This manual provides doctrinal guidance, techniques, and procedures governing the employment of human intelligence (HUMINT) collection. Manual on the basics of spy work and intelligence gathering. Edward Howard Lee. BASIC SPY TRADECRAFT FOR THE TRAVELER, BY EDWARD LEE HOWARD. of thinking that this sort of thing is only found in spy novels, or went out of An equally important pmt of tradecraft is to allow yourself to live.

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ln the past, these skills would enable the spy to covertly gather intelligence, but today he Equipped with these tradecraft skills and modern technology, the spy. oven human intelligence (HUMINT) collection obtained bclh inside and the United States . cover support, and other HUMINT tradecraft practices. BASIC SPY TRADECRAFT Internet Excerpts from the world of Spycraft Edward Howard Lee BASIC SPY TRADECRAFT FOR THE TRAVELER, BY EDWARD.

For example, if you wish to visit the Cuban Interests Section in Washington DC, go ostensibly to enquire about tourism investment or the lifting of restrictions of the sale of medical supplies. Have back-up documents.


If questioned afterwards, youve got something credible to show. Finally, take your time, be patient with your approach. Yakov Peters, deputy to the very first chairman of the KGB checkists once said, Patience is the best quality of a spy. Await your opportunity. Never rush it. If you commence your approach and things dont seem right, break it off and return another day.

Better safe than sorry, for in this case sorry may last for many years.

You have information for sale and they are downloading. You want the highest dollar for your wares and they want the best information for the lowest price and trouble. Naturally, before dealing the downloader will want either a sample of the data you are offering or at least to know for certain you have access to such data. Be prepared for this in the first meeting. The special nature of your business proposal requires that you seek special considerations in your relationship. Namely, you will probably go to jail if caught, hence you need special protection in your dealings.

First, and foremost, you want them to understand your need for security. If possible, conduct your business with one person the fewer witnesses the better and impress upon that person your need for safety. Do not allow them to call you at home or work unless its to tell you to get out and leave the country! Watch for the attention they pay to security. If they want to meet you at the caf near their office, theyre being sloppy and not looking after your needs.

If they seem indifferent to you at meetings, you can bet they wont care if you land in trouble. Your dealings with them require special forms of compensation.

Obviously, direct deposits to your bank account are out of line. If they want you to sign a receipt for cash, never do so in a real name. Ask to use a false name for signing receipts and even then use a style of writing unusual to your own.

Finally, get straight with your client what is expected of them if things go wrong. If a foreign power tries to extradite you will they grant you political asylum?

If you are dealing with a commercial client and you get fired will they hire you? In the mids, a U. Naval Intelligence analyst named Jonathan Pollard got caught selling secrets to the Israelis. Tell me he was not a little disappointed!

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Whether dealing with a foreign power or a commercial enterprise, communications is one of the most important elements of the relationship. Espionage books written by David Wise, Peter Wright, and Pete Early are full of pages about how the FBI was cleverly watching and listening as their most famous targets communicated with their clients. In some cases, the FBI caught on only long after the relationship had started and arrested the spies. Ill never forget reading about the tape of Rosario Ames calling her husband an asshole over the phone because he would not puck up from a Russian dead-drop.

If you are dealing with a foreign intelligence service, they will want to instruct you in this area. The CIA actually takes some of its best agents to a third country for a few days training.

The term agent means you, not the case officer.

I spent several weeks in basic officer training and then attended a special six-day course in Denied Area Communications to enhance my skills in preparation for my Moscow assignment. It all comes down to practice, practice, practice. Here are the basic principles for secure communications: 1.

Basic Spy Tradecraft

Stay away from the telephone and assume all are monitored. Have a reasonable cover legend when meeting your client. Take precautions to observe if you are followed to a meeting.

Try to control the access area to a meeting. Have an escape plan if things go wrong. Keep materials for the meeting as clean as possible in case they are lost or confiscated.

Dont believe that because you are out-of-country you are safe. Many infamous spies have been under surveillance by the FBI or a friendly countrys intelligence service while abroad e. Use of other communication methods: Encrypted e-mail, cryptographic phones. These are fine against private security companies but will lose their value the first time the FBI discovers theyre being used. Theyll call in their in-house computer experts or even the National Security Agency to crack a sophisticated code.

Financial instruments range from cash to paper representing bank accounts, stocks, bonds, property, etc. Some are liquid and untraceable and some are not liquid and very traceable. Cash or semi-secure bank accounts are best. Back in the early s a major intelligence service even sponsored the setting-up of a Swiss bank to have its bogus bank become a member of the club.


The rationale being that other Swiss banks share client data freely among club members. The cardinal rule is to assume that if an investigation has been launched against you, your credit cards and major downloads homes, cars, boats will be subject to scrutiny. This poses a dual threat. If they cant nail you for selling information then perhaps the IRS can nail you for income tax evasion.

The Rick Ames case provides the best example of poorly hidden money.

The huge expense of his home, Jaguar, credit card balances and lifestyle on a bureaucrats salary was a dead giveaway. Document analysis Westerfield: "A guide for the layman. Elicitation seeks "to obtain information without giving the subject the feeling that he is being interrogated. The article discusses some "practical problems" attendant to these kinds of interviews.


Bury, Jan. Abstract: This article presents a "translation of an in-house research paper of the communit Polish counterintelligence depicting the ciphers and the one-way radio communications patterns used by the U. Compendium of egregious lapses in tradecraft, across time and borders. Cooper, H. Boulder, CO: Paladin, Petersen notes that Copeland's views on CIA operations are "held unreliable by some experts. Foreign Intelligence , p. Though Copeland's book received unfavorable reviews for hyperbole and allegedly inaccurate details about specific operations, he himself is a former clandestine operator, knowledgeable in tradecraft, and he conveys the sense of espionage as an art, stressing the human factor.

The focus here is on gathering information from U. The article was written while this activity was still handled by Contact Division of the old Office of Operations. There are some good, common-sense thoughts about information elicitation expressed here. Dimmer, John P. Dimmer closes his article with some "Do's and Don'ts" of running double-agent operations.

Duffy, Michael, and Timothy J. Who's There? A Special Kind of Agent. But the facts tell otherwise. Plame was, for starters, a former NOC -- that is, a spy with nonofficial cover who worked overseas as a private individual with no apparent connection to the U.

NOCs are among the government's most closely guarded secrets, because they often work for real or fictive private companies overseas and are set loose to spy solo. NOCs are harder to train, more expensive to place and can remain undercover longer than conventional spooks. They can also go places and see people whom those under official cover cannot. They are in some ways the most vulnerable of all clandestine officers, since they have no claim to diplomatic immunity if they get caught.

Hart, John Limond. The CIA's Russians. In the "Foreword" ix , William E. Colby noted that the author brought the approach of a "professional intelligence operator who also is a scholar" to this work. They are important though not surprising. Insider Threats.

New intelligence gathering methods. Tips and espionage countermeasures. Espionage dangers for overseas business people. Signs and Definition. Part 1. Contact, Creation, Insurgency. Part 2. Invisible Opponents: Identifying terrorist types and their objectives.

Part 3. Part 4. The Sponsors of Terrorism. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Super Terrorism.

Part 8. The Gateway: Infiltration and Disruption. Part 9. A Second in Time. Part The Hidden Hand. Profiling, Countermeasures, Counter-Surveillance. All traits, ruses, and skills. ES38, TAV. Terrorist Attack by Vehicle. Compilation of recent incidents. A Growing Trend. ES, Terrorism Finance.Recruited assets are also known as penetrations or more notably in popular literature as moles.

In the "Foreword" ix , William E. This tells your conspirator to get out or go on ice. Dead drop[ edit ] A dead drop is a container not easily found, such as a magnetized box attached to a metal rack in an out-of-sight alley.

I got scared. A pot of flowers by the window.

In the case of the CIA map man, the FBI immediately knew they could limit their suspected in a handful of people in a particular office. At a pre-arranged time, the case officer picks up the agent by driving by a designated location that minimizes direct observation of the car pickup contact.

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