This books (Convoluted Universe: Book One: 1 [PDF]) Made by Dolores Cannon About Books This book contains some of the more. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Are you an intrepid explorer of the unknown? Do you enjoy having The Convoluted Universe: Book One - site edition by Dolores Cannon. Download it Book 1 of 5 in Convoluted Universe (5 Book Series). Dolores Cannon - The Convoluted Universe Book 1 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. This is the sequel to 'The.

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This vibe raising, thought provoking book is by Dolores Cannon, and is a wonderful way The Convoluted Universe - Book Four Dolores Cannon, My Mind, site, Universe, . To ReadMy BooksMagick BookNative American SpiritualityInstant AccessEbook Pdf The Lords of Creation: The History of America's 1 Percent. ebook samsung Picture - More Detailed Picture about [EBOOK PDF]The Convoluted Universe Book Three (Convoluted Universe) Dolores Cannon Picture in. In the Convoluted Universe book series Dolores Cannon explores all the weird and unusual information her hypnotic subject revealed to her during somnambu.

The range of topics her work covers and sheer volume of original material she has produced places her in a category of her own.

Convoluted Universe Series

Topics that she has explored include extraterrestrials and UFO phenomenon, past lives, reincarnation, ancient prophecies, Earth mysteries, metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, and everything in between.

Over the years in working with numerous clients, she developed and refined her own unique technique of hypnosis, called Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

To learn more about Dolores and her work, visit DoloresCannon.

The book features a diverse collection of sessions that Dolores had with various clients, while they were regressed using hypnosis. Sometimes the sources are extraterrestrial beings, or various collective energies from other dimensions. Other times they are the subconscious mind of the person themselves.

The book is over pages, so it is a bigger and longer read than most average books. However, the topics change frequently, are very fascinating and so it is an enjoyable read. There are 16 chapters divided into 5 sections. This section focuses on contact with extraterrestrial beings, how and why they work with various people on our current physical Earth, and some of the technology they use. There are sections about the Akashic records, other planets, star systems, beings and purpose of integration with Earth energies.

Section 3: Earth Mysteries This section includes three chapters and covers a thorough examination of the land, beings, technology and life during the time of Atlantis.

It includes an exploration of the pyramids, how they were built and why. As well, it includes a chapter on other unexplained mysteries on Earth, such as the Loch Ness Monster and Crop Circles. Section 4: Vibrations, Frequencies and Levels This section includes two chapters that cover the different aspects of understanding other dimensions, how energy interacts on various levels, and how beings interact with the self, others within a certain dimension and with other dimensions.

Book Review: The Convoluted Universe - Book 1

Section 5: Metaphysics or Quantum Physics This section includes six chapters and covers parallel universes, the use and manipulation of energy, the God source and its energy, as well as different aspects of the human body in terms of transformations and possible expressions.

The awakening is the purpose. The awakening of the fact that in essence we are light, we are love.

Each cell of our body, each cell and molecule of everything. The power source that runs all life is light. So to awaken to that knowledge, and to desire to operate in that realm, and to believe that it is possible, are all factors that will put you there.

In her introduction she thus recommends for the reader to read her book The Custodians, before attempting this one.

I did not read The Custodians before reading this book and think that it depends on the level of awareness a person has to date about the different topics that she writes about that will either help or make no difference to understanding the material she covers in The Convoluted Universe Book 1.

From the first chapter, the book hooked me in. I would almost consider the book like a big story book for adults. And as long as we treat the book as such, it can be super valuable to our personal evolution and fascinating, not to mention very entertaining. I thus made sure to read the book as free as possible of any judgements and expectations.

Yes, some of the material was more interesting to read than others. There are an infinite number of these and they're always intersecting.

Amazingly, each one of us is constantly responsible for creating new parallel universes, each time we make a decision to do something, no matter how small. The example is given of choosing between rubbing your nose, scratching it or sneezing. You do one of these but "the energy of the other two possible outcomes has to go somewhere".

So at that moment two other universes come into being. Cannon also interviews a "mechanical person" who was created on another planet for use as a slave or servant.

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So both the creator of the mechanical person and the mechanical person himself had the same soul as the regressed woman. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here.

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Dolores Cannon Books

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No notes for slide. Book details Author: Dolores Cannon Pages: Ozark Mountain Publishing Language: English ISBN Description this book This book contains some of the more complicated concepts in Metaphysics that Dolores Cannon discovered through twenty years of using deep hypnosis to explore the subconscious mind. If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5.Embed Size px.

The author presents many more fascinating interviews about way-out matters.

That we are many rather than one, or rather pieces of a more complex whole. What I always remind myself of and share with others is that each person, no matter who they are, have their own personal filters of how they experience reality, based on their own personal state of evolution and set of data to date.

Thankfully, since the beginning of time as we know it, there have always been brave and inquisitive minds who have stimulated various awakenings amongst the masses. Dolores Cannon — The Convoluted Universe Book One In conclusion, I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely consider reading the rest of the series to explore other topics.

Yes, some of the material was more interesting to read than others. The Convoluted Universe: When there it felt one with the whole, it WAS one, but when leaving the Sun it individualized. So to awaken to that knowledge, and to desire to operate in that realm, and to believe that it is possible, are all factors that will put you there.

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