Microsoft Outlook CSV file, and then import it into your address book. Excel (or other similar program) which lists the names in your address book, and . This document will provide step-by-step guidance on how to export your address book from Outlook This exported file can then be. You export contacts from Outlook using the Outlook Import and Export Wizard. For tips about working with a list of contacts in Excel, see Create or files .

Address Book Outlook 2010 To Excel

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Outlook & Outlook ; Outlook ; Outlook . Contact; however, contacts must be stored in the Top Level Address Book folder. All of us need to export contacts from the Outlook address book to Excel once in a while. There may be various reasons to do this. You may. Export or save Outlook Global Address List (address book) to Excel files. Old Menus and Toolbars Back to Office , , , and.

Export your address book from your online Yahoo! The system will automatically recognize the file type and import first name, last name, and E-mail address only.

To learn how to export from any of the above E-mail systems, click on the name of address book type. Exporting from Microsoft Outlook To export contact information from Microsoft Outlook to your participant headquarters address book, perform these steps:. The Import and Export Wizard screen appears.

Select Export to a File and click Next.

The Export to a File screen appears. Outlook 98 users, perform step 4 first.

Select Contacts and click Next. A screen appears where you can specify where to save the file. Click Browse and go to where to save the file, and then enter a name for the.

Address Book Exporting

Click Next. A screen explains what action will be performed. Contacts is selected, and then click Finish to export the data as a.

The Comma Separated Value. CSV file generated in the process above is readable by the participant headquarters address book.

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Open the file in an application such as Microsoft Excel, and make any changes. They usually can produce a list much quicker directly from Exchange or Active Directory and are also less resource intensive to the servers. Step 2: Filtering and exporting the added contacts If you did not move your own Contacts to a different folder, you can still quickly distinguish between your own contacts and the ones you added from the GAL via the Modified or Created date.

Your options are to change the sorting order or to apply a filter to your view or simply use Instant Search. Details about how to do this is similar as discussed in Clean up duplicates after emails got redownloaded.


When customizing your Contacts view, make sure you first select a list view such as Phone List. A short Search Query to find your added Contacts. You can then easily move your filtered list of contacts to another folder and use the Export option in Outlook to export this folder or customize your view with the fields you need and copy them directly to Excel.

How to export Outlook Global Address List (address book) to Excel?

Note: In Outlook , you can also temporarily change the default Contacts creation folder. Select a table. How can I export these Exchange address lists via Outlook?

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How to export Outlook contacts to Excel 2016, 2013 or 2010

Microsoft and Microsoft logo's are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.Choose Browse , name your file, and choose OK. By temporarily moving your current contacts to a different folder or by filtering afterwards on the created or modified date, you can separate them from your own personal Contacts.

Was this information helpful? If that happens you can always run the export process again and create a new file. Well, you have just chosen the data to export and now you need to specify where you want to save them.

Right click on your selection. When you added all the desired fields and set the order of columns to your liking, click OK to save the changes.

Under Save exported file as , click Browse , select a destination folder, and in the File name box, type a name for the file. A user can choose anyone depending on the needs.

Once the transferred emails are grouped together, it becomes easy to move the filtered list of contacts to any other folder.

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