The omnibus edition of an epic crossover trilogy uniting characters from every corner of the Star Trek universe, and revealing the shocking origin and final fate of. Pocket Books/Star Trek has entries in their OverDrive catalogue. (). cover image of Destiny: The Complete Saga: Gods of Night, Mere Mortals. EPUB Reader Software . Star Trek 1 (published ; PDF or TXT) (04/19) . Convert Mobi to EPUB @ (04/19).

Star Trek Destiny Epub

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Get now the Best Torrent places for Star Trek eBooks, including The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, ExtraTorrent and 5 other top solutions suggested and ranked. Posts about ePub written by Saul Garnell and davidbischoff. Deep Blue, the Grails Covenant Trilogy, Star Trek Voyager: Chrysalis, Except You Go Through. A Singular Destiny that BooksOnBoard has a number of new Star Trek eBooks available in ePub for less then site has them for in AZW.

RSS Feed. KickStarter Backers. YouTube English. YouTube German. The following events take place several weeks after the live-action episode "Blood and Fire". If you have not watched Blood and Fire, please do so before reading this novel.

This novel takes place shortly before the episode "Enemy Starfleet. Glenn E. Smith Copyright: Smith Publisher: Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II, International.

Captain Kirk is forced to work with a personal enemy from his past while confronting a much more dangerous enemy in the present, all while making first contact with a previously unknown and potentially hostile alien race.

The first of a series of stories written in the Star Trek universe, as seen in the New Voyages: Phase II fan-film series. Thanks to Bill Lutz for his consultation relating to a couple of the Klingon characters whom he previously created, and for designing and creating the cover for this work.

Pocket Books/Star Trek

Novelette 1, Friends and Foes. Download directly onto your site Device e. site Touch or PaperWhite using Wifi. Make sure your site is connected to the internet via a WiFi connection 3G will not work.

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The floating football spoke with an eager robotic enthusiasm. A woman bounded through a doorway, her face burnt and bleeding. Posted in Science Fiction.

Sounds good? Read on:. The Australian Capital Territory has been pretty good for a runaway orphaned child with the strange ability of being able to change his face. Now, as the owner of his own detective agency, the Changeling Detective has few regrets about how his life has turned out. Posted in Fantasy , Horror , Science Fiction. What emerges is a new synthesis and appreciation for the expansive mind of a truly original American writer and artist.

Posted in Non Fiction , Science Fiction. Now in print once again as a trade paperback after more than 25 years. And for the first time, all three original novels in one single omnibus, plus a new forth book that continues the adventure into the new millennium!

Pocket Books/Star Trek

It contains information on this paperback, as well as other volumes available on site. Book 1: Laura Shemzak. Irreverent, rebellious, beautiful.

A woman with an impossible mission: To succeed, Laura must gain control of a top-secret Mark XT blip-ship. And to do that, she is forced into an uneasy alliance with the notorious space pirate, the bitter, cynical Captain Tars Northern. Book 2: In the empty depths between the stars, ace-pilot Laura Shemzak struggles on to save her brother from the alien Jaxdron, all while managing her own problems with brooding Starship Captain Tars Northern.

Is he just her captain, or is there more to their relation? Clues emerge when a Frin? Book 3: Laura Shemzak and Tars Northern continue their fight against an odious Federation, which succumbs to the vile machinations of its leader, Arnal Zarpfrin.

Together Laura and Tars continue a crusade of justice against both the Federation and Jaxdron locked in a bizarre apocalyptic war. But as they fight on, a new ally is discovered. Laura Shemzak is still hot and ready to party…. But with her handsome brother Calspar? Uhm, time to cool those rockets! And the Federation? Arnal Zarpfrin still schemes to capture that damned Tars Northern, his ship the Starbow and its crew.

One deathly serious — a brain that used to be a man named Dr.Oh wait now Anderson, Billy Dee Williams Lando! Typhon Pact Series Christopher L. The reader has a full screen mode for reading and support for many PDAs, Communicators, and Smartphones.

The Mobipocket Reader has a home page library. Titan Series James Swallow Author Brian Gross. Old fashioned screwball farce with a sweetness like the smell of holly and hot chocolate on a snowy winter day. Tag Archives: Download the PDB file to your device and follow the manufacturers instructions.

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