Kathy Schwalbe is a Professor in the Department of files will be in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Project, or in HTML or PDF format, as appropriate. 2. to help you prepare for. Project Management certifi cation exams. Project Management Revised 6e. Information T echnology. Kathy Schwalbe. 6 days ago Technology Project Management 8th Edition By Kathy Schwalbe Pdf Gain a solid comprehension of IT project direction as you learn how to.

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PDF File: Information Technology Project Management 7th Edition Kathy Schwalbe – PDF-. MLUSITPM7EKS 2/4 Information Technology. Download eBook Information Technology Project Management, Revised By Kathy Schwalbe PDF EBOOK EPUB site. (c) >>> page 1 of 8. Download eBook An Introduction To Project Management, Sixth Edition By Kathy Schwalbe site PDF EBOOK EPUB. (c) >>> page 1 of 7.

What other factors affect a project? In addition to being temporary and unique, other attributes of projects are that they are developed using progressive elaboration, require resources from various areas, should have a primary customer or sponsor, and involve uncertainty. The triple constraint is managing scope, time, and cost goals. Other factors that affect a project include quality, risk, human resources, communications, and stakeholders. What is project management? Briefly describe the project management framework, providing examples of stakeholders, knowledge areas, tools and techniques, and project success factors.

For example, if a project were to implement an ERP system for a large company, the stakeholders would include managers and users from many different departments finance, manufacturing, human resources, IT, etc.

What is a program? What is a project portfolio? Discuss the relationship between projects, programs, and portfolio management and the contributions they each make to enterprise success. Projects are part of programs which are part of portfolios. What is the role of the project manager? What are suggested skills for all project managers and for IT project managers? Why is leadership so important for project managers? How is the job market for IT project managers?

The project manager is ultimately responsible for project success. Many suggested skills are listed in this chapter, including strong leadership skills, organizational skills, technical skills, and many soft skills. IT project managers require the same skills as general project managers, but they should also know something about the technology used for the project and the types of people who work on information technology projects. Leading by example is the most important trait of effective project managers.

The job market for information technology project managers continues to remain strong, especially for those with strong business and leadership skills. Briefly describe some key events in the history of project management. What role does the Project Management Institute and other professional societies play in helping the profession Some people say that building the Egyptian pyramids or the Great Wall of China were projects, but modern project management began with the Manhattan Project or development of the atomic bomb.

Gantt charts were first used in , and network diagrams were used in PMI is the main professional society for project managers, and they run the PMP certification program. What functions can you perform with project management software?

What are the main differences between low-end, midrange, and high-end project management tools? Project management software can assist in developing schedules, communicating information, tracking progress, etc. Recent studies have shown that project managers without IT backgrounds are proving highly successful even though they do not possess the technical knowledge.

It makes no difference if the project manager is a stakeholder or a sponsor. He will still encounter the same managerial challenges regardless.

Clearly strong leadership and managerial skills are the prime ingredients of a good project manager. A project is behind schedule. O the following steps to take corrective action, wich one is not need? To crash a project most effectively, additional resources or overtime should be assigned to which of they?

A All Tasks defined in WBS B Those activities that match the skill set of the additional resources available C The activities with the greatest degree of risk according to risk management D Activities along the critical path starting with those longest in duration Answer: D Source: Schwalbe, Kathy.

What is generally the most revised document on projects? Why would a project manager want to fast track a project? Adding resources B. Eliminating float C. Crashing time schedule D.

Paralleling activities Answer: B Explanation: The critical path is the series of consecutive activities that represent the longest dependent path through the project. Since a risk to a step in the critical path could potentially increase the time it takes to get the step done, it can directly affect the project's completion date.

Negotiating B. Problem-solving D. Funding B. Methodology C. Allocated resources PK D. Decision tree modeling B. Monte Carlo method C. Sensitivity analysis D. Vendor delivery problems.

Project schedule slippage. Unresolved project issues. New requirements introduced by stakeholders. Work breakdown structure. Critical path.

Task start date. Responsible organization. The previous project manager was not always able to obtain consensus among stakeholders regarding the project deliverables. After meeting the stakeholders, you decide that it will be impossible to satisfy everyone.

Assess the staffing requirements and recruit more staff to get the project back on plan. Accept that it is impossible to satisfy everyone and concentrate on the needs of the senior user. Canvass stakeholders for there ideas concerning potential functionality and PK produce deliverable that provide the most requested functions. Request a meeting to obtain agreement on the need for formal project sponsor development. The project has been championed for a year by the division vice president, but the ongoing sponsorship and funding control has been delegated to one of the division directors.

Several other managers are also on the approval list for major project documents. The initial project documentation has been completed and approved, and the project is on schedule. The requirements have been identified, documented, and submitted for sponsorship approval. The required approvals are received on the last day allocated for the approval cycle.

However, one manager's approval is contingent upon the addition of three significant requirements. These requirements were not anticipated in the original scope of the project, nor were they discovered during the requirements analysis phase. Which risk do you most likely need to address? Changing project scope. Loss of sponsor support.

Changing project funding. Changing project schedule. Changing project resources. Withdrawing, compromising, controlling, and forcing. Controlling, forcing, smoothing, and withdrawing.

Confronting, compromising, smoothing and directing. Smoothing, confronting, forcing, and withdrawing.

Ensure that changes to the project charter are reflected in the definition. Conduct periodic inspections, reviews, and walk-throughs. Verify the project schedule is on track. Define causes and symptoms of identified problems. The project is canceled.

The project schedule is increased. The project schedule is decreased. The project functionality is decreased. The quality of the project is decreased. The project's external resources are let go. You want to establish a tracking mechanism to report project programs in terms of time, scale, cost and functionality. Which three actions should you take?

Organize weekly progress and planning meetings. Obtain an estimate to complete each activity from the project team members. Obtain an estimated completion data for each activity from the project team members. Administration B. Stakeholder analysis C. Planning D. How many additional lines of communication now exist? This is a bit of a tricky question. It does not account for the communication channels between the new and old members of the team.

Information Technology Project Management

So if 5 members already existed, that is 10 communication lines. If you add the 5 more members then the number of communication lines is How many of these lines are additional? So the answer is B, 35 additional lines of communication. Because of concerns that were raised in the initial two phases, you feel that the customer will not want to add additional resources for this last phase.

Which two actions help ensure a more successful completion of the final phase? Hire new people. Modify project scope. Spend more time on-site. Change the delivery date. Reset customer expectations. During the testing of the deliverable. While the deliverable is being developed.

After the deliverable has been developed. Immediately prior to testing the deliverable. Immediately prior to the development of the deliverable.

During the specification of the deliverable's requirements. Equal priority with schedule, but higher priority than cost.

Higher priority than cost and schedule. Equal priority with cost, but higher priority than schedule. Equal priority with cost and schedule. Customer acceptance B. Completion of execution C. Product completion D. What is the MOST important thing to review? Activities in progress. Number of hours expended.

Work completed. Schedule compliance. A change has been requested by one of the technical resources to modify a user input screen. Which individual must approve this request? Project sponsor B. Project manager C.

Development team leader D. By interviewing key management personnel. By providing wish lists to end users and managers. Verify that contractual obligations were met. Transfer the deliverables to the client. Reassign team members. Answer: B QUESTION 23 The principle that: "Employees who believe that their efforts will lead to effective performance and who anticipate important reward for their accomplishments become productive and stay productive," illustrates the: A.

Expectancy theory B. Maslow theory D. People will behave in certain ways if they think there will be good rewards for doing so. Maslow theory: Self-actualization is a state of independence allowing you to express yourself and perform at your peak.

Information Technology Project Management, Revised, 6th ed.

This is the highest level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Herzberg was the inventor of the Hygiene theory and that this theory claims that hygiene factors prevent dissatisfaction while motivators lead to satisfaction. Project manager B. President C. Chief financial officer D. Product manufacturing environment. Cross functional tasks.

Unique operations. Time-constrained deliverables. You need to define the tasks needed for the production of the Physical Design Specification. Which approach should you take in planning the production of this deliverable? Include a number of task that identify the requirements for review and refinement, with each task having a separate estimate of the effort and time to complete production.

Function B. Design C. Cost PK D. Which of the following would you send to the executive? Milestone-chart B. Time-scaled network diagram C. Arrow activity diagram D. Milestones mark the completion of major deliverables or some other key event in the project. For example, approval and sign-off on project deliverables might be considered a milestone. What should you do to ensure you recruit the best candidate?

Choose five A. Ask mainly open questions. Ask mainly closed questions. Develop the interview questions. Develop a mechanism to score responses. Develop a comprehensive job specification. Identify skills, knowledge, and attitudes required for the position. Delegate the responsibility of recruiting to another team member. In order to determine the impact of the requested change, you will need a work breakdown structure, change request, scope management plan, and: A.

Performance reports. A responsibility matrix. A Pareto diagram. A Monte Carlo simulation. Answer: A Explanation: Performance report contain the information you've gathered from this process. You'll summarize the performance of the project and present it to the stakeholders, management team and customers if appropriate via the information distribution system.

Which issue should you consider to ensure that the project budget is an accurate estimate over time? Testing strategies. Time taken for sponsor decision making. System analysis and design methodologies.

After the change is approved, where would this change BEST be documented? Project character B. Procurement Management plan C. Work breakdown structure D. QNO: uality assurance plan Answer: B Explanation: A document that describes how the procurement process will be managed, the type of contact to use, what authority the project team has, if more than one contractor will be used and how the procurement process will be integrated with other project processes.

A Gantt chart. A milestone chart. A cause and effect diagram. A work breakdown structure WBS. The plan should then be received for the: A. Lag time on other paths. Emergence of a new critical path.

Resources assigned to other tasks on the critical path. Longest task remaining in the plan. Management B. Assurance C.

The project sponsor has asked you to develop a project scope and work plan for the development of a self-service application to accompany the system implementation. The application replaces a paper form and allows company employees to enter their state tax dependent and deducation information.

For legal reasons, the Payroll Department processed only the original, employee-signed form. Which activity is the most critical in developing this project scope and work plan? Document the state regulations governing electronic signatures to understand its impact on the project scope and work plan. Select the development language for creating the self-service application and incorporate it into the project scope and work plan.

Estimate the load factor for when this application is in production and build these PK requirements into the project scope and work plan.

Determine the experience level required of the self-service development team and incorporate potential recruiting activities into the project scope and work plan. What effect will his have on the project? The effect cannot be determined. The project duration will be shortened.

A scope change will be required. The quality of the project will be increased. Monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards. Evaluation overall project performance on a regular basis. Taking action to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the project. Identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project. Increase total costs for the project. Push out the end date of the project. Require fewer resources.

Require more resources. To plan for project implementation. To determine the scope of the project. To obtain sign-off on the project completion. To assess the project strengths and weaknesses. PK E. To determine the team's efforts in completing the project. You have the opportunity to add a new resource to this project, but are concerned that the new consultant, who is single and without a family, well feel compelled to put in more time because of her less demanding personal circumstances.

How do you balance the team's family circumstances with the work schedules? Balance the overtime so everyone works the same amount.

Ask the team to work overtime based on the varying family and personal circumstances. Encourage the team members to schedule their own overtime, as long as the project stays on schedule. There is no need to balance the overtime. All of the consultants have the same job responsibilities and are expected to keep the same hours. Communication plan. Scope change control plan. Staffing management plan.

Training development plan. Answer: C Explanation: This plan documents how and when people resources are introduced the project and later released. Again, the level and amount of detail contained in this plan are up to you. Note that many staffing management plans make use of a resource histogram.

The staffing management plan describes how and when project team members will be brought on and off the project and is an output of the Organizational Planning process. Initiation B. Verification PK C. It provides the input for conducting project variance analysis.

It provides a quality assurance measure for project performance. It provides a mechanism for resource leveling across the organization. It provides status reporting for project stakeholders and decision makers. Top-down B. Bottom-up C.

Budget D. Review the impact of change requests.

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Issue change requests. Represent top management interests. Identify new areas of project work. You have been with your company for several years but not in the area where this project is occurring. A Project Management Plan is in place. The project has not exceeded any baseline change thresholds. The customer is not happy, with the status of the project.

Of the following, which is the BEST initial action? Verify that the change control system is operating properly. Conduct team-building with all stakeholders. Verify the customer's needs and expectations. Prepare a corrective action plan. During a team meeting, your team proposes enhancements to the software. Which two approaches should you use to gain stakeholder approval?

Schedule a team building exercise to discuss the proposed change. Set up a meeting between stakeholders and team members to discuss the change. Review the project budget with stakeholders to determine project actual cost to date.

Referent power B.

Formal power C. Functional power D. What is an appropriate initial course of action for evaluating the change? Revise task durations. Perform a risk analysis. Conduct a quality assurance review. Determine the affected project tasks.

A project end date has been established. The customer later requests additional work to be included in the project, but will not PK renegotiate the end date. Cost is not a factor. The team should immediately: A. Invoke the change control process. Initiate contingency plans.

Modify the original project scope to include the additional work. Commit to the original project scope and open a new project to handle additional work. Monitor project schedule variances. Conduct regular team building sessions. Implement a rigid change control process.

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Ensure risk management processes are well documented. Planning C. Execution D. Critical tasks B. Non-critical tasks C. Tasks with lowest cost D. Your team proposed a change in some equipment configurations to streamline the cutover process.

The change is not excepted to delay any project milestones and the proposed cost is PK minimal. Evaluated using value engineering. Discussed during the next team meeting.

Reviewed and approved by the project sponsor. Reviewed and approved by the project manager. It is important to know the interrelationship of activities. Little is known about the cost estimates relates to the project. Little experience exist on which to base estimates of activity duration. Resource requirements are well defined. Ensure team members understand their specific roles. Develop the work breakdown structure based on available resources. Establish project member's availability to work on the project.

Depict the project's organizational structure. The RAM usually has a row and column format showing activities and the roles assigned to those activities. Purpose B. Recipients C. Sign-off procedures D. Type of communication PK Answer: A, B, D Explanation: The project manager develops a communication plan that details the method written, electronic, personal , purpose, recipients and frequency of communications.

Project sponsors cannot read minds, so it is important that PMs make sure they extensively communicate the status of the project.

Information Technology Project Anagement 8th Pdf Edition By Kathy Schwalbe

Tip: An intranet site is a great way to introduce communications that can be available on a nearby real time status. In order to implement this new application what can you do to obtain end-user downloadin? Demonstrate the end-user benefits of the new system. Identify the cost savings that the new application will recognize. Add new functionality to the application to meet the major requests from this meeting.

Explain the problems with the existing system and why the new system is being implemented. Management plan B. Resource requirements C. Project charter D. Length of the project. Physical location of team members. Specific needs of the project. Project deliverables. Align contractor and downloader goals. Reduce risk for the contractor. Control contractor costs. Reduce costs to the downloader. Which of the following is the project manager's BEST response? Convince the client to postpone the change.

Estimate the impact to the cost and schedule and approval before proceeding. Make the change it is critical, regardless of its cost and impact, and inform the change control board. Perform a detailed analysis of the impact on the cost and schedule, and call a project team meeting. The firm you are working with has a number of stakeholders that have a wide variety of backgrounds. They also have divergent objectives for the project. You have met with each stakeholder individually and have a clear idea of their differences.

You have analyzed them and identified the common interest among them. What should your next stop to be resolve the difference between the stakeholders? Develop a compromise and present it to all the stakeholders in a meeting. Meet with groups of stakeholders that hold common objectives: work to unify their position.

Send a list of the compromises to be affected stakeholders and ask them to make suggestions. Prepare a matrix of common areas, meet with all the stakeholders, and discuss possible compromise positions. Unrelated to B. An input to PK C. The same as D. What makes this book different from other project management books?

First of all, people actually enjoy reading it. I get emails every week from readers like you who appreciate my straight-forward, organized writing style. They like the way that I explain concepts and then provide realistic examples to help them learn to apply those concepts. Since I use this text in my own classes, I get a lot of feedback from students and see first-hand what works and does not work in a classroom setting.

Several people have commented that they like the cartoons, Jeopardy games on the companion website, and my honest, sometimes humorous style. This text addresses the need for people in all majors and 19 industries to understand and apply good project, program, and portfolio management. People like to read about and watch videos about real projects to learn from the successes and failures of others.

They also realize that there are projects in all aspects of life, from remodeling a house to running a political campaign to developing a new software application. I have never come across a textbook that presents project management concepts and then brings them to life in a fully developed sample project. I also provide template files for creating the sample documents. I believe this approach helps many people truly understand and apply good project management.It does not account for the communication channels between the new and old members of the team.

Discuss the relationship between projects, programs, and portfolio management and the contributions they each make to enterprise success. Resource responsibility chart C. Which one of the following processes is MOST significant to meeting quality management objectives?

Reduce the estimates of work outstanding to minimize the reported overrun in time and cost.

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