come to Vade Mecum: the CthulhuTech Companion. this book provides further detail on the CthulhuTech setting, new character races and professions, optional . CthulhuTech – Vade Mecum: the CthulhuTech Companion - The Last War Continues Foes without. Foes within. Watermarked PDF. $ CthulhuTech - Vade raudone.info raudone.info Views. 3 years ago. Adept, · Novice, · Ritual, · Characters, · Arcane, · Tenacity, · Nazzadi, · Orgone, · Combat.

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Cthulhu Tech - Aeon Angelus Necronomicon - raudone.info, , KB. file Cthulhu Tech - Vade Mecum - The Cthulhu Tech raudone.info . CthulhuTech Vade Mecum*OP WDF Vade Mecum Cthulhutech Companion by Wildfire. Games Foes without Foes within It seems that safety is just an. Index of /public/Books/raudone.info Verify Hashes [] - CthulhuTech - Vade raudone.info M. Bookmark Verify Hashes.

Chapter Three: Alternative Egos presents new options to incorporateinto your Characters, as well as new and exciting Charactertypes, including xenomixes, para-psychics, and AshcroftFoundation advisors. Chapter Four: Further Framewerk introduces new optionalgame rules that can enhance your gameplay, including healingcomplications, hit locations, and fighting style cascades.

Chapter Five: Explorers of the Mind discusses the underlyingframework of para-psychic abilities and presents the rules forpara-psychic powers. Chapter Six: Blasphemous Dreams presents new rituals for allkinds of magic and introduces new dream magic.

Chapter Eight: Further Unspeakableness deals with more inhumancreatures both big and small, and introduces rules forportraying corpse-eating Ghouls as Characters. Chapter Nine: New Paths is for Storyguides and presents newstyles of story and play, as well as optional rules for using cardsinstead of dice, more cinematic and story-based combat, andnew Supporting Characters.

Chapter Ten: Slaves and the Lost includes two fully-detailed,ready to play stories for law-enforcement and intelligence-basedCharacters, as well as a handful of story ideas to be fleshed outby individual Storyguides. Chapter Eleven: Appendices include the index and a CharacterRecord sheet for para-psychics. A great introduction to what are termed psychic phenomena,Dr. Broughton gives an accurate account of the currentstate of parapsychology. Set in Neo-Tokyo in the not-too-distantfuture, it is a story about social unrest and government psychicexperimentation.

The para-psychic framework presented in thebook was influenced by the fantastical psychic powers displayedin Akira. It is a big dark world and the Core Book only gave you the basics.

The Office of Internal Securitypolices crimes of a mystical and supernatural nature — the first line of defense against those who would abuse the occult power nowavailable to the world. The Federal Security Bureau keeps citizens safe in their neighborhoods, supporting local law enforcement andworking to root out organized crime and the constant threat of cult influence.

Read on, and enjoy. When the D-engine was created, the promise of unlimited energyprofoundly changed lifestyles, economies, and politics.

Theworld was changing fast and structures that had been in placefor generations were rapidly disappearing. And into this voidrose the Ashcroft Foundation. The two most immediate problems the New United Nationsfaced were infrastructure and overall impact. They needed torebuild the way power was created and distributed across thewhole world, for D-engine power was cheap, plentiful, and infinitelyrenewable with no environmental impact.

The AshcroftFoundation was the sole provider of this equipment and theseservices as patent holder of this new technology. There was reallyno way the NUN was going to be able to pay for everything,unless they undermined both law and free enterprise, so theyneeded to strike a deal. Add to this the anxiety of those in power,who saw danger in the coming changes.

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There wasreally only one organization that could help them understand. The deal was proposed. TheFoundation agreed and the first generation of Ashcroft Advisorswent out into every level of the government and the military.

While the intention of the New United Nations was only toinvolve the Ashcroft Foundation during the period of change,things were not to go as planned. The agreement created by the New United Nations carried overinto the formation of the New Earth Government and nowadaysAshcroft Advisors are an accepted part of the system.

They arethe best of the best in their fields and are rigorously trained andeducated by the Foundation. An Ashcroft Advisor is not an elected official anddoes not need to leave their position when a new politician iselected.

Many of the newly elected rely on their advisors to getthem up to speed. Furthermore, the political deals the many advisorsmake through the years make them as influential as thepoliticians themselves.

While they do not have the ability to executeany of their own counsel, many know how to apply pressureto find someone who will. They are, in many ways, the powerbehind the throne.

If citizens of the New Earth Government trulyunderstood the power that the Ashcroft Advisory body wields,they would demand to have a say in who was placed where. Asit stands, most people regard Ashcroft Advisors as either a goodthing or with ambivalence, even though conspiracy theoriesabound on the internet. TheAshcroft Clinic is a world leader in psychological screening, therapeutictechniques, psychopharmacology, and in-patient carefacilities.

While the New Earth Government maintains its ownforce of public health therapists, Ashcroft Clinic psychologistsand psychiatrists are the cream of the crop. They are routinelybrought in to assess public health centers, to conduct trainingin new techniques, provide continuing education classes, and todeal with the toughest of cases. The government employs manyAshcroft Clinic professionals to provide counseling for governmentagents and military personnel.

These facilities are high security complexes housingfloor after floor filled with madmen. It is here that the Clinictests radical techniques, experiments to find new ones, or testsnew drugs. They do their best to bring these unfortunate soulsback from the brink of oblivion, and in some cases they see success.

Another division of the Foundation is Ashcroft Education, a newand growing part of their work, dedicated to the transformationof life. Drawn from methodologies akin to controversialprograms from the past, Ashcroft Education offers what theycall courses in personal effectiveness.

Their programs offer anexperience drawn from Zen, philosophy, and psychology thatis designed to get people out of their own way. The tools theyprovide give people the ability to live powerfully and withoutneedless suffering. However, it is not for the faint of heart. Theseprograms take people out of their comfort zones to get themprofoundly related to reality — and for many people, this experienceis difficult.

There are those who considerthe whole idea preposterous and assert that the educationis nothing but a government sponsored cult. But the educationworks, hence its continuing existence.

Ashcroft Education offers two main curricula. An important componentto this curriculum is community service and most participantsand graduates of these programs go out to create events, benefits,companies, and non-profit organizations to impact theirworld.

It breaks down how people hear and colorrelationships and communication on a subconscious level andcreates new ways for people to connect without all their emotionalbaggage intruding.

Participants are able to create deeperand richer relationships with loved ones, business associates,and even strangers.

In general, the people who participate in the education sufferfewer barriers to success and happiness, are more honest andauthentic in all areas of life, live at a higher level of accountability,are more even keel, are capable of seeing, admitting to, andovercoming shortcomings, are aware of and responsible for theimpact they have on the world and others, are more respectful ofothers and capable of connecting with anyone, even strangers,are free from the baggage of the past, and are more at ease withuncertainty and the chaos of modern life.

Even in the face ofsuch results, most people are still suspicious of these programs. The New Earth Governmenthad much devastation to rebuild and the Human race had many wounds to heal.

And added into that uncertain time were the Nazzadi, a displaced and manufacturedpeople. Humans and Nazzadi began to mingle together, slowlybut surely. The Nazzadi are, on a basic biological level, us. Admittedly, the looks of the Nazzadi are little more exoticthan most, but the right parts are in the right places and the two anatomies naturallywork together.

It turns out our DNA was as compatible as scientists had theorized. Of course, more derisive terms exist as well. Somesimply call them halfbreeds, while the derogatory starchild is more common. Their coloring,however, is unique but not unexpected.

Skin that would be naturally be darker, such as lips, under the fingernails,or nipples, are charcoal gray. Their eye color is a strange mix of the Nazzadired and Human colors, ranging into the violets, ambers, and natural grays. Their abilities the same predictablemix as their appearance; xenomixes are either as agile as their Nazzadi parent oras hardy as their Human parent. There is something unusual about the genetic inheritance of xenomixes.

Normally,when two individuals of different heritage breed, it simply dilutes the two heritagesthroughout the generations. However, the genetic structure of a xenomix seems to beboth stable and dominant.

There are no quarter-Nazzadi or tenth-Nazzadi. Once axenomix has entered the lineage, all future children will be xenomixes.

Unless a lineattempts to consistently breed in one specific direction to get back to pure Humanor Nazzadi over generations, some of the physical characteristics may change slightly,but they will fundamentally stay xenomixes. Because of this genetic trait, xenomixesare a growing population — something that scares the hell out of those who placeintrinsic value on racial purity. It is a factor that is watched by the New Earth Government.

Modern day Humans are pretty accepting of xenomixes, the same way they are aboutinterracial marriages in general. However, the rural outlands are more conservative and in most cases xenophobic. Xenomixes will easily find themselves discriminated against in these communitiesand hostilities can and do erupt. It is best for xenomixes to stick to arcologies, wherethe more liberal attitude of the city dweller will welcome them.

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The Nazzadi have faced a massive cultural identity crisis. Whilethey fully endorse integration into Human culture, they seek a culture of their own. Until they are stable and assured of survival in the Aeon War, they believe that as arace they should breed true. Dalliances with Humans are fine. Soon the Stanton Teamwas experimenting with technology designed to instantly transportsmall objects over short distances.

D-Jump technology was born. Unfortunately, Stanton soon became dissatisfied with his ownremarkable successes. Unusually defensive and increasingly secretive,Stanton began to alienate other members of his team. He became prone to violent fits of temper and strange muttering. Nobodyknows what happened during that first test since no survivorswere ever found. A huge explosion caused a mammoth fissureto erupt through known reality and force a merging of inter-dimensionalspace.

The result of the accident was a large area ofblackness, roughly 80 miles in radius where reality had given wayto the shifting of infinite dimensions. However, he failed to see thatsuch a wormhole could potentially expand out of control. One Foundation scientist involved in the Stanton investigationwas a promising new talent by the name of Helmut Weisskopf,son of Senator Albert Weisskopf. Helmut possessed a brilliantmind, but lacked patience.

He knew that the Foundationwould never accept a weaponized application of his work. However, his father had certain government contacts potentiallyinterested in such research.

TheThe Zone, as the area has come to be called, consumes anythingthat enters it. Expeditions have been sent in, never to return. An entire Mechanized Regiment has been stationedaround the perimeter to guard against any stray extradimensionalvisitors.

No one knows the fate of Weisskopf or his team. There is, however,alarm at the fact that the Zone has grown in diameter fromthree to five feet a year; a tidbit of knowledge that the governmentkeeps from the public.


A marked increase in Para-Psychicactivity has been noted among the population in the Americansouthwest since the inception of the Zone. This factis very carefully being covered up by the powers that be. They will inevitablyexplode in a uncontrolled maelstrom of cosmic power whichcan take out city blocks.

The innocuous name hideswhat are perhaps the most sweeping powers of any governmentagency in the history of democracy. However, citizens toleratewhat might be called abuses of power, because the OIS is theagency responsible for policing powers of a cosmic nature. The two primary forces they regulate are magic and para-psychicability in all their forms. They deal with crimes involving sorcerersand para-psychics, with the mystical black market akathe arcane underground , and with hostile non-human entitiesthat might find their way inside arcologies.

To enforce law andprotect citizens in the face of what can be overwhelming power,they often are allowed to skirt many areas of law to which othergovernment agencies must adhere.

Criminals messing aroundwith magic or para-psychic ability are not even allowed to beclassified as mortal until properly tested and processed throughspecial detention facilities. The public never sees OIS detention facilities.

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Powered armor, guards armed to the teeth, mystical wards,government para-psychics, and more only represent the securityforces. Under current law, anyone who strays intowhat the New Earth Government has declared as illegal areasof mysticism forfeits their status as mortal. In order for them tostand trial for their crimes, they must once again be classified asmortal.

Those seized by the OIS in such a fashion must undergowhat can most euphemistically be described as an unpleasantbattery of tests. The psychiatrists, parapsychologists, and sorcerersthat work in OIS testing facilities are a dedicated and unusualgroup. With what they must face protecting humanity ona regular basis, they lose a bit of their own.

OIS testing staff arenot gentle, nor are they nice — they have to be hardened in orderto be inured to the pleas and screams they endure from theirsubjects. They scan, poke, prod, question, drug, and sometimestorture without batting an eye. Those who pass these tests andare restored to mortal status in the eyes of the law go on to faceharsh criminal punishment.

Those that fail are locked away forever,guinea pigs for whatever government experiments requiresomeone tainted by cosmic forces. Para-psychics suffer a similar, but more extreme fate.

While magiciansrequire space, objects, and ritual to harness their power,para-psychics can call on their power in an instant. They are subjected to powerful tranquilizersand experimental drugs designed to dampen their powers.

In essence,parts of their brains are shut down. Burners that pass aregimen of psychological evaluations and physical tests are allowedto go, but are carefully watched once they leave. Criminalpara-psychics, once under control, suffer theirprison sentences in these facilities under heavy psycho-pharmacologicalinfluence.

They are often experimentsfor drugs or surgery designed to control or eliminatepara-psychic powers. Besides detention, the criminal charges associatedwith breaking the laws governing safe use of magicalor para-psychic ability or traffic of associated goodsare draconian.

Failing to register as a para-psychicor sorcerer warrants a life-sentence in prison. Possessionof illegal rituals warrants the same. Possessionof other forms of mystical contraband carriesa minimum prison sentence of twenty years. There are four main types of OIS field agents.

Thefirst and most apparent are the standard fieldagents, who work in pairs. They are the recognizablehand of the agency, going into the field to investigatepotential threats and infractions. The secondare the undercover agents, who go deep into thedark alleys and seedy underbelly of the arcane underground. They have what is widely considered tobe the most dangerous job in the agency, as manymystical abilities can aid criminals in ferreting theseagents out. The third are the response teams.

Theseteams are typically composed of New Earth Governmentmilitary-trained marines who provide neededtactical support for investigating field agents or forraids. They operate in squads of ten and are heavilyarmed and armored, and widely considered tobe the scariest bunch of soldiers in federal agency employ.

Thefourth type of field agent are the special powered armor teams SPAT. Operating in pairs, these trained pilots are brought inwhen the resistance is expected to be especially ugly. Like other government agencies, the Office of Internal Securitypays according to a government service GS ranking system. Authority on individual cases isgiven on a case by case basis, but seniority is certainly respectedand valued.

Hazardouslifeforms is the government-speak for monsters. Being a soldier inthe OIS is never dull. Rather than attemptto remove some of the more powerful or sought after bannedoccult literature from the black market, they circulate copiesthat have been carefully altered to make them less dangerous. Every copy of the mythical and coveted Necronomicon that surfacesin the arcane underground is one such sanitized version,but few know that. The agency works closely with the Ministry of Information,who tracks and processes many different types of informationwithin the New Earth Government.

For the OIS, they flag statisticallyprobable mystical offenders and they monitor sorcerousand para-psychic aptitude testing in schools. While most ofthe crimes the OIS investigates are of a far more sinister nature,tracking this data certainly helps track potential future offenders. Within, the Office of Internal Security takes care of its own.

Employeesare well compensated and have excellent benefits planswith top-notch mental health plans. There is a fierce loyalty andbrotherhood among agents. They know they deal with forces beyondtheir control and quarry that commands enormous powerwith no moral compass.

The public face of the agency is inscrutable. The Office of InternalSecurity does everything it can to stay out of the spotlight. They wage a careful war in the dark places of civilization andsometimes must resort to extreme measures.

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It does no one anygood to present their actions for public scrutiny. Bet you wish you had toes. You can get and advance more with cheats. Your attack hits like an assault rifle and you can affect anything you can see.

The forces of the New Earth Government will hunt them like any other unspeakable creature if they are exposed. They have the following powers: You never need sunglasses or a night-light or you can wear sunglasses at night.

Though they all pick from the same list of powers, the feel and look of their powers vary from para-psychic to para-psychic. Daniel Gore added mfcum Jun 18, They can also select Drawbacks, such as poverty or sickness, that will give them extra points to spend at the cost of suffering an ill effect, either as a direct penalty, or as part of the storyline.

The Card Game Vast swathes of Asian and European territory have been destroyed by the rapidly expanding Rapine Storm, a cult of crazed psychopaths and cannibals who ravage the land in hordes of armed men and terrifying alien beasts.

Drawing a gun quickly? It provides setting information and rules to include para-psychics into CthulhuTech games, as well as variant and optional game rules, new monsters, and more mecha. The effects of th Page 84 and Once successfully cast, this spell Page 86 and The Ward of Sanctuary lasts f Page 90 and Go Page 98 and Amphibious Artil Page and Aquatic Ass Page and New EngelsPresented here are fourne Page and Heavy Weapons Engel 1 Page and Aquatic Support Mecha Page and Heavy Aquatic Mecha Page and Deep One Tacti Page and Amphibious Combat T Page and Black Ops TagerThe ste Page and Chapter EightFurther Unspeakablenes Page and Desolate OneThere are those who com Page and GhoulsThe dark places of the world Page and CiraqenIt looks like something the Page and RamacheseDark fur covers their nimb Page and QuetzalcoatlSoaring over the darken Page and Desiree walked into the place like Page and To utilize these optional rules as Page and Exper Page and Holy ManDefining C Page and The Kurosawa family had always held Page and Chapter TenSlaves and the lostPrese Page and Maloney and brings him down with a Page and IndexArcane Investigator Profession Page More magazines by this user.

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Your hair perfect? In general, the culture within the FSB is one of integrity. Those seized by the OIS in such a fashion must undergowhat can most euphemistically be described as an unpleasantbattery of tests. They scan, poke, prod, question, drug, and sometimestorture without batting an eye. In order for them tostand trial for their crimes, they must once again be classified asmortal. This title was added to our catalog on April 19, These broadcastsare often heavily peppered with propaganda and skewedreports designed to maintain a higher level of moral among thepopulace.

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