Goat Days is the translation of the famous Malayalam novel Aadujeevitham by one of the recent bright Malayalam writer Benyamin. It is being translated into. Book ID: Xe8uBJmRZvql0Uo | [Download] Book [PDF] Benyamin Goat Days FREE. Goat days by benyamin translated by joseph koyippally. Najeeb's dearest wish is to work in the Gulf and earn enough money to send back home. He achieves his dream only to be propelled by a series of incidents, .

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PDF | The objective of this paper is to portray how being imprisoned has become a kind of opportunity to enjoy a new kind of freedom for. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Deromanticizing the diasporic life: Benyamin's goat days | According to Maharaj (, 23), "The Indian diaspora may be. Jeevitham' (Eng: translated: Goat Days – Joseph Koyippally). It aims in analyzing profession of a shepherd, tending goats in a desert land. He has no kindred.

Goat days by benyamin koyippally

The uneducated shepherd does not magically come to some great and deep realizations about the nature of life and the universe with his goats. Though a believer, Najeeb is never witness to a miracle, nor are the worst horrors the human mind can think of inflicted upon him.

There are worse things in this world than beatings. There are no stereotypes or caricatures; there are only people - some good, some bad, some indifferent.

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Najeeb meets and suffers at the hands of his villains just as accidentally as his heroes rescue him, and this lends a touch of authenticity to the tale often missing in such real-life narrations. However, Najeeb's connections with the animals that are ironically, and innocently, the reason for his bondage are the highlight of the tale.

One does get the feeling that if we were in his place, this is probably how we would have dealt with it also. And that is how the tale gets to you.

Goat Days is a carefully tended tale

At pages of widely spaced text, it is not a particularly long or heavy book, which makes it perfect for a journey or a day at home. It becomes like that mythic true love you once felt for someone when you were still innocent — but now that you have lived through it, you no longer are that innocent person.

You may stop reading altogether, for a while, just to let memories of Goat Days flow through you unchecked. Perfectly pitched books, with the language kept out of the way of storytelling. That is what good books do.

They take language out of the equation by simplifying it, making it purely functional. There is a personality to the voice.

But it is also the closest you can come to reading a book by a reliable narrator. So there is little to fault in this novel. Given the post-Arab Spring global desire for awareness about the Gulf region and life in its vast desert stretches, Goat Days comes at the perfect time. His motive is simple: he wants to get a better-paying job overseas, and bring home more money for his family.

Once he arrives in Riyadh, an Arab at the airport grabs him and takes him into the middle of the desert, where Najeeb is shown his future. Baths are out of the question. Najeeb tends goats, sheep and camels without rest throughout the day.

Any small mistake results in horrendous beatings. He slowly realises this is going to be his life from now on-like the goats, castrated and penned in, till one day they make the final journey to the slaughterhouse.

He forms a deep kinship with the goats; gives them the names of his acquaintances from home and talks to them regularly. He rejoices when they give birth and mourns when they die. Towards the end of the story, as his humanity is almost totally stripped away, he even sleeps with a she-goat.

Najeeb is a pious, God-fearing Muslim. This, coupled with the fatalism that is the hallmark of most Indians, Najeeb is the perfect victim, the slave every owner would love to have.

But it is also this unquestioning acceptance of his fate that allows Najeeb to survive his ordeal for three and a half years. Finally when he escapes, that too is orchestrated by others — even though, ironically, he is the only one who escapes.

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The depths to which human beings can plunge is narrated without any sentimentality or righteousness, almost in the tone of a child which has met unfair treatment at the hands of its parents. Benyamin tells the whole story in unembellished, first-person narrative; while it makes for rather simplistic writing at times, the voice of the protagonist flows through clearly.He also recollected the features of goats he had studied in the school.

People look forward to a sort of behaviour which is suitable to the serious occasion but are actually offered with something entirely different. Najeeb is a male.

Arabic Literature and Translation

Because of his overwhelming joy of seeing a human being, he even touched him once greedily. It won the author the prestigious Kerala Literary Academy Award in With them human beings can identify themselves or they can be identified by others Scott This book speaks about the importance of socialization in the formation of identity.

The elements of faith and fate in the novel have also been the subject matter of discussion. I received this book 4 months ago and finished reading it on the same day. I am at a loss of words to express my gratefulness to my respected guide, Mr.

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