It can be computer or device that is part of a network. Two or more nodes are needed in order to form a network connection. 6) What are routers. Networking Interview Questions updated on Apr 1. Define Network? A network is a set of devices connected by physical media links. A network is. Generally speaking, larger firms have a more formal interview process involving a by an interview on site. Most of the questions you will be asked are geared.

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Hi, I have worked in IT Hardware field for more than 13 years, But i haven't attend Interview, Please send me all hardware and networking question in pdf file. This article includes a list of most important and frequently asked networking interview questions and answers with pictorial representation for. A list of top frequently asked networking interview questions and answers .. basic Networking Interview Questions and Answers in PDF file for.

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Basic Networking Interview Questions for Freshers Experienced PDF

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Hardware and Networking Interview Questions & Answers

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Sir plz send mi pdf file of basic networking interview questions and anrs January 10, Reply. Need this pdf January 24, Reply. Please send me full pdf. January 24, Reply. Need pdf March 28, Reply. I need interview questons and answer pdf on networking ,please send me pdf as soon as possible. May 13, Reply. Plz send me basic interview question and answer pdf. Bhargav Modi. I want it May 19, Reply. Need PDF plzz provide.. These computers are linked together. Basically, the network is a connection made through the connecting links between two or more devices.

You can even call it as the line configuration. Click on Whatapp logo to join oureducation banking group with many students 2 Write the types of networks. It happens within a secure ,password protected network.

Cellular technology — uses antennae resembling telephone towers to pick up radio signals within a specific area 4 What is network typologies? Bus topology — all computers are synchronize by a single line of cable.

Star topology — multiple computers are linked to a main computer, which is called a host Ring topology — each computer is connected to two other computers, with the entire network. A Link is used to connect more than two devices of a network. And more than two links located nearby forms a topology. As the devices are connected to a single cable, it is also termed as Linear Bus Topology.

The advantage of bus topology is that it can be installed easily. And the disadvantage is that if the backbone cable breaks then the whole network will be down. In this topology, the devices are not linked to each other.

If a device needs to communicate with the other, then it has to send the signal or data to the central hub. And then the hub sends the same data to the destination device. The advantage of the star topology is that if a link breaks then only that particular link is affected.

The whole network remains undisturbed. The main disadvantage of the star topology is that all the devices of the network are dependent on a single point hub.

If the central hub gets failed, then the whole network gets down. Data or Signal in ring topology flow only in a single direction from one device to another and reaches the destination node. The advantage of ring topology is that it can be installed easily. Adding or deleting devices to the network is also easy.

The main disadvantage of ring topology is the data flows only in one direction. And a break at a node in the network can affect the whole network.

Mesh Topology uses Routing and Flooding techniques for data transmission. The advantage of mesh topology is if one link breaks then it does not affect the whole network. And the disadvantage is, huge cabling is required and it is expensive. Q 35 Define Piggybacking?

Ans In data transmission if the sender sends any data frame to the receiver then the receiver should send the acknowledgment to the sender. The receiver will temporarily delay waits for the network layer to send the next data packet the acknowledgment and hooks it to the next outgoing data frame, this process is called as Piggybacking Q 36 In how many ways the data is represented and what are they?

Audio: It is nothing but the continuous sound which is different from text and numbers.

Video: Continuous visual images or a combination of images. Images: Every image is divided into pixels. And the pixels are represented using bits.

Pixels may vary in size based on the image resolution.

Numbers: These are converted into binary numbers and are represented using bits. Text: Text is also represented as bits.

Top Networking Interview Questions

Q 38 How a Switch is different from a Hub? Ans Below are the differences between a Switch and a Hub, Below given snapshot clearly, explains the difference between a switch and a hub, Q 39 Define Round Trip Time? Ans The time taken for a signal to reach the destination and travel back to the sender with the acknowledgment is termed as Round Trip time RTT.

Q 40 Define Brouter? Ans Brouter or Bridge Router is a device which acts as both bridge and a router.

As a bridge, it forwards data between the networks. And as a router, it routes the data to specified systems within a network.

It is assigned by the Internet Service Provider as a permanent address. Dynamic IP is the temporary IP address assigned by the network to a computing device. Dynamic IP is automatically assigned by the server to the network device. Q 42 How VPN is used in the corporate world? Corporate companies, educational institutions, government offices etc use this VPN.

Q 43 What is the difference between Firewall and Antivirus? Ans Firewall and Antivirus are two different security applications used in networking. A firewall acts as a gatekeeper which prevents unauthorized users to access the private networks as intranets.

A firewall examines each message and blocks the same which are unsecured. Antivirus is a software program that protects a computer from any malicious software, any virus, spyware, adware etc. Note: A Firewall cannot protect the system from virus, spyware, adware etc.

Q 44 Explain Beaconing? Ans If a network self-repair its problem then it is termed as Beaconing. If a device in the network is facing any problem, then it notifies the other devices that they are not receiving any signal.

Likewise, the problem gets repaired within the network. Q 45 Why the standard of an OSI model is termed as Ans OSI model was started in the month of February in So it is standardized as When a new device is added to the network, it broadcasts a message stating that it is new to the network.Ans Encoder is a circuit that uses an algorithm to convert any data or compress audio data or video data for transmission purpose.

Nitesh kumar Ex. Recommended Reading. Q 59 Explain the difference between baseband and broadband transmission? Each signal component has its own propagation speed through a traveling medium and, therefore, its own delay in reaching the final destination.

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