Start by marking “Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure” as Want to Read: In her twenties, journalist Sarah Macdonald backpacked around India and came away with a lasting impression of heat, pollution and poverty. So when an airport beggar read her palm and told her she would return to. Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure and millions of other books are available for instant access. Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure Paperback – April 13, In her twenties, journalist Sarah Macdonald backpacked around India and came away with a lasting impression of heat, pollution and. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Australian radio correspondent Macdonald's rollicking memoir recounts the two years she spent in India when her.

Holy Cow Book

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I've had Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald on my mile long list of books to read for what feels like forever. For some reason. In her twenties, journalist Sarah Macdonald backpacked around India and came away with a lasting impression of heat, pollution and poverty. So when an. A rollercoaster ride through a land of chaos and contradiction with a woman on a mission to save her soul, her love life - and her sanity.

You should try it sometime. David Duchovny did a splendid job of portraying her as stereotypical, yet hilariously loveable, teenager, using phrases such as 'bae', 'cray cray' and 'OMG'.

In fact, any interactions in the book were humorous thanks to Elsie's comical character. This story would have been nowhere near as good if not told from the wonderfully bonkers point of view of Elsie the cow. Her cute illustrations were a lovely added touch to the book as well.

Book Review: Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald

Beneath all of the giggles and fun, David Duchovny leaves an underlying notion that animals are more than mindless creatures there to serve and feed the human race, yet he doesn't preach. He keeps it light-hearted, self aware, yet subtly gets the message across to really make you think.

I won't be giving up up sausages and beef any time soon though Headline Publishing have kindly worked with me to offer one lucky winner a hard copy of this novel. So, how do you enter?

It's simple! Simply log in to Twitter and retweet the tweet linked below!

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She learns yoga from a man who treats it like an aerobics class and learns the language from a teacher who insists she only speak the most proper version. After a brush with death, Sarah finds that being an atheist might not be her best choice.

She spends time with Buddhist monks learning that all life is equal. While there she encounters a bug in her room, which results in her first test.

She spends an excessive amount of time trying to catch and release the little guy into the hallway where a monk walks by and steps on it without noticing. She visits Hindus and spends time in silence learning to ease her anger at others.

As soon as she leaves she finds herself tested as beggars pester her for money in the street.

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She takes away lessons from each while remaining skeptical of whether or not any of them are worth committing to full heartedly. Later, her husband, who works for a news channel, finds himself covering a story in Pakistan after the twin towers are attacked.

Sarah joins him there and spends time with Afghan refugees. In a time when refugees are a major news story, I found this next quote truly touching. Sarah has a gift of writing thoughtful stories full of self-deprecation, compassion, and wit.

She meets people from every walk of life and although she is often overwhelmed, confused, or skeptical, she gives each one an equal chance to enlighten her. Over the course of a couple of years, she learns to let go of judgments and gains a greater understanding of humanity.


This post originally appeared on www.Sarah Macdonald, an Australian journalist, broadcaster and presenter, did not like India on her first visit and never wanted to return. A good book that no one should take too seriously. Would have made him look a lot cooler: I wanted a light-hearted introduction to India as I was headed there - what I got instead was a hard look at some of the good and not-so-good about India.

HOLY COW: An Indian Adventure

Crass, cheap, voyeuristic, patronising, and just plain fantasy. And he found life. But props girl, you got there.

But, for a bigger treat, check out the audiobook.

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