Gods Behaving Badly book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Being a Greek god is not all it once was. Yes, the twelve go. Gods Behaving Badly: A Novel [Marie Phillips] on raudone.info *FREE* Sold by: "THE BOOK TREASURY" - Daily Shipping from Nashville, TN! Add to Cart. Gods Behaving Badly is a novel by the British author Marie Phillips. It was first published by Jonathan Cape in Set in London, it tells the tale of the twelve gods of Mount Olympus living in a rundown flat as their powers wane. It has been selected for The Atlantic's 1Book Twitter book club's book of.

Gods Behaving Badly Book

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A tree meets a dog walker at the start of “Gods Behaving Badly,” Marie Phillips's flossy, high-concept comic novel. “I'm Kate,” the tree says. Such deference, a holdover perhaps from the days of the Hays Code, is entirely lacking in Marie Phillips's first novel, “Gods Behaving Badly,” in. The characters in Gods Behaving Badly are either beautiful or brainy. Do you think this is an accurate description of the book? How important is each quality to .

I suspect the average person today does not have a preference and may not even be able to name more than one or two of the gods. Fortunately for me, most of my friends can not only name several members of the Greek pantheon, but also were more than willing to enumerate the many reasons they prefer their favorite over all the others. Having a favorite may make me a geek, but at least I'm not too much geekier than most of my friends.

If you, too, cannot only name several of the Greek gods and goddesses but also have a personal favorite, you absolutely must read Gods Behaving Badly.

If you don't have a favorite or can't name many of them, you should think about reading this book anyway.

The plot is good, the characters are excellent, and the writing, especially the dialogue, is hilarious, frequently a bit crude in keeping with the old legends, and filled with fantastic one-liners. Gods Behaving Badly is never going to be a considered a classic work of literature, but it is a fun and enjoyable quick read.

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Gods Behaving Badly is based on the premise that the Greek immortals were real and, as immortals, are still alive and well in the modern day. Or at least, they're mostly well.

Their powers have been on the decline for centuries and they've also been stuck living together in a now decrepit house in London since around the s. Dionysus runs a nightclub and always has his headphones on.

Meanwhile Apollo should be doing his job as sun god instead of chasing women. There is much about this setup to suggest that Ms. Phillips warrants a thunderbolt from Zeus. But she teases a modicum of real humor out of her sitcomlike story.

This is a fish-out-of-water tale in which the fish are Greek gods, the water is Mount Olympus and the opportunities for comic contrast are everywhere. Her own parents eat cereal in the afternoon.

But Eros, who is sick and tired of the way his mother, Aphrodite, keeps embarrassing him, winds up shooting one of his famous arrows, the ones that create inexplicable love. It hits Apollo, he gazes at Alice, Neil has a rival, and the rest is on autopilot. Eventually Apollo gets angry.

So he recruits the crazy old patriarch of the family for purposes of vengeance. With Alice struck quasi-dead, Ms.

Phillips has an excuse to bring her narrative to the Underworld. This too is a place full of familiar mythological faces, even if more than one of them can belong to the same creature. Cerberus, the hound of Hades, has three heads.Do you think the Greek gods would really have ended up living in London?

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It is a significant challenge for a novel to live up to a clever concept, even more so when the novelist in question has been feted for months as the Next Big Thing, the toast of last year's Frankfurt Book Fair after she was discovered, working in an independent bookshop, by a Waterstone's downloader.

Hang some diamonds off the chandelier? Artemis was just about to repeat the question when the tree replied. How important is each quality to the story? December So whatever happened to the Olympians?

For the film based on the novel, see Gods Behaving Badly film. And other vegetation. Phillips nimbly creates a present-day alternative universe where belief in the true gods has been replaced by a false Judeo-Christian ethos, and she does a particularly fine job envisioning an underworld that is neither heaven nor hell but simply eternal death.

Apollo gets a TV gig, and already sees a future as a TV-psychic for himself, but that too doesn't go as well as hoped for either.

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