vote. I have no trouble downloading files, but when I click "Open" the download never opens, regardless of the file type.

I thought the problem might be Norton Antivirus, so I removed it, but the problem still occurred. I have tried setting IE settings to the default, still no go.

Any ideas? Monday, August 20, Then now you could trace both cases and compare the traces for their essential differences. Note that when you save traces as. I believe I had a customer with this same issue the OP had I noticed he never came back to indicate it was solved, he likely created a new profile, but it can be avoided!

In my situation, brand new W PC, IE 9 could not download files, the download dialog would not display, also PDFs would not load in the browser or download and overall browsing was incredibly slow.

I had tried: Resetting IE9. No change. IE no Addons. Clearing download list. Uninstalling IE9. The last one a co-worker recommended and it worked on a clean user profile that hadn't been logged in on this machine.

I ran procmon on the problem profile and noted iexplore.

"couldn't be downloaded" error when you download a file or a program in Internet Explorer 11

I made sure iexplore. It snapped right up as quickly as it normally should and now the download dialog appears and functions normally!

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future, I'd post the reg files but I'm not sure which key fixed the problem and if it works on another profile on the same machine it shouldn't be too hard to just export your own keys.

Tuesday, April 9, 5: Hi, Try to reset IE9. Tuesday, August 21, 4: Tuesday, August 21, 5: Hi, Can you please try this? Choose the Advanced Tab 2. Scroll down to Security 3. Un-check Do not save encrypted pages to disk Thanks, Swapnil Prajapati. Tuesday, August 21, 7: My IE has had that box unchecked for years! Thanks anyway, any other ideas? Tuesday, August 21, 2: Tuesday, August 21, 3: Hi, You can also try to temporary disable your security applications or boot into Clean Boot Mode and test the issue again.

Wednesday, August 22, 3: Hi, If you run your system in safe mode with networking and then try to download the files. Are you getting same behavior? Thanks, Swapnil Prajapati. Wednesday, August 22, 4: None of those solved the problem. Can't try IE 64 as my Windows 7 is bit. Friday, September 21, 4: Neither helps. Any other ideas?

Let us know how you make out with ProcMon. Friday, September 21, 5: So what am I looking for with ProcMon? Friday, September 21, 6: The last instance of the filename you were expecting to see launched might be informative. Friday, September 21, 3: Your email address will not be published. When I made Acrobat Reader my default reader, the problem came back.

Could not delete PDF's unless I used various workarounds. Workes when I stopped the service via task manager. Just like that. Saved me a headache. Thank i had tried all other options just driving me crazy. This was the quickest and effective. This is the best, most comprehensive solution suggesting I've seen for this issue. I used Task Manager and it worked. The Choice of Unlocker is awesome.

I was trying to remove folder colorizer but failed. Glad you found Unlocker through us, Alauddin! And thank you heaps for the feedback, very much appreciated. I tried for 4 hours to do this on my own, and accomplished it in 5 minutes with your article. Happy Dance! If you want to copy the data and facing this error which says "file in use". This is a common problem which occurs during cut, copy, paste and deletion of files. In my experience and opinion no other file copy application does it better and simpler than GS RichCopy Too bad that software is overpriced.

How about a free solution like LockHunter? Long path error is a very common problem in Windows users face. You can use Long Path Tool to resolve these problems.

Get support of this product by subscribing it online. Comments indicate that the site has been spamming forums and the tool has been spreading malware. Would you like to comment on that?

Well Tina, I honestly don't know about that but I have been using this software for a long time.

It works really well for me. Use "Long path tool" to solve the error. It helps to delete the long file, rename the long file, etc Thank You!!! The task manager was exactly what I needed: Now if only I could commit that keyboard shortcut to memory: How about this to memorize it: Displaying ALL processes not just User allowed me to locate and end the problem app; after that a successful uninstall completed this task.

Also, ctl-shft-esc There are much simpler ways overide windows privilages and delete any and all files in use. The methods provided here are a waste of people's time! I'm not providing the info on how to do this because I am pissed off at how stupid so many people are in the Tech World. OR I guess be a miserable little lemming troll like the rest of the vomitus vile and wretched unsightly disgusting parasitic piece's of satans shitty ass in the tech world!

So your idea of helping is complaining, not directly saying how to do it for the people coming here, and maybe being diplomatic enough for him to take you seriously? Good job.

This information is FREE!!!! I see some people complaining in an extremely rude manner and it is uncalled for. Hey a-holes, don't you remember your mother's words of advice "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything"? Grow up children you didn't pay for this helpful information. Helped me. Thank you Tina for putting in your valuable time even if other people are ungrateful. Often a file gets locked by Windows Explorer when it's attempting to load meta-data regarding an.

Terminating Windows Explorer through the task manager and then going to a System Prompt usually cures the problem. You can also use Process Explorer from Microsoft: Wait for a bit even after the first results appear as it still searches. If the Type is "File" you can right-click and close the handle.

Thanks for the article Tina. I have been using Unlocker for many years now. It has always worked for me bang-on 98 times out of The other 2 times it offers to delete the file at next reboot. And it does so, at the next reboot.

It is one of those tools that I wish Microsoft builds right into the File Explorer. The other being: Probably not. The task pane relies on an old version of IE and unless you rebuild there is source code to remove those things the answer is now you can't. I'm trying to use Whatsapp in my application. I'm using visual studio I couldn't find any browser IE 11 as well working with it. Only Edge But Edge is not running in Webbrowser control.

I tried to following:.

IE 10 with the application for systems where a smaller version i. IE 7 is installed and use them? Sadly, I have a little issue I can't solve: The next step I'll take is change the value of the combobox of dates and re-load the page.

Maybe it would work. Daniel - IE7 is the default so if that's what you want you don't do any of this and just use the default. Is there any way we can override or change some browser setting and get these icons displayed in browser control with turning off IE Enhanced Security Configuration? Santhosh - nope. IE security policy affects ALL browser instances so that has to be set first in order for anything to work.

Mate, I was stuck on this problem for ages and by chance a Google search brought up this web page. Thanks so much from us downunder. Hi Rick, firstly thank's for your help, this aricle is very helpful and sorry for my english.

I have two questions:. I don't understand that: Pablo - 1 - no you can't run the developer tools. They are not part of the control, they are part of the IE Application shell which is not part of the Web Browser control.

Hello Rick, That was of great help! I struggled a little with how to find the name of the. So I would like to add that just using an Asterisk as the registry key name would force the usage of the specified version of IE on ALL apps that use Web browser control. How can a WebBrowser control be forced to open the most recent version of IE?

I mean without using emulation mode and without having to change any Registry keys? I have a peculiar problem with BrowserControl.

Rendering performance degrades over time if I run IE in parallel. If I use Fire Fox or Chrome no such issue exist under same conditions. Any idea? Does any of you have experience in doing this for app running under Windows service? For me it does not work. Here is how i see this: Im opening some modern page precisely an Office Sharepoint page.

Those pages have limitation to IE 10 or later. If you open it with older browser, there is an error not bad rendering, the page does not open at all So i have my App with WebBrowser control and saw this error.

And when i do, i still get this error. So my conclusion is that this setting does not affect apps run from windows service.

Any idea if this can be changed? Maciek - you either need to set the key on HKLM which is global or for the specific user account that's going to be running the application. Thanks the article helped a lot! I am SO grateful to have found this article - the behaviour itself much less the fix is not detailed anywhere in the Microsoft documentation I went through, and I was about to beat my head in trying to get jQuery loading in the web app being displayed in my app's WebBrowser control.

Thanks for the advice on setting the IE Version. Is there anyway to get it to report this as the Browser version. We use Google Maps and it shows the map but also shows a warning that we are using an old version of the Browser.

JohnK - it should show the correct browser version if you use the registry hack. If you use the Edge mode header the user agent shows the original with some edge mode additions to the UA string. You can Inject the meta description on loading the website, previous to rendering.

That what you don't need neither to modify the page what usually is not up to you , neither to insert a registry key that is a intrusive operation in the user machine.

Did not work for me. I have to specify these registry for powershell. Do we have to do something different for Powershell snapins? Vikas - Powershell. Powershell is console - it doesn't have direct access to the Windowing subsystem so if you have UI of some sort there must be something else running that. Rick, thanks for your response. I am loading a snapin in Powershell and to use it I need to authenticate. It is this authentication dialog where the latest IE version has to be used.

I open task manager and right click on "Authentication" and choose "Go to process" it always shows me powershell. That is why I was creating those registries w. Might be something is overriding the value you are setting. This should work, but note that the meta Edge tag will override the underlying Reg setting, so if the page has that header in there and it's pegged to a specific IE version that might be the problem.

MS internal pages often use this to ensure backwards compatibility. I just checked at relevant locations but I did not find any registry that was already set. Also, I don't feel that the Edge tag is overriding these registries as I know of few other applications which authenticate the exact same way. But these are independent applications and not powershell snapins.

I believe there is a typo in the naming of the HTTP response header. See https: That what you don't need neither to modify the page what usually is not up to you , neither to insert a registry key that is a intrusive operation in the user machine ".

I have a website which uses windows authentication and when i access it in IE browser it ask for user name and password in a prompt. But if i access the same url from Microsoft Web Browser active x control it is not asking for Username and password, it shows a blank page.

Santosh - that works for me. You may not be asked for permissions on a local domain - it may just automatically log you in. I have to display in the webcontrol object of a simply vb net application, a simply html page.

What i see is different from what i have designed, so i tried to use the meta tag attribute. The registry hack soles the problem, but i am here asking why the meta tag is useless i my case. I have changed the registry key to use but still there are javascript errors showing in browser control. However these errors are not showing when I open in browser separately. It seems there are javascript ECMA6 compatible syntax like "let" "of" is not understandable by browser control and throws error.

Does this registry change, enables browser control to use latest version of javascript? Even though I added it loads on IE 11 and not edge. How can we force control to use IE edge without using registry? Used below script to check the version. At this point you probably should just force IE 11 given that it's the browser that will be used on most machines Win7 forward via install or Windows Update.

This article is really great, I've lost count of how many times I've been referencing it in the last 3 years! Can the browser compatibility mode be used also to affect how CHM files are viewed in Windows?

This would be great, since I've noticed that currently CHM files offer poor html support — e. Tristano - yes you can use it on CHM, but it's a global setting. You have to set it on hh.

There's a post in that regard: Thank your prompt reply Rick — and forgive me for this late response, but my PC crashed and had to reinstall from scratch, and I've just managed to recover this link now that I'm back working on my project.

I've read the article you've linked, very interesting and well written. This is exactly what I feared, ie: So, I guess it would be a bad idea as this might compromise how some CHM Helps are displayed, especially those whose author has strived to beautify with custom CSS. Usually CHM authors expect hh. It's a pity that Microsoft didn't come up with a similar registry key for CHM files, which the help viewer could check before opening the CHM file.

I mean, this issue of the WebBrowser control has a long history, so MS could have thought of this, but apparently they didn't. From what I understood, currently MS has no plans to drop the old WebBrowser control in favour of an Edge-based modern control. I wonder why that is. I haven't had a chance to actually use them, but I've heard of a. I find it really frustating that the WebBrowser control limitations have prevented the creation of some cross platform system for local HTML-based documentation.

The reasons that got me to this article are that in the past I've worked a lot with executable ebooks or "compiled websites", as they were often referred to. They were quite trendy in the late 90's, but then faded away; one of the main reasons being lack of cross plaformness, but also the WebControl IE7 limitation. Unfortunately, none of these eBook compilers have been updated to add the registry hack to emulate IE Some eBook compilers offer some custom scripting extensions allowing to tweak the registry, this allows creating workarounds to fix the web browser compatibilty issue I've managed to achieve it with 2 eBook compilers, but none of the solutions was too elegant in the end.

For a long time I've been tinkering with the idea of creating an eBook compiler that would produce cross-platform HTML documentation in a self-contained binary. When Chromium came out I though it would finally be possible, but then I saw that you can't create a standalone binary using CEF — lots of dynamic libraries, and quite heavy too. If West Wind Html Help Builder could create cross platform binary standalone documentation files, whose contents can't be hacked, it would be really superb.

Currently documentation is always a problem in cross platform applications, as there is no equivalent of Windows CHM Help system on other OSs especially when it comes to jumping to a specific Help entry. This is a huge gap that has yet to be filled — and probably because no one has pushed hard enough to do it.

Executable eBooks are the closest solution I've seen so far to replacing CHM help iles, except that all such compilers relied heavily on MS WebControl and no one looked on how to implement the same on Linux and Mac. I guess you must have given your own thoughts on this very issue, having developed West Wind Html Help Builder and Markdown Monster , and realizing how important documentation is, and that most of today eBook like standards are not really concerned with protecting the contents.

It would appear that this shortcut changed when the MSDN article was moved from the referenced location to an archived "previous-versions" location. I'll echo the many other comments - fantastic article. My language is Delphi , and the Registry Hack was exactly what I needed. Works fantastic in HKCU. Like you, I use inno setup, so your example saved me a little time there. Perhaps most importantly, you deserve recognition, not only for a great article, but for how well you support and respond to all the comments that have been made over the years.

Hats off to you. Hi Rick First of all can I add my thanks for this webpage- now 7 years old but still the best reference for this issue. I have been successfully using code in Access for users to get their current geolocation. It works as follows: All worked fine until the latest Windows update to version Since then IE reports that 'the geolocation service failed' If I load the same file into Edge, the correct location is still obtained.

The same issue can be seen by loading the w3schools geolocation feature which uses similar code to mine in different browsers. See W3SchoolsGeolocation web page: I'm unclear whether this is a bug or if the IE geolocation service been deliberately disabled e.

If its a bug, what's the best way to report it to MS? I was looking into this issue and I found that there is a new browser control using edge https: I have integrated webbrowser control in outlook - custom task pane where html form gets display.

I have browser emulation registry entry with outlook. I think it works fine as html form loads and as such no error also user agent shows proper IE One issue I see is "onkeyup" javascript event is not working there. Not sure any issue with outlook. There is one more focus specific issue as well https: The web page is not being displayed properly. It gives some script error. However the same web page is properly displayed when i try to open from a stand alone Microsoft IE I tried adding the key in the registry setting with a value for IE However it did not help.

Fix: Internet Explorer Does Not Open Links

After the registry setting, when i try to run that software that hosts the web browser control, it shuts down immediately. Any help is much appreciated in this case. Well done Rick, thank you! It was just for a personal project automating collection of my smart-meter daily half-hour usage data, for which my electricity provider has so far failed to produce a simple downloadable.

However, a text listing for each daily set of data is available about clicks-down following login Oh great Your article, 15 minutes, including a built-in reg check at program start-up in case I ever migrate the program to another machine and forget what to do - Problem Solved!!! Ad-free experience sponsored by:. Share on: On this page:. Is this content useful to you?

Internet explorer 10 pdf couldn be ed

Consider making a small donation to show your support. Posted in Internet Explorer.

Vish May 24, Very useful and timely for me: One question I had that I thought you might be able to help with was whether application configuration is done only name. So, if there are multiple apps with the same name on the machine, all of em are forced to use the same IE settings? Thank You, Vish. Rick Strahl May 24, But that begs the question.

Mark June 19, It is a little hard to understand why the WebBrowser control does not default to using the highest version of IE installed but I suspect people much brighter than I have a defensible reason.

Kind Regards Mark. Rick Strahl June 20, I recently switched an app over to IE9 operation and that broke a ton of functionality which I had to work around with client side script code called from the host application. It took a lot of experimenting to get this right because it now has to work with both old and new versions of IE testing is a lot of fun for this. By specifying the version in the registry you tie an application to a specific version although you still have to deal with downlevel support for older browser installs - yuk.

Incidentally this version switching scheme is an excellent way to let you test operation under various versions of IE: Andrew Duthie June 23, This was just what I needed. Putting together something for a demo, and your post just saved me a ton of work. Richard September 14, There should at least be a property we can set to enable this, without having to elevate and hack the HKLM hive of the registry!

As for having multiple settings for the same exe name, what if two vendors produce applications with the same executable name? Vendor A wants their "helper. With the current system, there's no way to have both applications working on the same PC at the same time. Role September 15, Rick Strahl September 16, Anything in the HTML document is too late to switch engines.

Then there's the issue of what's actually installed on the the machine. Obviously you can't render IE 9 style if IE 9 isn't installed ;-. That's good to know. Incidentally I've had a heck of a time trying to automate the new Range API even knowing that it's different. It breaks inconsistently and causes all sorts of headaches.

Will give the old API a shot and see if that helps. Richard September 19, You can even use the developer tools to switch the browser and document modes on the fly. All I'm saying is, we should be able to have this level of functionality within our own applications, without having to hack the registry. As it stands, Chromium is looking like the better option. Rick Strahl September 19, But it is what it is - AFAIK this is the only way to get later than IE 7 behavior in the Web Browser control and while it's an ugly, ugly hack to have to resort to the registry its something that can be easily enough handled by an installer.

If there's another way I'd love to know about it.

I would love to make this user selectable with a switch so they can determine what they see! Especially given IE 9's mungled ClearType only rendering that can't be turned off and which drives me nuts and is the main reason I don't use IE 9.

Bernard Bout October 21, I added an entry in the registry: If I add the meta tag: Anil October 22, Its worked by adding my application name vfp9. Any specific reason? Rick Strahl October 22, There's some overhead in the ActiveX container as it has to fire events into the container - if FoxPro code runs in response to anything in the DOM it'll likely slow the browser down quite a bit. Why would there be errors in IE9 or IE7?

It sounds like IE is actually rendering in the right version, but the pages you're accessing are maybe generating errors? Make sure you set both 32 bit and 64 bit keys if you're running on Windows 7 so settings apply to both versions of IE if you install the 64 bit version often the 32 bit version runs anyway especially via COM automation.

Also remember that VFP9. For your own app you have to add another key for the actual EXE name in the registry. It's easy to check whether IE9 or classic rendering is used - go to a page that use CSS 3 features like the one I showed above: Anil October 23, LambertWM November 13, I also appreciate your remark about not forgetting the to add a key for "yourapp.

SebH December 29, But what about if using a dll instead of a. What value should have then key? Rick Strahl December 29, SebH December 30, So there's no way for me: I'm using a.

IE6 websnapshots from Tonec If one day i find how to, i'll post the answer there ;. AshB January 10, Your post has saved me a lot of pain. Here's why: My html form that renders within my web browser control relies on the following button tag: Phillip February 02, I can't tell you how many hours and days i have researched and tried all sorts of things to get the webbrowser ctrl out of ie7 mode.

Serveral posts I've seen hinted to it, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. You totally blew me away when i found this post. I use the webbrowser for Editing and display extensively in my app for users to create markup which gets inserted in emails or web page content.

The ie7 code with all caps tags, invalidated xhtml. Again, Thanks a ton Rick for posting this, and writing it so clearly too! Your posts are golden. That solved the createRange issue. For example: This is important for me, since it allows users to specify the default value of an input element in wysiwyg mode. It appears that the rightmose side of the document's content always goes underneath the Vertical scrollbar. This happens no matter how wide your control or content is. It seems to be a bug in the control.

It's not recognizing the bounds of the vertical scrollbar. This does not happen in ie7 mode. The right-most side of the block element will always display underneath the vertical scroll bar, no matter what you do. If anyone is able to resolve this, please reply.June 20, at 4: Forms; using Microsoft. When you attempt a download, you may receive a message saying this kind of files may be dangerous.

Are you joking?

I don't understand that: Navigate "about:

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